Should i print these out and put them on utility poles y/n

should i print these out and put them on utility poles y/n
and if i do am i going to get in legal trouble


This will be completely impotent without a concrete set of demands. It will just become food for the media to use to point at how bad they think anything anti-establishment it.
You need to be thinking about more than just protest on its own. There needs to be a morning after.

i made this to save ink
(two flyers 1 paper)

Change fascist to something else, it sounds like you're protesting donald, and will just be dismissed as such. Maybe "no exploitation", something more anti capitalism

I saw this art floating around on twitter. With how the protests are, I wouldn't be surprised if this was commissioned by a goddamn NGO.

Sounds pretty liberal mate. You can't have a general strike without demands.

My city has posters like these every other pole, yet it's turning more "conservative".
And i even live in a third world shithole, why doesn't the proletariat just wake up?

That just makes it sound like some 15 yr old LARPer designed it.
Trump isn't a fascist.He's an opportunist.

its agitation
I'm thinking people will do this and realize they can do things against the government
I agree with all the criticisms of the wording but I don't to split the protesting so I'm just going with the wording I've already seen


i expected better from you
aren't you the ML bookflagfag comrade?

Agitation which trivalises the concept of a strike is ultimately harmful. Especially if conducted by college liberals.

I guess it means boicotting, which is extremely stupid since any losses on Jan 20 will have been compensated on January 19 and January 21.

well what should I do
i saw this and I hoped I could actually do something

I know the answer, this was directed at OP to check if he knows why doing so is fucking retarded.
He probably doesn't considering he is 15.

am I the only one who gets the impression that these DUDE JUST DON'T GO TO WORK LOL people are completely out of touch? Do they not know how replaceable workers are? Reserve army of labor?
oh ok it's liberals

im sorry

Printing out and putting up posters is fine, but make it more productive by changing the content. People are not taking the protests against Trump nicely, and I think another one will just make them even more agitated but not in a good way and will further paint the Left as a bunch of whiners with no actual solutions.

You still can. What you do is put up flyers advocating organization of workers and such, not protesting the democratic process or its results. It sounds cringey and pretentious but you gotta reel the class-unconscious normies in with stuff they can understand; further alienation will never work.

Give me a fucking break.

I don't like Trump either, he is a porky piece of shit, but he's definitely not a fascist.

I hate to admit that some leftists simply call anyone they don't like a fascist. This should stop.

How is this?

what is the strike about?


Yes, this will just attract idpol idiots who are mad that a racist, sexist, mysogynistic man is the president. Instead, make it something catchy and unfamiliar yet singularly materialistic like, "Own where you live. Own where you work" or "Rule by Workers, Not by Capital."

What else do you think people would actually be able to get behind?
We cant exactly demand the means of production at this stageā€¦

Whatever appeals to the current popular sentiment of revolt among the rank and file of America's labour force.

I think it would be a mistake to try and make it too anticapitalist at this stage - I dont think we are ready for that.

It's pointless trying to make a poster when you haven't even understood that post.