BO should add .announcement{display:none!important} so we don't have to put up with the cripple's Holla Forums shilling.




Bunch of cucks

They aren't even hiding it anymore.

/n/ was censored for the election too.

Literally fucking cucks wanting to lick the boot of their masters, Jesus jetskiing Christ.

Literally asking to serve le based moonman and imkamfy faggots. Reminder that the janitors are always watching you, be on your best behavior :^)

Just proves Holla Forums is for Holla Forums as everyone knows

Bootlickers are everything wrong with humanity.

Could you go back to reddit faggot

nobody cares about that garbage book. The only thing important from marx was capital.
Fuck off Holla Forums, or lurk moar.

Wrong. Marxist economics are terrible and they can't be updated to present a practical replacement to global capitalism. The only thing important from Marx was dialectical materialism.

capital is important because it explains in detail the process of surplus value extraction. It is a theoretical backbone upon which all socialist tendencies are built.


Charred Circles is back in charge?

If not, fuck Yogacuck and his echo chamber of Trumpcucks, and fuck the intense cuckoldry that is their bootlicking worship of that no-talent assclown.