TPP officially dead!

RIP in pieces Porkers

Thank fuck. I've had so much anxiety about that over the past year.

Trump has TPP lobbyists advising him. The most he'll do is renegotiate it and tweak it a bit. Trump will pass the TPP, Pence will make sure of it. Mark my words.

Excuse my ignorance /leftypol but I thought you guys would have liked this?

It weakens America and forces it to the bottom and would let the people rise up?

It's yet a-fucking-nother episode of Holla Forums thinks Holla Forums is libruls Bizarro Superman

Very original.
Never heard that one before.

It's just another tool for the bourgeois rent-seekers to control and subdue the masses while profiting from the work of others.

The American people aren't our enemy. The multinational corporations and their bougeois owners are our enemies. This hurts the former but helps the latter.



this lel

he uses cheap immigrant labour for his construction projects, he has businesses all over the world, his products are made in factories in China, the Netherlands, Mexico, India, Turkey, Slovenia, Honduras, Germany, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea

OPie here

I don't hate America, just the porkies who run it.

Even as an accelerationist, this bill doesn't agitate the working class in the way that'd cause a rise-up. At most, whiny TARTlets on deviantart would be mad all their shitty sonic slashfic and terrible fanart would have to be removed.

Don't worry… something much worse can still probably emerge

Goddamn I hope Pence get gang raped by HIV positive french small farmers.

looks fake tbh

Along with this site.

Lets predict what the new totally-not-ttp name is going to be.

It would be worthwhile to consider that argument if you did not repeat all of the talking points of the Democratic Party. You repeat talking points you should not believe as communists

facts aren't "talking points" Holla Forums

This just means Obama's admin won't pass it.

Trump's admin is still likely. He has already been working lobbyists who crafted the TPP. Something that looks like the TPP will still be rammed up our asses.

Holla Forums why the fuck are you defending TPP, I thought you liked to think of yourselves "anti-globalist" and "anti-establishment right-wingers." I suppose once your daddy-emperor is in office its hard to be anything other than a regular old establishment republican.