Holla Forums-tier comment

Do they not see the irony in this?

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tbf even the slightest political tones in anime tend to be leftist yet almost all of the alt-right likes anime

they're a special bunch I tell you what


Niggers suck though while monstergirls aren't that bad.

/monster/fag here. Been waiting for somebody to mention this on a board whose pockets aren't as hot as the sun. Their BO has drank deep of the Kek Kool-Aid and every thread is pretty much required to have one comment sucking off Chump or bitching about muh slims and muh jooos. Their mental gymnastics defending their love of other species and hate of other races, and not seeing the irony of this, is a site to behold. A lot (or a loud minority) of them have Oedipal issues too. Also it's why I mostly lurk there.

It's the same deal with Holla Forums using Zootopia images or avatars.

Monmusu and MGQ paint discrimination in a bad light and are about acceptance of others, especially MGQ where that's pretty much the main theme.

that's too obvious a contradiction
probably ironic

Anime creators tend to be left-wing because working conditions are so terrible.

In fact, a lot of people in the arts in general are left-wing, which is why it's so tedious to hear people talk of leftist infiltration.

They were always there, you just didn't have the anybody to tell you to hate and fear them before the 2010s.

All monster girl-related threads/boards are sadly full on /r9k/ and Holla Forums, but /monster/ definitely takes the cake.

Haven't been there in over a year so I guess it must be even worse now.

Spidertits best girls. All human subspecies should be allowed to freely intermingle.

Also /monster/ is great for porn.

can't expect much of an 8ch board really

leftypol and the Jay are the only boards worth visiting here

That's pure ideology at work.
I once saw someone saying Mother 3, of all games, was redpilled and predicted the migrant crisis.

Aren't these porn games though? Specifically ones featuring rape?

I don't really know as I have not played them

I've seen Monster Musume but what's MCQ?

Monster Girl Quest. A porn game of sorts.

irl monstergirls would either have a 90% crime rate or wage war on humans altogether

It's okay. Anti-discrimination media in Japan isn't necessarily about race, most of them still wouldn't support immigration. It's about things like dog breeds, where there are some people out there who hate mutts and only want the pure German Shepards and Huskies and such.

Reminds me of that part about MASH in IJ.

probably true. They'd be the most intensely sexually objectified, and strongly oppressed group. Which would lead to sky high crime rates because of capitalist exploitation. 30 years later idpol based around hating non-monster girls would crop up and /humanpol/ would be a thing, complaining about how MGs just wanna take our jerbs, and MGs are like
meanwhile, I be all like

I never even considered racism could be so advanced that its applied to breeds within other species.
Do nazis only eat certain breeds of apples and so on?

It's not about racism. Racism is a complete different subject, and I am not a supporter of discriminating against mutts.

MGQ is a porn VN/nigger rigged game that features demi humans/monstergirls/abominations that rape, kill, vore, etc…

Musume is a slice of life with monster girls, in the story the guy participates with a culture exchange where he receives monster girls. Originally they should only have one monstergirl but because of a series of wacky events we ends up with 5 or so (haven't followed the series in 2 years).

I like anime, monster girls and all but holy fuck that was just about the worst comic I've ever seen.

Musume? It started off well but just became another harem manga, shame.

Monster girls are literally a different species.

yeah but theyre white

eh a lot of monstergirls are even outside the human skin color spectrum


inb4 race discrimination != species discrimination

Explain this shit weebs

A portion of "monster girls" are shit like vampires, werewolfs, kitsunes, cat girls and other things that where around long before this fade. The rest are myths, legends and mystical creatures that are turned into fap material, mostly done by Kenkou Cross.

Monster girls can be summed up as women with exotic bits.

got u fam

why are people here so triggered and surprised by their fun boards being full of pol?

pol has always been degenerate

Hey I don't give a fuck, I just wish they'd leave their garbage at the door before coming in.

Anime panders very very hard to insecure and lonley boys who will never touch a woman
anime maybe leftist but it is not made for leftists.

it's the same with you people

No, the pic in the OP


When the far left controls the narrative and all forms of entertainment, it's hard to find stuff that DOESN'T promote your agenda

you can't really compare the guy who started the derailing with some random fuck trying to correct a wrong statement

also who the fuck says "leftypol here" (if anyone here does that, please don't)

it's that you're so wrapped in your bubble that you see it's narrow diction as some universal standard

just think of how annoyed you feel whenever a libertarian comes in with "akshually, that's crony capitalism"

not really, after trump won i've seen A LOT of people (anarchists, communists, socialists, the sort) on twitter making fun of liberals for not being actual left and having lost the elections because of that


MGQ is a VN, like said, rigged to have a few RPG elements.
It's an eroge, yeah, and the main plot is some kid trying to get monster girls and humans to stop killing each other.

Monster Musume is a serialized manga that started as some guy getting a lamia as part of a government migration project and later became a harem, sadly.

Meh, I still read it. I've always liked how it makes fun of clichés but I'm getting tired of the plot going back to goofy bullshit whenever it seems it's actually going to get serious.

that's the expectable dolchstoßlegende, the idea that victory was around the corner and that it was only because of the traitors who didn't fight hard enough that the enemy won

Dunno man, we're talking specifically about those who use avatars of two series where discrimination is shown as this terrible thing, and some posts about how a lot of anime is pretty left leaning yet most otaku are right wingers.
Even in Monster Musume these two characters who are racist in-story are literally known as "the racist couple".

Also Japan discriminates on skin color and nationality, even if you're a legal immigrant.

No. They're saying that liberals aren't leftists, not that they're traitors. You can't betray something you were never a part of.

Nobody believes this.
Shit was rigged since the start against Bernie, and a lot of us don't even care about him and would rather get a revolution, etc.

About them being "traitors" see .
About the rest, well, of course you'd lose something you didn't fight hard enough. Duh.

It's a dumb joke about the protagonist being obsessed about monster girls and humans getting along.

what causes this sort of degenerac.y?

cigaranon please explain

and jews aren't germans.. got it

it's the same pattern, i'm not using the cheap trick of calling you proto-hitlers, but there's a similarity in logic; a great loss, no realistic explanation that wouldn't ruin the self-image of superior, supposed winners so the preferred explanation is slackers that kept you down

6 million "6 reasons why i will explain why trump will lose" articles tell me otherwise

I don't give a shit about liberal media, sorry.

tbf trump didnt win in a "landslide" anyway
literally decimals of difference iirc

It depends on how overtly political the anime is. A lot of them employ reactionary or fascist rhetoric in unrelated plotlines or frivolous dating sim adaptations. The ones that have plotlines about politics and not dumb ass culture wars are usually commie as fuck.

That actually helps explain why the LN/VN adaptations tend to be regressive and the mangas and anime tend to be progressive.


The Jay? Is that autocorrect for /tg/?

oh god he's serious

perhaps you should, since you see "nobody" as everybody who doesn't agree with you

which is quite a lot since he was predicted to lose in a landslide and had the greatest ever media campaign launched against him

if he got the obama treatment he would have won 45 states


we have a surrealist anime board?

Better content than the entire rest of the board right now, tbh.

Oh man I laughed out loud.
Now I really want a full-fledged novel based on that post.

If only I knew how to narrate, build a world and/or draw. ;_;

Sauce of first pic, please?

Keep telling yourself that. Keep supporting your argument with facts rather than arguments.

Actually there are a few monstergirl species that are condsidered furry, two (Cait Sith and Cu Sith) are verboten on /monster/ for dangerous cheesiness, the other (Kobolds) are considered acceptable. There are some in the vore sequel that iirc look like Contra bosses.

You forgot your shitposting flag, Anphlegm.

take your meds.

It's actually both. The UN recently got btfo trying to pretend it was an actual issue.

Didn't know there was a word for that, good to know. But I disagree about who's doing it to whom. The Shrillery Shills are the ones who are salty that Sanderistas and Steiners refused to obey their orders and take their constant abuse. From what I've seen, the Left's reaction to Shitlery voters has mostly been a mix of schaudenfreude, Rorsarch saying 'no' and saying that Bernie would have mopped the floor with Chump.

i'm an insecure and lonley boy but is that so bad?

Oh god the mental gymnastics

Yes, we were literally made to be executed for fun by real people.

You can always see the reactionary comment in the MGQ threads of 4/jp/, I always thought of this irony. The same happens to the idol threads but lonely obsessed idolfags being reactionary is much more understandable.

Not surprised about monster girl threads on 4/jp/ being full on /r9k/ and Holla Forums, their main media is MGE rather than MGQ or Monmusu. It's basically wish fulfillment to the eleventh power, with monster girls being mindless rape drones that will love you no matter what and will alter their physical appearance to appease you better through the power of magic, among many other things. Also gays kinda don't exist, they get turned into a very specific monster girl.

Or at least that's why I assume monster girl threads on 4/a/ are a lot more reasonable and less autistic than on 4/jp/.

Is Yuuki Aoi the perfect woman?


God her voice makes me hard as diamonds.

wtf that's hilariously terrible


What the hell is this


As a fan of monster girls I can tell you MGE's narrative, world-building, etc is utter shit.
Thing's got pretty pictures, at least. Author should've stuck to drawing only.

Thinking all gays want to be women sounds pretty spooky to me.

they do lol

When are we getting a manga about a sudden influx of monster girls leading to a revolution

So much that they even have a word for dying because of overwork.

Can't find a source, maybe it's about some animator from A1-Pictures committing suicide from overworking? Not sure.

(I'm not .)

Oni are great!

Without the knight.
A few pixels had to be taken away but meh.

Source for the first image?


Can you give an example?

They are still autistic, but they tend to be mainly of the "mai waifu is so cute" sort with some discussion of upcoming chapters and shit.
Even if there are Holla Forumsyps roaming around, /a/ still seems to be relatively apolitical, and the meta threads that pop when hiro fucks up something are full about people bitching about Holla Forums

What the fuck happened to /jp/? it's practically composed of generals now.
If I remember well the original userbase of /jp/ left the site long ago, around the time when moot flooded the board on the 10th anniversary if not before.


Pathetic little human girls just can't compete.

Janny happened

Well, I used to frequent /jp/. And I doubt I'll have enough chance to post this, so here.

What was the original /jp/ like?

Where has that ever been said? Give a concrete example please.

When I was there circa 2010-2012, it was pretty much this.

And a few more for old times sake.

I miss old /a/

No. They're just kids. Normal people – political normies – who watch anime, play vidya, get caught up in memes and think the alt-right is just so obviously correct. They don't read books and they don't step out there torture chamber because they don't even know they're in one.

Wow I didn't expect to find fellow /jp/sies here.
I swear, there's something about /jp/ that attracts the worst possible moderation members.

Fucking japs had their own alt-right like 20 years before us.

That's the same way I feel about Toyko Ghoul.

got u fams

Monstergirls at least MGE and musume are escapism taken to an whole new level

Maybe its because there is pervasive theme of race realism and expectations on that board, because people actually think about it and have learned that "cultural enrichment" has different meanings to many people.

I guess it's true that Japan is 20 years ahead of the West after all


Can't tell if Holla Forumstard.

You do realize that mutts can have potentially greater health problems, they aren't bad dogs per se to have around but have possible health issues that arise as a result of being a mixed breed. But if you go too pure breed, you may get an inbred dog who has just as bad if not worse problems. You need a large population of a pure breed to prevent inbreeding.

If you have a mixed breed, normal diseases or things that wouldn't be in it's genepool would now be, even if the predominant appearance of the breed is that of the dominant species. That is perhaps one of the reasons why people view miscgenation in a negative light. Higher predisposition to diseases that would not naturally occur. You get the potential abberations that the other parent has in their genetic code.

go to detroit you sheltered faggots.

We need this as a parody to the refugee crisis in Europe

MGs want Ficki Ficki
Women get up in arms about it
Gov't says to be respectful to MGs

Since monster girls are stronger than humans you could easily get a revolution with their help.

El em ay oh
You're so delusional I bet you think One Direction are a political party

nah you just love niggers way too much my dearie :)

You love them so much that you will blame their woes on society and let them shoot you while they steal your cash and do their chimpy chang activities.

wtf i wish monster girls were real now

Tbqh I don't give a shit about identity politics or races in general

While you're getting your knickers wet thinking about white pride and other crap, we are actually talking about politics


who are you quoting

I want monstergirl immigrants to rape culturally enrich me.

seems like he is quoting some nobody with a flag.

top tier level samefagging

If I had 10bux each time race realism was debunked on this board・・・

There's this LN (Re:Zero) where the main heroine is an elf with a pretty socialist way of thinking running for queen.

She barely gets any screen time compared to the other characters and she's suppose to be one of the main characters. What the hell where they thinking?

I fucking love Rem

She's pretty much a plot device until late arc 4 in the novels

Emilia would more probably be a social democrat.
Still better than the dictatorial totalitarian monarch (Priscilla), the corporatist (Anastasia), and the fascist with a heart of gold (Crusch).

Felt is pretty good with her anarchist revolutionary speech, too.

what the fuck is wrong with these people

i bet this random fuck didn't even know about the base and superstructure, which is what the original post i was responding to mentioned

Average Holla Forumsack

I see a lot of retards comparing Felt to Trump because she's anti-establishment I guess when she's clearly a textbook anarchist, albeit a bit cartoony.

Hmm, you can't apply any of those to Monmusu, but it still got some a few aspects bothering me, like all male monsters being ugly as sin thus making monster girls prefer human bishonen, and I'm not even into monster boys.


By the gods.

Not sure if I want to fuck…

True Ending

Monster girls are a rejection of deeply triggering and problematic bias and jewish feminism.
The idea that monstergirls are degenerate is I think a pretty basic bitch way of thinking about it. It's a very base non-spiritual earthly line of thought. When you tell people you love a monstergirl, they immediately say “that's degenerate because it's bestiality” or sometimes they'll relate it to irrelevant shiting. People who say that are stupid. It's an emotional kneejerk reaction a woman would have and a weird need to call things degenerate that you haven't really thought about, just because you'll assume Holla Forums will call it degenerate. They let their weak need to be part of a group for safety override their reasoning, and that's a pretty feminine leftist way of doing things. You just want to fit in. Next you'll be calling dems the real racists.

First of all, the reason it's so mundane to say “it's like irrelevant shiting” is you're basing this on physicality. You're saying, “oh, a snakegirl? So she's not even human?”. That's like saying “oh, a tanned girl? So she's not even white?” They think it's a degenerate want to fuck a non-white animal because of the use of the word “monster”. They say “oh, the jewish media brainwashed you from a young age into finding Animaniacs sexy” which number 1 – monster girls aren't furry – and number 2 – the jewish media brainwashes people into thinking traditional values and good christian marriages and a preference for one's own people as monstrous and barbaric. The jews have tried to craft a disgust in the mind of a normalfag to the very word “monster”, and that's why basicbitch weekend white-nats immediately say “degenerate” when they hear “monstergirl”. That's their jewish programming kicking in. They think “monster” equals “animal” even though jews call white people monsters if they call black people “animals”.

I just think it's not intellectual to instantly dismiss subjects like this as “degenerate” because there's a lot more nuance to monstergirls than normalfag oh-im-not-a-nazi-im-alt-right types think . I think like the real monsters are the vacuous whores who tend to their own harem of twitter betaorbiters. Cultural phenomena like monstergirls are evidence of a growing desire for a return to traditional values and traditional waifus, and the scales and cloacae are symbolic of the scars this jew-stained society leaves on even the most purest of qts.

If this post is a joke then it's one of the greatest posts of all time.

Virginity should not be seen as negative trait, rather it should be ignored.
This bourgeois cultural hegemony along cultural norms that have been influencing western culture since 60`s are full of fun.

Sex is not commodity, nor thing that you should have with strangers or people who you barely know.
Sex is thing that should be ideally reserved between lovers, to strenghten their relationship, an intimacy shared by only them. Also, all research indicates that sex does help in emotional bonding with person you´re having it with.

All of you sick fucks who still support this cesspool culture of "sexual liberation" set forward in this capitalist society to make it commodity and norm make me sick.

Our modern culture in this regard is destructive both for mind and spirit of my fellow men out there.

This culture that is fed to masses by capitalist class via mass media and mainstream culture is destroying our views on sex and society.

There should be no reason to tolerate this degenerated culture and not to strike against it via counter culture.

As long as sex feels good and both parties consent and try not to get bugs/pregnant then who gives a shit about the rest

Can`t you see that our views on sex(especially the sex positive view) are extremely relevant to the direction of the capitalist cultural hegemony? Sex positive culture is only going to alienate certain social clicks and crate more demand for sex industry only ending up in the pockets of capitalists.

I miss the old Jay…
(Screenshot is from 4/pol/)

It's actually from 8/pol/. Saw it on the "cringe" thread.
Decided to look it up and paste it here.

Being a virgin or fucking every person you see shouldn't matter. How a person manages their sex life is their own business.

I know it's a copypaste but I want to respond anyway.

Uh what

Anyway some Holla Forums kiddie already brought something similar up and got debunked immediately so no point in going over this again.

I'm not sure a bunch of girls who want to sexually ravage some guy (which would be illegal in-universe) before marriage count as "traditional" in any sense. Two of them are constantly molesting the other girls as well.

The only "traditional value" I could maybe see is monogamy.

I don't think this kind of thread should be bump locked.


You are correct, the rest of your post is shit.

I also want the shirt Wojack is wearing.

Agreed, only the first sentence was right.
Anyway you could easily make such a shirt yourself with some paint.

This is not socialist at all, did she say or do anything else that made you think she has a socialist way of thinking?

Emilia is a petit bourgeois at worst and a socdem at best.
Felt is the true comrade →

I can't even imagine what sort of mental gymnastics you'd need to actually believe this unironically

yes, because you were designed to be cannon fodder like all the other insecure white boys
unless you're not a white boy, if so, you joined the wrong group

shitposting is still autistic


Read Stirner.


/monster/ plz

My favorite monster girl is Miia.

that doesn't sound like a true egoist

Don't alt-right otaku use her on retarded "don't tread on me" flags?

I think you're confusing consent with "age of consent".

I miss what /jp/ used to be like when it started and I miss what 4chan used to be like as well. I miss when everything was just posting dumb shit like this and things like anime or vidya was totally apoltical and no SJWs or alt-right crossboarder faggots started trying to mix them. When I lurk on basically any 4chan board now it just seems entirely full of newfag crossboarders from Holla Forums who think they have a god given right to the whole website but have absolutely no knowledge about its history. I get that there are some alt-righters who been there for years that I probably mistakenly thought were being ironic a few times and a few lefty oldfags as well, but the site has just gone downhill in quality so much, especially this year, and it just makes me sad.

Basically, I miss when imageboards were fun and I wish I could go back.

Is it bad that seeing these fags liking the same things I like sort of annoys me? It's not so much for shows, but normally for a character or something. Is that just me being an autist?

Can't blame you when they do Hilarious And Funny shit like this or the literally-cancerous-in-spread MAGA hats.

requesting hissing alunya black cat

I'm lost too. Succuslut made me laugh.


Because that fucking hasn't been beaten to death enough for the last couple years on /monster/

Are there translations for this?



Thanks fam

god damn leftycucks, you're heavy on the wordfilters.
let's try some shit out
irrelevant shit, Autism Level, cuck, nigger, genetics, eugenics, genes, gene therapy, nazi, LARPagan, christcuck, niggerdeath, AIDS, GRIDS, HAARP, "conspiracy theory", COINTELPRO, shill, CtR, JIDF, faggot, nigger, niggerfaggot, "TRS did nothing wrong", "hitler did nothing wrong", fourth reich, third reich, thousand year reich, holocaust, "holocaust never happened", holohoax, pedowood


Really makes you think.


rip /jp/ you were too young.


In order to call someone a cuck you have to have a dating history

New law







Go away.

Holy shit look at all those surprise boxes on the screenshot.

Oh hey.

and a classic /g/ thing. im done dumping. thx for nostalgia trip faggots.

Not until you understand that anime is beyond anything that you can control and that as long as anime exist you will fail.

Funny, since most anime writers and creators are leftist. You'd know that if you had bothered to read the thread.
You Holla Forumstards are fucking ridiculous.

The only people who want to control how Japanese people do their shit are you autists

Cmon now

if your mind wasn't on memes you'd know the only actual threats to anime are japanese right-wingers

oh, and the working conditions of the industry itself but you probably only care about 2D titties and not the people producing those

Are you one of those delusional nerds who'd want to have a harem but sperg out at the idea of a woman having a harem of men?
Monster girl threads are full of those for some reason.

Because you guys are a bunch of pseudo-intellectual faggots and right now Holla Forums is full on anti-intellectual.
tbh I have been hanging out here more since Holla Forums became /trump/ because at least your mods aren't complete kikes


Anarchists are leftist you fucking idiot.

Congrats, that's most anime workers.

I never said I liked the harem genre.

any jap with half a brain would be a leftist when you have shit like happening

Most mangaka are self-employed and have contracts with small publishing companies and/or porno mags.
For instance, Berserk is published in Young Animal and it's creator takes several very long breaks every year to travel / rail meth and play idolmaster.
Most animu-retards work for a large TV network that has them designing parts of a shoe or adding moar zippers to already shit-tier designs.
Pic related illustrates my point clearly, animu is cancer and kills creativity. It hasn't been good since they dropped the disneyesque aesthetic.

I'd like to see comparison on how much manga artists make compared to animu. The guy who penned JoJo seems rich as all fuck.



why are greentexters always fucking retarded

Average MG fan.

janey fuckin' mack

Sometimes I'm glad I'm not mentally ill like these people.



At least all the replies are calling it on his bullshit.
There's still hope for /a/

because who will pay muh pensions???? material wealth magically disappears when used D:

he probably thinks it's le jews and SJWs who want to take away their anime tiddies and lolis and not the jap government (right wingers)