Serious thread about USA

Let be real: America is fucked.
Why, because the stability of the country is shit.
If it was Hilary Clinton who wins you will have a lot of Right-Wing partisans outside of the street doing protests and riots.
Since it's Donald Trump who wins you actually a lot of Left-Wing partisans outside of the street doing protests and riots.
You can anymore make concessions for the safety of the stability's country, USA have to deal with people who believe in radical ideologies now.
It can only end in a revolution or a civil war.
Americans of Holla Forums, not matter your ideology, how do you feel about the current situation of your country?
Do you think the Internet is the cause of that situation?
I want serious answers.

I doubt it'll come to revolution and civil war

Liberals are fucked*

I don't think the US is fucked at all. People are largely overreacting (much to my amusement), and Trump will be another establishment neoliberal.

He will pass the TPP. We won't get UBI anytime soon, maybe ever.

Oh, and also, humans are going to be extinct in 200 years, so absolutely none of this will matter at all and everything beautiful on Earth will die. You'd better finish that novel you'd been wanting to write and send it into space before the universe forgets you completely.

So edgy!

He's right, you know. Climate change is coming.

Don't underestimate the humanity when that's about not dying.

Replace America with "world economy" and we're getting somewhere

Science can't do miracles.
Some scientists are even saying that we have already passed the point of no return. Shit is really fucked.

Who's going to do it? Governments that can't tax capital without disrupting capital accumulation? Companies will do it for profit?

im pretty convinced now that trump is a legit fascist, and these protestors are also convinced so i don't see them stopping. saw something today about how trump wants to continue holding rallies (like any fascist would) and at some point his supporters will probably start forming some brownshirt group to counteract the protestors. next 4 years will be wild to say the least.

also should say that i think the protestors are already leftists or will quickly become leftists. probably the most potential on the american left in a long time. anyone on here who really cares about leftism should probably get involved at some point.

Finally it's happening. Shit is gonna collapse, hell yeah.

I agree. Here is where some liberals will stop being pussies & start joining us.

And some is quite a lot because liberals / democrats are more than half of the country. I like where this is heading. About damn time.

I hope Trump & Pence start fearing the proletariat because they genuinely want his head on a platter. They must be out for blood or at least to destroy & own their "private property". Thats the ideal scenario. Chimping out in places that bring ruin & misery to the porkies,

This next 4 years will be lovely. Dude just got elected he is not even in office & he is already getting a small sample of whats going to become worse for them.

well nigga cracker that minority is big enough to fill a city square in several different cities. imo the numbers are there & they're damn good, 99.9% of them are cowards through, they need to leave that fear behind & get things really going. violence against the rulers works.

Climate change won't kill all humans. I mean, only the rich 1% are going to survive, but it's not complete extinction.

Complete bullshit, Never would of happened, no need for us to lie to ourselves.

Are you kidding me? There's nothing radical about anything happening regarding the election.

I dont have such blind faith in science.
If science was going to save us it would be doing it NOW.
I dont know if you've noticed but there is no fucking action taking place against the coming environmental collapse.

If we start working on things when society is already crumbling it will be far too late…

USA is too big to fall

pffffft no

people at my blue-collar working-class company were ready to grab their hunting rifles and start popping lefty politicians. they were ready to start firebombing federal buildings. every single vet i spoke to felt the exact same way. there was a collective sigh of relief when they realized they wouldn't have to.

i know you dumbshits love to larp about how you have the working class on your side but no trump's the only reason you aren't already being killed openly.

these people do not have access to clean drinking water and have no chance of raising a family. there's nothing left for them to lose.

haha bet you are 2 fat 4 terrorism

I'm glad they voted for the same kind of guy who put them in that place, then.

I'm glad they voted at all, really. GREAT use of such desperation.

So where do we go from here, then? How do the burgers living here introduce them into the deep left? There was something like a iceberg infochart that showed the most "normie" leftist ideologies then progressed steadily. Do we slowly inform them in that order?

I think the internet cause the alt-right movement. You could go as far as to say Holla Forums got Trump elected.

I think there are a lot more people who are ironically fascists than actually want to gas the kikes Nazi masturbation fantasy now, but they have no real education about economics and wont pick up a book.

Trump is going to buttfuck the working class for 4 years, pass TPP and lower taxes.

Maybe this time people will realize that it doesn't work and turn left.

The problem is most of the left is equally uneducated liberals who really do just want handouts and also dont understand economics.

They will probably elect someone like Bernie Sanders in four years who will create a welfare state and raise taxes.

The extremely wealthy will move to South East Asia, the Caribbean, and South America. I think the US will most likely burn out into regional ghettos like the USSR and its former states. Its basically already been gutted. New York will become Moscow and the West coast will become Asian/Mexican. China, Russia, Unión de Naciones Suramericanas, UNASUR;.

Now it's 200 years? I thought just 10 years ago, leading climate change spokespeople like Al Gore were saying by this point we'd all be dead.

Are you retarded? Go read something for yourself once in your life instead of relying on celebrities and skimming news headlines.