Examples of successful right libertarian economies:

examples of successful right libertarian economies:

examples of successful left libertarian economies:

really makes you think.

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thats why im not a left-libertarian ie a liberal

Both are used as an EU tax haven, they dont have native industries. They are like larger versions of monaco for companies.

Nice authoritarian nation states you've got there. Autonocuck.

So what you're saying is that you need a fascist dictator for propertarian economics to work?




Shit argument repeated ad nauseum. Checkem.

how come left-lib communes failed to defend themselves against foreign invaders, but right libertarian (early US) did in their first try?


The US revolution would have been completely squashed if France didn't help them to fight England.
And the only reason France helped the revolution, it's because it was against England.
So there would never be an "USA" without France



not an argument



Okay, have this one, it shows a degree of correlation between hdi and gini.


It's just weird seeing a capitalist say anything bad about theft.

>an African nation who's economy is dwarfed by Nigeria and South Africa. Hell, Ethiopia is considered to be a more important African economy than Botswana
And no reason is given as to why these economies are more "libertarian" than any other country. Hell, Chile's economic policies were established and enforced by a military dictatorship.

"libertarian" is american code for bourgeois


im from there, and that's total bollocks, in fact im moving to cuba

pollo culiao aweonao

prove it.


I'd say read a fucking book but this is bait so whatever.

early US was not right-libertarian as they owned slaves

Irish here. Our economy is a house of cards that will collapse the minute the corporation tax becomes more attractive somewhere else. It's prosperous, but very unstable prosperity and because of of it our government are cucks, beholden to MNCs so much that they will actively campaign against their own interests to show their loyalty to MNCs. I saw what happened to my community the last time a corporation pulled out. It was devastating and horrible and I hate that I'll probably see it again.

this is why you expropriate corporate property and collectivize it

Wait I really thought you were using those first three to demonstrate how unfettered capital doesn't create high living standards

Are you talking about the antebellum period where people owned slaves, or are you talking more about the old frontier where people disregarding property rights became a massive cultural phenomenon in the form of the cowboys (cattlemen who gave no fucks about land enclosures or the muh property rights of cattle ranchers) until old west Porky got the federal government to come in and intervene on their behalf?

Shhhh don't tell him about the Commons

Isn't it fairly social democratic now? I like that you think that the 2% annual growth under Pinochet was impressive growth when in fact it would be fairly normal for any capitalist economy not run by complete retards. Chile was already fairly wealthy bc it was part of the "core" of Latin America.

These countries essentially suckle off the productiveness of other economies. How is that in any way sustainable as a global economic system?

Ancaps aren't welcome here.
Go back to you're containment board.

that wouldn't even happen, they'd take you to the hospital, treat you, and then bill you $100K for not providing insurance, and coverage in a timely fashion.

It's minarchism m8. The states only role should be throwing you guys out of helicopters.

In America today that would happen, but without laws requiring medical professionals to give you medical treatment regardless of payment, but in an ancap 'utopia' you would bleed out and die or pledge you're indentured servitude to pay off you're medical debt.

France was helping them, and literally the very first war they fought as an independent nation they were bitch slapped by fucking Canada.

Chile's economy only took off with the electronics boom that fuelled their copper industry, which had been nationalized under Allende. Then it's economy promptly collapsed after mass neoliberalism was implemented.


Fuck, I need to proofread.

Nigger its in the god damn EU.

You realize this meant it was used as part of system of countries for large corporations to dodge tax through loopholes.

after getting rid of Pinochet and installing social democracy.

Remind me what exactly was free about this military Junta?

It was a foreign backed invasion of land. It violated a whole load of NAP. It disarmed citizens. It restricted freedom of expression.

What the hell is Libertarian about that?

If it was so great, why did people vote Pinochet out of power?

Has fought against much larger enemies for decades and only now America know they need their help as they are literally the only sane society in the region.

Where are the right libertarian movements fighting successfully against ISIS?

Oh there are none.

was like this before the revolution. Improved considerably afterwards.

You also forgot to mention the many other anarchist experiments,

Korea, Ukraine, The Honduran Campesino Movement.

Yeh, real freedom fighters these guys

You really are brain dead aren't you

You literally don't even have to debate ayncraps, if you let them talk long enough they just end up embarrassing themselves.

You'll find these right libertarian economies only thrive by being tax havens for corporate economies and are propped up by those economies.

the fuck? Free market maybe, but again, tax havens and ALSO DEATH SQUADS.

Diamond mines.

Tax haven.

Invaded by Nationlists
They were already poor
Invaded by Prussians

funny because liberals are right-libertarians outside the US and probably Canada.

I'm from Ireland and ourselves and Estonia have received huge investment from the EU in the form of agricultural grants and the building of infrastructure

the only thing that could even be described as libertarian is the corporation tax rate (but none of the other tax rates)

yer a moron harry

Saying that something is wrong because it didn't happen before is not an argument. That's like being a feudal peasant and meeting some enlightenment guy and telling him that he's wrong because there are no examples of liberalism that lasted more than a couple of years.

Ffs, Chiapas was already extremely poor for decades before the EZLN emerged. And the last straw, what made them protest was NAFTA being passed which fucking destroyed the Mexican economy and all the poor here.

The natives never finish being treated with this horrible shit!

Stop being a dumbass.

It's not your fault when you break the law?

blacks weren't people back then. (And would've never become so if it weren't for states taking people's property, including England establishing a fucking monopoly over the sea)

Guess when Pinochet's economic policies were implemented?

kek, you are fucking stupid

Just to add onto this quickly, Chile was preforming much worse under Pinochet than the rest of South America was doing. It's no wonder he fired the Chicago Boys, they were fucking morons!

Whoops, fucked up the wording a bit. W/e. You get my point.

These cryptofascist "An"craps don't even try to hide it anymore.

If Ancaps actually gave a shit about everyone instead of basing human worth on how rich or profitable they were I'd be an Ancap.

If the media wouldn't be heavily biased towards whoever owned them, I'd be an Ancap.

If companies with more money than startup companies didn't create monopolies because they were proven to be successful and nobody was going to take a risk trusting the new company because money equaled access to human rights, I'd be an Ancap.

If punishment for a crime wasn't dictated by what court I went into and how much money I brought in with me, I'd be an Ancap.

If all the roads weren't private property and I could drive on more than just the roads I owned so I didn't get killed for violating the NAP, I'd be an Ancap.

But I'm not a heartless bastard who wants the poor to fuck off and die, so I won't be an Ancap. Thanks for the offer, but I have no need of what you're selling. Now while I could say unwanted solicitation on my property violates the NAP, I'll let you off the hook for the small price of everything you own plus indentured servitude for life.

Nice bait. Comrade

It sucks being a leftist Chilean and having to see Holla Forumstards claim Chile either is a successful economy or was a successful economy during Pinochet (both claims are false).

That file name.


It sucks being a right wing Russian and lefties try to claim the Soviet Union was anything other than hell. You like gulags bitch? Wait till I fucking show you.


Except the majority of Russians from the Soviet period said it was better than living in a right wing shithole



how is a corporatist crony neo-fascist anti-free trade pro-regulations pro-military intervention right wing?


being right wing is being pro-capitalist, how can protectionism, which prevents free market competition, be considered right wing? the country is extremely crony with no regard for laissez faire capitalism. it might not be left wing, but its anything but right wing.

capitalism implies private property

this market is my property, now shoo shoo :^)

says who? the state?

jesus christ

one of the few companies that survived Spanish economical crisis

capitalism implies private property, this is a fact, if it doesn't imply private property, why do the "purest" form of capitalism, anarcho-capitalism uses as its base the idea of private property?

You don't get to decide anything because you are a retard

no shit, its the core concept of capitalism, but its not the only thing. pure capitalism is free of government intervention, just like pure communism is free of the state. your argument is like saying because social democracy tries to have economic equality, its communism.
can you argue for 2 minutes without resorting to childish insults?

well then this market is mine, its not free, but its my private property, I get to imply every trade rule and tax I want, because it is private property

lol, its private property

says who? the state? the law?

well you have the political, social, philosophical, economical and phsycological understandings of a kid, so it seems fitting

Hey Pirate man, you're using my property again!

Conservatism is right-wing. The "more-freedom less-freedom chart you fags spout is nonsense and historically illiterate, the British Empire was build on Protectionism and so were The United States


But we need Ancaps so we can form the MechaFaggot.

yes it is. it shows that the us success in defending itself due to france, not right libertariansm so it is an arguement


most people didn't benefit much from the "economic miracle" (i.e. the consequences of privatizing pretty much fucking everything: water, electricity, education, healthcare, pensions, the copper industry…) since they were still poor as fuck and the "muh bootstraps" discourse (used by the Junta itself to promote investing among the working class) is bullshit if you don't have an initial capital to start with.

A popular chant from the time was "a puro pan, a puro té, así nos tiene Pinochet". It roughly means, Pinochet has us eating only bread and tea. People revolted during the military regime because they lived in fucking misery, contrary to the expectations built by generals and asshat economists to justify the coup. All while businessmen cashed out on a freshly privatized Chile - which they still do.

Goes to say that this propertarian paradise didn't really benefit "the individual interests of the people".


Chile has a fuckton of copper (1/6th of the world's known reserves) and other minerals, with international companies making huge investments in it, as well as a decent food industry (agriculture and fish mainly).

Ireland has government healthcare, so sorry mate, by your standards, Ireland is a statist totalitarian communist society.

Nice double standard friendo

They didn't even have a lolbert economy for long, it eventually started shitting the bed so they reverted to a regulated market like the rest of the world.

this is why large scale capital flight should be considered treason, and therefore punishable by death

it didn't even work, Pinochet's policies were garbage