Anime will be made illegal under Trump

We're screwed

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Trump could order 66 whites and Holla Forums would defend it.

What is this statement referring to

hi Holla Forums!

What was the word filter and the word it replaced?




In Star Wars Episode 3 Order 66 was the extermination of the Jedi. Ancomanon is saying Trump could order the extermination of whites and Holla Forums would defend it.

Obama was Bush 2.0

I don't know what Trump is yet, it's too early to tell.

*Hitler 2.0

It's Obama 3.0. Talk, talk, talk. Does nothing.

"Yes we can! Make America Great Again"


I didn't say it was good. It's just status quo.

This famalams.

Mussolini 2.0
Highly appealing populist/demagogue who is actually incompetent at everything.

With all the whites now exterminated, you can now re-populate them with your own superior genes. A most cunning move, Mr. Trump!

t. Holla Forumsyp


come on at least mussolini and hitler were good speakers and actually cared about what they were doing

trump doesn't give two fucks of a shit and everyone knows it


Trump will completely cave to the Republican establishment tbqh

then everyone will say wtf and vote him away


Answer is simple.
Make Trump illegal under a guillotine.

Good thing I'm not an absolute faggot who needs his nightly cummies to go to sleep, his vidya to entertain him throughout the day, his weeaboo headmate to make him feel less alone and his damn commie posting to give him hope for the future.

Oh wait yes I totally am fuck

I'm glad I'm not American, it's like choosing between castration, or giving up both kidneys.

I can't stress this enough. NOTHING is worst than Hillary and her no fly zone in Syria.
If i was an american yeah i would fear Trump as well and would be worried about what would happen regarding demostic policies.
But fucking hell, Hillary actually wanted to basically declare war on Russia with that no fly zone in Syria.
She's fucking insane.

I agree her foreign policy is worse than Trump's, but Trump's cabinet of anti-gay kooks who deny science are fucking terrible.

Trump's cabinet is filled with insane warmongers. There will be wars in the coming years, maybe not against Russia but good ol merrica is going to bring "democracy" somewhere.

I hope it's Mexico.

One day Mexico is going to snatch Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California back to their glorious country. You'll see.


The US got a literal Christian zealot that believes in creationism into the white house, lol.


Holy shit this guy is a slick entryist

Holy hell that's an interesting scale for a graph.


Wtf i love Trump now.

you're thinking of pence, and he's not in the white house

OP is deluded. Sage the thread and educate the retards. There won't be any progress untill retards like OP don't start using their brains.

wtf i love trump now

It's a very reasonable scale. It just should be a scatter chart instead of a bar chart.