Marx was living in the industrial era, not information one

Marx was living in the industrial era, not information one.
He was saying that quantitative changes in relations of productions lead to qualitative change which is a revolution.
In 2016 quantitative change in the amount of information exchanged between users lead to a qualitative change of Donald Trump being elected.
Today is 1917 of information era and you are on the wrong side of history now.

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See you in 2020 when there is no wall and the economy collapsed, and there's been a massive resurgence from the left.

How high are you mate?

How is an increase in information (which isnt even a commodity) in any way the same as a quantitative (ie large) CHANGE in the RELATIONS of productions?

10/10 you tried

Holla Forums was bolsheviks of Donald Trump revolution. But instead of destroying lives, properties, and country using tsarist weapons, they destroyed non-logical opinions, traditional media and entire ideology using Internet created by US government.

As it usually happens with revolutions, it is totally possible. But you can't stop time and progress.


that's not what I'm saying. Bolshevisks was crazy passionarias same as Holla Forums.

I regret to inform you that everyone is well aware of what year it is, and an establishment politician surrounding himself with establishment politicians is not by any measure a revolution.
You don't need to keep posting.

Trump has already backpedaled on the wall, Obamacare, and banning Muslims and he hasn't even taken office. If you think he's going to stick with any of his promises you're an idiot. He's going to be a generic republican.


I actually have a pdf of a book that talks about marxism and digital labor.
I will look it up when I'm less busy

MAGA is the Hope/Change of 2016

Today in the first world most of the people are earning money by organizing information, not by producing products. Programmers, scientists, journalists, etc. etc.

Again, 1917 didn't lead to communism. Your argument is in favor of my theory.


Now you're making same arguments white army was making about red army.
Look at bolshevik propaganda. It's just stupid, but funny and inspiring memes.

You are incorrect. Exchange of information isnt a commodity, doing a service is.

It led to sixty years of Soviet socialism, not four years of disappointment and compromise.

Organized information is commodity. You can buy music, but you won't buy random noise. You can buy book but you won't buy book with just some random letters.

That's why we deplorables are hopeful.

So you're stupid.

The cause for hope is in OP post. You're too pragmatic, unlike creators of your ideology.

Marx was extremely pragmatic, as was Lenin.

The paper in the book is a commodity, the ink on it is the commodity.

Information is not a commodity. It is only because capitalism enforces laws of copyright and patents, that information acts like a commodity. Capitalism enforced artificial scarcity in information in order to have the system work.

Don't they know it's the information age? WOWIE ZOWIE!

That's why he based his ideology on Hegel philosophy?


And I thought Sandernistas are stupid

Lenin was whoring himself to European capital.



lmfao tbh fam

Very wrong pic

ITT: Holla Forums buttblasted by us rightfully mocking Trump for turning out to be what we were saying from day one: he's just the regular establishment politician.

their reaction:

He sloughed off the mystical and spiritual elements and revealed a materialist analysis that lay beneath. He then used this to develop a theory of historical development, which Lenin called "dialectical materialism". Marxian thought is influenced by Hegel but it is not Hegelianism.

Kek go back to twitter Bill



Don't forget that movement was never about Trump personality although left was trying to make it so.
Don't forget that history is not 0 and 1.

You're going to be real sore in two years fam

If it wasn't, then something went wrong, since I see calls to ban people critical of Trump on 8/pol/

I fully realize that.

That's the nature of the people :(

What does that even supposed to mean?

Of retards who overdosed memes because they didn't give a shit about muh race to begin with.
Also congrats on having 8/pol/ taken over by breitbart Republicans, spreading memes about le god emprah really paid off in the end ;^)

You can't say Lenin was wrong because he freed worker class and gave hope to them.
You can't say Lenin was right because his actions lead to a lot of destruction, blood, and chaos.

Majority or at least half of Americans voted Trump. Holla Forums was a small amount of energetic passionarias.

Freedom ain't free.

I'm more referring to the fact Holla Forums got fucked by their very own memes because they got taken over by the lovely folk of /r/the_donald

I think you got my point.
See, they are like Trotskists being gassed by Stalin :D