What are you doing to educate, agitate, and organize?

What are you doing to educate, agitate, and organize?

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Shitposting on leftypol and being depressed because I evaluated the current position of my country and there is no way in hell it could survive an embargo due to relying on trade for 80% of the economy.

Honestly, I wish I was good at it. I'm a quiet and shy person, just not very charismatic I get exhausted easily and I'm on medication for depression, have been since last year. I wouldn't mind participating but I'm too scared of making a fool of myself.

Feels bad comrades.

where you stay, boy?


join a damn org

You'll meet people and make a difference

Don't you guys have a pretty strong communist party that actually dominates working class areas?

HAHAHAHA no, communism is taboo here. Our communist party has 60 members in one specific small town.

First, you must educate yourself. Read Marx; read Lenin; read Trotsky. Find a party that is serious about these ideas. The most important aspects of evaluating a party are their history and their program. Who has the most principled history and the most revolutionary program? Go to them, and learn everything you can from them. Help build their organization: develop their perspective, participate in their campaigns and educate workers. You better take this seriously, you are becoming part of the advanced guard of the revolution.

There's only one answer, as far as I'm concerned. Read the newspaper of the International Committee of the Fourth International: the World Socialist Web Site . If you agree with this perspective, contact the Socialist Equality Party or the International Youth and Students for Social Equality in your country, or contact the WSWS directly if you are interested in starting a new section of the ICFI in your country.

Our communist party has gone to shit. Bunch of revisionist suckers.
They formed an alliance with the centre left party that along with the centre right party have been fucking the country for the last 40 years. Since the centre right party didn't won the majority of the votes, they alied with the centre left party to form a government. The thing is that they always have been eurosceptic, now they have to shut the fuck up and say yes to everything.
Fuck them honestly. They showed they would rather suck up to a bunch corrupt maggots just so the right wingers aren't in power. Like they're so much different from the centre left, both enjoy everything Brussels tells them to.

Are Lenin and Trotsky relevant in 2016?

Die figuren zijn de definitie van depresief. Heb een jaar geleden eens met hun meegelopen in een soort van protest in Groningen en 80% zijn oude ML'er en 5% studenten en 15% Larpers.

Of course. The world has developed exactly along the lines they said–except that the revolution has been defeated. Lenin's work on Imperialism: the Highest Stage of Capitalism is a perfect exposition of the nature of global capitalism and the political interests of the financial institutions. Trotsky's theory of permanent revolution explains the development of capitalism and class struggle in what is called the "developing world."

NNCPN wanneer?

dat NNCPN meedoet aan verkiezingen maakt ze er ook niet geloofwaardiger op

I wouldn't know which one. Knowing my luck I'd probably just get insulted

Trying to get people to come to Rojava.

It's got qt commie soldier girls and everything I mean come on.

fucking devilish

Sounds almost like my senior year english teacher but he is a old liberal (of some sort, maybe a conservative) and would never post an anime reaction image

most teachers are liberals, few are actually anarchists or socialists

I've tried convincing people that socialism is good, but I'm generally shit at it. Mostly cause I'm too stupid. I'm trying to read more. What bothers me are not the ones who are all "agree to disagree" but the ones who keep contacting me because they want to have more discussions that lead absolutely nowhere and defend the most absurd and edgy political positions possible while I squirm and try to remember what I've read on the subjects.

I have one who keeps guilting me for not voting Hillary and has read up on her record the way tankies read up on stalin's record just to defend her to the fucking death. And tbh I'm not gonna spend hours reading up on a failed liberal candidate for an election that's already fuckin passed.

There's another one who keeps insisting that people will just become drug-addicted vegetables under FALC because he believes increased personal freedom somehow=degeneracy and misery in spite of all the policy evidence to the contrary.

It's not necessarily that I'm mad at them for holding such stupid positions. I'm mostly mad at myself for not being able to convince them otherwise.

As for actual organizations. There's some trot org nearby my uni, but I don't really wanna join stalin-lite: the movement. For now I'm mostly just trying to read as much as I can to figure out what to do going forward but at the moment, it's a bit exhausting with all my other schoolwork on top of it.


Being a Touring Electronic Music artist helps me to connect to people. I always drop socialist quote samples in my sets and things, but most of all, fans add me online and I'm not quiet about my views to my fanbase. I've had numerous people tell me that because of me they are a Socialist.

Using the Trump victory to get my liberal friends to question Democracy and pushing them to read more radical stuff. Having some success. Got two Bernie Bros to start reading this, eagerly awaiting results.


I know how you feel comrade.

I constantly read theory over and over again when I have the time ( which isn't much). When I have the chance to argue with the two conservatives in my friend group I never can remember any points. It's infuriating and gotten to the point where Ive started to give up and play video games instead of bothering with theory I won't remember. On top of that there's no leftist groups in my backwater province.

Maybe I could join the IWW but even then I'm not sure what I'll do.

It's a bad feel man

recommended books, movies, materials, facts, stats, charts, propaganda? Why is there no Holla Forums info dump or library setup?

Smacking my local Dem representatives until they bow down to Glorious Chairman Sanders.


shit, my newfag is showing. anyways go to that board.

thank you thank you

I go to Holla Forums and crush anyone who dares connect us and SJWs with Soviet style strength, callousness and cruelty.

They admire Hitler for his six million, I make them sweat and salivate over Stalin and his 50 million. I show them how we are steamrolling across the world, how we will conquer the planet and eventually space.

I make them think we are them on steroids and genetic implants, and then I get them to come here.

It is all part of my plan to turn a bunch of brown shirts into a glorious red army. "We will burn their dead as fuel for our victory" to quote myself from over there.

And the best part is I'm not even a tankie, I just know what sells to Holla Forumstards - strength, brutality and ambition

Starting a youth group in my city, focused on getting people under the age of 25 involved in politics. Gonna meet at this leftist bookstore.

Sounds cool. All I do is make casual jokes about capitalist systemic contradictions.

do not join the SEP

When I'm selling gun designs to people, I usually spend some time educating them on the merits of socialist and geographic identity. You'd be surprised how well that works.

there is no need to read marx and lenin if you want to become a trotskyite.
don't read those, it'll only lead you to confusion and into thinking that trotsky is full of shit.
trotsky is all you need, really.

Why not? Who would you propose as an alternative?

I think you must not be serious. Trotskyism is the continuation of Marxism and Leninism; you must read all the great Marxist theoreticians and historians to fully understand it. If you do not, you are no Trotskyist; you are just a liberal who wants to wear a red dress without dealing with the baggage of Stalinism.

every trotskyite in history, couldn't have said it better

We have to deal with a lot of confusion in the working class because of your history.

man bet the schooling system wouldn't approve on that. That came out of himself, from the teacher himself. Beautiful.

He really listened to his ego.

Ask him if you guys can watch the movie: sales.arte.tv/fiche/5689/NI_DIEU_NI_MAITRE

"No gods, No masters"

It a huge insight on Anarchism.

Sanders will be too old by 2020. He needs to train his legacy.

SEP are ultra-left sectarian idiots who defend rapists and totally alienate and attack anyone who hasn't drawn the exact conclusions as them. Their presidential candidate is a dick. They're funded by a millionaire. They're a also a cult. They clearly haven't read Trotsky because in his Transitional Program, Trotsky pretty much describes them exactly as an example of how not to behave and who does not belong in the 4th international. They attack the unions and have absolutely no grasp of how real life works. Stay away from the SEP at all costs.

As an alternative, if you are a Trot, I would propose the IMT. If they're not around, Socialist Alternative (but beware). For ML's, PSL is okay.

shitty meme tbh

The SEP is the only tendency that defends the legacy of Trotskyism and the Fourth International. I'll skip past most of your post because it's nonsense, and go to the only part of your post that has anything to do with their program:
The unions attack the workers. Trade unionism has never been a revolutionary tendency, but at least in an earlier period it used to defend the living standards of the working class. Now, as a consequence of globalization, the national foundation of trade union strategy is gone and the unions have devolved into an arm of company management that imposes concessions contracts on the working class on behalf. However, you are welcome to proceed as if nothing has changed about the character of the unions in more than 40 years.

Ik zou zeggen dat meedoen aan de verkiezingen juist goed is, het geeft een publiekelijk platform waar iedereen naar kijkt.

"Under the influence of the betrayal by the historical organizations of the proletariat, certain sectarian moods and groupings of various kinds arise or are regenerated at the periphery of the Fourth International. At their base lies a refusal to struggle for partial and transitional demands, i.e., for the elementary interests and needs of the working masses, as they are today. Preparing for the revolution means to the sectarians, convincing themselves of the superiority of socialism. They propose turning their backs on the “old” trade unions, i.e., to tens of millions of organized workers – as if the masses could somehow live outside of the conditions of the actual class struggle!" -your beloved Trotsky

there are people living to be 120 these days fam

I write stuff online and occasionally talk IRL with people about it, if I figure they are open to it.

This is the best training you could get, I'm jealous. I have a suspicion that some people remember me as "edgy to piss me off" for things I meant literally :/

This deserves an old-fashioned: OWNED.

I try to argue with people irl but I often struggle to convey my thoughts properly. I can savage capitalist arguments easily when I feel up to it but I'm naturally a quiet guy so it's not my forte.

Passed out flyers on campus today, talked to a few people about the election, most were reasonable, some were just bitching about we need to accept the results for the sake of "unity".



very fitting for a leftcom :^)


it's alright friend, i have anxiety so i can sympathise with you

I was thinking about putting up flyers around my university seeing if there were any socialists who wanted to get together and discuss things

Is this a terrible, autistic idea

Setting up a stand in our town centre this Saturday. Planning on handing out some reading material, leaflets ect. Trying anything to instill class conciousness or atleast get people to start thinking.

Should be decent. Then I go the pub and get drunk af.

I signed up for a Trot newspaper. It's better than nothing I guess. I'm keeping an eye out for socialist organizations at my college but I'm more focused on getting through theory atm.

Sup Holla Forums
You want my advice? Make "cucked by porky" a meme, or perish
Those are your options in CURRENT YEAR

I mean…it can be fun to conjure up memories from "studying," but it is rarely as satisfying when one convinces another by exertion of persuasion rather than a more fluid skill.
Probably the only way for me in particular to help the revolution is to kill self.

I don't think all five anarch"a"-feminists in the world will lead a revolution, user

I mean revolution in general, one which would render (hopefully) feminism obsolete.

What would it take to render feminism obsolete?

There is not like a list of some things as if you were going grocery shopping that I can give you. Ultimately, I aim for the community of women be sublated and to get rid of the thinking that one can merely legislate problems away, that one can through litigation enforce equality. Rather than even equality based in "rights" which always encounters its own distinct problem that there are already too many rights; the interests of different groups set equally basic rights in conflict. Let me give you just an example of what I mean: the first stage of socialism would fulfill the right of each to an "income" according to his or her labour, to keep whole all the products of one's work. But, just by that token, it violates the communist standard, to each according to his or her needs, since the worker with children to bring up gets not more than the childless worker. To quote Marx: "This equal right is an unequal right for unequal labour…It is, therefore, a right of inequality in its content, like every right."

Gee, I guess it's a good thing we aren't cultists who worship Trotsky as our ascended lord and saviour, then, that we might let a surface–level interpretation of a single paragraph from the Transitional Program override the immense weight of empirical fact and an unbroken chain of correct predictions through the following eighty years.

Conditions have changed. When Trotsky died, the unions were not a glorified arm of management. Now, they are. This has been demonstrated consistently by events the WSWS has reported on, notably the major UAW concessions. One may also recall how we've been living in the nation of Look How There's No State-On-Union Violence Anymore for some time.

Yes, it would be wrong to reject unions out of some onanistic desire to "break cleanly from the old" in a virtue-signaling show of purity, but it is modern unions at large that have rejected the workers. Trotsky is not saying that the unions of his day are going to necessarily and permanently remain viable organs of workers' struggle. Obviously. Remember, he lived through the degeneration of the workers' state. It was the reason he left his country. He even wrote a book about it.

What you say/think he's talking about is not what he's talking about. You are clearly on a fishing expedition, and it shows.

He's not. The SEP prides itself on critically understanding history and the primary literature - not just the nominally "socialist" kind - including the enlightenment, German idealism, critical theory, postmodernism and so on. If anything their problem is an excessively academic approach to leftist theory.

Well, I just started a twitter account to further spread anticapitalist and leftist ideals.

"At the same time, the Fourth International resolutely rejects and condemns trade union fetishism, equally characteristic of trade unionists and syndicalists.
(a) Trade unions do not offer, and in line with their task, composition. and manner of recruiting membership, cannot offer a finished revolutionary program; in consequence, they cannot replace the party. The building of national revolutionary parties as sections of the Fourth International is the central task of the transitional epoch.
(b) Trade unions, even the most powerful, embrace no more than 20 to 25 percent of the working class, and at that, predominantly the more skilled and better paid layers. The more oppressed majority of the working class is drawn only episodically into the struggle, during a period of exceptional upsurges in the labor movement. During such moments it is necessary to create organizations ad hoc, embracing the whole fighting mass: strike committees, factory committees, and finally, soviets.
(c) As organizations expressive of the top layers of the proletariat, trade unions, as witnessed by all past historical experience, including the fresh experience of the anarcho-syndicalist unions in Spain, ```developed powerful tendencies toward compromise with the bourgeois-democratic regime. In periods of acute class struggle, the leading bodies of the trade unions aim to become masters of the mass movement in order to render it harmless. This is already occurring``` during the period of simple strikes, especially in the case of the mass sit-down strikes which shake the principle of bourgeois property. In time of war or revolution, ```when the bourgeoisie is plunged into exceptional difficulties, trade union leaders usually become bourgeois ministers.```

Therefore, the sections of the Fourth International should always strive not only to renew the top leadership of the trade unions, boldly and resolutely in critical moments advancing new militant leaders in place of routine functionaries and careerists, but also to create in all possible instances independent militant organizations corresponding more closely to the tasks of mass struggle against bourgeois society; ```and, if necessary, not flinching even in the face of a direct break with the conservative apparatus of the trade unions.``` If it be criminal to turn one’s back on mass organizations for the sake of fostering sectarian factions, ```it is no less so passively to tolerate subordination of the revolutionary mass movement to the control of openly reactionary or disguised conservative (”progressive”) bureaucratic cliques.``` Trade unions are not ends in themselves; they are but means along the road to proletarian revolution."

Emphasis mine.

you need to up your emphasis game fam

I'm going to be hanging out with a friend tonight that asked me specifically to tell him about socialism/communism

left wing twitter is shit. too cliquey

You can ignore lefty twitter and just use it to troll and shitpost liberals.

At least.

I fucked up the formatting bretty bad and i don't know how
Obviously the solution is modifying my praxis to include more sitting on my ass shitposting

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The transitional program
You may have to ctrl f a little

I'm getting my law degree. I want to be fighting the legal fight.

I want to join a socialist party but I'm scared that they'll just be LARP-ers