Trump appoints his kids to his transition team

Holla Forumsacks get rekt

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You forgot

Trump married all but one of his kids off to jews and they dismissed it
They're following Trump's tune to whatever end

They're also going to defend him when the wall isn't built, illegals aren't deported, and US foreign policy remains the same

enough with this meme. Holla Forums is going to get a huge amount of what they want from Trump

Holla Forums wanted muslims, obamacare, and jews?

Holla Forums wanted lobbyists, processed immigration (which doesn't get rid of Muslims), and a man who back flips on most of his policies. Cool cool

I don't know why you're keeping up this lie. Trump is going to hugely curtail muslim immigration, he's going to almost totally repeal obamacare, and Holla Forums doesn't care about jews or faggots as long as they are Their Guy. See Milo. I don't see the purpose in close your eyes to the reality of a Trump presidency because you want to impotently bait alt-rightists.

No, they don't, because their like Hillbots on fucking steroids, they literally do not accept even primary fucking sources that Trump has sold them out or that Trump said utterly fucking crazy shit.

On one forum I'm on i'm arguing with the Trumptards and they're like "When did he say this? When did he say this?" and then when I show VIDEO of him LITERALLY SAYING IT, they're like "Duuur how can you trust the media, George Soros blah blah blah, watch this 2 hour long Sargon video to see what Trump REEEEAAALLLY meant!"

How can you wreck people who literally don't accept fucking reality?

pol wants' a wall, which trump is going to do, they want to deport illegal immigrants, which trump is going to do in the millions (really deport them, not "deport" them like obama) and they want to stop immigration from the middle east, which trump will do.

HA! I knew it! I knew a faggot from Holla Forums would defend this within the first three posts. Go suck your daddy's dick some more you gay incestuous right wing degenerate.

Sounds like you're butthurt. Trump is the president and Holla Forums unambiguously won this battle.

It's already been downgraded to a fence

He's going to have a few high profile deportations then quietly forget about it

This is probably the most likely thing to happen and it's well within the President's power

He has already backpedaled on the wall friendo.

Holla Forums is in damage control mode.

No it hasn't. This is an example of believing a lie. A house republican has suggested a fence is more feasible, not Trump. Bullet point number 1 of Trump's 10 point immigration plan is a physically huge wall.

It is incredible how quickly the core belief system of idealists can fundamentally shift when faced with a contrary reality.

lmao no he won't

No he won't do any of that. Just like Obama didn't stopped all the wars or closed Guantanamo bay.
I'm going to laugh so hard when you all find out that Trump is just basically a populist who said what you folks wanted to ear to cast a vote for him. Nothing more

Yes. If only we tried harder, we could have memed "Our Girl", Hillary, into office. As everyone knows, us at Holla Forums were all With |>|er.

t. a socialist who's man enough to vote for a vagina'd President.

Obama didn't promise to stop all wars. At all. He did pull out of Iraq. He did promise to close gitmo and actually, he's 80% of the way there to actually doing that.

Jill Stein

It's literally Hope and Change 2.0

saying all members of an identity are evil has always been a contradictory and inocherent idea and it's impossible to actually follow through on.

That whore took votes away from Hillary you fucking excellent hetero-normative pigdog

Bitch deserves to be raped to death. rip hillary

No it isn't, because obama ran on Hope and Change, aspirational ideas that his supporters were able to project universal health care and world peace onto.

Trump didn't run on aspiration. He ran on Building a Wall and Tariffs.

Holla Forums has their Trump Internet Defense Force out in force today. It is fun to watch them change everything they claim to believe in to accommodate a corrupt, lying, jew-loving capitalist who started cucking them the very moment he got elected.

Which I bet my left nut he won't do. Even if he tries, there's no way he'll get any of that bullshit through congress.

Forget congress. He has to get that tariff shit through the WTO.

I mean, Obama basically didn't get anything he promised done and his proposals were well within the realm of establishment politics. If you think Trump will accomplish anything you are deluded.

He's going to keep quite a few lad

Trump will be like Aus/pol/ and Tony Abbott.

Sucked the dick of Abbott up until and for about a month after the election.

After that, constantly complained how shit Abbott is and why oh why couldn't have Labor won and how fucking quickly everything has gone to shit.

Turnbull and the rest of the party coup and kick out Abbott.

A month later, go back to being how "based" Abbott is.

As I have said numerous times, in 6 months time, halfchan Holla Forums is going to be a lot different from what it is now and I think the majority of people on the board are going to hate the fuck out of Trump.

Let suppose he decides to try and deport 30, er 11, I mean 2, no 1 million illegal immigrants he claims he's gonna get out, which we're not even sure he's gonna try
Industries X, Y, and Z tell congress that's a bad idea, Congress blocks the measure

Same deal with tariffs and trade barriers, there's no way the party of "free trade" is gonna let that fly, not to mention the giants that run the American economy are multinationals who don't much like that idea either

fucking dis

eid llij, eid


Gee, I wonder what could possibly go wrong.


Even if that's true it would still be better than Hillary rotten Clinton

You're actually autistic if you seriously think this is happening. He's backpedaled today, but even he didn't you should know better.

lol what does huckabee know about commerce?

We're bombing Iraq right now.

Genuinely interested. Could you link something?

Good post

Out of curiosity, how does Holla Forums defend this? Trump is literally, frankly arguing for mass immigration and the legalization of illegal immigrants with just a quick stop at the border. There is no way to spin this into anything else.

And Newt Gingrich is about to be Sec of State. Literally the Fox News squad.

I am libertarian and I come here because even I know Holla Forums is a Trump circlejerk worse than you property seizers

Trump's cabinet is going to be nothing but high-profile shills.

nice poast

1 - They probably aren't aware. I forgot about this, until he linked this.

2 - He hasn't mentioned something like this in months, so they could probably pull "that's his tactical genius just strategic move mexis will be bye-bye BELIEVE ME"

"Leaked" documents, the guy isn't even in office yet.

Thanks for Correcting the Record. $0.50 has been deposited to your account.

It's Nov 12. This joke is not only nonsensical, but unfunny.

Just a daily reminder that property is theft from the commons.

why would they come in a board full of stupid commies?

"Leaked" documents, the guy isn't even in office yet.

Thanks for supporting the Soros narrative. A 0.01% dividend has been transferred to your hedge fund.

I got banned for posting it on Holla Forums back when it first came out. Same thing with his flip flopping on H1B's during the same time period.

They just write it off as 87D hyper dimensional checker chess. I'm gonna laugh my ass off if he pulls a Reagan and passes amnesty