Vote Kanra queen for more thought-provoking posts about keeping a human pet

Vote Kanra queen for more thought-provoking posts about keeping a human pet.

And also maybe he'll finally finish that damn list of posters with handmade psychoanalyses for all.

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youre cute


btw thanks test
that one was long af too





test for mod


i believe that everyone is equal and that there arent any differences and all people are made equal by god
u guys should stop being so fucking racist..

m0mmy says i am idgac noob

also that SKS is cute as fuck...

no i just choice to use a guy voice when i talk to people online because using a girl voice is obnoxious as fuck and there's no reason to

Not that faggot Kanra, for starters.

You guys are gross.

le funnnynnnnnnnnyyy ebin post XDDDDDDDDDDDDEDDDDDddddd

is it weird that i like your man voice?

Its not my fault hes being like this.


Never trust the people that love you.

They're the first to lie to you.

Just a person posting Izaya.

Why now, why here, probably has to do with others in his community dropping by or talking about it.

Dang I'd forgotten how dark Majora's Mask was


thats the basic concepts of quantum physics
how everything you experience is just created in your brain
and that's why being crazy can be so prevalent

it's really fucking crazy

i forgot how straight you used to be

he even said dang

so triggered

So you're back to this huh?

So soon

And it's real weird of you to like it.

Everything is making me tear up tonight
why do I feel like such a LIL BITCH

majora's mask is the best 3d zelda but is highly underated

fite me

I'm not dumb but I can't understand
why scarlet dress like a woman but talk like a man
oh my scarlet

I've done it to several people. Usually I only show them something I think they specifically will like. Mostly dumb shit like getting my sister into anime. I ruined her life by being the one to show her Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club.

One guy I sat down and made him watch Steven Universe. I was like "there's a lot of lesbians so you'll like it". I don't regret that it was a tad manipulative.

Man, there's some really interesting scientific concepts behind your crotch.

I know this was a mislink, but I feel like I'm the only one that ever does that, so eh.

You right tho.

If you feel like a bitch, and you act like a bitch, you're probably a bitch.

That about sums up my thoughts on it too

no not really
its not my real voice
its not even my real accent
when i was in high school i got made fun of for sounding like a girl
i just use a voice that i can talk over people and make them feel bad about themselves while still having a hint of feminimity, but still the power to talk over people and make them feel bad
its not really easy to be a snarky cunt with the way my voice normally is if i dont change it
doesn't fit my personality since im kinda an obnoxious cunt
my girl voice is whatever idk, i only use it irl and on the phone

*kills mommy*

dude you're so far gone

she has a nice voice

zelda 2 on nintendo was hard af



i always mislink

He can make it up to me by streaming this movie.

It's one of my favs.

Bitches love Ouran.


Where? I don't even

Shit's legendary for being stupid hard


lexi will you ever not be a fucking whore?

good question

i mean you cut off your dick

still fishing for neenees


tp join the fucking discord

What the hell is that?

I never understood something. Do women in general really prefer guys that hairless, or is that just overwhelmingly dumb teenage girls?

yeah i beat the first game and kinda gave up on the second

still have the original cartridges somewhere

nah fam

Please, most adult women just want a guy to be well groomed.

Girls under the age of 30, sure.

Oh sorry user.. thank you for the compliment.

Good evening, TP.

ooo you've never seen it? Lets watch it.

How are you doing mr test?

hey babe

do you have anything to talk about other than video games?

so you are just -

Probably depends.

Some like to be held by large, hairy men.

Some like them hairless, because that's what fashion magazines tell them to like.

Clearly some like them to be girls, like Scarlet.

Sometimes you don't know your type til you get close to, and talk with the guy that is that type, then suddenly you're into that type.

Probably not the best place to ask this question, really.

but its objectively not my real voice

i explain here

the only reason people on the internet even found out i was a trap was because people talk, for a long time i just said i was a guy and kept it at that. i never presented myself as female or anything on the internet because there was no point, image boards are male dominated so i prefer to fit in. eventually it just became impossible because of the nature of the communities always having overlapping people so i just gave up partially because i could troll people by being an annoying trap and playing it up.

i keep my guy voice because i like to be able to lead conversation and talk over people, because im HIGH-ENERGY

i cant do that with a girl voice dude

lexi is a two trick pony

neenee's and leegu

I'll watch it I guess.

I honestly have no idea what it is.

of the ones I've played

majora's mask>ocarina of time>minish cap>4swords>TP>LTTP>PH>WW>ST>4swords for the GBA

eh it's whatever i was just giving you shit about your man voice

Grim, I'm not angry, they were lying.

A story of revenge, to be brief.

But if you're asking if you should shave all your hair off:

the answer is yes.

So does anyone here lift. I assume this is like the remake of /fit/ right

Are you calling me a nerd??

Watch any good animes lately?

You will enjoy it. Can grim stream it?

cockshit to the rescue

how even old are you

Makes sense.

I think he means you don't need to be hairless, just trimmed and well-kept looking. I'm inclined to think that older women would agree.

I'm aight, but my neck has been killing me for days, and I keep cracking it. I'm doing it on purpose, but it's like I'm trying NOT to do it on purpose. It just makes if feel less stiff for a second and then it goes back to aching. It's not like go to a chiropractor bad, but I really need to stop cracking it.

Fuck. Good point.

I'm just curious about the overwhelming majority's favorite aesthetic.

For some reason ladies want Captain America to have no chest hair. I'm not saying I'm going to follow that trend, but it's odd.

Absolutely not.

Now I'm not the world's most physical guy
but when you held me close you nearly broke my spine
Oh my, scarlet

no i don't really watch anime

i've been watching maron and just finished a lot of shows

He probably will if you ask him.

I heard a year or back that chiropractology was an outdated medical form

I know that fucking feel way too well man and I hope it doesn't persist very long

That's my experience anyway, I don't swim anymore so I no longer shave, just trim, and I've had no complaints. As long as you look good.

That instrument she iiis playing is a melodica
I am getting one soon

Are you gonna give me a private solo?


I could give you a list of suggestions if you ever wanted to get into watching some.

Asking now.


Sounds like something so subjective that it depends on the individual.

Ask your future partner if he prefers you clean shaven.

Keep me posted.

haha yah if I can get good sure :P

You mean you have something you like besides KLK?

Hello there yes it is me Bort

it's cool like netflix shows are starting soon

it's not like these weebs don't try to get me into the anime

why are you such a slut though?

like for real

Like Vocaroo it or something.

I have no idea what those even sound like.

finally we get a good rape story

Watch fuckin non non biiyori
it's more feel good than heroin

Ain't nobody gonna make me so domesticated that I shave my chest, so...

Kind of like a harmonica
They are also known as the melodyhorn and the Mouth Organ



buy me overwatch

He's being a weeb, and trying to make you watch anime.


oh you weren't actually complimenting me?
im pretty proud of the voice ive crafted :x i just assumed
nobody from here has heard my actual voice besides like people ive met irl


"if someone buys me overwatch I won't even install it"

- you


Hair is sexy, too.

When do you get it?

Do you guys remember those toys when you were a kid
I think they ere called like
water snakes
They looked like onaholes?
Like basicaly they were just
they had like a hole in the center and then they were filled with water and they were wiggly lol


good think i have my anti-weeb defense up

whatever you say mang

I remember them. They had that weird plastic smell though

Well I'm not the world's most passionate guy
But when I looked in your eyes well I almost fell for my Scarlet

I said I wont even install battle net to install it stop misquoting me

HAHA sometimes they had glitter in them or like hard plastic fish

What was up with those
I bet there were people out there who used themsexually

you remember when brad kept on saying he started in 2010

that triggered me so

Fukken dark sector takes place entirely at night, indoors, or underground and they don't have the decency to preemptively ask you to adjust the brightness
Also it's difficult in an annoying way and a lot of the puzzles aren't very intuitive
I can see why it was $1
Of course, none of this has stopped me from playing it for maybe six hours so...

Sorry I couldn't understand your gay voice.

I never really thought about it when I was a kid.

great revy is here to fucking whine about how he is unappreciated by the world




Do it.

me neither and then they dissapeared years before that thought ever crossed my mind and I had nobody to share it with

what game are we playing desu
this story is making me fall asleep


Sorry, this content isn't available right now
The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in.

I left once mayaka joined

ok sec

jealous retard
what are we playing?

I like the little plastic encased things with the two liquids that the little toys float between.

oKAY it is
The anime girl from Macross Delta going
and then it cuts to the clip of Earth wind and fire 's september'

Where they are like

then it cuts back to the anime girl again
and then back to EAarth wind and fire with the

I'm not trying to hear his stupid shit honestly. idk look at my games and find a game we both have

I meant to link the dark sector thing to not you

Send me the video.

[email protected]

this meme is killing me

some skullgirls
lets go


not installed

literally made the fucking lobby
fuck off i hate you

It doesn't work.


[email protected]


Nice avatar.



lexi is a fucking slut still


inb5 ban and grim sperg

How did you get these amazing pictures?

Better than Grim's at least.

we're listening to a really shity story mate


I hand draw them

mines been grom for months though.




Draw me something?

Stop making me want to play The Sims you fucking cunt.

Oh, like that's an excuse.

they grow in realtime

I also want to play the sims

lexi= slut


this game will suck the time right outta ya
imagine the fun you will have :3


link me the discord invite link

you're in it

You didn't even TRY to sabotage Luka's succulents, and you're standing there making excuses.

luka seems to be slutting it up too~

I'll eat your ass and uranus
as long as it makes me famous


Oh, no. You're not going to make me play virtual dolls. Not today.

grim how many games have you given to luka

or gotten from lexi

this nigga

Draw me a dota.

what else would you be doing?



and i know the number is high

do you feel at all bad about it?


you should

Draw me now.

Wishing I were playing virtual doll house, honestly.

I also question your interior decorating skills.

I've only ever bought a game for one person
c-cause they bought me one first

how do I see my stema gifting history

becaue you're a faggot

why question?

just in case you didn't get my implication

you are gay as fuck grim

nvm found it


and thats the end

go back to overwatch

where do you see this? i bet it doesn't count games you bought then put in inventory, huh..

inventory->gifting history

can you please keep your homosexual gaming vlogs in private?

-sits on the kitchen floor, proudly holding a blueberry pie he made with both hands- :3

Don't you just feel dumb when someone barely even plays a game, though?

Now draw yourself.

That bed with that color wall? That gaudy purple victorian furniture in the living space? What is the point of that tan room in the middle? Just full of tables? The whole thing is a mess.

I'm gonna guess this is luka and undertale

im so sleepyt hough



Fuck you

eh luka probably lost interest

this seems like an accomplishment

I'm sorry

how did you get there


sorry guys i'm just kinda tired of the bullshit overwatch spam when they have other chats to talk about their bullshit games

i wannna see mine but idk how to find it

its fancy

i'm trying to forget about it since i pretty much watched someone play most of it a while back
so that i can start it fresh.

some people don't really care about who grim cybered in todays leegu match

it was me :(

do it

i have too many for one screenshot

just over it

It's a fucking garbo shitbag. I bet your virtual dollies are embarrassed to live there.

how do you want me to

Probably just click and use your hand.


\^_^/ -holds it out to you-

/am i too late for this meme



i love you




i made that Character

she not NPC

just like how you made your internet girl character?




i wonder if luka even realizes how much grim is shitting on him

i mean grim is probably shitting on me too

but he has luka's dox



bottom line grim is not someone you should know or want to know

he is a shady motherfucker


i didn't know grim had a scat fetish

you never talk with me anymore : (

sorry for getting a little too personal


I got a sweet fresh cut now. Is anyone interesting yet.

i dont have a lot of time to post here or talk on steam usually, also you never really want to talk about anything, say hi and hit me with a topic, don't just sit and wait for me to come up with a topic

i kinda like rereading my posts and not correcting them

you know what's really interesting? the doucebag who asks retarded questions like this without actually contributing to anything interesting

suck my dick new guy, also hi



post hair cut

i think this kanra is better btw

edgy aasf


The new person is an older poster than kanra


it is KANRA1

i thought that was the idea


if i don't recognize you you're new to me, i will agree that you probably have the Izaya personality better down though, but it still doesn't address my other point you flaming dick wad

anyways nice to meet you

im an older poster than kanra too so it works out

Wait do you know me

I'm always a dick. Nice to meet you

I know everybody :^)

Even if they don't know me.

people don't forget posters that easily around here, thinking back i actually seem to remember seeing you around sometimes now back on 4chan

ui also lives in a trap dungeon where like on trap pays the rent

kinda a dream

And which one of the countless izaya's was this one


tfw kanra left abruptly

the danke one

Fair to that.

I don't know what you're talking about... Probably though.

Hint hint. You know me.

his mom probably heard wallace scurrying in his closet and told him to turn off the light

yea actually i think you were around before durarara even came out weren't you? what did you post before the show aired

We've got another guy whose modus operandi is complaining that we're boring and he posts Izaya, so it's almost the same situation overall.

and you wonder why you lose in popularity contests to dog fuckers

I have the memory of a goldfish
and I can vaguely recall seeing you but I cant conjure any names or memories
I'm sorry

glad to have you about tonight though
how are ya

I don't think so? I've been posting since uh... 2010/2011

existence is boring till you make it otherwise, clearly the people who still come here and enjoy it if they are still here, it's easier for an outsider to casually say we are boring when they are being boring here

what about me why do I do that too : (

hey man it's still funny

Did kanra actually keep wallas in his basement irl


hmm, fair enough, guess im remembering wrong then, i was one of those guys who posts with something that is newer than when i actually started posting so i figured i'd ask

Man, I'm just bantering, I'm not looking to talk about what the nature of boredom.


good question

*boredom is

he did though


-nibbles a slice of the pie, getting blueberry all over his face-

are you SERIOUS

please give me the details
how long did kanra keep wallas
when and how did wallas escape

wallace legit lived in kanra's basement

I'll blueberry all over your face

well i was agreeing with you and poopooing them so we should be cool

I'm getting mixed messages here

tp please i asked you for a favor
no bully

it's not the same

whether or not he enslaved him is up to interpretation

I'll ask him about it later.

How did Kanra get wallas into his basement

bard don't be so gullible

That's usually a good sign to take things with a grain of salt.

Not sure tbh.

You do that.

He would have crawled into an oven if Kanra had asked him to. For all we know, he did.

everyone knows 90% of the things TP says are lies by default

he's like blood-chan light without the fake mutilation fantasies

why do you think wallace hates kanra?

The only people saying that wallas wasn't actually in Kanra's basement
Are furries

-gives you a piece of pie too- ._.

Wallace hates me because he, "fell in love" with me after cybering me once, and I told him no relationships.

disclaimer here

baddog is a furfag too

what I miss

I don't get why Kan'ras such prime property
Maybe I should start pulling furry slaves

What the fuck did you just call me?

don't you have your own board?

TP is just a fag

Believe me, being locked in a basement would not be necessary for him to hate Kanra.

Maybe they're the ones with good sense.

Thanks Hun

again this is my board not yours


i know all about the story between kanra and wallace



then why does your board like me better? you can always post for a recount, there aren't as many furries here now


It wouldn't be hard, but then again, you can find that type of person just about anywhere. Not worth the trouble if you ask me.

I know only bits and pieces of one side of it.

that fuckign dog

Thank god tbh


Don't you fucking ignore me.

can we squash this beef and make an example for future generations?

yah I

I suppose I'm not cut out for that life

wat about you bby

Yaaaaay Luka! babooka

i forget you are a pony right

and like who likes you better

fucking my ass

i never had a beef with you, i just enjoy pissing on you when you feel like smack talking me

nothing personal, don't bring it up and i won't rub it in

cute pic~

is scoots happy?

Fucking my ass - TP, 2016

nigga, don't push it



kek made me laugh

so you area a furry




I'd rather watch youtube videos than amass a harem of insecure teenagers to roleplay with.

But only just.

I think I am, got work soon
how is luka?

stealing this, here you can have one of mine

Also when is the furries going to fuck off for good?
Your kind aren't welcome here

cozy :)

might cook something soon

scoots is ready for a good day!

No. I'm not.

but still like it's euro bullshit hours

you may have popularity cause they are fucking emo and fucking pussy


Don't worry, I noticed

Ready for the earning of money, aka Fun Tokens!!!!
whatcha cooking?



When did TP become garEE?



I feel like you have alot to teach
Thank you that cheered me up

whoa calm the fuck down, i said we were cool

perogies! ^ ^

anyways the reason you lost was because you posted the strawpoll, if i had posted it, i would have lost

hashtag told

You just dont shit on some people because you feel too bad for them

did you actually take that shit seriously?

I selectiveley throw my feces
thank you

Oh, you're supposed to announce it? Man, I've got thousands of messages to write now.

Maybe when you guys can handle things on your own.

I can teach you how to make cornbread I guess.

confusion unlinked post

no more seriously than you took it when you told me to "bury the beef"

i was like who is the better owlfucker

my whole owlfucker folder was irionic

i'm going to murder you

You really think so?
How far south do you live boy
if you say kansas or farther north
you can't make cornbread

woah dude
I was only joking bro

like nigga
go impregnate some broad before you run dry

TP I'm not joking when i say i still have no idea what the hell owlfucking is, to this day

ooooooh arent them russian niceness?

that was the guy
the tumblr where you got the image
thats jared


Hey, I never said anything about GOOD cornbread.

Jared is a pedophile

ah man you're great
I hope you stick around for a long time

one of them has bacon inside it!

jiff is nice

Don't black people exclusively eat cornbread, grits and fried chicken?


that's probably a good thing then

go vlog 24.7 about you perving on traps


Yay!!! they gonna be tasty noms! woo hoo im having bacon to break my fast


You mean .gif



I won't say you're wrong.

But there ain't nothing wrong with that life.

jiffy carnbrod

Now I just need to switch your brain out with my dad's and I'll be all set.

I thought they lived through white osmosis.

have a good slee

jiffypop is pretty acceptable as far as popcorn goes

-huffs and sprawls out on the kitchen floor-

Didn't know you were into that kinda stuff
I'll be your dady ;o

Luka doing things today?

Lawl, I would actually like that life to be honest.

-helps sonata clean up the kitchen and put all the clean pie making dishes away-

i just pop my own kernels with butter and sea salt in a 10 cup pot (with lid)

-throws sqeaky toy near sonata

I should have known you were high this whole time.

-cuddles it warmly and tries to give it apple juice-


just sleeping since its only 1 am right now


I've only had Orville, Act something, and Pop Secret I think. They all taste the same.

Cool, can I pencil you in for a 14 hour marathon game of catch starting tomorrow morning?

hows that going for ya?



Oh right, hehe timezones. You should probably get some good rest soons.

Keep fun face woo!


-looks up at you with his new friend- o.o

not jiffypop, it's stove top popcorn, you pleb


since i only woke up a couple hours ago. ^ ^

Why wait that long, hell I' already feel like a father

Anyways I think I' need to run out to grab a pack of smokes kiddo




ill think about it


Oh okay. I don't know what stove top brands I've had, but they were all fine. My family also won a standing popcorn machine in a mall raffle. We never really used it much though, pain to clean.

Alright, pick me up some Newports while you're out. I can't wait until you get back so that we can build dirt castles!

an alcohols

dont forget the analcohols

tbh luka should be flat out banned

scoots should actually act like a fucking human male

or get banned

At least they're drowning you out.


im sure the first time was fun though



i wasn't even posting



-sees a lion and rolls his window sup, protecting his new squeaky friend-

Oh yeah. We left the door open because we had no clue what we were doing and sprayed popcorn all over the kitchen. Pretty okay evening.

Also has a half-naked hula dancer decal on the glass, pretty classy machine. Our very own leg lamp.


i think we decided that bazinga was cancer

and was banned

You killed my picture you bastard


You dont want beef with me. Nice bait. Fucker.

Gotcha covered, fam

what the fuk are you gonna do about it?

Fill 'er up

don't get mad, get had, bizzitch


eh beef with you would be fun

ah a christmas story reference, nice



Also, it ain't gonna happen. I only beef with worthwhile and true community evils.

i know that scoots scratches and fights dirty

Or perhaps leg lamps are startlingly common in the Midwestern United States.



i got beef
I got new double beef and even new steak

nah im pretty sure that was a christmas story reference

there is no beef in the steak tho

In that case, I'm pretty tempted to shoot your eye out.



scoots is also a fucking pussy

and a puppet to to erin

ily baddog

And he loves you, grayface

shooting my eye out huh? you're a messy one

-rolls the window down a little and hands out a slice of blueberry pie to you-


its the only way to fight

do you love me bruh?


-eats it and gets it all over my face-
-uses cat paws and cratches it off face while tongue bathing an hour-

scoots is so salty that yan gets that boipussy over him

why can't TP go a day without talking about me

TP you are a pretty nifty dude, please.

whenever boo starts posting this is how i feel like the thread goes

-watches in horror...knew it was a lion!-

I hear it's the window to the soul, which is where I really want it to go.

you take a folder from a dude named ":BEN

i cant either

you take a folder from a dude named ': BERN

Ben Davies.

Cassie best folder.

-purrs while taking a cat nap under the tree-

You posted it often enough.

I would if you hadn't had goblins in your army. But that ship has sailed.

soul sex is far too lewd

do soul vore instead

Cassandra was best skins. Fucking normie with the glasses I wish he killed himself. Didnt deserve to slip his pickle into her googala

normie sid leave REEEEEEEEE

I want to have a melting and mingling of souls with one who is compatiable , lloving and empathetic, carin and kind, warm and embracing, Two souls intertwined with each other, locked in a passionate dance of delicate lust

my job is done here

The fucking slug though xDDDDD
SIDlee xD



That can be arranged.

Shame TP left, I was going to tell him that I am salty. Frim crying.
Words hurt, monster.

lol, sidley the slug :3

they move in drones

Way to fag the whole thing up, man.

oh yea? don't make any promises you'll disappoint on now


Sid is a fucking cuck too!
Fucking pathetic.
Cassandra #1 model

it's like she waits for her fucking name to get dropped and then pounces

i liked the part where cassie skipped lunch

You called my bluff. I guess you'll just have to have Alchemist voreify your soul now. He excels in that arena.

p fucking pathetic

disclaimer not actually into soul vore

I liked the part where Tony got hit by a bus.

I don't eat them, I collect.


and then scoots defends her because he's also pathetic

and became an retart

It may be too late. The only way to stop Alchemist once he's on the warpath is a few cartons of menthols. You'd better get to the gas station if you're wanting to preserve your immortal soul.

And cuckley cucked him with that slut MyShell.

immortal soul? sounds awful

1st and second seasons were best by so much

scoot you realize that erin will not blow you right?

wait did he already blow you?

oh shiiiiiiiiiiii

0.0 -draws a flea bath-

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that makes sense

Have you found any holofoils yet? I hear those might be worth something someday.

At least you'll have a lot of time to watch every single episode of The Price is Right.

TP just mad that I got sick social skills.

1st gen a best, 2nd gen wasnt so bad... the rest after were the worst. makes me reee errytime


You all are really dirty niggers