Regardless of the gameplay, we can all agree that DOOM is the best looking, and performing, game of 2016 right?

Regardless of the gameplay, we can all agree that DOOM is the best looking, and performing, game of 2016 right?

Might as well have fucking fog obscuring everything.

The third one is with the in-game "camera" option. Lets you freeze time and take screenshots with extra post-processing. #2 was my first attempt and it wouldn't work properly for some reason.

No just play Tribes your fucking faggot.

Nah you're a faggot.

That's with blur active, I was moving the mouse.

Not to mention the wires in the first image. Eugh.

Yes and that makes it even worse that I can see it WITH blur on.

uncharted 4 looks better

I saw a video of this damn game running at 1000+ frames. Why don't the fucking benchmarks display that kind of thing?


Shill please go and stay go

No. It doesn't look particularly impressive and actually looks like something out of a an older unreal game. Aesthetically it's basically Doom 3 minus the darkness and replaced with brown and orange.

Look at that blurry piece of shit. God damn, that looks horrendous.

Even Old Blood looked better.

dang, nice bridge

The game runs very well on my computer. The only problem is that Vulkan is so new that hardly any programs can hook into it.

My level of AA is amazing I know.

looks like shit either way, you might want to see how consoles are destroying PC at the moment when it comes to high end visuals.


Here's a (you).

The game is not impressive. Deal with it.

you can be ignorant to it all you want, high end PC graphics are going underutilized and consoles have the best looking games at the moment.

I know you're just doing this for attention, but can't you find some better bait? Otherwise I'm gonna stop responding now.

Good one Zenimax Marketing Intern number #459! 0,01 dollar(s) has been added to your paycheck!

it's a bit unreasonable to think anything that disagrees with you is trying to make you angry. If that's how your world is, where all things that don't go along with you make you angry, you have a very sad perspective. It's the truth. High end PC hardware is not being properly utilized, at best it's just pushing off less optimized games onto the system and the visuals are not a noteworthy step up on the best looking console games, and are overall, not better looking.

Lighting, shader effects, physics, body kinematics and much more. In the appropriate lighting conditions you can even see the cartilage in Drake's ear. I know, this runs counter to the PC gaming is the be all end all narrative, but this isn't reddit. You can't live on ideological lies.

When I said "better bait" I didn't mean lengthier sentences. Just a tip for the future. I know its stupid of me to respond to your bait when I said I wouldn't, but I admire that you at least tried to the best of your ability.

He's right.

OP turn off film grain when taking these screens. Yes I was impressed of how well it ran in relation to its visuals. That aside. This game really needed mod support to keep it alive. I never touched multiplayer because it never looked interesting, so after finishing the campaign there is not that much replay value in it.

Or you could turn those effects off like in every other PC game.

Do you realise that by replying to this guy you are just giving him attention (and maybe money?)

Was making a reply part of your plan?

Im not impressed by graphics anymore

As long as it isnt low resolution and jaggie with shitty cell shaded kiddie graphics , i dont care. The shitty indie walkign simulators trigger me because it think their somber simplistic graphics look better than AAA shit trying to look too shiny and cinematic just to end up looking fake as fuck.

sure, show me a PC game where warm lighting reveals the cartilage in a character's ear. Or you have kinematics that react 1:1 with another characters collision mesh dynamically adjusting animation in both skeletons flawlessly.

It doesn't exist. Despite all the money being spent on graphics hardware pushing planned obsolescence, no developers are taking advantage of it. The sales aren't there, the audience isn't there, and they know they are better off targeting a lower end market on consoles. When they want to make a game that pushes the visual boundary, they target consoles alone because at least it's going to get some coverage and sales.


I've got nothing to prove, you can look into it yourself if you want to.

Just leave the bait alone. I don't mind entertaining these attention starved people, but doing it on those poor premises is just insulting.

Sure, show me a console game that looks halfway good and runs at more than 30 fps.

It doesn't exist.

Also checked

Threadly reminder that classic Doom mods that port in Doom 4 weapons and mechanics are much closer to classic FPS gameplay than Doom 4 will ever be.

move those goal posts, cuckster race.

also the compression levels in the jpg images are 80 and 85 respectively. Not a big deal and not enough to cause "horrendous" artifacts. Get your eyes checked.

Last reply you get m8.

the framerate in uc4 sp is 30, in mp it is 60. Still can't name a game with more technically advanced graphics on PC, huh? A little sad. Oh well, I guess that's one embarrassing way to admit you're wrong.

In-game cinematics use extremely high-detail models, typically complete with comparably low-detail environments to compensate for the increased demand. This video is from 2012, running in real-time on a PS3 (which came out in 2006) and while it still looks a bit dated, it looks really good for the PS3.

The way they achieve this is with camera tricks. You're only ever looking at one room, one way. Half of the room just leads into the "void" which doesn't require any rendering power

The PS4 is pretty powerful, but it's not comparable to something like one of the newer video cards.

those are big numbers

no, it is not comparable. The PS4 is at best laptop tier specs, but with low level API and a dedicated spec allows more performance to be achieved.

It is not comparable to modern PC hardware, but no devs have taken advantage of modern PC hardware except as a means to disregard optimization. None of the UC4 screenshots are from a cinematic, they are all game play.

Someone can't read very well, can they: "Regardless of the gameplay"

This is a graphics thread, homo.

So what's the next step of your master plan?

purdy, but the bones just clipping with the ground look very unappealing. Modern games have decorative effects that better integrate impacted objects in more visually appealing ways. Even the last of us did this.

well congratulations, you got a 6
now what's the next step of your masterplan?


You were referencing "warm lighting reveals the cartilage in a character's ear." This is typically done with said high-quality cinematic models.

Those UC4 screenshots look good, but they're skipping a lot of post-processing effects (for performance reasons). Noticeable, but doesn't really matter.

And yeah, consoles are very easy to optimize. Combine 1 hardware setup with universally identical software to PCs where every single one is different in some way.

They're meant to be sticking out of the ground. There's a skellyton nearby. The cinematic "camera" is buggy and doesn't always take screenshots.

Forgot to say that I took a picture of it, but it didn't save.

the witcher 3 is very unimpressive.

Now that's just a lie.

The Witcher 3 would be very impressive to him if it were a console exclusive running at half the everything :^)

compared to uncharted 4, yeah. You may want to play the game to see why it looks so much better. So many things just look wrong in both of your screenshots. It's like a slightly updated witcher 2.

No, fuck off back to plebbit.

it would be more impressive if they didn't cripple the games visuals by cheaping out on optimization with gameworks, you dumb faggot

Okay, thanks for your input.

Fuck of to your kikeland.




Ironically enough, nuDoom sucks dick in optimization department. Loading times are horrid and good old idtech megatexture blur load-in still exists. Oh, and there's a limit on enemies. Which is anus.
Meanwhile DudeSex looks and runs better even though it's arguably a worse game.


Even with the downgrade (of which I have been very vocally against) it's more visually appealing than Uncharted 4. The character models are technically superior in a graphical sense, minus the facial animations appearing a bit lifeless at times for anyone who isn't Geralt or Yennefer. I'll admit Naughty Dog knows how to make an environment look good without sacrificing *too* much from individual textures and models.

have you played uncharted 4? The amount of reactive foliage alone is worthy of acclaim. It's not just detail on a small, enclosed scale either. Each level tends to lean towards the massive, sprawling side of things, with some levels, such as the jeep-convoy chase being mind blowingly detailed, not only in its consistent chase sequence, but also in the fact that regardless of how far you progress in the level, you can back track to the start of the absolutely massive map at any point.

Play the game before you judge it.

I've heard that's only for NVIDIA cards, and that AMD doesn't have that problem. Once you're on the main menu I've never had a problem, and maps load in about a minute (installed on a hard drive).

I really like how it looks
Too bad I'll have to wait for like 5 years to buy it for the price it deserved to be bought for

its still has texture pop up like in rage lmao

That's fucking horrible, you know. My entire system boots up in less than 30 seconds, and it's a w7 install that hasn't been changed in almost 4 years at this point.

Gameplay-wise, it's pretty fun. It's different, but still enjoyable. Game has more emphasis on using weapon mods and rapid-switching (you can switch faster than some weapons can be fired).

So like charged railgun into rocket launcher back into railgun. I just wish there was more levels and that the post-launch support was going to be for the singleplayer, not multiplayer.

I've literally never heard anyone say that, and I've never experienced it. Maybe it's there if you have very little VRAM? That was the whole point of it in Rage.

No I've seen it, I know it's not trash. But I ain't playing more than 5$ for it


Just pirate it, retard.

It's not cracked dipshit

It all looks the same fam, it stopped being a selling point years ago.
You're all faggots.

Denuvo proved to be crackable in the past, it's only a matter of time

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go away loser

yeah good luck with that

user the game has been out for 3 months already.

"Release date: May 13, 2016"

Engine was already obsolete by the time the game came out. I agree with the people here that Uncharted was a far better looking and more stable game- but then it had the advantage of being single platform so naturally it was going to be better.

But even still Unreal 4 is by far the best running (and frankly best looking) engine on the market and the recent versions performance fixes are damn good the only issue with it is that nothings really been done with it yet. The new Gears looks amazing visually. (shame the games probably going to be shit).

Fucking Zenimax shills. You people are so pathetic.

No game currently has full Vulkan support aside from Doom. It's pretty much top-of-the-line right now.


I still have no fucking idea what vulkan support is supposed to accomplish and I'm starting to wonder if people are just repeating it because they heard it was a good thing somewhere

That's not Shadow of the Beast.

Comparing the OpenGL 4.5 and Vulkan versions, the performance increase is about 20-40% depending on your hardware. That's pretty significant for something that doesn't even change the visuals.

suppose to make amd cards better so they we have something to talk about


Cool thumbnail.


I don't even know why you would bother buying the game if you aren't even going to play it.

Graphics thread?

as I understood it the whole idea of Vulkan was to allow porting to be easier for developers as a replacement for OpenGL thus allowing easier porting for games because OpenGL porting can be real bullshit.

If you compare the other games that support it they're hardly bleeding edge engines. Vulkan was from 2014. Its not really all that new. It was built off of Mantle.

Every piece of consumer computer equipment you use or own is already years old by the time you get it.

All that matters is what it's like at 1.0.

If you've ever had to program in OpenGL, you'd know what a breeze Vulkan is by comparison. It's better for programmers, in that it's much simpler and doesn't contain shitloads of legacy mid-90s era quirks.

How does that help gamers? The modern pipeline runs faster on modern GPUs, and you can use the same code across devices.



Only going to get better. DirectX is fucked and here's why. Every "muh graphics" game is basically fairly generic. So game A uses vulkan and game B uses DirectX 12. GTX 970 is the most common card right now, and plenty of people have older cards than that. All of them are still pretty good. Well vulkan is going to run on all of those but not directX. Who's going to buy an expensive card just to play game B? Fucking no one. If anything they get a second 970 which is fast as fuck in SLI.

Look everyone, a projectionist.

Look at the video I posted. Made by some guy, less than 1,000 views, on AMD hardware, and it shows a performance boost using Vulkan.

The other games that have Vulkan support are The Talos Principle (Serious Engine 4), and Dota 2 (Source 2). Both of these engines are less than 3 years old, so even then your original point of "hardly bleeding edge engines" is kind of moot.

I'm pretty sure DirectX12 is already dead.
Microshaft is already starting to port games over from it and I'm fairly sure most games that are exclusive to it have sold basically nothing

so yay, fuck you microsoft

DirectX is shit, I wish more games used OpenGL and Vulkan. Anything DX can do, OpenGL can do better, and with all hardware. Some things can only be done on NVIDIA hardware with DX, and that's lame to people who don't want to buy from NVIDIA for whatever reason.

Also DX12 is barely better than DX11, and you have to install ((Windows 10)) to use it. Meanwhile Vulkan works just fine on Windows 7.

Vulkan works just fine on not windows. The ultimate microsoft nightmare.

they're also not doing consoles anymore
and have lost the tablet and mobile market

Yeah I think they're totally fucked honestly. I just hope what ever they're replaced with works better. I'd go onto Linux but jesus christ the lack of decent software for game dev drives me crazy. No Zbrush No Photoshop. Yeah fuck that shit.

Which Microsoft hates. They took too long to realize the Xbox is shit, and the most easy money is in PC games.

Too bad they tarnished what little name they had left with a half-assed attempt at the genre.

It's a shame. Microsoft Studios made some of the coolest Sci-Fi games, too.


It's just saddening to know that windows 10 has a huge installbase

krita is better than photoshop for art

atleast post something like this.


It was pretty heavy-handed. Mostly because they want Windows to become a service platform. Imagine Steam, but as your entire OS, and a focus on applications instead of games.

I've got a friend who works at Microsoft, and those were his almost exact words. They want Windows to become a service platform. How do you get a service platform to succeed? Create as large a consumer base as possible. This was also one of the reason why they offered a free upgrade to Windows 10 to everyone who owned Windows, even people who pirated W7 and 8.

Zenimax Doom. Bethesda is just a Zenimax subsidiary.
Post 1/2


Holla Forums in a nutshell.

It looks interesting. CC turned crap so yeah I'll consider it. Thanks for the recommendation though.

Lack of Zbrush though is a pain and the alternatives aren't even close.

rise of the tomb raider and inside, soon dude sex and the rest.

I never did figure out how to uninstall that shit from my computer when I gave up on it. They weren't very eager to let me cancel either.

yeah the cancel process is hilarious, first guy was a total dickhead and kept telling me "I'll give you 50% off your next month" I cut the convo and tried to get a new rep. The new rep was awesome, he cancelled all my licenses without question, he just did it. I gave him a 10 on his feedback form lol.

PS4 has its limitations for sure, when it launched it was already dated. but when developers are working on specific hardware, they can tend to pack alot more quality. but thats always been the case. Snake eater and even MGS2 look incredible on PS2.
i wonder if them adding the new playstation hardware is going to fuck them since now theres 2 platforms. the only way i could see this playing out is if the same shit but higher spec. (for example, same processor, higher clockspeed)

i mean, look at what these guys were able to do with basic SNES hardware.
Keep in mind that games like starfox and super mario RPG cartridges contained auxilary processors and hardware to assist the console. i believe super mario RPG almost doubled the processing power of the console. considering, this is very impressive.

We really have to return to cartridges. I wouldn't even care about paying a little more for the games because at least then the hardwares on the cartridge and its assured to work. You wouldn't even need a HDD in the console because its all built into the cart. Why the fuck did we abandon this? I know CDs were cheap and all but Carts were always better and presented very fast loadtimes, whereas CDs were always disastrously slow and were prone to damage.

I actually like NuDoom user, but you're spreading bullshit. Game ran like ass.


denuvo reduces performance

Do you have a video card made in the last 3 years? Did you play it on Vulkan, or OpenGL? Did you play it at 1080p, 1440p, or 4k? It ran fine for me, even with my old 770.

Denuvo only prevents tampering with the actual DRM, which is Steamworks. It's like DRM for DRM, and it works apparently.

Daily reminder that Denuvo was made by the same software developers who brought you the Sony Rootkit

R9 280x 1080p and even on completely low settings I'd get fps drops. Going to hell dropped me to 30fps. My card isn't the best but there's no reason a okayish looking game such as Doom should run so poorly on it.

carts are expensive to produce.

I mean Hell ran fine for me.

That static shit looks horrible in screenshots

It's probably the jpg compression, it looks fine in-game.

I wonder what's so hard about rendering rocks that there are hardly any games where they look good. I get that the grass would require absolute shit ton of polygons and animation, but those are just fucking rocks.

Because it's an extraneous detail that most people aren't going to shove their faces into to look at. Most games use very low detail models and textures for small details like that, focusing rendering power on things like the viewmodel or characters.

All of that electronics cost like $2 combined. The problem with cartridges is that they suck storage-wise, CD is orders of magnitude cheaper per megabyte. And since the machine can already do all the computations fast and efficiently, there's no reason why you'd need an auxiliary computer chip on the game.

The demo ran great for me at max settings at 1440p. Generally between 100-120fps. Wolfenstein: The Jew Order looked much worse and was locked to 60fps.
You do need to disable the shit AA in Doom, though. That temporal AA is a full screen blur not limited to edges and the difference is dramatic.

Post processing effects need to die.

Denuvo doesn't run fully all the time otherwise you would only get 1 fps(or lower), it's set to run in the parts of the game where nothing important is happening and not at full capacity otherwise the drops would be even more severe.

Anyone with sense would easily pay $100-120 for one good game, over $60 each for multiple generic shooting games with $1000 DLC.

Yeah and they suck visual-vise. It's especially pronounced in VR games, where you see all of the glaring utter shit quality graphics in all of its fecal glory, like flat texture of what's supposed to be a box of roses, flat cardboard sprites of vegetation popping out of the grass, etc. You need detailed everything, not just what you'd mostly look at. Just because you don't often look at background graphics doesn't mean you wouldn't find it looking like shit when you do.

so are consoles. You're paying the same price anyway. Its either you pay for it in the games or pay for it in the console. I'd rather pay more for the individual game and have the developer dictate what their games need rather than the console manufacturer dictating to developers what they "should" be doing. This is why our industry has gone backwards, too many idiots telling smart people how to develop games when its the smart people that should be designing their own systems to support their products.

See if development went back to being a mix of Hardware and Software development we'd be seeing much better games, individually tailored to be the best most premium they could be.. And yet still allow the platform to be open enough so you had control over it. Its a damn good idea, but it'd require people to not be cheap arses and require developers to invest more into their products. It'd never happen because we're lazy idiots.

Dude Sex uses Denuvo v3 from what we know, so it'll take time to crack.

I haven't paid much attention to anything DirectX related in a while. Couldn't believe what I was hearing at first, but I guess [current year] is a real doozy. This thread has given me a massive throbbing erection. Thank you all for bringing me up to speed.

Yup. Vulkan is pretty rad. Too bad Microsoft is shilling DX12 really hard, even though it isn't even as good.

fucking disgusting


Easy to perform well when you have no monsters on the screen. The real question is: is the low monster count due to Nu-Id's lack of talent, consoles, or both?

It's like you don't want to see behind you

doom4 allows you to change fov, unlike trash like shadow warrior 2

Consoles, at least when it comes to the snapmap limitations.


No and no

It's not even the most properly executed "old school" shooter of the year

At least it has more than 3 maps and single player

The game has pretty good art direction, but that's about it.


I wish they would hurry up with this game. I guess they don't feel pressure to make it since it's not going to make them any money but it was already super fun like over a year ago

Why is this even a thing?

I'm having this trouble with trying to record video, it simply will not hook into the game properly and I can't record a webm of it like I want to.

I found ArmA 3 also looks really good, even the ArmA 2 units on 3's engine still look pretty nice.

I wouldn't be surprised

Best of all time though? It looks like complete garbage. Most of the textures and shader effects remind me of Destiny. You can tell most of the textures were applied in a map editor without much care to texture scaling. Its fairly lazy. Without all those shader effects to mask the mediocre textures it wouldn't look nearly as good

Game runs like ass on 600 series cards for some reason

I hadn't seen the latest version of this, looking slick as fuck. Quake is "DOOMED" when this son of a bitch goes LIVE.

But also thanks for proving my point that UE4 is the best engine there is.

UT is not any kind of game of this year because it was neither released this year, nor will it hit fully playable quality this year.

How do you enable vulkan in arma?

The Quake and UT communities will never absorb one another. UT's spammy, abrupt movement is fucking awkward for Quake players, and UT players don't want to bother learning air strafing.

UC4 really doesn't skimp out on post-processing effects, dude. It's probably one of the very few console games I've played that has what looks like *zero* jaggies. I know they do some shit that is similar to FXAA but they also combined it with their own method and it just looks so perfect in motion. I never "obviously" noticed aliasing in the game, unless I looked for it.

Original DOOM's campaigns still have replay value after 20 years. Even Doom3's campaign has.

I… guess?

What else is there?


is this supposed to be a point or something

I'll give you performance, but best looking, nah.

buh buh muh console games
*plays console game ported to pc*

The game ran like garbage for me at 1920x1080 with constant fps dips and stutters had to tone down resolution.

You don't really seem to understand how rendering works. They don't render stuff you can't see, so it doesn't matter if half the room is a void or not.

One is a game from 2016, the other is a game from 2008.

No doubt that Doom is the best looking, best performing game of the year with decent singleplayer. I mean, it's fucking Id. With or without Carmack, they were always praised for their graphics and performance. There's still a flaw in the engine though. It can't display more than a few dozens of enemies at once. And the game isn't mazey enough.

it's not very good at illustrating whatever point you're trying to make

Look at the LOD at long distances. The quality is still there, it doesn't drop to PS2-tier rendering at range.

God damn mustards are retarded.

everybody knows it runs poorly, has performance problems.
I guarantee if you showed someone a level screenshot they couldn't identify the game. Medium quality outsourced generic scifi art.

how is this even bait? 0/8

Nudoom is not Doom, and -Current Year- id is not id, period. The last vestige of old guard id left with Carmack.

after a while that's the only thing they were praised for because they forgot how to make good gameplay and became little more than a tech demo company.

It's all on rails. There's like 3 'corridors'. It's nowhere near outdoors or explorable as Witcher 3.

You can just watch Uncharted on youtube. Why would anyone 'play' it? Also implies I'd buy a Bloodborne 30fps station 4Jew.

It probably is the best looking and performing. Which is pretty sad considering it does absolutely naught we haven't seen before in graphics and it's essentially a corridor shooter with square rooms for dedicated skirmishes occasionally.

Playing nuDoom is so slow compared to what I expect from a doom game. I just went back to Project Brutality. 100 times more fun.

It really isn't a corridor shooter. Doom 3 was a corridor shooter. NuDoom is an entirely different genre than Doom 3, don't exaggerate the wrong flaws.

There are plenty of things about NuDoom that suck, such as the repetitive "glory kill" system that breaks the flow of combat AND IS NOT OPTIONAL NO MATTER HOW OFTEN SHILLS LIE ABOUT IT. The singleplayer has great level design but mediocre combat due to the devs planning everything around you using glory kills whenever you can.

But then there are also really good aspects like SnapMap which I've sunk over two hundred hours into at this point. I know classic fans such as yourself have mixed or downright bad feelings about it because it's not a full level editor and I wish there was one as well, but given the complexity of modern level design we would be talking about deep, unintuitive dev tools that would only be properly used by basically amateur game devs. They can't justify putting the work into releasing those tools as the average player of Doom doesn't care, and it obviously wouldn't work on consoles at all. Considering that it's a console game they did the best they could and there's still plenty you can do with SnapMap now after its big patch. For one thing you can create proper singleplayer levels with NO glory kills, hand-tweak the balance in all kinds of ways, can create any kind of jump pad you want as they give you direct access to force and direction rather than giving you some premade shit and calling it a day, you can really tell the devs are trying their best, despite all flaws.

The fuck? SW2 won't have a FOV slider while SW1 had?

SW2 is a full on console game, enemies are slow bullet sponges, there's AiDS, there's a jibber jabbering voice in your head telling you what to do, animations are slow as well. It's shit. Adding a FOV slider wouldn't fix the game, even if it went up to 130.

There I said it

I agree, it's shit. If it won't even have an FOV slider, that would be the solid turd on a top of a diarrhea sundae.

Muh Shekels

Even DMC4 which is a series primarily for consoles, had PC exclusive ability to increase enemy count.

sw2 didn't have a real fov slider = the horizontal fov always stayed the same shit, in-game there was something written about vertical fov which actually didnt do anything. sw2 was a repetitive boring console game with the two main characters being the only good thing about it. sw3 will probably suck even more.

The fuck are you talking about?
Shadow Warrior 2 hasn't even been released yet

That video is shit.
As subtle as an anvil.

Friend-o, most people who got Win10 have no idea what they got.
You'd be surprised how many people today use computers that have no idea what they're doing.

Retardedly low enemy spawn limit that goes against everything cool you could do with DOOM 1. Closed source, proprietary and need the game installed to use it rather than it just being a separate piece of software.

What a fucking waste of time that was. Could've spent that time learning classic doom maps/modding in that time and made and learned something of worth.

I don't really give a shit.

Or I could play actual DOOM, because that's not what any of the shit that players make in this nuDOOM are. And again, I give zero fucks how hard the devs are trying. They went console parity, casual-tier melee, proprietary map, denuvo, original devs all gone, the passion gone. Fuck it all. I ain't buying that shit nigger. I played the demo again today to benchmark my new replacement GPU and it is just shit.

I got the soundtrack and have it playing over original doom with some mods. Soundtrack is the only thing they did alright and I can get the best of both worlds.

I ain't exaggerating shit. It's a corridor shooter through and through and you fucking know it. Just because it has small battle arenas in there doesn't change anything. It didn't even take advantage of having vertical combat right. Can't hang onto ledges (and shoot), can't vault off of walls, momentum doesn't change the force of your melee (only le cinematic kill animation). Can't throw enemies around or control pretty much anything about the melee aspect.

Going back to the demo, I realised you literally kill 2 enemies before control is swiped away from you to play le cinematic cutscenes than controls your head movement when all they could've done was have the hologram appear and let the player look at it if they wanted. From start to finish he original doom never takes away player control. nuDoom. Pick up weapon? Cutscene: Pick up keycard: Cutscene. Look at anything intractable, control tutorial reminder


It's. Fucking. Annoying. Garbage.

And low health is now told to the player via audio by way of generic beeping noise instead of groans of agony.

The game would've been fucking fine in my books if it was a new IP. But no, it's DOOM. Not even DOOM 4. They had the gull to call it DOOM. They compared it to the most technically ambitious and classic FPS of all time, not me.

Almost all the people at my computer science lectures have windows 10 installed on their computers. Although the non retards might just be in stealth because they understand how concentration works and don't take their laptops to lectures.

Like Doom 3 was Doom. Who cares where they bring the franchise, it still bears the name Doom and the old fags have left to work on some cuckulus piece of shit. They have no dedication to the franchise. Old doom is dead regardless.

Regarding gameplay, it's decent enough. Literally the only flaws I found are not enough enemies on screen and completely linear level design.

I tried doing this on my own and it looks far less impressive when you recognize how they've done it. In addition to couple of 'physical' stones there's basically a model of a pile of rocks sliding down the slope that rises just above the surface of the slope. It's simple and looks shittier than in this small webum.

And it was the most fun game mode. Going from the earlier difficulties where you had a few enemies, to Legendary Dark Knight mode where you start the game facing 20 enemies and it only goes up from there is great. I had more difficulty in that than on DMD mode. Really wish it was something you could have for every difficulty.


If making maps for a community of Brazilians and Russians who can't run modern games counts as something of worth maybe.

Doom 1 modding is only for personal enjoyment, you're creating maps for yourself there. If that's what you want noone can take it away.

Yeah, the first two levels are pretty much shit and they chose to make the first level the demo. Idiots.

It's all arenas, corridors only appear as downtime between arenas.

This coming from the guy who wants to go faster. You also want to be a sitting duck hanging off a ledge and have that not be instant death. Reexamine your priorities.

All the vids I watched looked like it was a game designed to make average players feel like FPS gods with all the get-out-of-jail executions.

Not impressed tbh

Well that's like the whole point.

Or you could learn to code unity/ue4 instead and make an actual doom clone instead of being an autistic consumerist faggot.

Why do you keep giving attention to shills?


This is either bait or lack of knowledge but Uncharted 4 does nothing new graphically, SSS the thing you are referring to has been in games since either Cryengine or Frostbite 2, I can't remember what one but either was the first to have a fast enough approximation, even then these games don't flaunt that tech as much as UC4, I mean realistically that's all it has though, pre scripted cutscenes that bring attention to the fancy graphical effects.

Nothing special, we've had excellent animation and excellent dynamic animation in games for years, if anything UC gets a point for having the least hiccups in terms of animation, but for a game as linear in nature as it is it's completely understandable.

The game even runs at 30fps, you seem to completely misunderstand how nothing special this game you seem to have spent more time wanking on about then having played is.

Timesplitters 2 still looks better.

He used kinematics correctly, but it's not kinematics that we want. It's physically based animation (that's the term you want to search for on google scholar) that will allow that sort of shit. The only company I know of that does it commercially is NaturalMotion and they don't wanna work with anyone smaller than R*.

I also remember nVidia doing a real-time SSS demo on their 8800GT graphics cards.

And I remember Crysis 1 having SSS.

You kidding? Even Doom 3 looks better than this because it has not shit art direction and doesn't rely on a billion intensive post processing effects.

Crysis 1 had inverse kinematics, same tech as ico. You should play the games you attempt to act to know anything about

SSS = sub surface scattering

SSS has nothing to do with animation.


Doom 93 is still the king, baby!

But you can hardly even see anything in Doo-