Even shit indie games that don't go over 100 sales are using denuvo now.
it's not even cheap.
AAA title (bigger 500k units on PC): 100.000 EUR

AA title (smaller 500k units on PC): 50.000 EUR

Indie title (less than 100k units on PC): 10.000 EUR


Per unit pricing:

2.500 EUR setup fee.

0,15 EUR per unit reported monthly based on Steam,… owners.

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As much as I don't care about Denuvo games due to more than 90% of them being complete shit, this looks like an expanding blackhole into asshole…

Good for them I guess. Gotta make sure none of those nasty Germans are pirating your simulators.

I look forward to see Denuvo become the industry standard. Maybe then we can talk about good games again.

These retards are shooting themselves in the foot, piracy actually helps boost indie sales.

Piracy neither helps or reduces sales. Same with Let's Players. It's also for this reason why putting money into anti-piracy measures is a pointless money sink.

It has been proven it helps, just like with smaller music bands

When you play only old games or console hacked games, you hardly notice this. If in the future all games use Denuvo, I wouldn't care, new games are usually shit, so if I stop playing new games altogether nothing of value would be lost.
Alternatively, I can just play the console versions if said console is already modded somehow.

Some faggots like to call it "Test before you buy". It does help. Still, is a faggot thing to do.

So what? Let them. They will in a few years see themselves if it was worth it or not.

Once they see that bad sales are not due to piracy but the game itself being bad. These companies want to earn money and when they realise that this anti piracy shit does nothing but cost money to them they will stop using it.

Inside, some 2deep4u indie title, had Denuvo but got cracked within six weeks. The dev must've been pissed for the bang he got for his buck. Apparently smaller games take less longer to crack, so indie studios might decide to not bother,

No it hasn't. Research done on it is very lose at best. It can go one way or the other, but in the end piracy hasn't made any solid proof of hurting good to great games. But because that hurt doesn't happen with quality games the researchers try to say piracy helps games. I'd say piracy helps at best as another method of word of mouth advertisement. But one doesn't necessarily need to pirate a game if you watch let's plays. From which one doesn't need to watch let's plays if a person gives a legit review. So this just all leads to piracy neither trully helping or hindering the sales of a game since there are multiple methods of word of mouth advertising that does leads to similar outcome.

Wasn't there a game dev tycoon game that got pirated more than it was bought? I can't really believe that piracy is good for indie games after reading about that.

And if it wasn't possible to pirate it you think all the people would have bought it instead? This way at least some of the pirates will buy it one day instead of totally forgetting that the game existed.

What a "new" and "interesting" concept.

And nothing of value was lost.

I pirated Fallout 4, and after sinking a few hundred hours into it, I figured they deserve the money.
The only way you could argue fighting against piracy is if games were released with demos like the old days, especially on PC, as for low-mid builds have no guarantee of running current-gen games.
You could argue Steam's refund scheme makes up for that, but 2 hours isn't enough for some games, and it's too much for others (as a demo time, anyway)

Cracked already, who cares, move on.

Go away Todd.

I'm not here to shill, I'm just stating that I have a strict moral code when it comes to piracy. I tend to go by 1 hour of fun per dollar.
Only exception to the rule is any game published by EA. No mercy for them. Or lying devs

Before anyone says anything, Todd doesn't count because we all know well that he lies, come on.

This. I pirated games when I was poor, then I bought games when I became a productive member of society and could afford to.

And then I stopped buying or pirating games because they're shit these days.

I actually would like to see Den…>>10505930

Just to hear the kind of excuse they would then use to explain fuck ups and PLAIN LAZY BULLSHIT HAIL THE INVESTORS! STOCK OPTION FOR EVERYONE NO MORE PIRATES OOORAYYY!

It's dead Jim, Denuvo or not.

Why do you support zenimax then

That's the dumbest statement I've seen in a while.

same here. Started pirating because I had no money back then. Once I was done with school and started to earn money I also started to buy games, including games I had pirated back then.

But since 2 years I do neither because there are simply no games worth buying or pirating.

Same here. Then I went back to pirating because I got burned one too many times.

Consider those doubloons checked


EX Satan confirms /scurv/ a best.

warhammer, hitman, doom and mgsv are all decent games though. others can be too depending on taste. your post is a good example of sour grapes and/or bitter old man

Stop playing Western games. Nips don't use Denuvo yet.

Playing Dangonronpa.

Warhammer is not a good game, it's enjoyable but lacks so many features and is full of stupidity in some parts that you can't call it a good game, especially for it's price. It has the same feeling as Stellaris, except Warhammer.

they're are 2 different genres and it's stupid to try and compare them. Like if i said warcraft3 had a call of duty feel to it

Which are inferior to their predeseccors in almost every aspect except graphical fidelity.


Wow, looks like denuvo was such a success!

Why does "the industry" think that if you shut down piracy that people will just be forced to buy the game against their will?

I enjoy a variety of games that all have unique reasons why i play them. i don't come home from work and take morrowind off my cum stained shrine to play through it again and again because nothing else can compare. sometimes i like variety in my life and even "good" games get stale


If you've played Stellaris you'd know the feel of unrealized potential in a game with DLC train on the way.

a lot of games have "potential". You have to be a realist and know that if its not enjoyable for you right now there's not going to be enjoyment in the future no matter how much dlc gets pumped out when there's fundamental issues with the base game. warhammer at least has solid base game with races that play differently unlike stellaris which i have played and got bored of fucking quick

Anyone know how effective Denuvo cracking will be now that some guy figured it out? It depends on the game as I understand it as each game's files contain Denuvom so every game will be different. Would be nice if they found a quick way around it. Denuvo is meant to be the final boss of DRM and anti-piracy measures, so beating it would be nice.

Mainly out of touch business execs think that anti-piracy measures will work/are worth it.

Squeenix is using it for every game since Flop of the Tomb Raider, so far I think that is only Hitman: Episodes Online Only and the new Deus Ex: Wallet Divided. NieR will likely have it at this rate, though it is made by Japs opposed to the other three being western, so we will see. Hoping it doesn't have it though.

Those "moral codes" will soon fall when you have to life the poorfag life due to your country's economy falling and people including you becoming unemployed fighting for scraps or leeching the minimum socialist welfare they can get.

I enjoyed both about equally and got bored equally fast. Even problems are somewhat shared among those too - both were interesting till mid-game and both had completely shitty diplomacy.

But "unbreakable" copy protection serves a very good purpose. Shitty developers can't blame their flops onto piracy.

Good thing that none of those points exist, otherwise - use your brain please.


I pirated Fallout 4 and after sinking 100 minutes into it, I felt ripped off.

I used to buy previously pirated games on sales, even if I already stopped playing them. Not out of moralfagging, just for convenience. Stuff like Deus Ex HR found its way to my HDD this way.
Now I see previously hyped stuff at mediocre discounts without any indication if my potato can run it at all. So I pass it completely.

Same here. I should have used that bandwidth on something more productive, like Columbo first 7 seasons, for example

So does Denuvo refund everything if/when the copy protection gets cracked?

Somehow I doubt it. That's some pretty shitty insurance you've got there.

Go away Todd.

Sums up nuDoom fans perfectly.

user, it's current year developers. They will find anything to blame for their shit sales regardless of piracy. Look at Sunset as an example.

the game where if you got the pirated version:
in the middle of the game (where you finally got your medium/big studio)

even if your game get exellent reviews you will have extremly poor sales until you go bankrupt due to piracy .

At least it's not StarForce or SecuRom.

I pirated that game and never had that happen to me. When the event for piracy came up I didn't do anything to the pirates and moved on.

I love how these stuff usually hurt the legit players more than pirates.Even in Quantum brake there was an anti-piracy trick that added an eye-patch to your player and all the buyers were complaining about it.

I am pretty sure that only poor cracks cause this, e.g. that shit that you get at day one where everybody just wants to release a crack asap without even checking if it works properly. We have steam emulators now that probably don't cause this.

Also, let's wait a year or two and see how this affects the market. I think it will turn out as a waste of money.

Unless of course gay reddit starts a campaign to reward those devs that use this shit software and starts buying games that use denuvo only to piss us off. I can imagine them doing this.

It tends to boost smaller games but punish AAA games that expect a gorillion sales.
Overall a good thing considering the quality of AAA games.

And what they all have in common besides using denuvo?
All shit.

It's not punishing, it's just their retarded expectations.

wew lad

I woonder how many dumb faggots take it up

The problem is that Denuvo is working. It doesn't really matter too much if it gets cracked later on, as long as a game drops on day 1 and can't be pirated, it assures the company gets their big launch day rush, as a lot of normalfags WILL cave in and buy on day 1 or 2 if they can't pirate it.
Think about how annoyed we get when a game has denuvo, the game will (probably) be cracked anyway, but we're annoyed because we can't play it first thing. Now think about how long it takes for it to be cracked, maybe a few weeks, and the amount of patience your average modern day person has. I guarantee at least 30% of the people who would have pirated end up buying just because they'd have to wait.


Normalfags were already buying shit on day 1 to prove how trendy they are. This changes nothing.

They probably don't do it out of spite, but they definitely do that already out of gross ignorance.

I guarantee that those are lost buyers because that sort never buys new, they buy used if they DO buy. If you put in Denuvo, you lose buyers and profit.

Is there a Total WaWa crack out yet?

Hello, I am Todd Howard. I come here to shill Fallout 4 because, even though I spent millions of dollars in marketing and bribes, I know that the one thing that will truly make the game sell will be to personally come to an obscure anonymous imageboard to shill one post at a time.

Buy Fallout 4.

There's a ton of normalfags inside piracy too, user. It's so easy to do now, you just go to a site and click a button, then wait for the download to finish. Sometimes you have to move one folder into another one.
They do it because its easy and free, but when its not free day 1, they cave in.

Good, denuvo is the best seal of "shit game don't buy" ever. If it has denuvo it's shit, no exception.

And the best thing is games with denuvo can be optimized to run on potatoes, like MGSV for example. Hopefully denuvo will be the norm for everything soon, even production programs like photoshop and other software.

My normalfag friends and I REALLY wanted to buy Doom since we're obssesed with the series, but none of us did because we couldn't try it beforehand and thus specifically to spite Denuvo. So there's that, they lost 4 sales. I bet it hurts.

But very loose standards, if you liked FO4. I played it for three hours and had to quit, because of how mind numbing the game was.

I was going to give it a buy if it was good, not anymore, thanks user

Woah woah woah stop right there Einstein, not everybody here is a computer genius. You want me to manually move a bunch of scary system shit that shows me those gear icons into a folder outside of My Documents? Fuck that, I'll just buy the game from Steam.

Normalfags don't pirate games unless they're third worlders and they actually can't afford to buy stuff. Lots of them can't even download and install a game outside of Steam. I just had to help a friend figure out how to use a fucking GOG installer.

It's funny how these things work

The list of games I want to play and would probably buy but won't because of Denuvo grows each week.

Bethesda advertising Doom horribly hurt sales more than denuvo.

The game itself is worse than JC 2 in every way, they even managed to fuck up the performance.

Does it matter now?

How the hell do I become a stockphoto model?!

Reports like these were one of the things that turned me off the most. I probably would still have pirated it just to see for myself, but now that the dust has settled, I probably wouldn't pirate it anyway.

The only time devs managed to bully me into buying a game I didn't want to buy was Paradox with CK2. Sure, you can get the game no problem, but all the fucking mods are held hostage on their shitty forums, which are locked for non-owners. At least I only needed the base game and got it during a massive sale.

Kill yourself

Not every game has to be a so deep critically acclaimed masterpiece though, sometimes it's nice to enjoy average vidya games. Dude sex human revolution sure was enjoyable for a while.

I'm gonna let you off with a warning this time. Don't forget to pre-order Skyrim 2. If I catch you pirating again, it's off to jail with you.

ITT: armchair economists with 0 concrete evidence stating that piracy "helps" devs through word of mouth.
A statement as dumb as "paid mods will get less money than mods with a donate button!"

Regardless of your feelings on the matter, don't use anecdotes and fallacies to justify your mental gymnastics on why you are entitled to games for free.

Game dev tycoon got 90% of their sales and 100% of their notoriety because of the stupid pirate gimmick.
Which wouldn't have happened if people didn't pirate.

Ironic, isn't it?

Didn't it get cracked already?

Assassin's Creed 2 was uncracked for months, how did that affect their sales? If I remember correctly they were still complaining about pirates and shit and decided to remove that always online shit.

If this anti pirate shit was so good for them, why did they not keep it?

It constantly updates.

I think the real joke is that the game was such an awful fucking port and Ubisoft's overall performance on PC over the next couple years that their PC sells had overall dropped by 80-90%

When it becomes known that pirates have a better time than you do when you buy the game, your sells WILL suffer.

Kill yourself hows No Mans Sky you pleb?

quite a lot of games are actually better pirated than bought. Steamworks crack for example are really fine.

You can basically pirate any game you want, use a steamworks crack, and then steam will think you legally own the game.

This makes playing games like killing floor easier, (or payday 2 if it was a game worth playing) because you have all the features that others have and on top of that you also have all the dlc for free.

Good it just gives me more of an excuse to not pirate whatever stupid buzzwordriffic game comes out new and work on my back log. If I'm going to be honest, I think things are taking a major downturn lately anyways and we only seem to get 5 to 10 good releases a year, we used to get up to 50 good games yearly. So anyways? Not a

Every game comes with an improved version. So while tomb raider is cracked, it will take longer for newer ones.

50 good games a year? Can you name 50 good games for 2008, 2009 and 2010?

I was more thinking of the early 00s and 90s when I threw out that very loose round number user. It's been like this for somewhere around 10 years. I see a lot of anons throwing out the 2007 figure for when it started, that seems roughly right.

gr8 b8 m8

Youtube also boosting music sales. If I didn't hear something for free somewhere, how can I learn about it to buy it later?

for example the two attached clips. I heard them in gameplay videos on youtube and decided to buy them on bandcamp. If I didn't hear them for free first I would have never bought them.

And guess what, some people in the music industry also claim that yt hurts their sales.

if you can get it for free most people wont buy it

Quit being so optimistic, user. I usually only look forward to a game or two every couple of years.


Is that a bad thing? It did look pretty shit to me when I saw it on steam earlier today.

Definitely looks better than that last Roller Coaster game.

Better than shit does not mean it's good. Also whose idea was it to create a thread about Denuvo there? They are obviously not going to remove it after they paid for it.

yeah, but at least this game has one dev team and the guys from the first games.

I'm starting to see why so many devs are jumping on board Denuvo: they want to sucker in as many people as they can before people realize the game is shit.

Now, I'm all for getting past the days of RCT where every Peep was the same guy with a different colored shirt, but you could fucking make a drinking game off of this picture. Take a shot for every instance of dyed hair, hipster outfit, and mixed race couple you can find. It really worries me when every advertising image for this game seems to be highlighting how diverse its guests are rather than the fucking roller coasters.

How does running your game through a VM optimize it?
Ground zero didn't run on Duenvo, its the fox engine that makes the game optimized.

Fucking eurofags using decimals when they should use commas.

It's 100,000. Not 100.000.

A Decimal indicates that the numbers following are values below the integer range, you asshats.

Jewnited States pls go



lol imperial

nice menorah faggot

Sorry, I dont live in the US

God Eater 2 just got it


I would never have bought rimworld without pirating it first.

Well, if pc ports and indie devs were not a piece of shit most of the time I would not have to do that just to see if I can run the games.

I had to do it with Nu Male Sky just to see if it crashed on my pc or not.

Oh, im sorry. do you say the day first when having a conversation? if you do, check yourself in to a mental health facility for being clinically retarded.
our units of measurement are absolute garbage though.

Piracy boosts nothing. Neither positive or negative. I'd like to show actual research on the subject but there is nothing conclusive.

I remember some research on the effect anti-piracy had on sales in france, they ended up losing money when they were able to reliably crackdown on it because sales dropped.

How comes the us moves to common core because god knows why but decides to not change everything else?

The only thing I somewhat like is the date system. It's generally retarded too, but it is nice when you want to sort files on your computer by date.

For example, if you have 3 pictures, called "23.04.2016+name", "19.05.2016+name" and "28.05.2016+name" and you sort them by name they will end up getting sorted by day instead of month.

That can't be right, there are hardly any jews in Germany.

Shit devs use DRM as a crutch to gain sales they would never get from people that had actually played the game.

Good devs don't care about DRM and thankfully most devs I care about are good.

I "Test before I buy" because there aren't demos anymore. If there were demos I would use them instead of piracy.

It was supposed to just be a joke mang.

Honestly at first I thought all the retarded WOW VIRUS WOW DOESN'T WORK WOW I'M RETARDED comments that every torrent had was companies actually trying to discourage piracy.




gentiles in 'murica still fast asleep i see

good , goood

On one hand, if Denuvo was the perfect DRM that didn't harm legitimate customers' performance and experience with a game, it wouldn't be a big deal. On the other, piracy helps good games. It allows a sizable portion of people to try before buying and those who won't buy, can play a good game and will shill it for free.

Hardcore DRM is a warning flag at this point. Why are they hiding behind DRM? Because their game is bad/underwhelming. I think MGSV and NieR: Automata (Squeenix game, all of them since Tomb Raider has Denuvo) will be the only decent games with Denuvo.


An air conditioner is a homogeneous good, every air conditioner provides the same service, only the degree of effectiveness changes.

Video games are like a box of chocolates, forest.

And refunds are locked at HOURS for digital goods and void if the box is opened in other cases, you can't compare returning a regular good to video games. I didn't have any trouble returning my television because I registered the product key at , no such restriction applies to space heaters.


locked at hours of use, you can own it for longer

do you buy movies and watch the whole thing and then go "i shant be parting with my shekels for this kind of tripe, i will be returning this"

Movies are two hours in length total.

If I walked out of the movie when it was halfway done or less due to not enjoying it I would expect some form of refund even if it was just store credit.

Now if only publishers would quit the bullshit with their "hundreds of hours of content" it would be easier to know how far along in a game you are.

I own JC3, Doom and Planet Coaster I never had a problem with those games.
Hell if I was an indie dev I would use Denuvo as well

The correct way is YYYY/MM/dd