So is he one of us?

So is he one of us?

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I found him unbearable until fairly recently when he started shitting all over the Hillary shills and pushing Bernie full throttle. I thought him spitting in someone's face was a pretty terrible thing to do, but then I remembered it was Alex Jones.

idk, but at least he isn't a full retard like Cenk, that's for sure.

You're never going to achieve a revolution with that milquetoast type of thinking.

Not what I was saying, learn to read.

Yeah, I'd say he's one of us.


kek just watched the video. lots of funny shit going on. Cenk looked depressed when he noticed Jones and he touched his shoulder.


Fuck alt-right fucks are the biggest fucking bitches in the universe. Holy shit why haven't we gulaged these alt-right cunts yet?


Sounds like they need a safe space
This video has proven to me that he is by all accounts, one of us.

Hold up, but he is Irish, right?

During the elections he was becoming a crypto-leftist in a liberal form. Now that Trump has won he went back to being a liberal with leftism as a footnote. It's a waste of time to watch him now.

they play both sides to be sure to be sure

I'm not sure he's so Liberal. He spouts anti-fascist shit all the time. Talks shit on markets, on the elite all the time. I think he's a full on socialist, but also because he's a political pundit, he has to sort of temper his views.

Also he has a rocky relationship with his viewership from the comment sections, filled with Liberals that get fucking assmad whenever he shits on Obama or Jon Oliver or some other beloved Liberal figurehead.

Jimmy isn't a fucking Liberal. Watch him the times he goes nuts on The Young Turks and the rest of the panel are all cringing even though literally everything Jimmy says is fucking truth but hurts their precious Liberal sensibilities. Look at how butthurt they all got when he called them out on their bullshit "if you don't vote Hillary you are a Trump supporter" shit. Or look at the numerous times on the show he's spouted 100% fucking truth about fucking pigs while everyone else on the panel tries to shout him down fucking defending cops and giving them benefit of the doubt when beating the shit out of innocent protesters.

You only need to look at the comment sections as well.

Alt-right fucks and Liberals all triggered by Jimmy whenever he's on TYT.

Like, he barely even fucking hides he's a radical. Sure, he doesn't talk about central planning and socialism, but his view on things are 100% radical left and you can tell he's seen some shit in his time.

spit him right in the muzzle

That's pretty fucking disgusting tbh. Would have been better if he just socked alex.

That's a macbook, so no.

A lot of liberals seems to moving away from identity politics and further left with the Trump election.

Is there any reason to hate macs besides the price? They always run much better than most laptops.

I agree he should have punched him, but I do not care what happens to Jones because he is a liar and charlatan.

Nothing safer than impenetrable walls topped with barbed wire.

Impractical garbage that hates your freedumz and is bought only because of a brand name


In what way is it impractical besides the price? The OS is far more organized than Windows.

We don't call his Chairman Dore the Tyrannosaur for nothing.

He's been promoting working class consciousness like a madman, he's definitely one of us for now.