Did idpol just mold the next gen nationalists?

So this just happened
Protests and counter-protests in Sweden
This speech that I don't understand but I think the title makes it pretty clear

pic related is what their Youtube channel looks like

So, well, did anyone else expect this to happen so soon?
Did the pendulum swing this fast in the past, because I feel like it really took momentum in the last ten years, specially the last five, with social media and that stuff

How do you feel about it?
I can't decide if I care from my country tbh. We are yet untouched by heavy idpol, and by the time it reaches us, Europe will have become a proper example

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damn. if the right finally figures out how to make slick, youth savvy media like the SJWs did that might really be a problem.

The phony left wanted their idpol, and it looks like they're getting their wish.

Sow the wind/reap the whirlwind.

It's happening because non-Swedish invaders are literally pillaging their country. Once someone has had a female family member raped or any family member assaulted by someone who isn't Swedish, their political stances will change drastically overnight.

Is it really that bad or are right-wing media pushing this narrative?

sounds like bs to me.
anyway, its a Swede/Swede problem like in every western country, but its always the minority's fault somehow mostly because they're easier to spot.

to give you an example, you mom invite someone at home, your brother get pissed at the guest.


You're right, this is completely unrelated to what OP posted. People in Sweden just woke up and started feeling some spooky nationalism.


Sounds like idpol

Lol who cares look how she was dressed she was probably asking for it

Their just feeling empowered by Trump's win. In Canada some Tory cunt set out to become Canadian Trump, and already she's going to get shouted down by the libs here. This will all pass once Trump takes office and is literally just a neoliberal establishment shill.

literally everyone in the video, for no reason

and how many times does it have to happen for you to think it's not just a spook?

It will not pass, they already gained momentum, and yes, though they felt more empowered, this was going to happen anyways, and it wasn't Trump

this. This revolution doesn't catter to my aesthetic sensibilities, but the tidiness has a /fa/ sensibility to it

White people don't want to live with non white barbarians when you will you people get it through your egg headed empty skulls.

Yeah, about that…


For all of Holla Forums's """"muh studies show that multiculturalism causes more tenshun""", they're pretty much debunked in the linked article.

kek, it reads like a fucking Thomas Friedman column

Holla Forums proves once again that its just a board for jaded liberal that can't go five minutes without resorting to the latest research from autistic economist spazzes and their elegant-yet-simplified models of how the world "should" work

People on this board seem to think the Nazis (NordFront) were successful. There were about 500 nazis and 5000 people demonstrating against them. Nazis were beat up and people were throwing snowballs at them. If it weren't for the cops they're whole movement would be killed.

Sabotcat poster is a retard who doesn't read books, more at eleven




This isn't even getting into the "boat people" mess.

wew lad

Rape is never okay

As true as it is, I'm sure our great overlord Soros expects us to sort out the particulars between the blepians.

Rape is a spook because consent is transactional, making sex market-based and capitalistic. Sex sells, as they say.

but the most amazing thing is that you thought a yt video is a valid source. and people will take that shit seriously.

mind blown !

Living in Australia myself, I can tell you most of us would give a shit who you are, provided you don't act like a dickhead.

And with the recent terrorist attacks from Muslim immigrants who have aligned themselves with fundamentalist Islam, can you really blame them?

Hell even Tommy Robinson has stated that Jews and other ethnicities have intergrated within British society, and is against Islamism.

I don't dispute the fact that Islam is a shitty religion, but if you're going to generalise, that's pretty fucking stupid.

doesn't matter if they're successful or not, as long as they exist they should be fought.

btw if they were successful it would be the end, there is no coming back from it, they'll kill all opposition.
so yes, it is important



Not to mention there has been an increase on attacks on immigrants


Okey doke


I was making the point about how Holla Forums only seems to care about rape when a brown person does it. The rest of the time they're constantly victim blaming.

You can only jail the scum in your own people, inviting other who offend on a far higher basis is fucking retarded. Read the Oslo reports, ALL rapes in one year were by non-natives.

European neonazis don't really care if your country is "untouched by heavy idpol", they're completely paranoid and brainwashed, they see idpol and "cultural marxism" everywhere, they feel threatened by largely inoffensive issues.

The worst part is that mass media legitimazes these type of movements by giving them voice and hypes them up so that people feel afraid and vote for "moderate" reformist parties.

Holla Forums idiots spend 90% of their time waging a digital war against "muh feminazis" but turn into hardened feminists the minute a brown person enters the conversation in regards to sexual abuse


The problem is that rape is mostly done by brown people, but they get excused for it because acknowledging this is inconvenient.

It essentially ends up being like one white rapist is equivalent to one hundred brown rapists. It's not fair to white people who already get maligned for countless things they never do, for the sake of dressing up a pig.


Yes, and our dear and wise leader of course knows what's best for his servants

I'm being sarcastic if it's not obvious

What is really telling is that they put themselves in the position of riot cops (look at the riot police shields). They are protecting the system from the revolt.

The migrant crisis hasn't even had a statistical impact on rape in Sweden you dumb bootlicking cuck

Sweden doesn't allow rape statistics regarding race for a reason you fucking retard.

So then I should hold Swede's accountable for beating migrants up?



I don't dispute the fact that mass migration is a mistake, but to think that one side is innocent and the other guiltless is a load of shit.

There are no sides, there is Sweden before, and Sweden after. Swedes will murder rape and steal, like all humans. And in monocultures you don't let someone murder or steal, because everyone is the same.

The reason people fed up with immigration don't post that a Swede bashed an immigrant on their facebook is the whole fucking country got there before them, lead by the media.

The actual rise in rape and crime SOLEY due to self inflicted multiculturalism will get you fucking fined or jailed. This is not going to stop the rise of nationalism, it is petrol on a fire, people go crazy at this sort of hypocrisy.

*reporting the rise that is will get you fined. As was the case of a Swedish politician. When you make the public interest verboten, the country will be ripe for Nationalism.

Totally wrong. Rape and sexual violence is most often committed by people in the family or someone the victim knows. The spooky brown man is not breaking into homes and raping your wives/daughters. They might rape their own wives and daughters, but despite that statistics show 52% of rapes are done by white men. Considering that these only represent those that are /arrested/, the actual number is likely higher as I can assure you brown people are not the ones getting away with shit here in the US.

In fact, the idea that immigrants are criminals is a myth prompted by fear of Otherness. I had to actually do a report on this years ago and I don't know how it works in other countries, but first generation immigrants have some of the /lowest/ rates of crime here since most are simply trying to find work. Crime rates amongst them don't rise until the later generations and even then it's no more disproportionate than any other ethnicity iirc. How poor a person is predicts criminal activity better than their ethnicity. Population density in an area predicts crime rates better than ethnic makeup of the area.

Basically, people are spooked.


Lel, you think Sweden and Germany are open about crime, or like their own reporters and Police admit, they do not want to release anything that will cause public to turn on Government policy.

I already cited a Swedish politician fined for rape stats, as being hate speech, truth as a defence was NOT ALLOWED by the judge.

Do you wonder why Nazi's are openly marching there you tool?

BRĂ… stopped charting origin/ethnicity in 2005, for """"""reasons""""""

German crime figures are free for you to look at you mong, so you cant just double down on the "ITS NOT MY FAULT I CANT PROVIDE ANY EVIDENCE!"

The judge said that it wasn't relevant whether or not what was said was true, not that it was true.

The Nazi's are marching because they're spooked and scared of brown people, like good little proles.

its a shame Stalin isn't alive right now so he could purge the rest of you.


I think it's different ways of rape. Whites tend to rape at parties while minorities are over represented for "stranger" rape.
t. Minority