I realized something about Trump just now

I realized something about Trump just now.

Trump never wanted to be president. It was almost like he did this to prove a point about how far he would get and then lose. It's a total ego thing. Now he's probably panicking that he actually has to lead this country.

Im thinking he had a bet with one of his colleagues about doing it as a joke almost.

Trump trolled the entire country and the alt-right put what was literally by definition supposed to be a giant meme into power because they actually believed him.

Trump won't be running this country for the next 4-8 years because he has absolutely no idea what he's doing. Pence, Ryan (he's not anywhere ideal but he will be our best ally), Gingrich, and that retarded caricature of a son Trump has will be. To be honest that's almost scarier than Trump himself.

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No shit sherlock.

Welcome to [CURRENT DATE]!

duh. He's a business man too; he's used to delegation.

more at eleven

he's not in office yet, give it a good 6 months.

its likely that he's softening his positions just to weaken the opposition, let the dust settle down before going at it.



now we wait


>>>Holla Forums8231191

If it wasn't for Pence, the Huckabee on steroids, this would be completely hilarious.

You just fell for the "Hitler 2.0" line and now you're seeing that was never the case.

Holla Forums salt is delicious

I hope you realize that this just means we have to deal with double the amount of them in a counter-raid. You're the problem.


Holla Forums counter-raid here. You guys seem to get a lot of shill threads and people pretending to be Holla Forums. Hope you can get better mods :^)




I was telling this all the time.

In a system, where economy has more prestige and politics is for people too dumb for economy, why should a millionaire want to become president?
For him it's like doing menial labour.

epic xD

saw this over on Holla Forums theyre so salty lmao!

We totally trolled them. Troll coming through. No matter how much they win, at least they be salty lmao!


Don't worry guys it's all interdimensional chess, the 4th Reich will be here aaaaany minute now.

did you just respond to yourself lol

Nope lol XD

Holla Forums thinks all dissenters a ctr shills, this is hilarious.

tbh I'm #HillaryArtillery now. Where can I apply for a job to CTR?


how long until the penny drops? when trump ramps up funding for israel? when the deportations don't happen?

I made a thread about Trump not doing the shit he promised and got banned for "disinfo faggotry".


But he's literally said he won't do what he said.

If you read the comments you would understand it's just they are sick of you guys defeatist shilling of them.

not a soul outside east coast liberalia reads huffpo

Holla Forums is literally referred to as Holla Forumsa shitposting board

You guys are literally just posting media propaganda to try and discourage Holla Forums anons then you say they got upset when they really were calling you guys out.

It's like all of you guys are autistic

I actually have a question for you polyps.

What do you think Trumps ideology is?

I would like to point out that this thread is also on Holla Forums.
>>>Holla Forums8231191
It seems correct the record is still at it. The donkeys are taking you for a ride.

gee it would be a shame if you were to feel discouraged

Paleocon populism but I dont think he is very rigid when it comes to ideology.

Not everything revolves around Holla Forums. Have you considered that people are perhaps just discussing the new president-elect and some of the things people have noticed?

It's funny how a board that takes the smallest bits of information and blows them out of proportion into vast conspiracy theories has such a thin skin when it comes to people saying "hey look Trump doesn't look enthused and it looks like he's not interested in ruling!"

Annoyed that you guys keep filling the board with it.

Good luck considering Holla Forums got their president and the site administration is Holla Forums leaning

Clone threads from Holla Forums trying to celebrate non existing back stepping are not there for discussion, they are there to annoy people with actually relevant ideologies.

I'm sorry that your safe space was invaded and now you have hurt feelings. Perhaps you should take the issue up with the Holla Forums moderators.

I wouldn't mind an actual thread on it, just not blatant defeatist shill that your ilk are so fond of.
The moderation would do something if Holla Forums board had some that weren't there just to keep us from doing anything the site wiener doesn't want.
Thank hotwheels for stripping the old BO of the board

- Holla Forums

said no one here ever

we all know he's just your regular establishment politicians

Trump is going to drain the swamp and then refill it. You can't even talk about the Goldman Sachs guy on his transition team on Holla Forums.

- t leftypol


You haven't listen to any of his speeches, have you?

You assume all of Holla Forums hates a state that puts into action what they desire for themselves.
The only Jews I hate are the ones Are the non Israeli Marxist ones

You misunderstand. Trump is a lot like Louis Napoleon - yes, he came to power with the support of the modern equivalent of small-holding peasants, but he is going to push out the regular old type of establishment policies because that is literally the only option available to someone in his position, and he clearly has no stomach for any policies that would actually resolve and counteract the sort of things that people are anxious about (jobs, wages, etc.) He does seem to have a decent stance on Syria, though, I'll give him that.

What part of his speeches give you any impression that he is a man with any idea of what he's doing?

We'll have to see how he handles, you guys will say nah and we'll say ya.
Time will prove one of us right

I'm just saying, realistically speaking every one of his advisors will be against going into protectionism mode because neoliberalism is all that has been keeping capitalism afloat these past 30 years, and besides that, what the fuck else is he prepared to do for working people? Raise wages? Hand the closed factories to the workers? If anything, with such a strong Republican presence, what we'll likely see is a commitment to the 'let everything sort itself out' school of politics, which will probably just hasten the coming crisis.

they're so not-mad that the thread has over a hundred replies


You didn't realized that. You just watch South Park. Because that their joke as well. Trump doesn't know what he's doing and was trying to lose the election on purpose.

do you hate only "niggers" and not all black people too ?

I have ALWAYS heard the only person that would ever be good at being president is someone that didn't want the job.

he may be the best president of our life time when this is over

Naturally he picks people with experience but he will try and force back jobs to the USA and he is renegotiating nafta, both the Mexican president and the prime Canuck I have said they are open to it.
The wall will prevent illegals that work at a lower price and high tariffs on incoming items will make it cheaper to buy and produce in the United States.

I don't hate anyone user, allowing your emotions to rule you would only leave you blind to objective truth.

dude, you just said you hated jews who are non isaeli marxist.

Perhaps I portrayed myself wrong, I hate what they stand for and what they do, personlly I don't hate them as people



Wish i could go home every weekend.

I'm going to throw this back in the faces of anybody who bitches about muh lazy muh lenny alls

you don't want to Nazi masturbation fantasy and remove "sub-humans" ?

Not one post later and you fuck it up.
Hatred is an emotion, it's a feel. This seems to be something Holla Forums never seems to understand.



who is this red-headed demon



This got to the main page of reddit fucking fast:

Hes a Billionaire.

Huge fucking distinction.

The entire foundation for social justice and equal outcomes is a feel.

If we did not feel we would not care.

I'm not sure if I should be obliged, offended or worried

I was making clearing what I hate and why it was directed at those specific jews

every race has "subhumans" in it, as every race has potential overmen.
it's all a matter of taking out the subhumans so the others aren't held down by them.

oops, forgot to take off my shitposting flag

Well anyone could see this coming. Trump was an open democrat in the 80s. His shift towards the center was expected. At least it was to me and I voted for him. He still hasn't gone back on the wall or upping border security. He's putting in motion plans to deport up to 3 million illegal aliens. The TPP is also dead in the water.
So what your saying isn't entirely true. He's said he's keeping the few good parts of Obamacare and tossing the rest out. Which was foreseeable. He's a businessman, a diplomat, a deal breaker. He's showing this with these early statements. I think he's going to manage to balance his promises and what can reasonably be done and satisfy everybody.

trump hasn't even taken office yet so saying he hasn't done anything yet as if that's a criticism is retarded




Trump will resign before his inauguration tbh. This whole run for the presidency was all because Obama insulted him at a white house correspondents dinner. He's already made his point.

It is massively. I don't know if anybodies really taken a deep look at Trump's campaign but from what I've gathered the fuel for all of this, from Trump's perspective, is that he just fucking loves rallies lol. From right off that bat he was getting thousands of people coming to his rallies. He had huge turnout from day 1 and was commanding thousands, or tens of thousands, of adulating crowds everywhere in the country constantly. That's why he had so god damn many more public appearaces than Hillary. He loves cheering crowds. Even his giant ego was willing to take the outrageous amount of abuse and humiliation he was subjected to because he was getting constantly stimulated by his rallies.

Trump is President now. There will be aircraft carriers named after him. He is satisfied.

didn't mean to respond to that post but take the (you)

Holla Forums, everybody.

How many other comfortings lies are you losers going to wrap yourselves into just so you don't have to deal with the reality that Trump is indeed a lunatic, is indeed far-right and is slowly building a machine full of psychos from all shades, including Peter "youth blood my shit up fam" Thiel and that Breitbart cunt?

It really doesn't matter if he lives up or not to the expectation of retards who thought he was Hitler, he's taking the country way further to the Right than anyone would expect a candidate to in 2015, and we need to step our shit up in response, not attempt to fucking psychoanalyse him.

Oh user don't be silly. Have you never heard that old saying, "Power moderates"?

This is fucking beautiful holy shit I'm crying.

US government is too fucking complicated for simpleton republicans to turn it into a fascist state even if they had the white house along every single fucking senate and congress seat, their feeble minds can't even make sense of the colossal clusterfuck Washington set up

besides, without the dems, who will they have to blame everything on when it all goes horribly wrong after it turns out trying religious fundamentalism and asking for god to fix all the problems doesn't work

His house is fucking nice fam.

I saw this somewhere else without the useless and confusing red underlining. It's from the NYT. Centrists are referring to a pro-Catholic party.

I had this same thought. He may just go with whatever policy gives him the highest approval from the public.

He loves the limelight and attention. It really seems like that's most important to him. He also has a rep for being bullheaded.

He may accidentally push good policies just to have the public addmiration

Populist demagoguery.

His whole campaign has been run on him saying whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear and will make himself look good in front of them, based largely on anti-establishment sentiment. This mixed with a sort of megalomania in the sense that he really is egotistical and doesn't want to admit, to himself much less the greater public, that he doesn't know what he's doing and he's been running by the seat of his pants.

I think that's why he started making the big fuss over the election being rigged. He didn't want to be president, but he didn't want to face the defeat and ridicule that losing would have brought on him. Losing technically, but claiming that the polls had been rigged was his way out.

Unfortunately for him, he actually won.

Yeah he's pretty crazy. Built the largest concrete high rise in the world as a kick back to a mobster named fat tony. Meaning no steel I beams were used.

He really is going to wreck shit but I thought he'd be like a bull ina china shop after his win. Instead he's been like a kitten. It must mean something

How Trump must be feeling right now, tbh.

Look, lets be serious for a moment

Trump didn't spend hundreds of millions of dollars, piss off the entire world and risk being SHOT because he wanted to "troll" people. Thats inconceivable for even the most deranged human being.

Maybe Trump wanted an easy paycheck before he retired. Just kick back and let the republicans handle all the grunt work. Maybe he saw the amazing benefits being a corrupt politician could be financially (Google: Clinton & Panama Papers).

Maybe he wanted to help his kids get in politics. Apparently he's appointing them to various positions so I couldn't imagine a better foot in the door than "my dad is the former president". You know, try and make the Trumps the next Bush or Clinton dynasty (like what they are trying to do with Chelsea).

Maybe he just saw what a crappy state the country was in after everyone had to endure 8 years of Obama and then had to put up with fuckwits like Cruz and Hilary. It brought Bernie out of the wood work, so why not him? You can be a retard AND political, they aren't mutually exclusive.

But whatever the case, the single most unlikely reason why he decided to run for president was
That's the most delusional and idiotic meme that i've seen only unironically shared from the depths of tumblr.