Watching tonights episode of Bill Maher


If we actually do our jobs as leftists instead of sitting on our asses, we may be able to get to that point before then.

i think i found problem user


Start mobilizing now. Like tomorrow.

Shove your opinions down your liberal friends throats like mad.

I think this episode is a valid exception m8


this is what American education does to your understanding of politics.

Bill Maher used to call Socialism an "Evil ideology", he got blown out by Whoopie who's a former(?) Marxist/Commie.

No, this is what happens when you run out of effective spins.

Ah, after googling this I found out she's a senior political correspondent for MTV.

Things are falling into place.

I learned something important from this episode.

Trump is nothing but a figurehead. His dumbass children and Pence are who is going to be running the country and making policy.

Gays start revolting now.


my freinds a self described Not Socialist, he's say trump will return power to the workers in a Not Socialist way

Between all the liberal shit, Bill Maher did at least point out that liberal shitting on white working class people was a major factor.

great job professors. fuck

I don't get what liberals see in him.

He basically proved that politically incorrect liberalism is still shit.

Its waaaaaaay to late tbh

-Rose to popularity during new-atheist movement.

-Critical of Dubya Bush like all the other liberal comedians at the time because he was easy cannon fodder.

-Shilled for centrists like Obama.

-Has "progressive" values that aren't really all that new or progressive anymore, like being pro-gay, pro-abortion, and pro-weed.

Yeah he was pretty much John Oliver: The Beta testing model.

*gotta admit, I liked his stand up routine on women and feminism. stopped clocks, etc.**

He's a Nationalist "Socialist" like Blair is a Social-ist.
Don't get yourself hung up on words.

Oliver is actually good.

And he's only second-guessing that strategy because he lost. The only good thing about Maher's show is that he at least interacts with people who disagree with him.

Oliver is fucking awful.

Watching smug liberals like him makes me want to suck start a shotgun.

Yeah, he turned around and claimed to be calling out liberals for that beforehand… No, I watch his shit regularly and he never does that. He does get on liberals' case for Islam apologia, but he never stands up for the working class, white people, or men.

Oliver does a little bit of good when he covers largely unknown issues that don't threaten the liberal narrative. He will portray a systemic problem as such, which at least pushes people in the right general direction away from scapegoating the ebul Republicans.

sage for doublepost

Lol. Last episode, Oliver said that people should stop sending each other clips of the show over facebook because it isn't helping and that they should subscribe to real journalism.

He also blamed Hillary's loss on the Democratic Party's elitism (as well as the electoral college and white supremacy)
And blew up the CURRENT YEAR.