Have most of you become sympathetic towards Idpol?

When I lurk on most Leftypol boards, most posters here will scream "pol" or "nazi" if anyone criticizes the blacks, muslims, latinos, or even native americans.

I don't believe it for a moment that any serious communist/anarchist here is "anti idpol".
Most of you get triggered if anyone criticizes the blacks, doesn't give those fragile people any special treatment, rather holds them accountable for their crime rates.

Even if transgender people are brought up, most people here aren't against them, rather indifferent or tolerant towards them.

I think Leftypol, if they are a genuine marxist or anarchist, is in denial about how much they accept Idpol.
I have yet to see a good thread refuting the "white muh privilege" bullshit, or wage gap myth.

it's a "criticizing rightwing idpol is idpol" thread
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Retards here complain all day about idpol and spooks but whenever someone mentions they're a tranny they yell "you're a man!!!!!!!!" or "degenerate!!!!!!!" like the average retard from Holla Forums would.

Hating people who are different than you is not anti-idpol, lad. That is, in fact, just a different form of idpol. I don't give a fuck about trans people because they do not harm my fragile sensibilities, nor do I go on a smug rant about how the black population should control their violence when their communities have been shattered over decades of attacks by business and government alike but I don't feel the need to go in the opposite direction and declare their issues the most important battle of all because the class struggle is inherently the most effective for the proletariat to fight.


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If you criticise black people or Hispanics as an all-encompassing group, then you're being a tumblrina who gets pissy about people with melanin instead of people without it.

I'm sorry it triggers you that we don't give a fuck about who dresses up in what clothes or like to have consensual sex with who.

That's just piratefag, he's spooked as fuck.





I'm not a tranny you edgy manchild.

Well when they start sharing race I.Q. statistics and ranting about how we need to secure the country for white people, its hard not to.

Just throwing in something about doesn't mean they don't have "pol sympathises"

Thats because you aren't thinking critically, but its an imageboard site so who cares.


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Why fight idpol with idpol? Why not just focus on the normal issues like heat death of the planet and how capitalism isn't almost always the problem?


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Left-wing tranny death squads now!


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No, I just don't get triggered by niggers enough to spam Autism Level graphs and couldn't care less about trannies.



Well making blanket generalizations about an entire race is nothing but retarded Holla Forums shit and you should probably kill yourself before you end up making another inbred retarded baby with your sister.

Saying inbred people are retarded is just as much of a generalization as saying people of mixed race are retarded.

A study of anthropology and genetics makes one realize that the human race would not have existed without incest. Lots and lots of incest.

I think most people function well enough for being products of incest, so I say go ahead and fuck your sister.

Inbred people are proven to have a god damned buffet of health problems. You're a good example.

I'm talking five or six generations of only fucking sisters and daughters.

Pretty much, yeah. What do you think tribes were made of?


Having a child with your direct family is not healthy.

The point is that you are making a generalization about an entire group of people for their genetic makeup. You are not better than Holla Forums about this.

I think "having a child with your child is unhealthy for your child's child" and "all niggers are violent ignore the exceptions" are a tiny little bit different.

Accepting blacks, muslims, latinos, and native americans as distinct social groups who should somehow be collectively "held accountable" for their crime rates is pure idpol. Same with the idea that someone being a trap matters.

What you don't understand, OP, is that there is no black and white - only bourgeoisie and proletariat. It's not "white workers, unite!"

But that's exactly what humans did all throughout history. Do you think we started off with 7.4 billion? When a family journeyed from a center of civilization out into the wilderness, like in the Oregon Trail, did they go out there to just end their lineage? Who do you think they bred with? Bears?

Direct inbreeding is not healthy. I know to an extent it has happened throughout history but if you have sex with your child, and then your child's child, and then your child's child's child. You're going to have serious problems.

They are both about the same in principle. You just applied the "I'M BEING SILLY!" treatment to the viewpoint you don't agree with.

No m8, racism and not wanting to fuck your siblings are very different.

Consent requires free will to exist.

it's words on a screen, you histrionic bumblefuck.
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The implication you made is that racists have sex with their siblings, and that their offspring are retarded because of this.

As an insult to the person I was replying to and nothing more. I got a tiny bit concerned when it felt like people were justifying sibling sex, which is a bad idea.

You keep saying that, but that's exactly what humans did for thousands of years. A family became a clan, a clan became a tribe, a tribe became a village, and often only at that stage of development would the group entertain the idea of allowing outsiders in.

We all came from that shit, and most of us are ok.

Right, the tribes or families never exchanged people through trade or warfare, ever. They just made more flipper children.

There is nothing inherently wrong with identity politics.

There is. In fact, everything wrong with it is inherently wrong with it.