Calling Hoxhaists

Any real Bunkerists here? I was wondering if you guys agree with Hoxha's critique of the PRC as a revisionist. It seems reasonable but I want more proof.

Convince a Stalinist-Mautist to go full bunker.

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For an anti-reviosinist Hoxha sure revisioned a lot of shit.

It's just a meme, we are all anarchists



biggest meme buzzword on the left

Are you sure you weren't thinking of poc?

bluepill shit. I'm not even sure you're ready for this truth yet. I'm not sure you deserve it, but here you go.

fuck off revisionist

yeah OP, bunkers are our only hope while capitalism destroys itself and the environment as well


Jesus christ. "poc" pissed me off the first time I read it. Reducing an individual, not just to their race, not just to being "the oppressed minority", but a god damned acronym. And then they base their worth on how well they can reduce themselves to that single concept. Pure ideology.

hoxha was right about PRC being revisionist but not on how to go about it and his own policies that much.

the german way of the 60's is the way to go. Ulbricht is the most based post-stalin leader up to this very day.

i doubt Göring would've heard of Hoxha who only began in albania when Göring was already suicidal and preoccupied with worrying how to safe his ass

Authoritarian Socialists are weird….

That's not Goring…

i always find it funny how "colored people" is offensive but "people of color" isn't

I'm Trumpist-Hoxhaist

Building bunkers and making Yugoslavia pay for it?

Interesting. Do you have any book recommendations on Ulbricht? German and English both work.


building big, beautiful bunkers

BBBs, if you will

BBBs aside, that guy had major prophetic abilities:

*Hoxha in 1973

Holy shit!

Can you explain why you think he was right comrade?