Steam Lets any piece of crap into their store now-a-days

More and more each day steam is looking like the games section of the Microsoft mobile store

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It's been like this for years, where the fuck have you been?
Greenlit happened

Ive noticed the increase in candy crush clones and other mobile ports but this one is particularly classy.

Yet these faggots still won't let A+ games in

Grasp for straws and eventually you'll grab the only ones possible

From the thumbnails I though that was a new MnF game.

There's literally no reason for them not to do this. It's free money. Don't use steam you fukkin homo.

This game is exactly the reason they should be more restrictive.

Being less restrictive will leave a reputation of steam being associated with low quality games like this. Its already happened on a smaller scale but it doesn't need to be that way.


This one? They've had games that do not function on there. Games that were basically scams. There are still tons of early access games that any sane person knows will not ever be finished. And this is the problem?

I'd like you to find one person who refuses to use steam because of its library quality and not because Gaben is a fat jew or because of it being DRM. If Valve wants to make steam more appealing to the people that don't yet use it they're going to have more luck going after the smartphone audience than anyone else.

Look, it's not like I don't understand where you're coming from, but one of the better things about the PC as a platform is that it can get shit that consoles can't. Everything from garbage to shit that would have never gotten approved by suits only looking for cash cows. Steam basically is the PC market now. That's the only unfortunate thing here.

This is not *THE* problem but just another another to add to the stack. I agree that the scams and uncompleted games are much worse. Ive bought a few games that have yet to be completed and this was before the refund policy. I think refunds was a good step to cleaning up the store actually.

People are slowly realizing how risky early access games are and at least in my circle of friends they have stopped buying such games. Early access is not a steam exclusive but it helped popularize it. When I think of steam early access piece of garbage come to mind.

I agree with you there


doesn't matter, Steam has a monopoly

So what? Just ignore it.
It's like saying "oh noes internet has things I don't like".
Just don't fucking click it then.


Then roll over and let Gaben fuck you

For the most part I can agree with you there. But Steam vs the internet is a much different scope and with a different financial investment from me. I might be in the minority but steam would be a better store with some more defined restrictions in what they let in.




Two years later, and this thing still pisses me off.

Remember when Steam was only Valve games and mods?
Remember when Valve made video games?

gog can apparently be difficult to deal with when your product is in-progress, they also take a while to publish patches.
of course a small indie dev is just hurting themselves by not using all possible venues.

Funny history behind this was Paranautical (Which is a good game) kept not getting onto the steam store because steam "Quality control" would only let in 10 games a month onto the store, and a lot of them were actually not that good

So one of the devs threw a fit and Gaben saw how broken the system was and then it was basically a free for all from then on

Then same dev said he would kill gaben because their update servers were not updating their game soon as they updated the code and Paranautical got kicked off steam, said other partner bought him out completely and now its back under another company

I remember when Steam only had CS on it with a short g-man tech demo.

Why people still use it after it spied on user's DNS logs is unfathomable to me. Granted few even know what a Domain Name Server is or why it's important.

most popular
coming soon

It's starting to look like a sketchy russian parody of steam, but it's actually really steam and those are real games. Maybe it's the beginning of the end, afterall gabe was always a faggot. His "god" status is a meme, he's a fucking fatass and he proved it. There was never a trustworthy fat man, prove me wrong.


Yea let's censor and risk having a good game not making it into steam.
Is it too hard for you to not click on a game you don't like?

Well yeah, have fo4, skyrim, nms and nu do sex not given that away already?

Steam was a mistake

Report it and don't buy it then


What's the difference between those games and anime games.

But who even cares? I have never in my life browsed Steam to find games. I find out about them here for the most part.

Bad idea.

Anime games are more poorly drawn.

How so? It's either this, Reddit, Steam, half/v/, or various shitty gaming forums. This place isn't perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than anywhere else I know of.

It's the same shit for the most part, sadly.

Too be fair, if Steam must be filled with shovelware trash at least it's games like "Big Bang Empire" instead of SJW bullshit

Who knows? Maybe games like that are keeping SJWs away…

Hey , if it was good enough for ps1 back in the day then it's good 'nough for Gabe

Why is Ryder fighting Spawn

I know one of you enormous faglords already has this. Stream it so we can all watch the trainwreck.

Just don't buy those games.

It's not like Steam stopped selling the kinds of games and genres it used to have before.

You're just complaining stuff you don't like is on a store shelf. The very existence of those things triggers you (ironically, a typical SJW behavior).


Don't you have a body pillow to fuck Acid?



I'm with this guy. I just don't see how it matters. As long as the search function works, I don't care how much shovelware ends up on Steam. It could only possibly matter if you find games by browsing through the recent section on Steam.

Why does this tag get literally cumdumped on by almost every game that requires you to use your brain for a second.

So casuals won't accidently buy it and get butthurt when they lose constantly. Somebody has to think for the DSPs of the world.


GOG has enough sales to live in the market but it's still nothing compared to Steam.

"What good games?"

But hey steam as a whole is represented by a bunch of idiots who can't draw making overpriced h-games about their sick fetishes and selling them. As much as there is absolute shit on steam there is also good stuff waiting to be discovered.

how do we stop then from publishing such sexist and objectifying crap??? said nobody ever because it's not japanese

When will they learn

Never. Normalfags cannot learn, that's why they're normalfags.


I'll gladly lose access to every "good" indie game on Steam if it means not having to deal with the shit that has flooded in via Greenlight.

When the fuck do you "deal" with the shit flooding in via greenlight?

I'd rather Steam let in all manner of shit than decide to be judge and jury of what should, and should not, be allowed on Steam.

It doesn't have to go away, you stupid fuck. It's called diverse offer on the market.

The very existence of things you don't like being a problem, desireing them to all go away - that's SJW talk.
I don't give a fuck if there are Barbie and dress up games for girls. I don't give a fuck if there are shit walking simulators. I don't buy that shit. I don't play that shit. It's not for me.
As long as there's shit for me, why should I care?

We've been over that thru the last four years of board culture. Unregulated free market is a mistake.

No, we haven't, you stupid nigger. You're actually arguing in favor of the SJWs, because Steam sure as fuck isn't going to take our side if they decide to filter the "bad" games.

We filtered filth from shelves back in the days of monarchy. It has nothing to do with SJWs, but with basic standards.
I'm amazed how clueless and sealed off in modern hugboxes some anons are.

you gettin baited lad


So, is there any difference between all these steam apologists and say someone who un ironically bought a xbone/ps4 and buys and play games on those exclusively?

The real answer is, no not reallyexcept most console fags don't ram their electronic cock down your throat about their "suppiriority"but hey, I guess poorly done ports of iPhone games is better the console trash right?:^)

consolefags will drag their own platform to the ground. steamfags are why after no console has good games the PC is next

You're right.

Which is why I need to be put in charge.
As a first step to Make Vidiya Great Again we need to ban everything you like (because it's shit) and throw you in jail (because you're shit).

And who are you to decide what a private store can hold on the shelves?

I don't because I ain't Gabe nor we have states that care. But just like I won't go to a shitty store, I'll avoid Steam. And as more garbage is produced and showed in people's faces, my hands will be clean of it, unlike yours.



why doesn't steam just put porn games on it?

But it's not unregulated free market, in fact I'd say the corporation tax is so high Steam's only real competition is in another country where the tax is lower.

There need to be better filters. Early Access and VR need to be included. I wonder if they'll sink under all this Greenlit and EA shit just because of technical issues.

Completely agree. I hate looking at what seems to be an interesting game and then finding out it's EA and not being able to filter VR titles, especially when you can filter mac/pc/linux titles.

They really need to review things put up as full release too. I was looking at the page of some roguelike that appears on face to be a full release but in actuality still has "experimental" content once you've already purchased and looked at it for all of a minute.

I don't really think the issue is Steam.

Yes, I agree, better filtering options would be a plus, but the real problem is the end users that seem utterly incapable of using even the most basic of common sense or their critical thinking skills.

Just look at No Man's Sky. Anyone with a shred of intelligence could tell there was something fishy about the game, especially with the developer's reluctance to showcase raw gameplay footage.

Did this stop the nimrods from preordering by the thousand?

I don't what the fucking deal is or why gamers value their money (or their parent's money) so little. I can afford games, but I do my research about them before buying, never buy on day one and always wait for feedback from genuine users to see how good of a product it is.

Why is it so fucking hard to wait a week to play a game? I see people with accounts with 200+ games, most of them never played, yet they still latch onto the newest, overhyped turd.

There also needs to be some tag that outright says "this game is shit, don't play it". We had that tag once but it was removed in favor of better tags like "female protagonist"

Seems to be working just fine, commie.

We have that, each individual has their own standards.

Oh, my mistake it's free to play, they're not making a fucking cent of profit off of this game.

Any ideas on how to distribute games without giving valve any shekels or staying in obscurity? and HB pretty much the only "big" distributor outside of steam, GOG is too hard to get into to really be a reliable option, Desura used to be but they're kind of dead.

The store is flooded with that shit and it gets really fucking tiresome looking for decent games during a deal and only finding literal shit.

I suggest developing this thing called "good taste".

How exactly does this affect you?
How do you even notice these games?
Do you actively go out trying to be offended like the special little snowflake that you are?

Oh, I have the mental faculties to tell a good game from a bad one, or at least one I'll be able to enjoy.

My point is that championing someone to arbitrarily decide what should and should not be allowed on the market is just a bad idea that will always backfire, since it's guaranteed to be co-opted by leftists to push their shit.

Exactly, didn't Hatred get taken down on Steam Greenlight by a butthurt mod at first?

But that means that the user that bought it is a fag, and I don't think anyone on Holla Forums is gay.

Thanks for the response.

Does anyone know of any GNU games that are sold for money?

You mean games that are open source under GPL?
Quadrilateral Cowboy uses the GPLed version of iDtech4 and is being sold.

What's a problem? Isn't it still better than No Mans Sky?

Also how the fuck did you found out about this game? I'm quite sure it's impossible unless you've made it.

I think an user did stream it last year, I only caught the tail end of it but it was some seriously bad shit. I think the same user went and streamed that catgirl VN masterpiece, pic very fucking related. The madman even topped it off with that furry VN that's on steam.


Holy shit, your insanity level is over 9000.
Why aren't you in an insane assylum? Or at least in a safe space. A nice padded room so that you don't get triggered.

actually they've removed alot of russain games from their store, like the void and some others

They have people that supposedly review full releases You're doing nothing but giving my point more credence.

let it already die you dickhead! There are tons of other ways to get a game.

One publisher died (bitcomposer I think) so now selling rights of many games are in limbo.

Just search for the game you want and try to ignore the fucked up layout.


Here's how you find good games on steam:
For new releases:
>If you're really interested, try out a demo if applicable, if not take the plunge and pirate it you dweeb
Using this method, applied to the current steam new releases myself I've found a few games that interest me. A turn based tactics game, a game where you go fast, a pirates RPG(this thing seems to have divisive opinions, which is why you try the game first) and a sequel to Grow Home that I did not know existed.
Now I admit this does have it's downsides, Steam's community is a bit retarded and you may find yourself skipping over something that's been rated badly but is actually pretty damn good(See: Bionic Commando Rearmed and the ballad of "GAME IS TOO HARD WHERE'S MY JUMP BUTTON COULDN'T GET PAST ADVANCED TUTORIAL WOOOW"). Now this is what works for me, you can play around with it because I'm not the word of God, but it lets you play some okay-good-great games that are enjoyable(Goliath, A Story About My Uncle and, and Brigador among others) and at times you'll find yourself stumbling upon something so good you'll be playing it for a long time(Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight, Assault Android Cactus, Dustforce, Deadcore, Speedrunners From Hell, Neon Chrome, Styx Master of Shadows and Invisible Inc among others fall into this catagory for me) and wondering how you and lots of other people have missed it

For sales: Filter by reviews, skip anything that is mixed or below and again look to genres.

At most I take two minutes out of my morning looking through the first five pages of new releases and anything that looks decent I wishlist/keep in mind/follow/whatever. I will admit that a big problem with steam it's pretty hard to find a type of game you like, mainly because tags are vague(for example Mirror's Edge, Seraph and Wings of Vi are related because of that garbage female protagonist tag) and mainly because they just don't get much exposure on the front page because ???.

I was on PSN a few days ago and Sony has actually improved it a lot. I can now even filter PS2 classics.

But here's the thing: a store isn't about helping you. It's about selling you stuff.

I think Valve doesn't WANT filters or advanced search algorithms.

why can I still buy the void off of gog then?

Fuck sake, im glad the Vita is getting piracy now.

That VN was a true masterpiece, I didn't even realize the red haired chick was the player character until half way through since I didn't catch the start. holy crap codemonkey fixed the quick reply window glitch I had where I could only use it once, something good for a change even if all the file names are fugged

On steam everything is under the publishers control, on GOG everything is defined by the terms in the contracts, meaning that GOG can continue to sell something for as long as the contract let them but with the same limitations the contracts had, which is why they could jew bethesda when they pulled older fallouts by offering them for free.

8ch is going through software updates, relax m8.

I knew something was off about the steam browser.

I know, I checked /sudo/, seems they're implementing a data duplication system to save space, hence the new file names, it should also fix the image swap glitch, but I'll miss the file names. They might even increase the file size limit to 16 MBs if everything pans out properly. never mind I still have the glitch

Developers treat GOG as a second class platform, Steam has the monopoly

Except it's part of VAC not the steam browser, not that's it's much better but still.

You should have your DNS cache off anyways since it's a useless resource hog

I have it but I don't trust myself to stream in or play it but here are some screenshots with what little i did play it

Read it in reverse order cause I'm a retard

I'm even more retarded It's 4,1,3,2

Tell me there was at least a lot of hot lesbian action. Redeem yourself

Kind of hard to ignore it when it fills every search.

Why do I recognize this art style?

The catch 22:
Allow moderation (even the most basic form of moderation) and Leftist will eventually end up the moderators which means every game will be Politically Correct bullshit. Don't allow moderation and the store will be flooded with cancer and crap. It would be nice if Steam had a way to filter products better so self moderation was easier. The best solution however is to quit being a buyfag and to check my dubs.

Because every retarded hack who wants to write mangoes tries to copy it.

It's allright son, you'll learn to ignore shit you don't care about when you grow up.


Something about it reminds me of that comic of a boy turning into a sanitary towel.

Nigger I don't mean reddit/digg style self moderation where some sort of democratic popular opinion drives things that is way to easy to abuse and Plebs have shit taste. I meant a better way to curate your own storefront than without it affecting others in any way. Like a way to filter. It already as some self curating tools but they are insufficient at the moment to prevent cancer from ending up on the front page.



Couldn't you just, you know, skim through the page and immediately ignore it if it looks like shit?

Oh, no, of course not. There must be none of that shit in your search that could possibly trigger you. Stupid nigger.

So when Steam gets filled with shit trash, where are the people gonna move to next?

Also, what happens to your games on Steam?

They'll hopefully move over to GoG.

Fuck you kikes, gog is nu-steam.

now you are just pretending to be retarded.

Is there anything good left in this world?

Underrated post.

Flush DNS cache regularly folks.

Exactly. It is steam but in a new form. That's what makes it better.

without helpful hackers telling people what valve's up to they probably get away with other shady stuff.

GoG probably will.
As long as they keep shit games away, I guess it's okay.

You said it yourself, that you don't want to see shitty games in your search feed because it triggers your autirm.

Yeah, data is worth a lot of money nowadays and Valve knows A LOT about their customers. They're selling it all to publishers.

Hackers help expose companies but a lot of people don't care about their privacy anymore.

It's not private if you're doing it in a public place, dumdum.

It was sarcasm user, it's complete and utter trash with no redeemable factors.


That's the sad thing.
"Why bother, facebook does that anyway?" is what I keep hearing from people.
They don't care as long as they are not the people being inconvenienced.

Thought this would be another No Mans Sky thread.

seriously nigger I never said that. I just said it would be nice. You really ought to try your low energy bait somewhere else.

Ignoring shit I don't care about is easier when it isn't 99% of the contents of a search, faggot.

As I said, you'll grow up someday past being a petty twat. A lot more than 99% of the shit in the world is the shit you don't care about. How do you even function if you get sidetracked by the shit you don't care about?

If the results of your search are 99% things you're not interested in at all you're just shit at searching or you're for some reason browsing the whole store.

I'm pretty sure Steam has been losing money for a while.
There servers and service is continually getting worse, CS GO and Team Fortress are dwindling in players.
Every Steam sale since 2012 has gotten worse and worse.
They are constantly trying to find more ways to "diversify" which usually means their current model is not projected to be able to sustain itself.

They've grown to big to fast and now that the industry is dying and AAA games are failing to sell like they did they are scrambling to figure out the next thing.

lmao? normans line up for AAA releases, shit is still selling exceptionally well.
Stop living in your delusional dream world.

I get that its fun to sit in a corner and jerk off with your tears however leave the adults to their discussion.

But Valve still took their 30% cut of every sale of those games.

Woah woah woah
Slow down this rodeo buddy
Half those failed
The rest are goty quality and sold like it too.
Oh and no mans sky devs need to be hanged
But i also agree that AAA titles are starting to fall off. Less and less AAA games are meeting the numbers and arnt selling like they are supposed too

Didn't Fallout 4 sell like 12 million copies on consoles alone? And its supposedly the best selling RPG of all time? I highly doubt it failed.

Yeah but if people aren't buying as many AAA games as before then they aren't making as much.

Which ones sold well?
A year later Levine quits and the studio shut down, they couldn't sell enough to make up for their marketing
Also failed, they kept on making articles about how much they game SHIPPED not actually sell.
Failed as well unless you are saying a game which was actually taken off the steam market for poor performance and was refunded by almost everyone because they couldn't get it to run was successful.
I'm only guessing with this one, however its MIXED on the Steam store which means future purchases, and steam charts show only 11000 playing it.
This was going to be a disaster even if it sold like hotcakes.
They spent so much on marketing that unless a billion fucking people bought it they wouldn't make profit, I think they were aiming for Skyrim sized purchases, where people are going to buying years down the line but Fallout 4 is not anywhere close to what Skyrim was for normalfags.

It sold on the "strength" of FO3 and Skyrim (take that how you will), but its reception was very tepid, both by gamers that didn't like that they railroad you into playing a specific character, as well as all the shit they ripped out of the game, and by modders that can't do shit with it because Bethesda locked down even more stuff than they did with Skyrim.

It hurt Bethesda's image plenty.

Can we fucking ban Steam threads already, jesus fucking christ. You are like a battered house wife. Uninstall that bloatware already. Oh wait, Generals and Console Wars are allowed again so nevermind.



Yes, I think it is pretty universal that no one in there right mind that belongs here wants Generals and Console War threads ( which are suppose to be deleted anyways ). I dont see how Steam threads are any different.

Your parents hate you for a reason and or deserved to die. Nigger faggot.

Consoles are dying, almost everyone can smell it on the wind, which is why so many companies are now all of a sudden moving games to the PC.
Look at Microsoft who is trying to add their entire Xbox library to the PC.
Sony is also looking at moving games over.

Fuck you nigger, generals are fucking fine you newfag.

No, they were banned for a fucking reason. You clearly are the newfag or from 4chan if you do not know that. Nigger faggot.

I don't think you know the empty void of casuals who eat consoles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The age bracket for consoles now a days is 8-40 year old people.

Someone go check out what number the Katawa Shojo thread is at.

When were they banned nigger?
They were never banned on here other then tumblrtale.
And they were only banned on Holla Forums when /vg/ was created on 4chaim.

I think you are too young to have anything to compare the current console market to the past console market.
As I said consoles are dead/dying.

It was smaller, and less accepted? I don't understand that common core sentence.

Massive amounts of wishful thinking coming from /r/pcmasterrace.

Because it's not more likely that the jews in charge of publishing just want to maximize profit, however small it may be.

wew lad you sure seem triggered

Well user there used to be a time when you could go to a store and buy a videogame anonymously.

It wasn't tied to your name, email or purchase history. There were no records of how long you played the game or what system you run it on.

But das war einmal.

Were you even alive during 2007?

This art style is just not knowing how to paint.
It happens when you use a soft black/grey brush to shade.

>Microsoft windows is competing with xbox
Do you seriously think that?

Yes, if you understood business you would know its very easy to end up competing with yourself.
Its something you AVOID.

And, until now microsoft has, now they ARE, which means they think the gains will be worth more then the losses.

So if they think moving their library over to PC, that means they're not worried about Xbones loss of sales to do less of a reason to buy one.
Which means they no longer care about pushing the product.
Which means further they haven't met what their goal and have decided to cut losses.

Is this really so hard to understand.

Using Steam is like inviting salesman over to your house watch you playing vidya. Why would you think it's going to be a private activity?

Really? That's the worst thing you have to point at with Steam?

Do you not know about the games made entirely out of Unity store assets and tutorial items that are lazily strung together?
Do you not know about the games that are literally just entire asset packs unchanged and then pushed onto the store?
Have you even ever heard of the name Digital Homicide before?

You've only just scrapped the surface of shit steam has to offer. There's a huge spring of shit games that you don't even know about.

Because I will never bother looking for them.

They'll probably allow them eventually when they decided to say "fuck it" and become something like one of the many chinese/russian scam sites

I don't.

I do two things:


Torrents son.

Why do you guys and Jim Sterling obsess over shitty games on Steam? Can't you just ignore them and not purchase them?

I just stick to the games. Library is too big to just move out of steam at this point. Though I only play decent things but I did unironically get a Lift it key.

Oh and this little gem is lift it.

So you still support them, meaning that their bad practices will only get worse from now on.


nigger what the fuck, just pirate, by buying you are supporting this dumb shit