Wtf I love donald trump now

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We should chose only rich people as our leaders from now on.

this is the equivalent of someone with a $50,000 yearly salary turning down about $50

He's the official hotpocket president


MEANWHILE, his family will still be running his businesses.

The access and power he gets as POTUS that he can direct to benefit his concerns are worth far, far more than 400k.

Well, obviously. Only retards would care about some chump change, when money flow on this level is expressed in billions. POTUS can easily be paid not 400k annually, but 1 mil monthly - and nobody would notice a difference.

But I'd say it has more to do with Trump unwilling demean to himself, rather than amount of money involved. Even if it is general public, he - Trump! - is technically working for somebody, like a common wage slave. Emperors don't get salary, do they?

You're stretching pretty hard there user


You think Trump doesn't have an ego the size of his tacky golden brick of a tower?

He should give that money to us common plebs, tbh.

I am all for voluntary goverment, but here's the thing, peoplein the goverment, since they won't get a salary, will accept lobbyism even more

probably his only good policy, congratulations


are pirateflags post-left anarchists?

they are morons shilling for the pirate party

Reminder that every single Congressmen is payed at least 100k a year

whats so bad about the pirate party?

Too many leechers.

The president is only payed 25 thousand a year


That's 0.133 cents per year.

I didn't pick up that pirateflags supported the pirate party specifically… I just though most of them were either individualist anarchists or just general anarchists.

underrated comment


What did he mean by this?

As a European I have to ask. What is the average interest rate for student loans in America?
Because even 12,5 % already sounds outrageous to me.

I really, really hope he does what he suggested during the campaign which is make the universities carry risk for student loans. If the student fails to pay back the debt after 15 years while faithfully fulfilling the income based repayment plan the university should be on the hook for the rest of the debt.

That's not interest rate. It's how much of your wages are garnished, essentially. Average interest rate is around 8 percent last I checked. There is not really an "average" interest rate either. We only get loans from the government. It's extremely difficult to get private student loans b/c they can be defaulted on while government debt cannot be discharged.

I just think the flag looks cool

post-left anarchism is pretty good, so is mutualism

Fuck off, Holla Forums.
Workerism is the worst sort of identity politics cancer.