Hillary shills and establishment Dems are building up a mountain of excuses

Hillary shills and establishment Dems are building up a mountain of excuses.

How do we beat them into submission until they accept our new leader?

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We let Trump beat them himself (and their own self-destruction, too) until they're ripe for us to get them on our side


I think the knives are already coming out if r/politics of all places is turning against her (although that could just be because CTR isn't paying its shills anymore).

Really I think the best course of action might be to just let them keep defending her - anyone with a few brain cells to rub together can see that she was a shit candidate that ran a shit campaign.

Eventually her fans will either be forced to concede, or they'll keep doubling-down and become marginalised in political discourse

don't have to, the DNC is dead.
it will turn libertarian/commie in the next years


https:[emailĀ protected]/* *//yes-bernie-sanders-would-have-defeated-trump-acc34636f96



Please stop


I don't even know at this point. If liberals seriously can't see what went wrong with this election and why they lost there is literally no hope for them and America deserves to descend into fascism.

Jesus christ man, I'm starting to think the dilbert guy is right: blog.dilbert.com/post/153080448451/the-cognitive-dissonance-cluster-bomb

He doesn't even try to hide the fact that he is saying it to try to convince himself.

Funnily he got along better with Uncle Joe than Churchill.

Memechill being an autist and doing things like meeting FDR, while being butt naked and taking a bath surely didn't help. But he sure was glad, when FDR died and got replaced by Truman. Otherwise we'd had miss out on the Cold War.

Barely anyone liked Churchill, they thought he was a smug fat asshole.


Because FDR was a gullible fool with an oversized belief in his own charisma and a misguided devotion to the "popular front" idea. Stalin played him like a chump

Or because the USSR was a more formidable entity than the Great Shittain

Yes and Churchill was a fascist

Yes, he was a Brit, is that shocking?

Nah, FDR just got played like a fiddle by "Uncle Joe"

It's a shame he died before the war ended, it would've been great to see what his reaction to Stalin backtracking on his promises would've been.

this dude is so committed to living inside his bubble he is actively rejecting any sort of constructive criticism about how to beat Trump in the future.

Churchill was an incompetent buffoon (seriously he had an uncanny knack for fucking up that history seems to have glossed over) who only ever got anywhere because of nepotism, and when he opened his mouth it showed.

And now he's on our Ā£5 note.

This image fucking reminded me. I was in AP Government and Politics, and my retarded reactionary teacher said that FDR "put us on the path to socialism".

Imagine having a masters degree in History and still being such a fucking idiot.


I wouldn't go that far, it's when he got near anything war-related that he went full retard (like his plans for invading Nazi Europe through the Balkans)