Chappelle might have been continuing a point he made later about anti-LGBT discrimination versus racism...

I don't really get this mindset. LGBT haven't faced as much hardship as blacks so they shouldn't group together with them for equal rights???

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His SNL sketches were good though

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A lot of black people actually are super conservative and religious, they would probably vote republican if it weren't for the racism.

He also made a joke about being happy when obama was elected but then getting angry cause he had just made a shitload of money and he had to pay taxes.

Black dudes don't always have the most nuanced view of gay and trans people.

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I saw his latest one on youtube and I laughed but the part with omar and isis was just weird.

All forms of oppression stem from economic and environmental factors. Homophobia and sexism are likely to actually disappear in our lifetime, because they aren't really necessary to maintain capitalist hegemony over society and supporting gays and women gives porkies liberal street cred. Racism on the other hand is firmly rooted in class society. Blacks are disproportionately poor, and capitalism requires the demonization of the poor, to maintain the illusion that poverty is the result of personal flaws rather than being built into the system. As long as being black is associated with being poor, blacks will be demonized just like Hispanics and white trailer trash.

It always triggers them when someone points out their religion was introduced by slave owners. Add in a line asking them if they like slave owners beforehand for maximum damage.

>“Something about this was backward. A gay white man and a white woman asking a multi-billionaire how he knows the system is rigged and insisting it’s not. Does that sound right to you?” [Dave Chappelle] said. “It didn’t seem right to me.”
How is this inexplicable? Is the author brain-damaged?

As for the similarities and differences between how blacks and gays are discriminated against, I think it's pretty simple: When you are black, everybody around you can see you are black from the moment you leave your home to the moment you are home again. When you are gay, you are only seen as that when you do gay stuff, so unless we are talking about a guy who carries with him a gay midget sucking him off 24/7 everywhere he he goes, my guess is as a rule of thumb the discrimination a straight black person faces is worse.

I'd rather be a black multi-millionaire than a white homeless man, so I believe class is more important than discrimination against gays or blacks.


actually dave is a muslim but he keeps that quiet

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This is exactly how I felt when my liberal friends and coworkers were having a meltdown.

didn't the muslims enslaved millions of africans from around 700-1900?

They should not be having that conversation in front of black people the working class,” he said. “You go ahead and feel something about your rights. But if you’re putting sexism and homophobia and transphobia in front of racism material conditions, you should be ashamed of yourself."

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Dosen't matter. Trade with black slaves was started by muslims. While christianity actually had a lot to do with the liberation of american slaves.

I'm guessing he just dont give a fuck about faggots. I'm normaly not one to play idpol, but being gay is obiously much more dangerous than being black.

Muslims (specifically porky arab muslims) are still enslaving pajeets and other desperate workers…



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i hope you know that you're doing yourself know favors by saying 'i'd rather be on this end of the extreme than this other side'. If you want an honest comparison why not compare a white homeless man with a black homeless man? Or a white multi-millionaire with a black multi-millionaire?

no he's saying that the oppression gay people experience is not comparable to the oppression black people experience.

this is backed up by history.

Dave Chappelle is Nation of Islam, he has nothing of value to say re: idpol.

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No. No it`s not. Homosexuals have been treated much worse than blacks, they only have the advantage of being able to hide their condition. Being a homosexual was carried the death sentence until the late 1800's and would land you in prison or a mental hospital well into the sixties, and thats in the west. There are still plenty of places in the world that will straight up kill you for being a fag. Things have gotten way better the last forthy years, but even in the west you have a pretty good chance of being beaten up if you are an openly homosexual man.

which axis makes a bigger difference

that's the core of the matter

If you honestly think the "problems" of being a black millionaire can even be compared to being a white homeless person then you are completely fucked in the head.

Pretty sure Chappelle and most people in this thread talk about discrimination in the United States of America in 2016. I think blacks got it worse than homosexuals. And working class peeps got it worse than, say, the family that owns Walmart. I'd rather be a black multi-millionaire than a white homeless man. And you think that's crazy? Are you offended?

The post I responed to specificaly refered to history as evidence.

Also, no not offended. But I think you are wrong.

You are right. In the late 1800s, a homosexual carrying with him a gay midget sucking him off 24/7 everywhere he he went had it harder than a black man, and I'm not referring only to his penis when I say harder.
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leftypol: 0

What do you think does this thing prove or disprove? This chart doesn't show the average lifespan difference between different strata of society, which is due to how access to healthy things and activities, to medicine, to therapies etc is rationed by money. Which is completely legal in this society, in a different society, much of that wouldn't depend on your personal budget. If in this society slavery were legal, the crime statistics would not show slavery, since it would be a legal activity.

You don't believe a black multi-millionaire has an easier life than a white homeless man?


REEEE as hard as you want. People like us are going to actually build a left by getting proles to let go of racist sexist spooks while you'll all be her in this circle jerk forever