ITT we attempt to make our friends and family class-conscious to mixed results

ITT we attempt to make our friends and family class-conscious to mixed results

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my family has been on the left since my grandfather who was an admirer of mao

Both my parents are members of the comunist party. I try to explai to my father that communist partys sucks because they will always get stuck on the "proletariat dictatorship" phase, while my father doesn't believe it's possible to jump into an anarchist and aboslishing government.

My grandpa was a CIA agent.
During a family gather up where he got drunk, he admitted to me, that he killed communists during the Red Scare (though he will never admit that in court, even under oath)
No way I'm gonna tell him that I'm Red myself.

I doubt it's true. CIA didn't do direct action shit, and even today they do not. They do paper transfers to acquire teams and then give them back to whoever they borrowed them from. If he was higher up, he might have supervised ops, but I doubt it. Shit's some secret squirrel shit. Now maybe he passed things on to get people killed, but I doubt your gramps actually shoot someone in person, unless he was simply working for the CIA, but not in the CIA.

My mom is struggling with her work ethic and the way her employer treats her. I've been talking with her about exploitation of workers. She's been culturally conservative for the most part but as soon as I clarified that communism is not an enemy of her traditions and values, as long as they're not inhuman, she said "maybe communism really is the only way to go".

He said a lot of their hits were later declared as suicide or accident. They had full political support, so everyone and everything was covered.

My whole family is pro-Trump, including my brother who was originally for Bernie.

and so am I

it seems only non whites get to celebrate their traditions these days

Are you implying all "white" valueas and traditions are inhuman or how retarded this notion is?

All my family is socdem and we live in a very small country to be real

The reason why the New Deal was rolled back from a bourgie-Keynesian perspective is that the massive spending programs were a response to a stagnated economy with fairly low inflation. In any other situation, according to the neo-Keynes synthesis, spending to raise aggregate demand will have massive drawbacks and be generally ineffective.

I'm not defending their position, but it's important to note that it's not as transparently cynical as pic related made it out to be.

i'm saying whenever whites try to celebrate their traditions they get accused of racism, muh privilege, supremacy, ignorance, fascism etc. while things like black history month and la raza are fine and dandy. stupid double standard

What traditions? We fucking do Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, football, President's Day…

What are you talking about? Are these not examples of pro-European (not anti-X) festivities?

This is not an exhaustive list, by the way.

Nah man, all the whities with their St. Patrick's Day parades are the truly oppressed. anuddah shoah is a thing that's happening now, by the way.

there is a big difference between Bernie and Trump.
is your brother brain dead or was it a "fuck you" anything but Hillary vote.

how are any of those exclusive to whites? if whites did try to make them exclusively white there would be uproar



things like this

whites are shamed into hiding and told they have no culture

I made my mom read Jacobin's ABC's of Socialism and it converted her.

Also, you're shifting the debate. What does that have to do with what I mentioned?


You're not seriously defending that video, are you?

Also, this thread has been derailed by idpol.

I'm not watching a 10 minute video of people at a DNC march so no, I'm not defending. Do you not know how to parse through what I said?

Ah, yes.For her it stems from hearing about how christmas holidays, easter holidays, and, ironically, liberal values (accepting faggots and scantily clad women, egalitarianism (on paper)), and our flag is offensive to muslims. These are usually small cases blown out of proportion by media, right-wingers, and some number of muslims who actually agree (I do not know if it's a vocal minority or a vocal minority but muslims I've met don't give a shit).

pls leave

yeah that's why I mean. glad someone agrees


no. I don't mean that. I just mean simple harmless traditions that get accused of being hideously white that need to be inclusive and diversified. dumb as hell

Yeah, that doesn't happen. Reading too much Holla Forums thinking there's some systemic "war on whiteness" is beyond silly.

Look, you're barking up the wrong tree here. We don't have this mindset about "diversity for its sake" like liberals do. On the other hand, we're not here to take the opposite stance: shitting on based on some theory of racial superiority.

The basic idea is that we have our shared economic interests and talking about identity politics - whether it's white nationalism, black nationalism, etc - is a diversion from those economic problems. This doesn't mean one can't take pride in their own culture (including ethnic whites), but that:

1) this should not be done in a way that reduces social cohesion (in other words, increases divisiveness)
2) diverts attention from economic issues that affect culture and are a commonality among all races (an example you might care about: working harder for lower wages in our present capitalist system means mothers cannot afford to just stay at home and take care of children. This means that they must go out and make up for the father's lost income, or vice-versa for the father. Consequently, the nuclear family is undermined as there is less time for parent-child and parent-parent bonding.)

Not a war, no, but I find the hostility some have to be a bit concerning. I don't remember things being like this 10 years ago

Also, it's rampant on social media from right-wing sources, and being low-education makes it difficult for people to sort serious from shit. Hell, even most people no matter what education level can differentiate shit media from ok media.

Sorry Fuck my English.

You know like how when some idiot conservative does something and the ""left"" blames all right-wingers for it?
That's what you're doing now.

Except that this is actually a valid position and shouldn't at all be controversial to us on the left.


Listen to ya pa.

lel ok. tell a black person you want to abolish the black race and see how they react. or any race for that matter

you do know you can't just plug in words for other words and have it mean the same thing, right?

'porky dominates economically' is not equivalent to 'labor dominates economically'.

but no i think if you say, 'abolishing the construct of race would be a good thing for society' you'd get some pushback but it's not really a weird statement for us on the left

Don't listen to
He is either a falseflag or a reddit/tumblr poster.

He said their muh privilege, not their existence. I see no issue here.

Someone said the other day that alt-righter's entire base ideology is informed by pol screencaps with no sources and tumblr cringe compilations. That's true af and it's scary that this is now nearly mainstream and accepted to think this retarded.

This is entirely different. For this breed of liberal, it isn't a matter of deconstructing and abolishing the social construct of whiteness - as a matter of fact, they reinforce the white construct and would impose it on others as a means of showing off how woke they are. Furthermore, we should go about abolishing every race, not just the white one.

The problem here is that Black doesn't refer exclusively to race - since the Black slaves that were brought over had their culture and traditions destroyed and their families broken apart, they can't identify themselves as Hausa or Zulu or Igbo the same way that Europeans can call themselves Italian or Irish, so people of indeterminate sub-Saharan African origin are said to belong to the Black ethnicity in America.

how do you plan to do that?

He means we need to stop thinking about ourselves in terms of race.

lots of things are artificial social constructs. do they all have to go? right now it's all a one way street - black leftists flaunt their race, even black nationalism is seen as acceptable. wish the white and black nationalists would fuck off to siberia and fight each other

lol as if black nationalism is even a real present ideology. i bet you think 2nd wave feminists didn't get BTFO by the third wave and bell hooks.

bell hooks is a meme