Peaceful protesters

How can the media get away with this with every single fucking protest?

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Media was never on our side.

peacefully burning down cars, peace fires you know, because i'm 1/32th cherokee and it's my culture

There that's the problem. They should be violent in their enemy's property. Never give the state a chance, attack and attack fast and hard.

But they were destroying peoples personal property.

have you considered organizing a protest properly?
without anarkiddy fags?

If you're referring to what's going on in Portland,those are anything but peaceful.
News flash,when you set fires,smash windows, toss bottles and launch fireworks and riot cops, they respond with tear gas, flash bangs, and truncheons.
Don't show up and start shit if you're not prepared for the consequences.
And there were several live streams going on, so don't even bother blaming the "media" for twisting anything, it just makes you look dumb.

*at riot cops.
Damned spell check.

ever since the tapes from genoa showing your kind being instructed by the police in back alleys it's clear whom your faggotry is useful to

Fuck off, they had same kind of piss-full protesters in Libya, Syria, Ukraine. They should be shot on sight if you don't want your country to become a failed state.

I have an advice for you Americans. Take tanks, load their main guns with blanks and shoot at those protesters. Works like charm.

Why do we allow stalinists and tankies on this board again?

ha ha you silly kids

oh boi, the spookness in this thread is beyond measurable.

How can you be a tankie and NOT want USA to collapse?

yeah but you shouldn't be surprised if someone kills you for destroying their property
afaik that's perfectly legal in USA

Hate rate to break it to you, but a bunch of dumb hipsters and salty liberals upset that their queen bitch didn't get elected isn't going to cause the US government to collapse.
They're compounding their own stupidity by destroying their own neighborhoods instead of doing anything even remotely revolutionary.

Despite what Churchill and McCarthy had told you, Soviet Union never wanted world domination, they just wanted to be one of the superpowers, and Stalin in particular believed that peaceful coexistence between USSR and USA is possible, until Truman flipped a bird to his face.

Even now I don't mind USA existing, I don't even mind if it is a super-power. As long as it is not the ONLY superpower in the world. Our best hope is multi-polar world.

itt: anarkiddies thinking destroying personal property is revolutionary or furthering any cause but police driving the crowd apart

as expected from a tankie

he said the exact opposite, faggot
"peaceful coexistence" and "peace ability of imperialism" are revisionist ideas stalin fought against and that were only established later through khrushchev, dipshit


Well, yeah, but Stalin still was trying to be on a good leg with USA until Truman had shot him down. Besides, do I need to remind you whose idea was "Socialism in one country", and which Soviet leader first started to "send in the tanks"?

oh shit I didn't realize I was talking to the "everyone I don't like is a trotskyist" tankie

shine on you downsie legend

"Uneven economic and political development is an absolute law of capitalism. Hence, the victory of socialism is possible first in several or even in one capitalist country alone. After expropriating the capitalists and organising their own socialist production, the victorious proletariat of that country will arise against the rest of the world—the capitalist world—attracting to its cause the oppressed classes of other countries, stirring uprisings in those countries against the capitalists, and in case of need using even armed force against the exploiting classes and their states. The political form of a society wherein the proletariat is victorious in overthrowing the bourgeoisie will be a democratic republic, which will more and more concentrate the forces of the proletariat of a given nation or nations, in the struggle against states that have not yet gone over to socialism. The abolition of classes is impossible without a dictatorship of the oppressed class, of the proletariat. A free union of nations in socialism is impossible without a more or less prolonged and stubborn struggle of the socialist republics against the backward states."


More like "everyone who preaches for WORLD REVOLUSHN THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW is a trotskyist".

But even if you're not a trotskyist, then you're still some other kind of scum. Western leftists are fucking joke.

and you're one of those jokes, false flag fag

And what does this has to do with anything? We were talking about Stalin, who coined "socialism in one country", kicked out Trotsky because he wanted to throw Russia under the bus in the name of world revolution, and generally refused to support revolution movements in Western countries. I've read his interviews, he always said "If Western workers want revolution, they should do it themselves".

Sorry m8, this autist is dead serious.

no, it was lenin who coined socialism in one country
that's that it got to do with it
Stalin never coined anything himself, his entire program is merely Leninism in action

you are a fucking trotskyite pretending to be a "tankie" and using all trotskyite lies and pretend Stalin was exactly the ridiculous idea they portray him to be, which is utterly wrong

just stop your pathetic pretend game, you are exposed

kill yourself faggot.

he's a dead serious trotskyite taking trotskyite lies and slender and pretending to be all for it to smear stalin

Nah, it's just some faggot from /marx/ that comes here to whine sometimes. There's no need to get triggered over it, no one takes him seriously.

all the marerial on /marx/ should convince anyone that this faggot cannot come from there without having done nothing but shitpost and troll the place, if anything

i even quoted him lenin coining the term and idea of "socialism in one country" and what does he do? "that got nothing to do with anything, it was still stanin because my trotskyite friends told me so."

this is as transparent as bullshitting can get

Strawmanning so hard your faggotry needs to find the Wizard of Oz for some brains

Stalinflag has a point for once, read Ulrike Meinhof's "Setting Fire to Department Stores".

No surprise here.

Literal revisionism, kek

This. /marx/ is neither post-Trotskyist, nor NazBol. The tankie in question is an obvious shitposter.

just remember comrades, Stalinists are awful.


I wonder who owns the media…

Jokes on us Americans, the Ministry of Truth was in our country, not the communist cointries we feared.

Hell, it's not just good at making protesters look bad, it's also great at glorifying our side in all conflicts and making the other side look evil, backwards and oppressive, just like in the book.


Read moar history. It's only through violence, wars and riots that actual paradigm shifts happened.

wew lad

soon, there will be a big, glorious wall, it's gonna be beautiful, believe me

God damn mongorians! They keep destroying my shitty wall


which has just led to more violence, wars and riots.

its a crime and leads to the police using force to arrest you and possibly to dissolve the protest since it is no longer peaceful


when do riots ever achieve anything other than a backlash?



Have you ever heard of the Civil Rights movement? I mean beyond 'le magic negro makes nice speech in Washington and then the black people are all free'

It's like I'm in MGS.

Wrong. A major paradigm shift has just occurred in the US and the only violence accompanying it is being encouraged by establishment provocateurs.

There's nothing even remotely revolutionary about the liberal spergouts happening now.
Just a bunch of whiny hypocrites complaining about a vote that didn't go their way in an institution they had no problems with when it did go their way.
I'd go so far as to say these protests are counterproductive in that they're offensive to most normal people and destructive of things that will not affect capitalism even slightly.
Porky will get to file a bunch of insurance claims, and these hipster douche nozzles will have only managed to destroy their own neighborhoods.

lel gtfo

The success of the Civil Rights movement was due to strong leadership and organization. We really can't claim the same for the protests happening now.

give it time, it hasn't even been a week

time for what? more whining? what's their objective?

it involved civil resistance and disobedience. those won sympathy and support. rioting is often just self harm

Their objective is getting the election results overturned and putting Hillary in office.
Which is about as stupid a reason as you can have when it comes to burning down your own shit and making everyone not involved think you're a childish fuckstick.

media is a pawn of the rich.


Omg thanks I'd been wanting to read this!

Is that what professional protestors do now? Googles who can tag shit on storefronts faster than the green haired baristas actually protesting can type?