Cpgbml are so shit

cpgbml are so shit

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Yeah they're fucking embarrassing.

SWP are pretty much dead these days. Had a massive scandal a few years ago.

The Socialist Party (England and Wales) are mostly boogeyman Trots.

Labour is filled with Blairite fucks and left-liberals.

There's also Left Unity and the Green Party, which has eco-socialist factions.

The British left is the most fractured in the world IMO

Stalin lovers, biggest tankies ever.

why can't we just dissolve parliament and hand all power to corbyn ffs



Best version of the anthem tbh

this tbqh

Long live Red Ed!


I disagree, my CLP is full of orthodox Marxists, Socialist Appeal and old ex-CPGB members. We've taken over all the officer positions now. We discuss Marxism in branch meetings and stuff, it's the right place to be in in my area.

>"Gee Ed, how come the imam let's you have nine wives?"


bet you're in London



Miss him a lot

I'm afraid Labour is still majority liberal. I'd say the vast majority of Corbyn supporters are even left liberals, or social democrats. Socialism is rising in the party, however, and Blairism fading, as is fucking time.

shit, me too

Our CLP has about 1000 members. Also there's a reason wherever there are elections, left wing slates win by landslide, as shown by the NEC elections.

I think it's worth being active within this movement which drew thousands of people who are interested in this red socialism and educating them. Being outside of the LP now or even Momentum is like pissing up the wind

Deselect Carwyn

the Welsh Assembly is just a Labour fiefdom.

How many Labour members are truly committed to socialism do you think?

Fuck off, we're doing more than you Trots and Socdems. Lets see how good your God Emporer Corbyn does, that is if he ever gets anywhere near fucking office.

You're all revisionist cunts.

Shouldn't you be fighting imperialism with Assad's forces, comrade?

I'm posting from Syria right now, comrade.

How's supporting Kinnock over Benn going?

U forgot

What can you tell me about Wales?

aren't they Asserists?


OP, I got a flag for you.

it's alright, bit rainy but comfy

is the Socialist Party (E&W) idpol? not the swp

Well, stay away from his barrel bombs and political prisons, m8.

Better also have a escape plan when his regime collapses.

Barrel Bombs are revolutionary anti-imperialism, comrade

Idk, I was talking about the Netherlands.

Corbyn and his acolytes are socdems who will capitulate to the ruling class the moment they wield any power