Xexizy made another shitty video

Xexizy made another shitty video.


stop shilling your shit channel, Muke

who cares

I did this last time this guy made a video poorly shilling my stuff, it's not me.

I can get why you would think it is though. Why the fuck link my videos if they're so shitty?


I put sage in the email box…what else is there to do?



Muke, you should be reading (not selling papers for the fucking IMT).


I am reading. Literally right before I saw this post I was reading.

Holla Forums doesn't count paperboy.

No really, you first year camwhores need to kill yourselves.

Why do you have two names?

Also it'd be cool if Bunker Bantz was more regular, I'm tired of putting Drunken Peasants on in the background while I go about my daily shitposting

I've explained in a couple videos before, but I will tell the story again here.

Muke is my go-to alias online, it was a nickname given to me while I used to regular this one IRC like two years ago now. I joined the bunkerchan IRC before I had made my channel, so I had joined under Muke and that's what people knew me by.

When I decided I wanted to make a channel, I didn't think Muke had that much appeal to it as an actual channel name, so I decided to go with Xexizy. Xexizy came from even longer ago, from when I was like 13/14 and was an edgy wannabe-hacker who hanged out on anonymous IRC's. When choosing my 'anonymous' name for these IRC's, I used a random word generator to get it, and Xexizy came up, I thought it was pretty cool. When I made my channel for some reason that's the name that came to me. I think it was a good choice, even if the origins are a little cringe.

Also yea I'd love to do bunker bantz frequently and professionally, but it's hell organising it. Just finding good videos alone and then making the time to stream is enough, but getting a group of people each week around and ready as well? I just cant handle that at uni rn. If you have any suggestions for something a little easier to manage that serves the same purpose you're looking for though, let me know.

Not him but, I just wanted to say that your drunken peasants esque bunker bantz is pretty lame, no real discussion or critical thinking, it's just "LOL not true socialism, amirite?"

You should go back to discussing theory or contesting different socialisms with comatoast and rebel etc.. That was much more fun.

Or hell, maybe have everyone watch the video BEFORE the enitre discussion happens.


Hey there Youtubing faglords, I want to make audiobooks and audioarticles about marxism and anarchism, along with commentary videos about it, any tips on what software to use? also I plan to make a video of my screen instead of just having the picture of the book or author

Xexizy have my babies

Their Brett, Egghead and Crazy People segments were pretty good for a while, but yeah the show has gone to shit.

It was never any good; liberal trash through and through. Unlike libs like Jimmy Dore who are becoming increasingly more class conscious, TDP is stagnantly shit.

Probably because they are even more stoned than they used to be.

Well, I also used to be a liberal, so maybe that's why I've stopped liking them as much.

That too.

OBS works great for everything.

Close your pony scat tabs first


Use OBS, Audacity, for editing pirate premiere or if you're on linux use Pitivi