In this thread we discover other comrades close to us

In this thread we discover other comrades close to us.

I'm in Glasgow.

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Austria reporting in.


FBI pls leave.

Szeged, Hungary

Valencia, Spain


Quantico, US.




I'm right near the IE, but I'm poorly read and a suicidal recluse, so typical leftypoler I guess.

Fuck off back to reddit.


Is this a hook up thread or what




Rampant commie baby making for the revolution fam

nassua county ny

im a trans girl btw


Michigan, relatively in Grand Rapids

Do you have a dick?

R-Romefags where we at?


as in Italy ?

no i have a girl tinkler


I'm probably the only one here.

Near R'dam netherlands



What? All self-respecting brands of Communism are materialistic.

Hallo kameraad

Podgorica.I'd be suprised if there's someone from this region,let alone country.

I'm in Louisiana. I have a more or less user twitter if anyone wants a follow


plz be real


Gde ste picke?

It doesnt matter. Im moving to a more socialist place soon.


pls I can't be the only one

kill all mongols

Hi Randstad here

As far as I can tell there is quite a few of us from Glasgow.

I'm in Cambridge, UK. Anyone (pref girl) want to hang out


cali high desert

There HAS to be a few other faggots in the Greater Toronto Area on here!

this is not a dating site

Paris, France

Hartford County

Which county?


londonfags come to the education demonstration on the 19th

me and muke will be there

explain yourselves you cunts

As a NazBol, you'll vote for the Front National? I heard about some genuine National Bolshevist parties in Northern France and Belgium that sort of aim for a pan-European movement

I'm Munich, Germany btw.

Piscean imagery relating to Christ

desperation, the post

Could you repeat that?

Just contain your dick for a second and be reasonable.

1.There might be 3-4 girls on Holla Forums. Chance they are single, not disgustingly ugly and are somehow in England is almost zero.

2. There are plenty of dating apps out there with nice girls where you'd get 1 reply out of 15 messages of so. That's a good quota. Try that.

Zealand, Denmark

new jersey

My location or the pic?

Nice quads son


I'm in paris too


i wonder who could be behind this post?

Tolland. You?

new zealand

or at least two regulars maybe more.

Eyy which part though?

Lehigh Valley here


St Louis Missouri

wtf are they gonna do with this dumbass


Northeast Ohio.


noice, Wyoming Valley for me

Never thought I'd see a Maoist from Scranton


Idpol capital of Australia



Long Island, NY


is it ?

I am, but I'm not gay


Vancouver anyone here.

Tallahassee, Florida

Los Angeles


i bet you're from auckland with that chink flag

Buenos Aires

I'm in Phoenix, Arizona.

Also how do you get the flags to show up.


California, San Deigo

North or South?


Good to see some Scandibros here.

I'm Munich, Germany as well.
Welcher Umkreis?

south island of new zealand

I'm in New Zealand too, Auckland

Me too.

are you kidding me?! i guess you actually want to be data collectors' bitch

I was engaged to a girl from Auckland, I should have married her and gotten out of this shithole of a country.

Ayy same here.

10/10 meme
I'm from Clermont-Frd myself

Schwabing…hab da tatsächlich eine günstige Wohnung gefunden


Limburg, Netherlands

Bist du in irgendwelchen Organisationen aktiv? Hab mir überlegt mal in die Linke einzutreten (wohn direkt neben deren Regionalbüro), bisher aber noch abgeschreckt wg IdPol und Reformismus…

Irgendwelche Frankfurter, Meenzer, Heiner oder Umgebung?

Klick on show post options & limits
Below the picture frame

Fiets Band


the most lefty country in Europe

Yeah man. Its shitty but probably not as bad as the US.

I can name Lenin, Hegel, Marx, Che, Engels, Trotsky, Mao, Sartre, Rosa, Kissinger (?), Stalin, Bakunin, Plekhanov, Gramsci, Kropotkin, Castro, Althusser (?)… and I know I'm missing a fair few.

I know for a fact that the chances of finding a comrade near me is nil as I live in the most porky and classcucked tax haven island in all of Europe; Jersey, Channel Islands.
Someone please send help even the NSA's company will do


I've been to Jersey, it's nice but yeah, very porky.

Also a Britfag, from a village near Cambridge


north nj btw

Vancouver, standing by.


Hartford County, close to the Mass. border


Cool. What town if ya mind me asking? I live in Stafford so I commute to Massachussetts a lot for work. Also because CT has no jobs.

São Paulo, Brasil.

Any Marylanders?

Southern CT

san diego

estas en las huelgas de oaxaca?

I'm about 50 miles north of STL, in Illinois. We're in the metro area and get STL news.

no porque son burgueses contra burgueses

Who else /pnw/ here?

Uhm, Chile.

I'm from Hartford county, but living in VT now.


is your president going to be removed?

Uppsala here. Had a blast last Saturday.

Was in kent, now in chehalis

Any Sussex lads?

Rennes France, any hot communists near me to play video games?

wait're y'all the same guy?
I'm a liberal flirting with anarchist and (actual seizing the MoP) socialist ideas.
how do find others

Glasgow cunts say AYE

yes do you want to have pure transbian cuddles?

Tourcoing, France

Hé, je vivais à Lille il y a peu, maintenant Rennes.

wsh t'es ser ?



putain va de capitalisme à socialisme et c'est mon skype

What time? Also you realise that event is scheduled for 2015

Révolution ? Je suis pas sûr de comprendre, va falloir moins subtil.

au fait

Same here; I am reading this:

I'd appreciate if someone would comment on it because I'm not really understanding it.

Envoyé, Tovarisch ;)

Everyone on Holla Forums is beautiful.


DFW here. Could meet up if any of you guys happen to go to UTA.

t r u

Wow comrade I'm just outside in Milngavie

Edmonton, Canada

The hellhole is very lonely place

oh so you live in Mulgie


Where do you live fam

in your mum puss

como? pense que eran campesinos

Utrechter hier die elk weekend in Schiedam en Rotterdam is. Ik hoor steeds meer van mensen die in Rotterdam leven en socialistische ideeën hebben. Klein partijtje een idee als tegengewicht vootr de verkankerde antifa-losers?

Canelones-uruguay aca

Me deberia unir a un partido?

Rolled 2 (1d2)
I do happen, actually.

Fuck off muslim cockroach

Y'a d'autres Ariègeois ici?

Me too desu

t. not FIT

il y a une bonne population française ici…
Je m'y attendais pas.

No discord for this board?


What's the state of the Left over there?

According to half chan Melbourne is full of PC liberals

Yeah there are a lot. That's why Adam Bandt keeps getting elected.

I was asking what the Left in like in Adelaide though

not very great, i think. but im not really qualified to judge, i've lived in adelaide my whole life and only visited other aussie cities for short trips. i go to uni but am hardly involved politically with student clubs or anything like that.

as the other guy said, its melbourne that has the reputation for idpol shit, adelaide not so much but it's present. socialist alternative is fairly active, they're always putting on these events (film screenings, discussion nights etc.) about marxism and stuff but i've never gone to one of those. the general impression i get from my classmates and from normalfags on facebook is that nobody takes socialist alternative seriously except for socialist alternative. they're viewed as annoying assholes who'll get in your face, i think there's even a facebook group just for saying "soc. alt. is gathering at XYZ location, avoid".

pic related, socialist alternative people trashed SA senator Cory Bernardi's office because of his opposition to the Safe Schools anti-bully program for LGBT kids (i think) and it was on the news and the right wing students put these posters up around the uni.

When will these retards acquire self-awareness?

Ariège? Sans blagues?
J'ai (ou plutôt j'avais) de la famille en Ariège, en plein dans les Pyrénées, à côté de Saint-Girons. J'y vais tous les ans. Par contre je doute qu'il y ait qui que ce soit d'autre d'Ariège ici, étant donné que le département a une moyenne d'âge si élevée et que la population est d'à peu près 100.000 habitants. Foix, Pamiers, Saint-Girons, Seix?

where u go?

Antwerp here.

If everyone on leftypol pushed to create their own co-operative we would have an internationally federated movement covering


Texas(Dallas)/New York(nassua county)(Quantico)(long Island)/Connecticut(Hartford county)/Mississippi/Michigan/Lousiana/Utah/Pennsylvania/Kentucky/California(LA)(A Whales Vagina)(pittsburg)/New Jersey/Missouri(st louis)/Nevada/Ohio/Colorado/Florida (tallahassee)/Maine//Arizona(phoenix)/Maryland/Illinois/Seattle/Michigan

New Zealand/South Island/Auckland
Argentia/Buenos Aires
Channel Islands, Jersey
Brazil/ Sao Paulo

Thats a shit load of co-operatives comrades. Together we could do great things

South Africa

Gent meesterras

same, what part of sd

Wales here

Socialist Republic when?

South, LA County.

And yinzers?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but they can very effectively and accurately track people through Tor networks.

Euroskepticism means skeptical of the EU, not of any pan-national group

embarrassing. the branch of philosophy which spawned communism was essentially a materialistic strain of dialectics which rejected much of Hegel's idealism in the accommodation of new scientific understandings of the time

I know some SA members around those parts. Glad to see leftism alive up there

I am in a process of creation of a cooperative here in Montreal/Canada

for real?

I'm really strongly considering trying to do it here. How have you found the process? What sort of business is it? How did you get the start up cash?

you'd think a gommunist party would pick a better abbreviation

So really just SAlt then. They're pretty Shit. I feel like most of them are just students and want to be edgy, which might explain their high turnover tbh.

You should try and get active though. See if there's something other than them around, and if not start a branch for a party that's not in Adelaide yet or something.

I actually had a good laugh when I found out about his office being trashed lol.

for real man !

The process is quite simple. We have meeting twice a week. We are 12 in the project and we discuss how the coop will be managed on the stucture/marketing/profit/human resource/contract/project management. We pay 500$ to have class on how to manage the coop. We operate in computer fild so the startup cash is
virtually 0 but we are doing right now our first budget for the year. We already have like 6 potential but we can't sign contract because we are not yet a legal entity. We will be next week.

sorry for my bad english


How did you go about getting the group of people together?

This is my main problem, did you start off with people or did you seek them out?

Which city?


All the project started on a community that was already well established

New Hampshire


What's your Skype my boy.


Best Australia


What's the situation with the Left over in Perth?

Small and inoffensive.

Socialist Alliance has a councillor in Freo.

SAlt shows up in little grouplets at every vague social movement demonstration in the city. They are pretty obnoxious, everyone hates them.

There's some SEP guys bouncing around and the CPA do a pub meetup every now and then and that's about it.

La ĉefurbo de Norda Karolino, Usono

Ik ook, kankerflikker. Waar zit je ongeveer? Nieuwegein hierzo.

Quantico, as in Quantico virginia?

Greensboro here

Wo genau? Wien hier.

sorry I'm not American I could have sworn when I googled it it said NY.

So this was a pre-existing leftist community? What variety? Or were you just a bunch of friends?

Do this on the IRC, man.

It is a computer science community. They are pretty mutch ignorant of the left

oh thats kind of even better. Is it a tech based business then?

Marseille, France

who else /chicago/ here

Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Also spend a lot of time around Alexandria, Louisiana.



Do you know how to build websites?

Naples, Fl

Are there any leftist organizations in South Florida?

Central Indiana.


seas lads
Wien here too.

Drop me a line for occasional revolution plotting at metalab or so.

ayy lad where ya @

SE here



his head is so fucking big lel

he looks like CWC