Just this morning I was having a convo with my liberal parents about how if we constantly focus on creating more jobs or keeping them here, we'll eventually have to come up with wasteful, unnecessary work, when we could have people working less and earning more with all of our technology. They they were totally into it. If you focus the conversation on economic democracy and leave out all of the history and terminology it's honestly very easy to sell it.

Talk about democracy at workplace and coops and so on, but don't call it socialism and don't use socialist terminology, since they will automatically start thinking about Stalin and big taxation.

prove to them it's in their self-interest, dummy

Talk about cooperatives.

I replace the mentions of capital owners with kikes, works every time. Or was it the other way around?

you can't, the idpol trend is in full swing.
the only thing we can do now is to wait for Trump to fucked over, once they realize that idpol isn't the answer they'll have no other choice.

but rejoice, Comrade, things aren't as dark as they seem.
many are favorable to our cause, Bernie Sanders proved how large our audience is.
i like to think that he may have been potus if he was allowed to run.

If you can't appeal to then show the problems with normie idpol don't go saying nobody else can.

humm..what ?

If he fails, they might just think he didn't go far enough into idpol and elect someone that's actually loterally hitler

The coming economic collapse and the indiference of the rich will do that. Remember:

Through the pain, we will learn.

Why do you want to sell socialism? Socialism sucks ffs. Having socialism mixed with capitalism breeds corruption, bureacrecy and utter mediocrity.
I live in a country filled with socialist programs mixed with capitalism economics. it sucks ass.
It's just systemic corruption everywhere.

We must get rid societies of capitalism and immediately and start to build from scratch.

You take their idpol and you turn it into regularpol.
Anarchism, communism, whatever, it has the answer to sexism, racism, and all the rest. Just because you can't appeal to that to get people into radical leftism that transcends identity doesn't mean other people can't.

don't worry about selling socialism
sell them on smashing porky

>b-but they're job/wealth creators! you're just jealous!

Co-workers that are being unionized need practice, not theory.
Hipster Communism for discussions has to be fashionable.
Organizations has to have clearly defined goals (program, yes).

That's just Capitalism. It is the same with or without Socialism.

Socialism for normies lexicon:

Proletarians = workers
Bourgeoisie = "big business" for any political persuasion, "the one percent" for left-leaning, "the elite" for right-leaning - you may also wish to talk about "moneyed interests"
Petite bourgeoisie = "small proprietors" (avoid "small business" because it conjures up moms and pops)
Socialism = "economic democracy", "democracy at work"
Collectivization = "creating worker cooperatives"
Class analysis = "follow the money!", "cui bono?"

I don't know who made that meme, but it needs to die


I've been going well with
master/servant class
worker/capitalist and petty-capitalist or failed-capitalist for petit-bourgeois.

Holy shit I never thought of that I am retard, saved.

pretty good, have this.

Start them off with talking about co-ops and owning the product of their labor. Make sure to have Imagine playing in the background to get them in the mood.


just tell tbem trump is a crapitalist

next tell them about socialism

win, gg

if that's enough to convince them capitalism is bad then oprah would be enough to convince them it's good

people dont remember oprah bruh

You don't, you gulag all the normies and then you enstablish NEET FALC

i don't keep up with celebrity shit, who's another black millionaire?

kanye (prez 2020)


Normalfags were sold on alt right reactionary rhetoric through memes after all

We are communists, we don't sell things. (Okay, maybe some of us sell newspapers.)

You don't you let them live in a society that won't always fail time and time again

call it "collectivism" or "libertarian socialism" or maybe "democratic socialism" don't say the government controls the means of production say the people as a collective own it. Say something about " If you make a chair and it get sold for 200$ you get the 200$ you deserve" this will appeal to all all but the most right wing normies.

make the same arguments you would make to your anti-fa friends, but while talking, you have to squat and twist your nipples. this is an ancient subversion tactic in Ukraine; use it well

just tell hitler did it, and hitler was/is cool

I'm sure you mean well, comrade. But you need to read. Don't fall into the "socialism is a mixed economy" meme

This is why marx has abandoned us


You can't because socialism is retarded.
If I work very hard for 50 hours a week and buy something, for example like a sandwich, that's my sandwich.

I don't want the state telling me that I have to give tyrone or becky my sandwich because he/she hasn't worked as hard or didnt put in as many hours.

Tell me user would you be comfortable with me working an hour less a day and then someone forcing you give me a half of your sandwich to make it equal even if I could have worked hard, I just didnt want to?

I don't fall for the Bernie Sanders type anymore. I know what their kind wants.
They want public education, national health service, state funded transports and taxes to pay for all that. No! This isn't the answer i'm telling you buddy.
There's not a single socialist country that eliminated central bank or currency and they all want to actively be part of the "global market". That's just wrong. Of course they never amount to nothing
We must get rid of all that. We must get rid of taxes, banks, insurance companies, currency, loans, debt. That's all bullshit.
The only thing that matters are resources and people.
I stick by through what i said. We must eliminate everything that's capitalist immediately in order to build a nice place for people to live.

ok, and how are you paying the government to organize and enforce all of this?

Drop all of the socialist/marxist terminology and speak strictly in terms of policies.

It's incredibly easy to sell to normies if you do it right. Don't use complicated terms, or history, and in fact don't even call it socialism until later perhaps.

Just talk about democratic/worker ownership of MoP, how capitalists steal labour, economic benefits, ethics, etc.

Why do illustrations and animations aimed towards females of all ages always look like vapid soulless shit?

Ethics is probably a great one to use on moderate liberals.

It is, and for all their talk about ethics they never understand a single thing about ethics.

Helllo retard my old friend

Typical leftist. This is why you lost the election. This is why your toxic idiology is being rejected and this is why your failed experiment will come crumbling down around you.

You literally don't know what socialism is.

if internal discord can neuter leftists, then it can spay feminists.

Good post my property

You've got it all backwards, nigger.

Capitalism is like this: you spend 2 hours making a sandwich and then porky comes and takes 90% of it because he owned the knife you used to spread the butter.

The point of socialism isn't to fix inequality by taking money from the rich and giving to the poor, it's to make it so everyone earns the full value of their work when they do productive work. You make that sandwich, it's your fucking sandwich, and nobody can use a claim on property to take something that you made.

Capitalist profit is already a kind of tax that takes from the people who create wealth and gives it to undeserving parasites, namely the capitalist class, since in order for a capitalist to employ you, he's got to be earning more from your labour than he's paying you in wages. We want to put an end to that, and make it so wages are whatever the capitalist would have earned.

There wasn't even a leftist candidate, since Bernie dropped out. And Bernie was a REALLY moderate leftist.

Also he was calling you a retard because you were saying allegedly retarded (actually ignorant) things. Not because you disagree.