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Always wanted a good left-wing take on the snek flag, all the ones that already exist are cringy.


very nice.





Could you PLEAAAASSSEEEEE draw Nestor Mahkno dog boy though?

arsonist alunya for fun~

(reposting for pngfags)

You just keep making her more perfect, Rachel.

Do you have a secret list of all the things im into or something, its getting creepy as fuck.

Fucking sweet.

But also, could you do this, though? if possible

y-yeah I totally remember it going down like that my dude

out of curiosity, does anyone have the original Hades pic from the movie?


Muke doesn't read and football hooliganism is not an argument.

1. It's not based off that event

2. It's used to explain what we advocate for, as opposed to Holla Forums who thinks that we're shitlibs

3. Actually read essays and books on anarchy before you make stupid statements like that

Man, Holla Forums is right. We really do have shitty meme magicians.


Muke is not an anarchist.

What's even the point of this meme? What's the joke?


Hi Holla Forums.

A meme is supposed to convey an idea. Tracing random shit is reddit-tier cringe.
If that's what you're aiming for, congrats.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but you have autism.



gives me good feels
png best


r/ing a cory in the house poster with Trump and all his children photoshopped into it and renamed "Trump in the house"

Come up with the slogan on your own


More content to use for right wing cringe threads

Not him, but are we really playing this game m8?

I tried to do a thing

I don't get it.

Is it that it looks like an erect penis?

The one on the right is clearly a joke.

The one of the left is legit cringe though. I'll give you that.


Is that a post meant for ants?


Explain this to me.

It's too small.

Not him, but I think it was making fun of liberals overreacting to Trump.

Someone please post pictures of leftist figures you'd like to see memes of. I'm considering going through my reaction image folder and creating Holla Forums versions of them. I know, Zizek, Marx, Sanders, Stirner, etc., but more obscure people are welcome. Simpler images preferred since most memes are simplistic.

Picture related, made it a while ago.

Oh, well here's a better version then.

We don't meme Jameson enough

There's a difference between having fun, and being triggered over memes, tbh.


Hmm, maybe it's making fun of the anti-intellectualism behind being a nazi. It's really easy to just ignore any outside information and hate jews, blacks, etc.

this motherfucker

Bookchin, G. A. Cohen

Here's what came to mind.

Here's my latest edits I gone and done

Part deux, electrical bourgoisaloo

Had a genuine kek over these


But it was me what made the third one.
I made a better version too.





Oops, sorry about that.

I like the more popular one though, it puffs up Max's ego


Simple, but gratifying

bumping for interest

Love your work, fäm.

that's fucking great

Got this one.

Oh and here's my enraged army of minutemen pepes to keep all autists at bay.

Cheers m8

Bordiga is quite memeable imo.

Bringing reddit here and normiebook was a mistake.

This seems like a good post to base some questions I have.

Is this actually a common opinion on/leftypol/? Mainly:
I thought you were basically antifa minus the identity politics?
If I'm correct, the popular opinion on the election is that both of them were shit? Were you supportive of Sanders before that?
Also, does Holla Forums have an opinion on veganism and/or climate change?

Pretty much.

We were supportive of comrade sanders till he turned class traitor.

Veganism is shit, and climate change is real

Opposition to mass immigration is kind of a tricky issue - in the short term, it can certainly lower the living standards of workers in a given place and further divide the proletariat due to the resulting resentment. On the other hand, most of us are internationalists who do believe in freedom of movement. It's a question of tactics more than anything.

As for racism, it's more to do with the fact that historically it has been institutions and authorities that have imposed segregation and division. For example, the white identity had to be cultivated and taught, and prior to the 18th century or so, most people did not think of themselves as "white" and the idea of a united "white" race did not exist; it was more of a way to convince poor whites in the US that they were muh privileged over blacks and keep them from working together or opposing the system that kept them both down. BLM is a response to some very legitimate grievances, but black churches and many leading black academicians and public figures are pretty closely tied up with the ruling establishment and explicitly steer things towards idpol rather than moving in an economic direction.

Equal opportunity just refers to the fact that the ideal way to establish equality is to give everyone equal opportunity to work - to actually work for full value, mind you, not to compete for the same number of dwindling slave jobs making value for someone else.

People here generally liked Sanders, although he is an extremely moderate socdem, and he's nobody's ideal candidate. Lots of us have a justified aversion to any kind of bourgeois politics or reformism, but he's still better than the alternatives.

I dunno about veganism, but last time we had a thread a bunch of people called it out as bourgeois sentimentality and liberal virtue signaling, and climate change is a real thing that threatens us all.

What's the source of this meme?

OC threads were up before your cancerous ass showed up

hades, a character from some cartoon about that half-god guy from greece, you know…
at least that's what the face kinda reminds me of but no idea how the original image looks like and what the context is

despite the KPRF being pretty shit for the most part (their Stalin worship is neat tho)
they got this right amongst few things:

"We emphasize: the problem of mass illegal migration - is a product of capitalism condemns whole populations to poverty and the search for a better life working abroad. Capitalism creates the desire to maximize profits and personal gain, pushing entrepreneurs and officials to violate the law and the admission of illegal immigrants into the labor market of our country. We believe that the solution to the problem of illegal migration at the root is possible only when the socialist system, the revival of the Soviet Union, with its single economic system. At the same time we recognize that urgent measures to restore order in Russia are needed now. The primary steps in this direction even within capitalism should be offered the Communist Party legislative initiatives."

google translate result for

When we say that experience and reason prove that men are not equal, we mean by equality, equality in abilities or similarity in physical strength and mental ability.

It goes without saying that in this respect men are not equal. No sensible person and no socialist forgets this. But this kind of equality has nothing whatever to do with socialism. If Mr. Tugan is quite unable to think, he is at least able to read; were lie to Lake the well-known work of one of the founders of scientific socialism, Frederick Engels, directed against Dühring, he would find there a special section explaining the absurdity of imagining that economic equality means anything else than the abolition of classes.

template hades again?


le pancake man




Who is Lenin quoting?

you have to eat all the burger

These are genuinely unfunny.

Would this be a metaphor for what is to come?


unfunny but accurate

No, just unfunny.


You stole that from Xexizy's video didnt you

Who the fuck is that? Nevermind. I saw a youtube comment saying that trump pulled a no man's sky and I did this. If it bears any resemblance to anything, who gives a shit…it is not like I am trying to make money off of it.

No need to be so defensive it was more of a joke. Though yea a youtuber had already made that comparison.

It isn't a far-fetched one.


Why the fuck is the employee of a totalitarian, idpol safe space-pushing company like Riot Games posting on Holla Forums?


You shouldn't post post people's personal info

What are you smoking?

it's not hard for people to look up if they want to know, but its rude to post that here


it's an anonymous imageboard, its impolite to reveal someone's identity like that.


Good one

It's unusual, but I fail to see a problem. You don't have to agree with everything your employers or co-workers believe to work somewhere. Even if she did, you don't have to agree with everything leftypol posters believe to post in leftypol.

Everyone has to get paid user, I've chatted with her and she mostly sees it as a way to put food on the table and wants to eventually make her own comics.

It's not revealing someone's identity when she's already public about it.

But morality is a spook, and Christians are all about that sin and salvation.


check em

You failed.

i was close tbh, just wanted to post the meme

lol, get a life.

Can you pls not do that? I don't want to see my face and name all over chan boards, which is why I don't put pics of myself here or on my political twitter.

I work for Riot because they pay well and they treat artists very well, compared to most of the video game industry who treat artists like a used tissue. They also promote and credit artists' personal social media and websites, which is something I've never seen any video game company do.

They also send you random gifts in the mail, like art books, prints of your artwork, and shirts, and thank you for your work for them.

I'm proud to work for Riot, not gonna hide it. They're cool folks and they make a rad game with neat characters.

Why does that mean I can't be a socialist, too?

I missed the drama, what happened?


You're right, she should work for one of those other many socialist companies. What were they called again?

the emotion he is expressing is vague and to the normal person would see this as a failed meme

Dude's probably a Holla Forumsyp or a Holla Forumstard wanting you to drop contact with us.
Some people didn't take Holla Forums surpassing Holla Forums pretty well.

This one's probably more your speed, then. I made it just for you.

Fucking good one, user

I'm dying

For my Holla Forums star trek fans


forgot to add that this isn't really oc but i found it funny



an oldie but worth repoasting

Wew lad.

Jk user idc, we're glad to have you here to draw catgirls for us degenerates.



Just drew this. What should Trump be saying?

Didn't Lenin specifically take into account the different ethnicities within Russia, talking about how "there is no single Russia"?



Just made this

This hurts my eyes user, please stop with your shitty memes, it's literally not good if it's only good in your mind.


fresh oc


I love you when is the new Situcat comic coming?


i second pancake man


Make one with America saying "When you fund radical Islamists to kill commies but then they commit the largest terror arrack ever on US soil so you go after them but you invade the wrong country and 5000 Americans are killed"



daily reminder that we don't appreciate cgdf enough and should remind her of how much she is appreciated every day

i love you catgirl drawfag

I made this for a shitpost thread but then it was deleted. Good job mods.


Not really OC but here's a clip of Chapo I uploaded to youtube.
Also here's a comic edit.

I don't know what I'm more shocked by: the fact that I didn't think of this myself, or that it took this long for someone one around here to make it. Good job.

I made this one, r8

it's a shota porky

Speaking of memes, are there any good groups on facebook? Marxist Memes is by retarded historical revisionist stalinists and not even funny.

Hey LOSERS, you finnaly made Holla Forums laught with ya OC.

sort of compels you to introspect

it says loli in the file name

here ya go fam

Hardly lude enough



Rate boys

dear god no

Pretty good

Got another Hades edit, lads

This is the best one imo

Fresh off the presses. I made this joke when the coup happened but I never made it into an image until now.


maximum autism

why live?

We're reaching levels of smug never thought possible.

kek, saved. Best OC.

Yeah I remember suggesting that someone make that because I lack the talent to do it myself, it's good to know that we're still posting.


I like it

I fucking love his Yeah after she reminds him of the audience

it's literally Yeah, they were fucking delusional right?

It's like "yeah, hmm, I did say that didn't I? How times change!"


Let's make more like these, guys

Can you make a Spanish anarchist one?

please don't associate real heroes with frogposting


That's pretty spooky, user

kinda neat, did you do it?

Flipnote studio

Can you put some frames at the end and some text saying "Gulag." at the end so it can be used as a reaction?

Keked at the last one

A Clinton asked a Sanders to carry her across an election. The Sanders hesitated. "But won't you just abandon your progressive agenda once you get into office?" The Clinton says "if I did that, then neither of us will get elected." The Sanders thinks for a moment and nods, letting the Clinton onto his back.

Halfway across the campaign, the Sanders felt a knife in its back. He asks the Clinton: why did you sting me? Now we'll lose control of the entire government. The Clinton replied: "I couldn't help it. It's my nature."

Gulag edition



Look at this, it's probably the only original Holla Forums meme and it's pure salt.

youre not in a position to accuse us of stealing memes tbh

Forgot this salty meme. Has all of Trump's cum turned your blood to salt?




To bad you meme'd a non fascist candidate who flip flops on his policies

how did a far left board lose an election between a centrist and a center right candidate


Trump isn't going to do anything he said he would, see . He used you to get elected and now he's just like any other politician. Keep going on about leftist tears though if it makes you feel better.




I feel like this is a trend

Not something to be proud tbh

The top of the page told me to go here

me too buddy

Listen to


But we make the best memes!



Shitty meme+template

You guys really are really bad at memes.


Ooohhh you wounded me, user. How ever shall I recover?

do you guys really have to take the bait each time

Need a drink samefag.


I think there's also a subtext of, "Yeah, no shit I got those crazy fucks chanting bullshit, I'm just that great".


their whole ideology is a meme so they ought to know

holy shit there is only one good meme in this thread… get your shit together lefty pol



My god you people are painfully unfunny. We can determine that your memes are shit because they don't exist anywhere outside of this board.

Also they're really, really unfunny.

Now this is funny.


Oh my, however will we leftists recover?

That's a really good question now that big boss man is in charge.

The big boss man who's flip flopped on his policies, and isn't going to throw Hillary in jail, and is pretty much just another useless American politician.

Wew buddy, you sure showed me

You leftist are really shit at making memes.
Tip: They have to be funny to get through the mental defenses and convey a simple message that infects and blossoms.
But by the time you stupid fucks will manage to grasp it, we'll already have a fascist Empire, ruling the stars.

I should make one saying 'only good party is communist party'

Holla Forums - intellectually inept

Who cares. Do you honestly think we ever cared about any of that? We just wanted our king back. We wanted the sword to be back in OUR hands. Where it belongs. Where it ALWAYS belonged.

Dumb frogposting memethief


a big, black, throbbing sword, right? :^)

You sure showed us.

irony at its finest


Do I detect salt?


Where are your memes? They're not on Normiebook, they're not on youtube, they're not on cytube, where are they besides here? They don't take off. They don't spread. They are failures by definition.

no, mere smirking at a retard having convulsions

Going to make a meme of this as well

Keep it up. You might get it next time.

Must be the cum in your mouth :o)

Wew buddy, you sure showed us.


Good question.

Nice spooks

Have you tried leaving your electric circlejerk?

Are they? Are normie youth sharing your memes? You sure?

not an argument

No really. Don't let me discourage you. You almost had it that time.

Yeah pretty sure.

You guys cant refute this.

You picked up a lot of tricks from the SJWs, but your passive aggressive sassiness is surpassing them.


De-class cucking memes might take you up on that…


requesting edit of this, can't be arsed

the reason why your shitty memes are everywhere is because you're basically the type of faggot that uses "meme arrows" on social media where you're stalking chads bitches and hope she'll respond




Is this a funny meme?

>Yup, looks like everything here is from society.


dude what the hell

thank you board volunteer. better late than never

Is this a funny meme?

Is this a funny meme?

Keep socialism in one thread, brother

Communism have never been tried before. Neither were mass executions. So you leftist scum should be rounded up and slaughtered, because it will be great.


Stormfags confirmed for meme porkies

You before us, stormfag

cry harder classcuck

Fuck off commies

Yes, go-.. I mean, comrade. These porkies are all the same. We must spread the wealth with all the thug-.. I mean oppressed proletariat and drench ourselves in a new era of Utopic equality!

You came to our board. You fuck off

The fact that we killed 100 billion people and there's still stormniggers means we just have to kill more this time around, tbh.

your tears are delicious

Is this a funny meme?

Liberal detected.

Pretty spooky, tbh.

You dont own it faggot it aint yours


And you come to our World. So you fuck off.

Your willful ignorance is amusing, commie. Will you stop being an idiot and acknowledge we have a common enemy?

This has to be a funny meme.

You may be a stormfag, but still, moar.


And you have the gall to call us ignorant.

What did he mean by this?

your world is mine. as are you, dear property.

Yeah the rich which divide us

Yeah, nah

Divisive scum. We're not living in a caste system. Anyone can elevate themselves. Anyone who prevents the rightful elevation of a hard worker must face justice.

You deny your own fucking convictions for the sake of "winning le argument."

I think it's a funny meme? It has to be, Holla Forums has the best memes.

Funniest meme ITT, Holla Forums, turns out your memes are the funniest!

What is the essence of the deviation towards Great-Russian chauvinism under our present conditions?

The essence of the deviation towards Great-Russian chauvinism lies in the striving to ignore national differences in language, culture and way of life; in the striving to prepare for the liquidation of the national republics and regions; in the striving to undermine the principle of national equality and to discredit the Party's policy of nationalising the administrative apparatus, the press, the schools and other state and public organisations.

In this connection, the deviators of this type proceed from the view that since, with the victory of socialism, the nations must merge into one and their national languages must be transformed into a single common language, the time has come to abolish national differences and to abandon the policy of promoting the development of the national cultures of the formerly oppressed peoples.

In this connection, they refer to Lenin, misquoting him and sometimes deliberately distorting and slandering him.

Lenin said that under socialism the interests of the nationalities will merge into a single whole—does it not follow from this that it is time to put an end to the national republics and regions in the interests of
internationalism? Lenin said in 1913, in his controversy with the Bundists, that the slogan of national culture is a bourgeois slogan—does it not follow from this that it is time to put an end to the national cultures of the peoples of the USSR in the interests of . . . internationalism?

Lenin said that national oppression and national barriers are destroyed under socialism—does it not follow from this that it is time to put a stop to the policy of taking into account the specific national features of the peoples of the USSR and to go over to the policy of assimilation in the interests of . . . internationalism?

And so on and so forth.

There can be no doubt that this deviation on the national question, disguised, moreover, by a mask of internationalism and by the name of Lenin, is the most subtle and therefore the most dangerous species of Great-Russian nationalism.

Firstly, Lenin never said that national differences must disappear and that national languages must merge into one common language within the borders of a single state before the victory of socialism on a world scale. On the contrary, Lenin said something that was the very opposite of this, namely, that "national and state differences among peoples and countries … . will continue to exist for a very, very long time even after the dictatorship of the proletariat has been established on a world scale" (Original Comment: JVS: My italics) (Vol. XXV, p. 227). How can anyone refer to Lenin and forget about this fundamental statement of his?

Classcuck detected.



Nice ideology, faggot

Well fuck, I guess I'm an egoist now. I had no idea.



besides "happy merchant" that's pretty much the only other meme you got going


Faces of Liberalism
Liberalism - Not Once


I'm a classic liberal, roast me.

You will find yourselves in the situation where your local "comrade" will back stab you just because you smell like you just used a Hugo Boss perfume.

Be smart, or you'll forever wonder "why did the proletariat smash my head against the pavement?" A proletariat that faces extinction due to automation, while you fags circle jerk on "spooks."

Pavement is a spook, can't touch my ego.

It's because we encourage rational thinking and proper discussion

You, on the otherhand, post "le ebin trump xDD" pictures and call everyone niggers

And you are not doing any better here,black people are the \worst racists have you seen how they treat asians,arabs and indians in some leftist boards.They rage and kvetch all day like mad animals.

You're a poncey neoliberal cop out whose only distinction from the status quo is a masturbatory worldview.

No we called your shit repetitive and boring

Lurk more, faggot

But I'm not an anarchist.

Which is why we oppose idpol

Lurk more

stop responding. just report

t. guy who is deliberately antagonizing against minorities instead of porkie and automation
What the fuck are you doing tier

And you say we have shit taste

>so you admit we have comedy on our side, and [unfunny rambling in butthurt faggot]
Nice one m8 those lefties wont no wot him em!

I find it exciting that you were triggered by a tiny flag

Stormfag confirmed for not knowing what he's talking about

Pot, meet kettle.

Are you going to post that prager video next?

As for Picasso I liked his blue period and the three musicians is a personal favourite of mine

Tfw you become what you first sought to destroy

But they're literally getting literally triggered just by literally looking at these literal unfunny memes which we stole from them but literally don't see anywhere but here.

Is this a funny meme?


All board link here so people can see these abominations. All of 8ch is laughing at you.

Wow, someone is butthurt.

Yeah, came from another board, too. It's funny as fuck.

thanks for the free publicity, classcuck

well shit
What can we do to remediate this?

Lmao butthurt hotwheels
Fucking diseased midget cunt
I hope he falls down his chair and dies

it's like watching this one south park episode

I just want to say I love you and I appreciate you catgrill neechan

This is getting pathetic.

Almost as pathetic as Hillary losing

I would agree, but something tells me you're trying to be clever here.

I'm so happy clintonism is now completely dead

Chairman Bernie would have won

I know I'm literally days late in a 300+ post thread, but I'm replying anyway because I know somebody else will be reading your post and the other replies.
This whole "what does Holla Forums think about x" bullshit is even more bullshit than it is regularly.
I've been browsing for just under a year now, and I think the only thing that I've seen consistently is that every time somebody raises an issue there's never any strong consensus.
I think the only thing that people on here can agree on is that:
1. Capitalism is shit, and is destroying the world and the people in it. And
2. Politically active liberals are some of the most despicable people on this earth.

Once you go further than that, I think you can make statements in the form of "A sizable portion of the posters think X".

If I were to answer your questions personally.
Don't oppose. This does not in any way address the issue though, this is just a matter of helping people in need.
I think that's a load of bull. The media and authorities fuel the fire, not the least because they benefit from it, but to say they are the cause is misguided. Reactionaries and cultural hangover more likely
I'm an anarchist.
Bourgeois idpol is cancer, but the struggle of the minorities is inherently linked with the class struggle
Better than the others, still shit, potus can't do shit about the real problems, again, I'm an anarchist.
Obviously superior, completely unimportant and way too much of a hassle in contemporary world.
Serious issue.

I don't feel that my answers to these questions are that irregular here, even though they're not the answers everybody else will give you as the "certified Holla Forums opinion" if you ask.
sage because no content

>i think you can only make statements in the form of "a sizable portion thinks x"



You are assuming he was serious at all. He sold his soul to Clinton, get over it.

eat shit subhuman classcuck

I don't understand why the volunteers are moderating this thread so heavily, some of these replies are hilariously unfunny and desperate.

I think he just bought into the anything but Trump meme. Now that it's over he seems like he's back on the warpath. Either way he was a socdem anyway, he didn't go nearly far enough to begin with.

You've got to be kidding me.

LMFWAAAO (laughing my fucking white aryan american ass off)

This thread is now a butthurt screencap thread.

They do it for free the proletariat!

Why does Holla Forums assume that leftists are liberals? It's like the easiest thing in the world to set yourself straight on. We even have a sticky on it.

I'm sorry my political beliefs are not as internet cool as yours. But like at least we have a presence in the real world, and y'know, actual political representation. Unless you're american lol

because they're low-intellect subhumans, mostly americans. just worthless garbage


I really, really, really like this post.

Does anyone have the Webm for this?

good maybe some drawfag can make something good

I feel bad for you guys, you still haven't understood the whole meme magick thing. I would dog on you more but it's just sad now.

Fuck your magic, we have dialectics.

the sheer amount of autism pol has for my little pony is impressive

Wew, free clicks

I mean take a look at the abomination you posted. Who is going to look at that and know what the fuck you're referring to. Your whole dialectic thing, much like your own ideologies (LMAO ZIZEK LMAO) are just high context in jokes for depressed commies with no vision other than vague adherence for a failed state. I could lead you to the door of memehalla and you would just call it a spook. Good luck over the next four years, put up a better fight next time.

so you expect all of Holla Forums to be your personal army ?

kek wat


Leftist aren't liberals, retard. Clinton isn't a leftist.

kill yourself subhuman classcuck trash

thanks for Holla Forums - 1000 active users

I’m working on a theory regarding the moral, societal, and philosophical implications of traps. What is a Trap but the seamless interchange and unification of the two sexes, beyond that of even the transexual. If one were to find a neutral point, a kind of singularity within the universe of human sexality then this one amalgamation of people would be it. The Greeks almost reached the truth in regard to Traps, finding a gateway to nirvana via young men. Several sculptures point to an intense fascination in this blending of the sexes, almost bordering on religious. But empires and states needed “norms” that allowed for a centralization of power, and what better way of centralizing power than denying humanity its path to contentment? Therefore a false sexual normality was built to have Modesty on one end, and sexual deviants on the other end. Modesty embodied normative society, and allowed sexual freedom but only within the context that it was controlled. Then the deviants would be culled into the outskirts of society. But is not this deviant class also necessary to maintain a “normative society”? While this system created conflict it always kept the deviant class at bay, the true tragedy is that the state of the “trap” could never be fully realized. Traps (being the natural state of rest for all sexuality) were pushed unnaturally into a false and artificial group crafted by the elite. So the act of terrorizing a segment of society, and then using that terror to cause the destruction of an environment ripe for traps was a double evil by the rulers. Early ancient states at least were purely physical in their chastisement of the deviants, and perhaps a trap could bloom every few years. But this was put to an end by the church. Language itself became a tool of entrapping the power of the trap. Did not Chesterton say that the church and reactionary forces were holding something dear, a kind of ancient code that could crash should revolutionary fire grow to bold? What else could he be referring to other than the power of traps? And now the trap is returning, slowly but surely. Note that the trap is something different than the movement around the sexual revolution. No it is something pure and integral to human happiness! Finally the chains are starting to rust!

fuck off back to your hole, degenerate classcuck filth

chill out nigga


>you should make memes normies can understand, like facebook, or Holla Forums

Quoted the whole post because it will probably disappear when the hotpockets go bunkers.


At the rate volunteer buddy is deleting 'em, if it was gonna get baleeted it would've been gone already.

lol, had to preserve this gem. You guys are chanology 2.0

Jim Watkins, dataminer and entrepreneur, owns 8ch. Ever wonder why a site in the US that has been connected to the far right and harassing judges still has a warrant canary?

fuck off classcuck scumbag


As opposed to not reading at all (which is the condition of the rest of the site), reading only little is not too bad

I don't get it, Codemonkey himself asked our board's staff if they wanted to make an announcement (>>1048763) and hours later he accepted >>>/sudo/9188 without wondering if it's actually someone from this board.


codemonkey was just trying to be polite and /bin/ish was just salty
nobody won here








I fucking forgot wolff did that


Unfunny unoriginal meme.

Not sure what happened with all that """"white"""" space.






I swear to fucking god I cannot believe she unironically said that. This is what happens when degenerates breed

I wouldn't even feel bad caving in these people's skulls with a baseball bat.


Even the concept of rehashing Garrison itsel was stolen by Holla Forums, it's actually a rehash of a rehash.
The whole point originally was that Garrison is so poor and unnuanced of a political cartoonist that there really wasn't any difference between him and the laughable white supremacist cartoons. Wasn't one of the first people to push the meme jewish in the first place?

Yes because whining about memes makes you look better

Literally nobody here (save from some memesters) support that cocksucker Hillary

I mean just look at the abomination you just posed. Who is going to read that and know what the fuck you're referring to. Your whole meme magic thing, much like your own ideologies (LMAO WHITE NATIONALISM LMAO) are just high context in jokes for depressed betas with no vision other than vague adherence for a failed system. I could lead you to the door of a socialist utopia and you would call me a cuck. Good luck over the next few decades, put up a better fight next time.

proving once again that they're friendless nerd virgins that masturbate to anime

That was Joshua Goldberg.
He even admited that despite being jew, it was fun to make those antisemitic edits.
The edits stopped after Joshua was arrested.

As for Ben Garrison, he's still pissed at 4chan and even made an edit of moot (on the days when 4chan thought he was hitting a taken girl). That's why he supported the exodus from 4chan into Holla Forums.

Educate yourself: Forums-last-night/

I'm sure the mainstream media agrees that although Holla Forums made the "Feels Good Man" meme and /r9k/ developed the Rare Pepes and the Tendies stories, it was Holla Forums the ones who made of Pepe a new symbol of hate, something that had never happened before.


Crazy raid last night, eh lads?

the cartoonist that created pepe fucking hates trumpeteers
The averange Holla Forumsice doesn't know where pepe comes from or that the original character was a stoner

Ahhh so basically admitting that Holla Forums never really makes that much OC, BUT regurgitates other people's memes while claiming to be ''''original""

Got it

who is dat ?




Salvador Allende
Have some feels

The fact that we make Holla Forumsyps incredibly mad just by existing makes me feel great.
I even saw some avatarfag from the husk that is the gamergate general avatarfagging here.

If you ask me, I think it show's that we're winning. They're getting triggered over memes like SJWs.

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ancap guy's bowtie is stuck in his neck rolls



exactly as it should be

Hey guys
Where can I find the plastic penis Zizek webm
Is it on youtube or any video sharing site

Alunya for LoL Champion when?

How are you doing, comrades?



this is why I don't see potential in these "template" memes: they can be applied to everyone, from rad.left to nazis

Awt-Right truly is cringe.
Any moar?
t. Holla Forums


holy fuck did moly meme really make a review of ängri burds?





Original Stirners Donut Spook

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one thousand years in gimp

by the power of autism



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