What's his endgame?

What's his endgame?

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m-m-muh george soros

Nothing to see here

on one hand fuck George Soros for being porky scum but on the other hand I do not trust a single news site in OP's picture.

Liberal liberalism

This looks kinda like Trump's plan….
The security aspect of cyber is very, very tough. And maybe it's hardly doable, but he's got a son. He's 10 years old. He has computers. He is so good with these computers, it's unbelievable.

Do you trust wikileaks?

fucking dubs confirm

Soros endgame is to smash Socialism (workers seizing the means of production) with idpol.

I do. They were for Bernie or at least some form of socialism despite hillary's campaign painting them as fascists.

Soros is a piece of fucking shit, he's the Jew meddler meme on Steroids.

Socialist Alternative organized the protests. SA is not linked to Soros, despite what autists are telling themselves.

Also, Trump is about to appoint Soros' friend and former business partner as treasury secretary.

Does Soros ever sleep?

Because to listen to the right, he must have a command room operating 24/7 to sabotage everything they believe in all the time.

More like he has a vested interest in killing what remains of the socialist left by infecting it with idpol.

A clinton government reeeeeeeeee

tbh the left could probably make more convincing conspiracy theories seeing as he killed the soviet bloc

Soros is the new Illuminati meme for the Alex Jones crowd. Probably pushed by other, more older influential families, Rothschilds, Rockerfeller, etc and Bilderberg members as a scapegoat to dump everything on.

Then the information isn't wrong, there are Soros funded groups actively organizing protests against Trump. Though there's clearly a spin on just how much of these protests are funded by Soros himself.

He also manipulated the british pound and stole billions of dollars from that country's treasury

Well, I've certainly heard nothing about them from Alex Jones since he started on the Soros shtick. Incidentally it was around the same time he attended private gatherings with the Koch brothers.

Really fires some synapses.

If it's true, then it works two ways. The first is diverting attention from equally conspiring groups of people and the second is to potentially remove an ambitious upstart. There aren't many people alive today that can pull off the carpetbagging he's gotten away with.


Soros is a liberal billionaire with a whole lot of money to blow.

When he doesn't get his way, he pays people to throw riots for him.

Think of it like the mafia paying for an assassin. Soros pays people to instigate revenge against nations that don't vote his way.

This is why he has been banned from Russia.

This is true tbh

soros actually does try to use his wealth to manipulate countries from the top down, and has a very long history of funding civil unrest whenever things don't work out for him. it's not a conspiracy it's well documented fact. liberals just happen to think he's hunky dorey

[extremely liberal voice] Soros is basically Littlefinger

maybe he just does it for the kicks,

He's an ideologically driven porky.

lefty twitter in da house

He even brags about it in this video and say they were just "practice" and now he's focusing on the US.


I have no idea what his idea of an "open society" is supposed to be but he's fucking creepy tbh. If he wasn't a liberal people would see him as a real-life supervillain.

I often wonder if soros funds things just to discredit them. His name alone provokes enough of a reaction that it creates a massive opposition if he is even mentioned and I find it hard to believe he wouldn't leverage that.

What's so bad about him? He funds riots to fight against the establishment despite being part of it.

that's a possibility because it wasn't long ago that trump and soros were real chummy. His son and associates hangs around with trump too


Power and Money, he usually plays both sides
for example, one of his guys is about to get the Sec of Treasury position in the new Trump administration

His end game is just to sow discord. Unstable societies have huge swings in markets allowing him to manipulate markets. He has been getting rich off of destabilizing conuntries since he got so rich that single market manipulation wasn't worth his time.