Is anyone here more sympathetic towards Trump than liberals?

Personally I support Trump if he sent the police and military on those stupid liberal protesters.

Liberals are the true enemy.
Idpol, if anything, is making people more sympathetic to the right wing.
I would love to see liberals gunned down, then the fascists would have to be gunned down.
Liberals are hopeless with their "muh white muh privilege" bullshit.
I hope Trump rapes SJW's, expels them from university, bankrupts and jails them.
As for the "racism" meme, it needs to be explained that the wealthy are the only muh privileged people, that a black rich man or woman is still by far better off than the poor whites in the rustbelt or the poor whites in any city.

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It's interesting that Leftypol claims to be anti Idpol, yet defends Idpol.


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You couldn't be more transparent if you tried damn dude slow down smoke a joint and stop being retarded.

OP didn't said that. All he said was that bourgies are muh privileged over poor people.
If you got triggered by this then you should seriously go back to reddit.

I agree

I agree

I disagree, I could never justify porky securing their interest through violence

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No but the dumb cunt I replied to implied it.

You NazBols are a fucking meme. Capitalism in decline is not a dearer friend than captalism with a human face.

IdPol fags can be fixed and are victims while stormniggers want us dead.

Yeah, those literally insane coloured haired attack helicopters are definitely victims and can be fixed.

And here's how you identify a. dumb. ass. bitch.

What the fuck? no one even brought up nazbols.

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So you literally think that rich blacks have it worse than poor whites because of "white muh privilege"?
You honestly think poor white people have some magical benefit over some poor black guy in the same neighbourhood or state?

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No, I think racism does exist and your fear of acknowledging it shouldn't hold the left back from making connections with oppressed minorities to mutually aid both of us in the struggle against capitalism. You pussy.


you sympathize with a fascist because you are a fascist



How much does racism exist?
Do you think white people should live in perpetual guilt over being born white?
That they should flag their backs for being white?
Yet you cannot claim to say white people are allies if you prefer to join with minorities with this "all white people are evil and are the enemy".
Sounds like you are a third world maoist, idiot.

What concessions are these?
Idpol always leads to white people trapped in their religion of "The Original sin is being born white, and you must forever feel guilty for being white".

Who wants children?

If you think Trump is a "lel spooky fascist", then you haven't been listening to Zizek, and you are triggered like SRS because of him, crying that an old rich white lady didn't win.

I wouldn't mind seeing Trump send the army after BLM. Watching these pampered blacks cry.

Nah, liberals will be on our side when unemployment is 40% and everything is falling apart. Conservatives will be joining private armies to slaughter useless proles, on the other hand

A lot.
Are you refusing to join with minorities? You have the balls to call me idpol with that? You take "anti-racism" as "anti-white" because you're oversensitive and it's a god damned glue the feet of the left is stuck in, keeping us from running, keeping us walking slowly.

I want a daughter. To dress her in cutesy dresses.
The closest thing to making anime real

Sorry user, you are a fascist. >>>Holla Forums