Bloodborne Help

I'm kind of lost at the moment in BB. I've just killed Vicar Amelia and have no clue where to go from here.


Did you touch the skull after beating the vicar?

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I did, apparently that's what caused it to change to night.

You have two options.

The side of the grand cathedral to fight the witches or whatever.

Or in the circle area in Central Yharnham there's a path that leads to the woods.

I already killed the witches before fighting Amelia so I guess I'll look for the woods. What's the Circle Area you're talking about exactly? Yharnham is pretty dense.

It's literally a big circular area. It has two giant motherfuckers in it.

No you're dense, silly goose.

Oh that, I was thinking of earlier in Yharnam, like closer to the Central Yharnham lantern.

You know that giant circular area with two giants in it on the way to Amelia? Go there and one of the exits from it will ask you for a password that you now have.

okay so you know that monument with the two giants and that locked door where the guy asks for the password, somehow you're supposed to assume the "fear the old blood" cutscene is a password in spite of it just sounding like a weird conversation between cultists.
The guy is then a skeleton and you get 2 dollars for the actually good consumables shop

Yeah I didn't pick up that was the password. I'm fighting the boss(es) in the woods now.

are there seriously people out on the internet that are like, 'shit I don't knoew how to video game, better ask Holla Forums'
Like, not even gamefaqs or anything
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Honestly I find it kind of refreshing.

Also saging a video game thread?

Are you the user who came around asking for tips because he never played a souls game before?

Not I, I'm afraid. Are you referring to this thread's OP?

I'm saging my post, not the thread


Oh sorry, meant to reply to OP.

Are you ?

Have you considered getting a PC?


why? does it have any good games made in the past year or so?

i just use mine to emulate PS2 games.

Are there invasions in Bloodborne?

I finished the whole thing without seeing one.

Yeah. Remember seeing 'Somewhere a woman rings a sinister bell'? That shit meant that you can be invaded in this area. I remember getting a ton of invasions in nightmare areas, but not much else. To enable invasions you needed to kill bosses in coop or summon coop partners iirc…

They're only in the nightmare areas, otherwise you have to summon a friendly NPC phantom which will spawn a bell ringer.
It's probably the worst implementation of Souls PvP.

If the sinister woman isn't ringing a bell in your world. No one is summoned as an invader.