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Holla Forums bigly confirmed for cucks

How does Holla Forums suffer from this? Just curious

gee i wonder

Who's Reince Priebus? Why should this affect Holla Forums or Trump voters?

He's the chairman of the RNC dingus

Oh lmfao

Holla Forums was too young to remember the Bush years. Maybe not even born yet. But oh boy are they about to experience them now. Rude awakening is an understatement.


I wonder if they'll turn to the left? or just double down on the nazism

What did these retards expect?
How could Trump ever be any fucking different from corporate shill #5825?

Well looking at how liberals are currently taking the Clinton loss, I'm going to bet on doubling down on the Nazism.

here, have a leftypol approved version

56 dimensional chess

Preibus is bad but I'm just glad the CoS didn't turn out to be Lewandowski or Thiel. That would have been very, very bad.

why is the RNC chairman bad for trump?


isn't he literally appointing an ex Goldman Sachs banker as treasury secretary? lmao

that's the front runner atm



And why should Holla Forums be mad at him?

Reminder that between 'nazi' and 'liberal' is a revolving door.

→ →

reminder that this guy is 1/4 black

When did he quit football?


Holla Forums made him their God Emperor.
His wishes are their order.

lel he's also putting TPP lobbyists in (luckily deal is dead)

Or Bannon. That's literally Holla Forums having power in the world superpower

would have been better for the left politically if trump had been compelled to pass it tbh


I'm tired. Can you explain how this makes sense


I want something in the style of the first pic

Not at all. Would've fucked people way too much.
Fuck accelerationists this time.

This is a chan you dip

Um why are you using a Shillary reaction pic

it would have demonstrated to his supporters what an establishment tool he is if he had been the one the pass it, the anti-establishment left would instantly become the "authentic" anti-establishment faction

TPP isn't dead. Congress won't try it until Trump comes in. But after that if Trump has a pro-TPP cabinet it may well be back on the agenda.

bc she's our queen

That's just some shitty Holla Forums meme being spewed. Just wait till Trump signs the TPP or a worse version of it.



That's already being demonstrated through all his other backpedaling. Unsurprisingly, they're covering the ears and singing lalalalala

Guardian said it is

they can't sing forever

No, they're saying it won't pass in Obama's remaining two months.

oh fug spoke too soon

Ed Ingle - TPP lobbyist
Steve Hart - TPP lobbyist
Michael Catanzaro - lobbyist for Koch Industries and the Walt Disney Company
Eric Ueland - lobbyist for Goldman Sachs
William Palatucci - lobbyist for Aetna and Verizon

Shit, the list goes on.

It's not even a week and i'm already laughing like a maniac because of Trump.
It will be so funny gradually seeing the Holla Forumsacks losing their faith.

They'll just conclude that Trump was a Jewish plant to subvert white nationalism and that an even more radical candidate is needed.

topkek this is lowkey true

True, but no way a true radical candidate would be elected in USA. Trump won the election because he managed to pander to a lot of different people.

Holla Forums here.

Thought you guys might like this.

Why would we like to see a lie

also a candidate as bad as shillary is a once in a lifetime thing

not big surprise

I prefer Trump as le sneaky slaesman and Cunton over Bernie for Trump shitposting

It won't happen, wrong think about Trump is bumplocked on sight

That's what I like about Holla Forums. You all think you can predict the future.

They are so engrossed in maymays that they are becoming establishment neoconseratives

this is happening now

literally now in real time day after day

it is objective reality

and you are denying it because MUH GOD EMPEROR

What they meant was probably that they are going to shove Trickle-down economics down the throat of America. Because everyone knows the richer the glorious job creators get the more jobs get created.

i used to think they were contrarians but i was wrong

they are meme-thralls





I'm a Flip. They said that Duterte would never do any of the things he promised.

He did.

I don't know what Trump will do. No one does, and all this prophesying just seems wishful thinking.

As for Holla Forums:

Here are a few comments from the thread about Preibus:


Because after Sanders dropped out Holla Forums didn't have a dog in the fight, so they can comfortably laugh at whichever candidate won.

Plus I'm sure most of the posters here were in Holla Forums's position now when Obama won in 2008, and brought "hope and change" in the form of multiple Wall Street nominations

Can I ask for the winning lottery numbers?

They're delusional about that


A reasonable response from Holla Forums. I'm impressed.

Yes, I suppose it is possible to see Trump as Obama of a different color, but like I said, it's better to wait and see.




you are literally denying objective, observable reality

seek help

Do what?

He hasn't even been sworn in yet?




Man I can't wait till Trump bans vidya just to trigger Holla Forums.


Bannon is still being named "Chief Strategist"

Yeah, I just saw. Sucks tbqh

Bannon is still being named "Chief Strategist"

Literally who else though? What white nationalist could win a national election? If we're serious here, Trump had name recognition and they just retconned him into their belief system.

Holla Forums is pathetic. I come on here and you people are literally mimicking Holla Forums rhetoric and Holla Forums-style memes. Leftists truly lack all semblance of creativity and originality. You people must be fed everything and then you proceed to regurgitate endlessly. Holla Forums is looking like a shit-post laden version of Holla Forums. Like the "rebellious" child who hates his bigger brother but mimics everything he does, down to the very way he dresses. Seriously Holla Forums, quit trying to be Holla Forums. Your memes suck. Your rhetoric is retarded and never catches on outside of the chans. Stop being the usual Jewey Leftist, co-opting the creations of others.

Not a single co-opted meme in this thread dummy

I still hope he doesn't pass, even if looking at seems unlikely.
If it does /a/ and Holla Forums will straight up go nuclear.

Oh no not this again

that's adorable, remember how they were so excited about their little "sheriff's star" and how it came from 8/pol/

Assblasted but too short for true copypasta material, me thinks.

fucking mods, stop deleting posts you don't like before I read them

It was some guy saying this board "copies" Holla Forums's memes.


Pick one



No, they will never admit that their meming did not result in the perfect candidate getting elected. Instead, they will fabricate new conspiracy theories that blame someone like George Soros for taking over the Republican Party and forcing Trump to play 7-d Supercheckers to get his pro-Aryan agenda passed.

8D intergalactic starcraft you dumb cuck

That is true. Hilarious how quickly the Democrats and liberal media have capitulated to Trump.


Ryan said he won't try to pass it either. It really seems like both Repubs and Dems are taking Trumps win as a referendum on trade deals like NAFTA.

They may try to pass it on the sneak piecemeal style but I think the TPP as we know it is dead.

You're points well taken but damn look at his cabinet appointees, look at his backpedaling.

For anyone to say authoritatively that Trump will or won't do X is stupid, I'd agree, but nonetheless these are signals that he's not.


Yes, i'm sure CEO's are real hard workers…morons

leftypol isnt the liberal media. trump's movement clearly had momentum because of its appeal to disaffected white working class voters.

this is clearly how it began.

to trigger pol

you do realize that user was explicitly implying trump would be inaugurated, right?