Obduction: new Myst game

Yo faggots, I had no idea this shit was even coming out. completely under my radar until it released yesterday.

Its an exploration game by the guys who made myst and riven.

Got a magnet link for the gog version if you wanna try it out. Anybody actually played it yet?


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It must have had 0 marketing since nobody I know knew this shit was coming out

is it a walking simulator?

its a puzzle game apparently, with mystlike world hopping, I'm just installing now to see what the fuck its like

When you start a new game you can choose between point and click or freeroam. Also your shadow's gender for some reason

bumping to get discussion going
Shit feels like Myst, everything abandoned and people talking to you through projections and recordings

These things are called adventure games, millennial, you solve puzzles in them.

It was a kickstarter.

Is it any good?

I'm playing it, its alright. its like myst/riven but without the point and click (you can enable a point and click mode)

People appear as either recorded holograms or the kind of 2D 90s video that you got in the 90s games.

Puzzles right now are pretty simple but now its getting into reading long mechanical notes and books to figure out how to use or activate certain machinery


What ?

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I'm guessing it's just the usual gender choice but since you're in first person you only see your shadow.

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What If Shadows Are Actually Negative Light?

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Puzzle #1: How to get to 06129d's bp
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What the fuck!? This exists?!

Shit. They could have at least marketed it in the UK where everybody over 30 has played myst.

Just talk dirty about video games to me and I'm all yours.

I'm not sure if anywhere got marketing for this. I have a group of friends who are massive myst fans and none of us knew about it until I stumbled on it on steam yesterday

It's already out? Shit, there was no marketing at all, I remember hearing about this a while back when people were talking about The Witness not-Myst

Maybe they'll eventually make a fifth Myst port that doesn't run like hot garbage on newer PCs

What were they thinking?

Hopefully they were thinking it's better to spend all your money on making a good game.

If they had to kickstart the game they couldn't have had much ad money unless they teamed up with a publisher. They have self published and chose to not use a publisher, otherwise you'd probably see some day one DLC and tons of ads and paid jurnos talking about the game.

Puzzle 1b: Figure out the right video-game related dirty talk to deploy on 06129d
Solution: I dunno, the game's well-designed enough that you can just drug him anyway

Oh, yes, at the begining you can choose your gender, but since you can't see yourself it just changes the shadow.

I just started and the game is beautiful, but you can't rebind anything and the "point & click" mode seems more like a way to prevent motion-sickness in VR than anything else, or it would be made a little better.

Also, this game is ok on cpu and gpu usage, but you really need memory, regardless of graphic settings, the game is starting by using ~4GB and after 5mn it rises up to ~6GB.
Also, for some reason, my language always reset when I restart the game.

No. No more chances.

Fucking amazing game. Went under the radar unfortunately, but its the most fun I've had with a puzzle game in years. It feels a lot like Myst but more open world.

Just don't use the strong stuff, I want to remember being used as your disposable onahole.

N-no I don't actually want to do anything unethical like drugging people or making them feel like they're being used as disposable onaholes


not even on low?
I'm playing high and it works well on my 2/3 year old pc

The fuck are you talking about?

They were an awful idea; this ridiculous overpowered teleporting omnipotent race of aliens that somehow managed to be enslaved and controlled by whitey… I mean the D'ni via literal plot magic, and then harvested and turned into skin to make the linking books.
Worse, this enslavement is something you can't actually benefit from in any way without forfeiting your ability to use it, begging the question of why or how they were actually enslaved in the first place. And the whole shebang is topped off by you helping to free the slaves by somehow returning their power and free will they already clearly had, embodied in 4 shitty tablets.

On top of that, Myst is shown to be in ruins and Atrus has Alzheimer's.

Somehow despite being penned by the Millers, the game felt like the worst fanfic.
This is what happens when you aim to explain everything in one go at the end of a franchise that was built without any clear end or overarching narrative in mind.

thankfully this is a whole different world and plot compared to that shit

new walking simulator game


After that and their jewish attitude to the movie, I won't give them that chance.

just pirate it, magnet in the OP. they get no money and you get to play all their shit for nothing. If you hate the lore then just drop it. Pretty much how I play most games now

No dumbass, it's an adventure game like Neverhood, Waxworks or Fate of Atlantis. They are all about using your brain and solving puzzles, you millenial fuck.

So is this game good or do you only care about the boob size of shadows?

How much memory do you have ? It seems there is a memory leak but I don't know if everyone experience it or not.

shadows are DFC though



Did you monitor your memory usage ?
After 5mn for me the game is unplayable.

I noticed it lagging a little mroe often but nothing major. Played 6 hours straight and was constantly tabbing in and out