Is the left cool, trendy and anti-establishment again? Can we destroy the alt-right in the meme wars?

Is the left cool, trendy and anti-establishment again? Can we destroy the alt-right in the meme wars?

Just as Obama's election caused the Tea Party to rise, will we see a similar movement founded by socialists to become a current in the Democratic Party due to Trump, eventually taking over?

No. The democratic party must be crushed. New parties must emerge.

It would be easier for Socialists to take over the Dems though. That way we'll already have a base and won't need to compete against two large parties.

yeah, but they're gay. And the Dems are already pretty weak

Just because the establishment doesn't like you doesn't mean you're right.

The AltRight will never be the establishment of anything. They don't even have real life groups.

Absolutely not

Movements like Tea Party can be grassroots, but they only succeed because they receive funding, support and coordination from the GOP establishment. And that establishment would have never supported them if they had outsider challengers in the 2008/2012 elections.

The Democrats had Sanders, he almost won, they lost everything in the elections, they know their positions is weak. To build up grassroots movements from the Left could mean suicide.

You also need to take into account that they already supported some "safe" outsider movements like BLM, but even there some significant guys like King and DeRay supported Sanders, so I doubt they'll give them the same degree of support from now on.

And, in a way, Trump is the outcome of 8 years of Republicans trying to build up anti-Establishment groups thinking it would only affect Obama and the Democrats. At this point, in GOP circles, they must be pointing all sorts of fingers to whoever thought it was a good idea to give dudes like Jones and McInness and groups like the Tea Party any support or audience. They invited the people who created Trump in, and the Dems now know not to make the same mistake.

Pretty much, Trump won because he is very charismatic, Shillary the worst candidate in decades and people afraid of chinks/pajeets/pacos taking their precious low tier jerbs. There is a massive world out of the chinese cartoon forums.

Good luck getting 2% for the next 100 years. What the left need is infiltrating the Democratic party.

I disagree with infiltrating the Democrat party.
It's idpol liberals.

I say the path forward for the left is to forge new vanguard movements with Millennial flair. We will have to pounce on this before the fascists and porkies do, which they have.

Lolno. He won because the only other alternative was someone whose agenda was "We're not gonna change anything." Trump at least was something different.

only if we have the right meme theory my comrade. We are not as united as the fascists so we can be easily divided by small issues.

Not for nothing i mentioned people being afraid of Rajeesh/Chang/Juan.

Remember OWS?

Ignore all party politics establish grass roots networks of co-operatives and activists

How did punk rock do it? has a point, and that's something punks did. Too bad they didn't get any candidates into big offices, cuz, you know, it was music, not politics.


It isn't about using the state or destroying the state, its about superseding the state with networks of mutual aid.

If you can find me 45 potential ready and willing Red Army Soldiers in the UK and most of them don't have some kind of tism I would be impressed.

If you could arm them in a manner necessary for an insurrection of would be blown away.

If this insurrection sparked a revolution and not just a whole wave of police state and anti leftist media I would not be on planet earth any more I would be in a dream world

The Democrats will reevaluate their position though. They'll try to win back the white working class, they might even try and elect someone like Sanders next time. The establishment has proven to fail within the Democrats.

Ugh, fucking kill me.

Then again, at least the Bush years gave us shit like Wonder Showzen.

Hey comrade, that shit discredited the right for ages. I definitely feel with the right support the left can win big next time. Obama's campaign developed from Howard Dean's, I can definitely see Sandersite winning the Dem nomination next time.

When you have a president elected whom you supported because you thought he was your guy, then yeah, you're pretty much establishment at that point.