Dude Trump is already selling out lmao

Can we please stop this?

It's a narrative that I see pushed everywhere by the media, probably in order to devalue his position as an "outsider", but let's question how fucking smart it is as a strategy since it comes from the same circles that thought mocking Trump for 8 years would make him go away, who thought "Drumpf" and "small hands" would drive him crazy, who believe the american public cares more about "experience" and celebrity endorsements than anything else, etc.

Let's consider why it may backfire, like literally every other narrative they've attempted so far:

1. It is fucking wrong, because the staff he picks means shit. These people don't have principles that can't be curbed by the offer of power and money
2. It will accommodate people to Trump, leading them not only to passivity but also into believing that power will moderate any political ambition, his or anyone else's (let's think of the future here now that the far-Right can elect people)
3. It might instill a sense of betrayal on the radical Right, who can start working towards their own Le Pen instead of settling for their Berlusconi

It is, in a away, the american Bregret: a desperate attempt to damage control a problem made by the same people who created the problem, the media and the liberals.

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Nobody including you gave a rat's ass about your boyfriend until last year.
nice attempt to convoy in bullshit from Shrillery's campaign platform with people who are making fun of your boyfriend.
Do they make it more likely or less likely?
You suck cock at English.
How exactly will not calling him out on his bullshit help?
That's the idea, it's the only way they'll learn that Porky is only loyal to Porky.
let me guess: you unironically think your frog may-mays won him the election without any help from the mainstream right or disaffected Bernie supporters?
You suck cock at English.
Nah, that's all you, buddy.
What does Shrillery being an unlikeable bitch have to do with Chump being a corporate turd? Way to unsucessfully try to deflect the focus and blame away from your boyfriend.

Yes, this is precisely why would they not give a shit about Trump's protectionism, since they are in the pockets of corporations.
It didn't work with Dubya
I doubt Le Pen can happen in American environment, since her economic policies can be said to be Sanders tier, so the only way for such thing to happen is GOP becoming an economically more left-wing than the Dems.

Wow, the guy who used to be fairly liberal turning into a RINO a year before presidential elections is doing all these things fucking over his voters? No way.

legit question what was wrong with those

Trump will be a one term president. He trolled his way into office, he will be trolled out of it.

1. Pretty sure that 'accomodate' isn't used like that in sentences, it would be like saying 'hold people to Chump' or 'fit people to Chump.' It makes no sense in context and sounds like some kind of machine-translated Engrish. I think the word he was looking for was 'acclimatize,' 'accustom,' 'adjust' or possibly that he meant to say 'it will make people more accomodating of Chump' or 'it will make people accomodate Chump more.' After looking it up, it looks like I could be wrong, Merriam-Webster gives the example 'Smart investors quickly accommodated to the new market conditions,' but that's past-tense. I'm not sure if it'd fly in present-tense or not. The more you know, I guess. Thanks for the spur to learn, comrade.
2. I didn't see the 'a' in 'in a away' in my first read-through, on further examination it looks like it was probably a typo. If so I rescind my gripe about it. Either way, 'away' =! 'a way' (similar to 'alot' =! 'a lot') It reminded me of Ocean Marketing Guy's 'they're using me as a escape goat,' which is why I mentioned it initially.

Turns out neocon populism is nothing but empty promises. Trump is done trolling the left and now he's here to troll the right again.

Holla Forums on literal suicide watch kek

"He has accommodated [himself] to x." is common enough, although 'x' is more typically a situation than an individual. "Accustom" is better in my view, but "accommodate" is also used. Dictionary.com has it listed:
to accommodate oneself to circumstances.

Fuck off cunt.

Cry more, Holla Forums. Your guy is hiring the same jews, corporate shills, and bankers that you hate and hemming and hawwing over his campaign promises. We told you this would happen, and now you get to watch it happen over the next four years.

Perhaps even 8.


It's gonna get comfy

t. Holla Forums

The irony is that the more dedicated stormfags in their hovel tried to warn them about it, and by silencing all of this dissent, Holla Forums has somehow managed to become more politically mainstream.


You really think he picks his own staff? You remember how it was revealed by Wikileaks that Citigroup basically appointed 98% of Obama's staff? Also, he's looking through candidates that caused the fucking economic crises, for fucks sake. Some anti-establishment president you got there, m8!

Not if the truth is so blazingly assblasting.

Or, you know… Instead of thinking in labels like "radical Right" we could see the disappointed and devastated people supporting Trump who really want change the "right" (nor the "left") can't give them, only communists.

But noo, let's keep our heads down and everyone else's in the sand, coz that truly helps our cause!

I won't say anything about your post number, but you technically aren't wrong. Kek is a god of uncertainty and chaos.

kek is the god of forced and stale memes

kek wills it!

Holla Forums couldn't contain it. Could we?

There's nothing stale about Egyptian memes, they will be eternal.

No_, but it would be fun to try.

Kek is a spook

Not to mention that given his total lack of political experience it's safe to say that he will rely on his staff far more heavily than most presidents.

Also fuck off muke.


Yes, obviously. If you saw the 60 minutes interview with him and Pence it was fairly obvious that Trump's only talent was selling himself in the campaign and now he relies on others making presidential, palatable to the public, presentable for diplomacy, politically correct, even.

yeah, fuck off muke

Trump just said "I'm fine with" referring to gay marriage.


I think Trump is going to be the most gay friendly Republican 2bh.

well he chose a latent-homosex for vice pres :>

Pence seems pretty hetero to me.

idk, seems to me like a guy who'd fuck boys with his cult

I don't think that's considered gay, just what it takes to be a high level politician.

At what point does it become gay?
Like… he touches little boys inappropriately… not gay?
He sucks them off… gay?

You know those movies and stories about young kids dabbling in dark powers they don't understand just so they can act all cool and summon demons and be all badass? This is the politics version.Holla Forums went to one of those Geocities websites with the shitty jpegs and urban myth surrounding it, looked up some spells that sounded cool, and tried to play D&D amateur wizard.

Kek is not amused.


If you do it for nonsexual purposes, then I don't think sexual orientations apply.

how do you do the sex with nonsex purposes, user?


It's black magic, I don't have to explain shit. Though I would think it's mostly for the blackmail, so maybe it's more about voyeurism.

Our problem really is that we give Holla Forums more credit than they deserve.

At this rate, Holla Forums will be the biggest board on the site by the time Trump is inaugurated.

It's fucking mindblowing how stupid some of you are.

I'll admit that Trump's election fills me with schadenfreude, but I can't feel smug about it because he's now the puppet of Mike Pence and the rest of the literally evil Republicans who seems to usually be a small notch worse than the - also literally evil - Democats.


Spooks are like masturbation. They feel good, but if you do it too much you day can be structured around it. Recognize that it's a spook/temporary good feels, have at it, and leave it for the emptiness it is.

why do we like him again?

his whole appeal was "I will change things for you." The reason why this is a good criticism from the left is because trump will ultimately offer no change/ make things worse while the left has a plan to make things better. The problem with centrists using this same criticism is that they have no alternative.

The purpose of this appeal is not to poke at ideologues on the far-right. Though that is fun, it'll never do anything. The point is to get at the liberal who started to like Trump because he thought Trump would change shit for the better.


Here I emphatically disagree and I will give an analogy to explain why. There has always been a group on the left who has viewed the USSR as perfect in every way until stalin came a long and fucked everything up. Many of these people are leninists or trotskyists. They always like to fantasize about what the world would be like if Trotsky had succeeded Lenin rather than Stalin. In this way, by painting Stalin as the devil that fucked up an otherwise perfect case of communism, they've saved themselves from having to ask a more fundamental question: what if Lenin, well-intentioned as he may have been was part of the problem? or perhaps what if the Soviet Union was doomed from the start? By painting this single figure as evil incarnate they save themselves from the more difficult questions: what does it say about the Soviet Union that it was designed in such a way that Stalin could come to power? and were there problems before Stalin?

I would say the same holds for liberalism. The more we paint Trump as the devil, the more inactive, regretful, and spiteful of Berniebros/leftists/poor whites they will become because for them the answer would be simple: everything would be fine if Hilldawg were in power. Our job is not to tell them this "election is the end of the world." Our job is to tell them "this election means more or less business as usual though its true character is now somewhat more unmasked. Now, let's take a look at how terrible 'business as usual' actually is."

Flip flops on lobbyists


Thank God this approach never lead to anything bad before

I can't speak for that guy but I would like Trump to do most of what he says he'll do, I just don't think he'll do it.