Tfw all of 8ch is filled with nothing but posting about trump


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why dont you go play vidya and watch some cartoons

4chan or 7chan don't seem so bad now.
Don't be such an elitist and try other chans they're way better atm.



i miss /cyber/

does anyone here post on /a/ ?

What, you're not interested in joining a bunch of bored college dropouts toss each other off about race realism? Games and cartoons are for fucking nerds m8, identity politics is what all the cool kids are doing.

Perhaps you faggots should have came here when Holla Forums was in exile.
It is well known that Holla Forums is mostly 2015fags.

You mean gamergate? Or something before that?

8ch was created for people who found Holla Forums insufficiently right-wing. What did you expect?

I'm more concerned with Holla Forums's other pest control issue pic is related to, but yeah, I feel the same about other boards lucky for me most of the boards I visit are ghost towns anyway

It was created prior to gg. When gg and Holla Forums harbor happened, hotwheels invited them over. I personally came over because of the mention by Internet aristocrat, which i would assume is where a good chunk of people heard of Holla Forums from.

When i came over, i participated in the Holla Forums shitposting, it was all fun and games but it mostly limited to Holla Forums and didn't seem to affect all of the threads. Other boards had little to no Holla Forumsshitposting, you even had Holla Forums which seemed more critical of Holla Forums's bullshit. Last i've been on other boards, a few months ago, there was people discussing race realism and other Holla Forums topics on /monster/ and on Holla Forums. Now every non dead broad here seems like /x/ with a side of Holla Forums or Holla Forums with /x/ on top.

I feel at fault, if only little bit since i'm not much of a poster. I feel like i was acting like a retard and that attracted actual retards who thought they where in good company. granted a lot of the retards where already here to begin with I tried to fight back but then i was just labeled a cuck, shill, etc. I'm sorry.

if only people stayed here but infinity mixed with the Holla Forums raids (which to be fair were quite lulzy) kinda killed Holla Forums

Every single imageboard is now full of Trump LARPers and other related scum, even ones that used to be left-leaning until recently.
I barely use imageboards nowadays because they make early 2010's horsefuckers look like civilized people.

It's just the spirit of the times.

It's not like Holla Forums was worth.anything with Mark running it.

Not to mention all the bullshit elitism over interactive 3d cartoons. Just, like, play whatever you want and stop being so offended if x or y get put in or taken out. There's too many games in existence to choose from anyways, just shut up about what you don't like and play something else.

What the fuck happened? What went wrong, anyways? First the aut-right was confined mostly to the /r/The_Donald and a small group in Holla Forums, now they're everywhere. Nothing but thought terminating cliches dominating both chans and reddit. The fucking chairman of Breitbart is being considered as an advisor for Trump. How can we possibly strengthen the left when the right touts itself as the rational choice?

And like horsefuckers they will eventually faded into irrelevancy. It's just not as swift as a Trump lost.

there are very desertic chans that are good to post. I really like dreamchan even if it only gets a post every two days.

If you guys feel really desperated just come and post on Bunkerchan's /e/ or if you're really pathetic just make /leftya7 or /leftyv/ threads in here

why do I know what this is from?

because you are a fag, user

Don't lie to yourself
You like cute animals

I'm tire of this shit.

This is true.
Irl > ferals > furries > anything > bald retarded upright apes


I came here within the first two weeks when there were only about 200 people, and I pretty much stayed on Holla Forums and Holla Forums.

Even then the hard right were clamoring to remove anyone who was "degenerate" from Holla Forums, but as an egalitarian at the time I advocated for everyone to be allowed here, no matter what they were, because freedom of speech was what we all came here for in the first place.

It worked for a while, but since I did not remove Holla Forumsack they just kept pushing and kept pushing until they crushed everyone else.

I might be the biggest one at fault because everyone listened to me and I had the chance to snuff Holla Forums out but I didn't.

It's insufferable really. People are moving to leftypol because were sick of every single thread being about Trump.
Holla Forums is officially mainstream now.

Eat a dick boy I came here before the nazis did.

Actually, Holla Forums is now officially mostly 2016fags.

Aside from Rebel, Muke and me, who else is oldfag?


I remember when 8/pol/ was mostly lolbergs.


Were you actually on Holla Forums just because it wasn't mainstream?

lol @ your definition of "oldfag"

Oldfags for Holla Forums that is

Fuck off faggot,I came here in the first days of Holla Forums
I remember when 8ch used to constantly crash either because of the massive influx of posters or DDOS attacks.

Meh, from what I can recall, neither of them were around a year ago.


Good times, I miss Frederick.

Strange, I was here back in 2014 when we barely had anyone here, the original historical poster of Porky was the only meme we had except for that webm of Alunya and L'Internationale, and every thread was made up of long essays on philosophy.

And I swear I remember seeing Rebel and Muke posting here.

remember shitposter "liking traps is not gay" milo?
Whatever happened to him?

I was browsing half/b/ when the last PUDDI happened, so i think 2009/2010?

i`m here since we share space with /suicide/

I actually have no idea, Holla Forums kept breaking so I went back to halfchan for the majority of 2015 just on /mu/ though, I like muh niche music nobody's ever heard of and then came back here two months ago.

its tough to compete with porky's paid shitposting stooge army

dude lmao the porky meme orginated from one of my threads when i was making historic photo threads about the USSR back in my ML'er phase.

You should tripfag so we can honor you you founding father of the revolution

I came back on recently and have no clue who they are.

I allready do! check my youtube channel!
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For fuck's sake dude. For every meme out there somebody was the one who first posted it. How often do you see other people bragging about that shit? What's next, someone posts an original reaction face and then brags when other people repost it?