I'm a prick from reddit. I got banned from /r/socialism for saying Trump supporters are accelerationists. No warning, just boom, ban.

What's your thoughts on the /r/socialism mods?

Found your problem.

I think you should gb2leddit, faggot.

They're bad but so are "hey I just got banned from [x]" threads.

both retarded.

I got b& from /r/socialism for saying that Zizek isn't a fascist.

We can tell you're from reddit because you write like a faggot. Stop double spacing, faggot.

They're awful, and the fact that they banned you from saying that is very telling of how they would behave if they had even more power. Join us at Holla Forums, where you can just speak your mind without fear of being silenced. You'll even be welcome here if you get rid of the idpol that's causing the very destruction of /r/socialism and similar places.

redditors will be wiped out in the revolutionary holocaust

You've either got to be from halfchan or plebbit because noone on this godforsaken site posts like this.

With long enough sentences the default text box can make it appear as if you'd be creating walls of texts without reasonable spaces between. Of course this doesn't apply to the guy you replied to but it applies to a majority of the times people get called out on it. We're not all going to resize our text boxes, the small one is cute and doesn't take up too much room.

I'm a mod on /r/socialism, AMA.

I know that. I think the problem stems from people that do one line sentences throughout their post. It's annoying as fuck to read and instead of improving readability, it detracts from it. I understand where it comes from, as a lot of people online have done programming in one way or another, but there are protocols for that. Only until you start another complete topic should you make a new paragraph. This makes it easier to parse through text and to understand the gist of what you are saying even if it's tl;dr. Holla Forums is full of fucking paranoid autists, so that's why they look for any signs of outsiders. I want reddit to stay, but they need to stop being faggots and giving me eye cancer.

What's your username then?

Better subreddit


I was recommended this when I complained but I looked at it, it's just dead. Literally the only large subreddit worth visiting is /r/fullcommunism, and possibly /r/anarchism although their mods have the same flavour as /r/socialism

I've been banned from r/anarchism for saying that i would rather see Trump as US president mostly due to the fact that Hillary wanted to start a war with Russia. They didn't even cared that my comment received at least 5 upvotes. So i am not the only one there with this mindset. This was before the election btw
I then proceeded to send a message to the mods calling them fake leftists and capitalism lovers.

It helps the cause. Socialists & anarchists are needed right now

I think the worst thing about this type of shit moderating on subs like /r/anarchism and /r/socialism is that they will put new users off the ideology. Just because some cunts were given mod powers and keep banning anyone that says cuck, people will assume all socialists are like that.

Better subreddits


tbh, I rather post in a dead subreddit, rather than having to deal with idpol bullshit

full of delusional tankies

OP is a faggot and so is everybody bumping this thread

fucking lel, one of the mods was like this

It's a circlejerk subreddit user… the vast majority of posters are either MLs or MLMs.

kill yourself

the worst subreddit by far is leftwithsharpedge

still dunno if they're serious

Leftwithsharpedge is a circlejerk, the 'joke' being edginess.

aren't all subreddits "circlejerks"?

whether they're serious or not, they're still fucking awful

Yeah but some moreso than others. Reddit is one big circlejerk though, everyone thinks they are constant comedy geniuses because they understand irony and understand shit references from tv shows and stuff.

muh slippery slope

All the lefty subs on ribbit are shite

Actually ribbit in general is shite

when will you switch into maximum entryism?

why haven't you killed yourself yet ?

also do you know bjornironside ?

/r/socialism has potential due to its size, but is run by some strange breed of idpol-guzzling Trots who claim to oppose sectarianism while burning bridges with essentially any other leftist community.

Posting on /r/shittankiessay gets you banned from /r/socialism. Supporting our board gets you banned from /r/socialism.


muh fallacy fallacy :V)

Reddit is a hive for spooks who want a dedicated party line for everyone on the sub to circlejerk over until the end of time.

I mean in fairness 9 times out of 10 they're going to be absolutely correct.

It's not really a slippery slope. You have to wonder, why does discussion of idpol seem to lead to these bad outcomes even in good company? Why are the citizens of r/socialism unable to ever, apparently not even one time, win this argument to the point where they have to ban it?

Stick around if you want, but beware that we are mostly ex-4chan posters who despise reddit and its horrible circle jerk community.

I got banned for my posting history.

r/anarchism is worse

I was banned from the Discord and still dont know why, my history checked out and without saying anything else than "Hi" and "Börk, börk" to joke about tha fact that Im Swedish

Can't we assert certain, personal, actions are damaging to society as a whole? Especially since we are a part of it? You could argue for de.generacy but we don't take them seriously, we ban obvious Holla Forums shills.
The only opposition to idpol is idpol. If identity A is committing a genocide against identity B, which would be idpol, it would also be idpol to prevent that genocide, it would be in the interests of identity B. Denying this is just tsundere. The hatred of idpol is a leftcomesque demand we sit on our hands and not do anything to stop idpol outside of our own sphere. That is stupid, it leads to the success of the idpol they are attempting to fight and reactionary "leftists" taking hold, like nazbols.

Shittankiessay bans you for being from our board too. Every """leftist""" board on reddit does.

i really dunno
why u nerds are so angsty
about one liners

like dude
its obviously a hangover from IRC
maybe YOUR the newfag

there's a new subreddit called r/redflag which apparently is more open to debate and not petty idpol bans