Is your body ready for all the free weeb games?

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R.I.P vita

but i'ld still have to own a vita and play on a rinky dink screen, right?

Don't get my hopes up, fag, I really want to play Senran Kagura but I'm not an idiot enough to pay for it.

You can buy a used vita for pretty much the same as 1 chink game, and vita screen (old model) is fucking perfect
I waited 4 fucking years to play this game for free

You don't fucking know wololo?
Here. Your jobs done, OP piece of shit.

I don't usually go to sites like wololo unless I have something specific to do there, such as CFW my PS3.

So what would be the best Vita to buy now?

Just the old, "fat" one, the new vita screen is shit since is a slim version they fucked up the screen

(Bottom is the old one)

Idon't notice a lot of difference, but it's probably like NT/IPS screens on the 3DS I'll should look more carefully into it before buying. Thanks for the info, user.

just buy one that isn't slim, they must be even cheaper

Don't buy a slim, they have a piss filter.

No, i am not ready and i never will be.

Fuck that shit. Does this mean we'll get proper localizations?

Yeah, call me when the process is actually published and tools are available to make shit easy. I'm not interested in buying a system and learning the entire underground ecosystem of terminal widgets to make shit work.

Most probably.

Article mentioned that hackers have no intention of publish the process, but there are so many that maybe one will be leaked or published.

That's like half the fun, user.

you know what else is fun though?
playing video games instead

faggot. there isn't even enough games to care about on the vita to warrant piracy anyway

What about all those weeb games?

It's a 2-for-1 deal of fun.

you do realise what "to care about" means, right?
yes, your weebshit isn't interesting to me

So basically, OP is a faggot, this is nothing but a false alarm, and my Vita will remain on my shelf collecting dust for the foreseeable future.

Alright then, move along!

Too bad the west barely have any other thing that aren't indies. You either settle with weebshit or indieshit.

Does it work with PS TV?

OP is a faggot as in it's really alarmist. PSvita piracy it's a thing if those groups can even load games. But is not a public thing yet.

if i wasn't aware of that, i wouldn't be commenting on it. sony bought this shit on themselves. i'm just more interested in the tech stuff than "OH LOOK I CAN NOW PLAY MY FAVOURITE WEEBSHIT"

You fucks we can't decrypt eboot yet, theres no piracy yet

Wololo just posts clickbait you retards. Adventure Time was from a devkit and Tokyo Xanadu might be from a Chinese dev since he hasn't released anything not related to TX. No one knows how to decrypt eboot yet. It literally is nothing right now. We have Henkaku so something might happen later but there's nothing right now

Why are they announcing it if they don't plan to release it? The only thing they are doing is pushing Sony to update their firmware and patch everything up. Gay.

So if we actually do get piracy, will there be uploads of all the nip shit? Including the vns and stuff.

When piracy reaches PSP levels I'm sure there will be dumps everywhere.

And therefore it's not worth noting. OP apparently feels the need to suck off the egos of the faggots who have been able to do this kind of thing all along, while it's completely irrelevant for everyone else.

Yes! Praise be unto the glorious hackers, they're so smart and amazing, hooray for them!

Gee i dunno about that, some PSP jap titles are really hard to come by.

Why are you in this thread? Are you here just to tell us about what you don't like?

Not really, you're just not looking well enough.

I've been watching the Vita scene for a while now and the devs are either attention whores, moral fags, and/or complete retards.

top one looks washed out at that high a brightness

Right, which is why it's annoying that people feel the need to give them the attention they're after. No, faggot, you get attention and praise when you release something, not when you show it off to everyone and tell them they can't have it.


You're not going to want to keep it that high anyways, as the vita battery is garbage.

Anyone got a link to the Tokyo Xanadu update?

woah, who said i didn't have a vita
i do and i have a couple of games for it but the homebrew has been far more entertaining than most of the vita library available without importing and knowing jp

Oh, my mistake, fam. I, too, am thirsty for vita games. Or I would be if I wasn't balls deep in the new MonHun.

Fuck off, Smegma, why are you after the Vita now?

It is, I wasn't aware that Vita Piracy was a thing yet. The fact that piracy can be achieved is worth noticing. They didn't give specific names to suck ego dicks, and wololo even put "(not release)". As I said, OP is the only faggot here.

That's the case with almost all scenes until the device is completely cracked open. Smegma on the 3DS was the biggest attention whore until some people did everything he did and better, and that people wasn't as loud as he was.

wait, you're thinking i'm someone who shitposts in vita threads all the time? kek.
missed the mark by a long shot faggot. i'm just someone who is disappointed at the lack of not shit western releases for the vita because sony are faggots. it is a sad day when playing Tetris DX on a gameboy emu is more interesting than most of the games in the system's western library
i almost never post on 8ch in the first place nowadays, let alone target vita threads. the vita hardware is VERY capable as a mobile platform, it's just a shame sony were too busy supporting the PS4 instead of getting higher profile western vita releases.

I was being ironic, you're obviously not Smegma because Smegma is a faggot who doesn't come to imageboards and have nothing to do with Vita or Vita threads Neither do I anywayIf you have to know, Smealumwas some faggot from the 3DS scene that thought that piracy was wrong and justified himself saying that homebrew is better
But you're really retarded, you really sounds like him. Also, western releases are usually lacking in any system. I'm not being a weebo, but usually the best shit isn't released by or in the west.



Except user, they haven't released it.


But don't worry, Torfag from the Vita thread is going to crack the encryption. He's read the wiki article and everything.

I do go outside, and I have to low the brightness when I do, but it's always better to play with max brightness comfily laid on your bed.

Are you being ironic?

How about PSP iso's for Vita?

No, I was being sarcastic.

All we need is a piracy on the ps4 and we are done with this gen!

All the recent Vita hacks work on it, so it should.


I guess leaving parts of the interview out really can make a difference. :^)

On older firmwares, not on 3.60. We could probably have it by now or have it almost done by now if the devs weren't such faggots about everything.

Hardly enough games worth a damn to care.
Let me know if it gets impressive native emulation for 3D capable consoles, beside the PS1.

That doesn't say anything concrete at all, man.

I'm guessing the writer can't be concrete because of the anonymity of the groups and how sensible the information is. Still, the writer insist that he have seen the piracy working, which is something.

I don't get this argument. Vita games go from 30-60$, right? So if you get 10 pirated games you'll have 300$+ worth on games for free, without counting the ones you would import.
This is like faggots that said that there are games that aren't worth pirating.

It's the newest neo-Holla Forums meme. Sony and other companies can do no right while "other" companies can do no wrong. Just sift through the ashes and pray for a decent conversation.

So my vita is 3.57, and it seems there's a hack for 3.60? Are there guides for getting a psp loader?

I know the 3.6 hack has emulation, but I don't know if it allows for psp or ps1 yet.

All the current hacks are for 3.60

You'll have to manually update to it, as Sony already released a 3.61 that fixes the exploit.

There's no PSP loader for it though.

Just don't update and wait for some old versions release, losing PSP games is too painful

By Sithis you bought a Vita and don't care about weeb games?!

That's beyond stupid. Hope you're rich.

Hacking Nintendo hardware is not an accomplishment.

NoJ are utterly incompetent.

Blowing open the PS4 however would be an epic feat.

t - Sony shill

you dont remember when credit cards were stolen right under sony's noses for multiple weeks before their announcement that they were stolen?

I don't get this argument.
I didn't make an argument in the first place, I made a statement. Hardly any of the games are worth playing for me. I can't even name 10. Why would I buy a console that doesn't have enough games for me to even pirate? Especially one jewed to hell with overpriced memory cards and annoying as fuck DRM to bypass. (Those alternate file managers refused to work for me without first activating the Vita, which would take a PS3 I don't have. Yes I had a Vita and returned it)

Unless you're really into the weebshit on the system, then the Vita is really shit. And a lot of people are not into those types of games, so don't be surprised by the sentiment.

the ps3 took 5 years to completely hack, it was fully hacked on 2011 when that 0-level key leak happened. the first "hack" was that USB pendrive that released a couple years earlier, there was no piracy on the PS3 for a long time but then again, there weren't any games on it for a long time either

you think they wouldn't make the ps4 sturdier than that?

as for the vita, i've already bought the games i wanted to play, the rest is all turn based anime shit.

The ps3 took years to hack because A) nobody cared and B) sony lawyered up when the one attention whore who bothered cracked the system. The PS4 supposedly has a similar kind of encryption, but again, nobody cares.

I don't think I'm ready or ever will be.

You are actually wrong, you made an opinion. A shit one.

Fixed it for ya.

Try reading my entire post carefully and try to stop being a retard.

I did, you're still excusing yourself under "Muh weeb games" to justify you saying the Vita doesn't have enough games for you, when it actually have a lot of games, but you'll never know about it because you wouldn't want to pirate it. The memory stick, as annoying as it is, as long as it doesn't have a lot to do with pirating other than being an storage device is an irrelevant statement.

Your whole post is a shit opinion. Nobody gave a damn about good western games in the PS3 until it was hacked. I'm really trying not to sound pissed, but I am, for people that think that hacking a console isn't working, specially if it's for free. It's not the fact that you'll have a hacked console, is the fact that you'll play free games, either if they're many or few.




But does it have any games to pirate in the first place? That's the real question.

wow it's like i'm really on cuckchan

Does every model support PSP games or do later models get rid of PSP support like how it was with the PS3?

why is that little girl shoving her fingers in her butthole?

All models support PSP.

So you can't answer the question.

It's more like the same question have been made multiple times ITT. If you faggot could read.

whoa where can I watch those semen demons get slipper the sausage?

if you are a pedo


Atlus cucked it a little in localization.

I've played everything I wanted to play on the Vita already.

Literally nothing is or has been coming of for a long time, unless you speak Moon. So basically this is good news for people that don't already own a Vita.

So it doesn't. Okay then.

what did they do?

There are some memes but those were in the Japanese too apparently.

only 3 pics? it wasnt THAT bad.
Isnt that game also in the PSP?

I hate this slippery slope when it comes to censorship

That's four pictures nigga you can't even count.
Kill yourself.

the first pic is my fetish

What were they thinking? :^)

Were they thinking on censoring that pic or making it lewder?

Normally I wouldn't even consider piracy to even be that much of a problem, but on the Vita? Fucking RIP. It'll probably draw more attention to the Vita before killing it off completely.

The Vita was dead when Sony made the decision to release Vita titles on the PS4 and compete with their own fucking console.

I DON'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND why they censor these scenes to make them JUST A LITTLE BIT less explicit. Someone looking over your shoulder is going to think the same fucking thing whether she's wearing spats or not.

new Vitas have an LCD screen. Old has a really nice OLED screen. Sony saves some money on the new ones tho, so good for them..

Nice. I've actually been working on this Vita chart for a while. Anything I forgot or should add?

There's that umaru game where you can treat her like shit as she deserves.


What game is this?

Dungeon Travelers 2

Non weebs leave

The chink who uploaded decrypted TX is uploading a decrypted Vanillaware game now. Maybe he's not full of shit after all

But I already own all of Vanillaware's games. Ys VIII when?

Okay, fucking time

Fucking faggots

what are the odds of someone finally translating that game now?

Weebs are the most autistic kind of people so if the files are available, pretty high

That and every turboweeb vita game

Odin's Sphere on Vita can now be pirated!DRdSFCAA!ngR5ETn1aPg3C6JGJ6CHpbgiuZvN3cc99-I5XDRbnGI!fQtzQbjA!BvXiDS1phAnu38dbXYljUaDsyMDyf451u9jluLwOPoI

Forgot to mention it's JP as well as it was for Tokyo Xanadu

Why would either be in English if the method used requires a physical cart and neither have been released physically in English?

I know its not handholding but it sure fucking feels like it to even need to mention that.


i'm still waiting for PS3 to be blown fully open (at least for the models that won't die in the next 5 years)


Jesus Christ I'm retarded. I have no idea what I even thought the second game was anymore.

It's even more retarded because I own a physical of Odin Sphere.

too bad the memory cards are still so expensive its not even worth it

I wish the Chinese faggot would just release the method he's using already.


I would have thought some kind of third-party memory card would have come out by now, as you would probably need a 16 gb card at minimum so that you aren't pressed for space. When vita games are able to be pirated people would probably want a 32 or 64 gb to fit everything you want.

meant for

Just play one game and then another one you piece of hoarding shit

You can still play only one game and then another on a larger memory card user.

RichDevX will release a microsd adapter for the Vita

cant you save your pirated games in a pic and then load them to the memory card?

Vita games are 1-4GB anyways, you can stuff enough games in a 16GB card

How close are we to homebrew? I need a replacement for my psp

That's bullshit. 3DS games are 300mb-2gb and I couldn't get all of the games I wanted in a 16gb SD. I had to constantly erase games in order to play the ones I wanted instead of having all the games I wanted at once.

Slim models aren't pron to fail like fat models are. But it would be nice if you could pirate super slim models, tho.

Well that would be nice, it would mean you could buy a much cheaper card and have it still work.

I just prefer to have the games sitting in the memory card of the device rather than sitting on my computer I assume you mean pc instead of pic, unless I'm wrong of course.

I hope that with emulation, we can see things like DS, sega saturn, and even N64 games to be playable along with the psp, ps1 and native vita games. 32 or 64 GB might be much, but I think we can both agree that a cheaper alternative for all three cards would be a good thing.

You can only play one game at once you fucking retarded piece of shit, keep the backlog games in your fucking HDD

That's what I do, since I'm too poor to replace them. But it's a pain in the ass, since instead of playing a game I want when I want I have to play what I can. That defeats the purpose of piracy, and is specially annoying since I usually played Animal Crossing and other games that needed daily to be played daily, but I had to get rid of them in order to play new ones.

English patch for Odin Sphere when?



Too small buttons

As shitty as moralfagging like this is, I get it. Piracy was enabled way too early for the PSP and it MURDERED the poor thing, despite it being objectively best handheld of its day.

Nigger, I got hands that fit the Duke, and I don't have an issue with the buttons on any handheld.

Yeah, like it murdered PS1 or Dreamcast? Stop being a faggot, user. If something,piracy is beneficial, the sales of 3DS boosted a little when piracy became a thing. It's understandable for games, thought, since they won't sell as much or at all.

Also, as with the Dreamcast, the problem with PSP was more than piracy, one of them being the UMD being the worst shit they could do.


Not released yet but probably soon.

Sure, let's forget about the fact that Sony murdered Vita years ago without piracy because the west didn't give a shit about Vita and Sony is profiting from the west.

I should elaborate. This tool lets you dump and decrypt games. Piracy is almost here and we don't need to rely on attentionwhores like yifan or chinkman

Degenerate shit is not free and only takes.


Shit writting, is that supposed to be a funny joke or something? Comes off very autistic.

Its supposed to portrait a pure girl, you autistic piece of shit

"le fahnny pure joke xDDDD"
You're the reason the vita is fucking dying.

I would shoot you dead if I fucking could, then bite the nerves out of your neck.

Browser exploit

You are a fat virgin and still rage about weeb games?
Thats new

Oh how the mighty have fallen.
You're the faggot defending the piece of shit, if anyone is raging here, it's you.

Return to halfchan

Vitamin lets you dump digital games.
Chinaman's method let's him dump physical games.

I'm not sure if there are any physical only Vita games, but if there are we'll need Jackie Chan to release his method for those.

Harem Time: Episode 2

Yes it works, i have one. Everything looks shitty on it though, i mean i'm playing Gravity Rush on it and it really looks bad. Odin Sphere on the other hand looks pretty good, i was expecting everything to be stretched but it's not.
For the record i'm playing on a 24" 1080p tv, that's why it looks bad. I guess that if you use it on a smaller tv it shouldn't be a problem.

Do you mean the one with the OLED screen? 'Cause a friend of mine has it since dayone and for some time now it has yellow spots everywhere.
I guess that's why the "OLED screen are the best" meme is dead and smartphones don't use it anymore.

Maybe your friend is retarded or got a bad one
I bought it literally the first month and the screen is still perfect

1. Nothing uses it because it's more expensive.
2. OLED screen are the best isn't a meme you underaged, slackjawed retard.
3. OLED screens are the best.
4. Even if it was a "meme" everyone in this thread is saying get OLED so it surely isn't fucking dead, dumbass.

TL;DR you and your friend are retarded children. Leave.

homebrew is already a thing, retroarch is already ported

piracy is close, but not yet

My Vita has a horrible streak of mura lines and dots that show on full blacks or dark grays. Other colors are perfect though.

Only problem with my day 1 vita is the colors are slightly faded.

Sounds more like a problem with humidity or something of the sort.

So it have problems over time?

I just got a 2k Neon Orange Vita today. I've had a 1k since launch.

Honestly, the difference in the screens really isn't that noticeable. The 2k screen still looks really fucking good.

You could have learned Japanese in those 2 years user…

No, vita have OLED because Sony went all out with its hardware, they released the fucking vita losing money in the hardware expecting the same popularity as the PSP
That is why they did the slim one when they realized Vita was ruinous

Poor fags, they didn't realize what made the PSP famous, the rampant piracy and homebrew.


Someone started translating that fucking wifu miku game already


So did this turn out to be nothing or co-opted by moralfags/greedy jews? Skimming the thread told me nothing. I have a lot of shit I'd like to play on mine but really didn't feel like it was worth the money I'd have to drop. I basically just bought it to play P4G assuming piracy would eventually happen.

I hate you all so much

There's an app about to be released called Vitamin that lets you dump games. We're just waiting for the fags to actually release it.


Thanks, obviously I didn't look hard enough. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this, though I don't have high hopes for something with no strings attached after the disaster that was the Wii U "scene" earlier this year.

The Wii U was more a desperate attemp at piracy rather than a classy one. Didn't look a lot into it, but at least you can play free games under stupid circumstances.

I wonder if the chinks are just trying to get money out of this like the gateway chinks

No it didn't, it only stopped western games from being released, and that was going to happy around then anyways
Post piracy has more hits than pre piracy, as well as the huge amount of fan translations that would not of happened if the PSP got piracy in say 2014 rather than 2010/11

risk of rain pspv when?

vhbl is psp homebrew, not games.

Oh, fuck it then

imho, my general advise is to donate directly to the studio's address cash and money orders.

For Nihon Falcom, always buy their CD/DVDs:

I love them so much, I visit one concert every year. Hilariously, I am a huge Holla Forumsmu/ fan, I always pay cash CDs, even if I end up reburning to M-Disc and sharing on niconico. It is the lesser of 2 evils.

They should just admit they want piracy, this is getting ridiculous.

also gif related cus lolthankssony

Meh. Jap devs are probably the only devs we should be supporting these days so I'm not sure I can support this but I suppose try-to-buy can make sense if you really mean it.


How long until Phantasy Star Nova gets a fan translation now?


Now, I've watched less than 30 minutes of them total, so I don't know them thoroughly, but how exactly is "Pirate that shit" a Reddit opinion?

Having Terraria or Minecraft in a portable console is pretty comfy if you're into that.

He said it half jokingly and the other guy was like "What, no!" and started laughing, they're actually very anti-piracy to the point where they refuse to use emulators for old games.
RLM's movie stuff is fine but anything video game related they do is just awful. They try to be snarky but they don't know jack shit about video games so it comes across as annoying and pretentious. They're DSP levels of bad, they don't pay attention at all during the games they play and then blame the game for them not paying attention. They should be avoided.

Found this on halfchan, they're just encrypted dumps but vitamin's gonna be released in like 3 hours so i guess you can download the games and then download the decrypted eboot, but i may be completely mistaken on how it works.

Ooh, there's a game on there I actually want to try out. Nice. Now the installation process is just moving the files to the proper folder? Or do I have to try and install the vpk first?

I've been saying this for over a year, but people are insistent of the opposite.

Has anyone tested these yet?

Like i said, these are still encrypted, meaning they're pretty much useless. We'll have to wait for vitamin to be released (that should happen in two hours and a half) or some other method if I'm mistaken on how decryption works.

Whoops. Pardon me. I wasn't reading carefully. I'll just wait, then.

is it time finally?

some fag on 4chan dumped binding of isaac fucking hebrew game.

I would be stoked if someone dumped Marvel. You know, since Disney won't let me buy it and all.

Why would you play games in English to begin with?

what are you? insane?



So, about that release.

Hotaru no Nikki (The Firefly Diary) with english patch now up as well:


Update/Patch Files:(U+200B was here)
(U+200B was here)
 Download the PCSE00527.7z
Extract PCSE00527 and copy folders to
(U+200B was here)DO NOT COPY sce_module and sce_sys

I shall bless you and your dubs user.

I hope this shit get ported to lower firmwares soon
I have too many PSP games to play to upgrade

God dammit, we're getting fucking software only piracy after all this time before we get a god damn epsp kernel exploit through henkaku. I just wanna play some damn PSP/PS1 games on the go with two sticks.

Not that I'm ungrateful for Vita piracy. Good work on finally breaking this beast.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. I'm ready for my FREE vidya.

Alright, so if I grab a used vita below 3.61 then is there any way to upgrade straight to 3.60?


Has anyone started writing a Vita hacking guide like for the 3DS generals? I think a simple FAQ would be nice for now.

Excellent. I was going to get a n3ds to replace my old one, but I heard the vita has better emulators anyway.

Not right now, it just started. Maybe in a couple of mounts, and if they found a worthwhile exploit. That took 2 years in the 3DS since they found a way to implement homebrew.
You can either buy the Vita and wait or buy the N3DS and enjoy DOSBOX and Scumm VM.

Really? Damn. Part of me still wants to buy one now and get my foot in the door, but I'm so jealous of my brothers n3ds and all them emulators

If you have an O3DS should be enough to emulate some things even when the N3DS is just plain better. In any case, I'm just comparing the Vita homebrew scene with the 3DS one. They might do it faster, but as for now, we are actually waiting on an exploit.

The Vita already has the exploit needed for emulators, and that is HENkaku. There's even an offline email based activation method now.
The second version onwards feature dynarec which also helps on performance.

What needs the wait is the emulator variety itself - the foundation is already done.
When it comes to PSP/PS1 games, that's where we're still missing a new exploit for those.

I'd buy a vita just to pirate ps1 and psp games.

Be cheaper to buy a PSP to do that, fam.

nah, new psps are like 200 dollars and i don't want some ebay piece of shit

Also PSP emulate PS1 games better since they both share the same processor architecture

maybe i'll check my pawnshops then


also check 'em

goddamn it

That's old. A team with intentions to release the hack have shown up. and they still haven't released it god damn it basically, READ THE THREAD


even if you're a weeb the weebshit is shit

Maybe if you're some kind of hyper casual weeb.

So false alarm?

that is some extreme puffy nipplage

sort of
this thread is unwarranted

you are sort of unwarranted

3DS emulation is fucking shit, 1 screen is useless and the other one looks pretty bad
I can't fucking wait for native hardware vita emulation, I played a lot of GBA games using the PSP xploit on the vita but it have limited hardware

Vitamin has been leaked and it works
Someone live streaming

Holy shit, the only reason people use these sites is for piracy, how long before the vitamin vpk is deleted?

I guess it's time to buy a vita now.

It doesn't matter if the original link is deleted, it's already gotten the attention of thousands at the least, so it'll end up being uploaded to other sites if/when the mediafire link goes down.

i meant from wololo, they sure are determined to not want to be the main place for vita stuff.

It's already up on the Share thread Volafile

Faggots, all of them. They were completely ok with team freek blueballing them and are now buttblasted that that guy leaked it 'cause "t-they worked so hard on it, c-couldn't you wait??!"
I literally can't understand people like this.

W-well, h-have fun guys…

buy a pstv

I bought a second Vita to use it just for this, it was fucking 25€
No one wants them, buy a used one before people realize about the hack

To be fair, if is right, the leak did more harm than good, but I'll agree that the people whining are getting worked up over the same autistic shit that it sounds like the blokes behind Vitamin are.

What is there to debate?

It ain't rocket science.

Might be, might not. Like another user mentioned, when the 3DS CFW shit started there was a lot of drama too. And even after the original heads behind ReiNand and rxTolls fucked off others took over their work.

Granted, the Vita scene is probably a lot smaller, but there are others like that chink team working on it too. Give it time, shit will sort itself out.

Only because the devs are whiny manbabies. Just say "The leaked build is unfinished, use it at your own risk, we won't provide any support until we have a complete version." Don't get buttblistered and leave the fucking scene entirely.

Too bad 99% of people who will buy vitas now can't into rocket science

Oh absolutely, I don't doubt things will work out in the long run, but at least in the short term it slows things down.


Yeah, they dropped support completely but vitamin works after all. I'm reading that maybe games that use more ram (like DOAX3) can't be dumped but we have chinaman for that.
Anyway they were pretty much manchildren (like most in the hacking scene it seems) that cared more about their e peen than anything else, so i'm happy that we got what we needed while they got btfo.

It sounds like games with more RAM requirements are unrippable, and that the Vita can't enter sleep mode while ripping. Does it even have an option to stop from slipping into sleep mode?

Why are all "hackers" such drama queens

I think I'll wait a hundred years instead. I already have too much games in my backlog anyways. It'll get cracked at some point, I hope.

Afaik you can only postpone it but you can't deactivate it. People are dumping while jacking off their vitas basically.

They do it for free so they feel entitled to attention and accolades instead. I think Geohotz started the trend of dipshit attention whores trying to become famous with half-assed cracks hoping to land high paying jobs. When he got hired for Facebook, a lot of "enlightened" nerds took notice.

>To make sure your Vita doesn't go to sleep, please download the registry editor (, open it, then change the CONFIG/POWER_SAVING/", "suspend_interval" value to "0"

Also don't touch your Vita while it dumps and also don't dump game updates. The tool isn't finished so some people are getting fucked up dumps because of this.

Autists gonna autist

Jesus fuck, and here I was hoping it'd be like the 3DS where I could just let it run dumps on large games overnight. This could take a while.

Not the intention I know but now I want a comic like that one about the mod getting raped by shitposters about these chucklefucks getting literally raped by people leaking and downloading their program prematurely

See . Also forgot to mention to not let the Vita fall asleep so definitely do this registry edit if you wanna dump. Other things, you can't dump high memory using games like DoAX3 right now. Also if you have a Vita 1k you have on OLED screen. Dumping will leave you on a screen for a long time and will cause burn in. Slim and PSTV owners don't have to worry about this.

Even at 29 replies, it's funny as fuck.

Well shit. At least Vita TVs are cheap as fuck.

Someone said that you can use the PS button quick menu to avoid burn in. I don't have a Vita so I have no idea what that does. Pic related is burn in from dumping.

"we're taking our marbles and going home"….holy fuck grow up already!
next they'll be dumping bricking software to "get everyone back"

God, this is 3DS piracy all over again.


get on my level

My vita have that crap too but you ONLY notice it when you have a black loading screen

i would just pirate the english version with a patch if needed and buy the nip version.


Any 3dsiso site version for vita yet?

Or too soon?

pspiso has a section for vita.

How do I update to 3.60. I read the wololo guide. Vita won't connect to PC with QCMA. Supposedly I'm supposed to refresh the database after putting the PUP/xml in the update folder, but it says no system has been registered.



I want fucking dungeon travelers 2

Buy it. It's cheap.

Where? On Amazon it still goes for about 6000

Last handheld I owned was the fucking gameboy advance. How is this for reading VNs? Isn't the screen too small?

Nah, it's fine. It has a qHD screen so they scale down pretty well.






Bitch please

also, if you can play VNs of a fucking GBA/ds (9.9.9) you can in a vita


New vitamin incoming

You can pirate vita games now? finally
Cant wait for emulators