Yall niggas can't be serious

Really fam?



Kill all normalfags

I like this

can tripfags really be called normalfags?
I figured they were just a different kind of degenerate that just so happened to want to be a social butterfly, but was in fact a Parasitic Wasp Larvae burrowing within its host "Holla Forums"

I personally blame de-classcucking memes, not the Secretarian one.

I'm not too sure wether I should be thankful or concerned

there is so much more I want to make

It's the cycle of memes, don't stop creating them, we love them here

I see no problem with this.

They are just taking le funny pictures for those sweet likes and e-cred
Faceshit meme pages were a mistake

Pls make more user
I can at least appreciate them even if i dont agree with some of them
To be fair, i dont agree with alot of what /leftyp[ol/ says, with me being a Stalinist

They're making socialist symbolism part of popular culture. It's the best thing we've got going for ourselves right now.

Stalinism is a spook
Marxism Leninism is the only way to go

Eh, that could work to an extent, but I don't want another Che to happen.


Fuck Marxist Memes. A few months back I stated that I'd stop making OC, and I did, but I came back again and made another image recently. Lo and behold, they were attracted right to it like flies to shit.

I'd love to use the meme, but I don't know it's context. Is it a 'Consider the Following' type, a 'Really Nigga' type, or neither?

The second.

Awesome, thanks!

Anyone have the original Hades pic?

Bit of both. As I created it.

Gotcha fam