happy caturday!



wanna get my dick wet insha'allah

I'm too lazy to repost.


show me that tight dripping pussy bard

Next poster gets the hugs



o/////o I've never done this before

take a picture
of ur vagina
if u dont have one

I'm so frickin' bored. Frig this shit imma go jerk off.


insha'allah kaffur

I'm not going to put on a leash when I walk it outside. This will be payback for all the times people would take off their dog's leashes and have them attack my tiny chihuahuas. I had to seriously injure a few dogs because of it...


don't kill

Nigga bc shut the fuck up

Suga suga how you get so fly
suga suga how you get so fly

Sorry I didn't reply, Bard.
Was in Skype with Noms, kinda drunk rn, doing swell.


sleep is for the weak

[heavy fragility of life trips]



Eat it


Yeah it's bad. People just let their dogs roam around in my neighborhood. I know the owners don't mean for their dogs to attack my chihuahuas but the do... I just wait until the dog gets aggressive with my dogs before I kick the living shit out of it's ribs with my boot. The owners don't say shit

I have to kill... You would too if your dog was getting attacked

You shut the fuck up, bitch

Hey mom

That's terrible ettiquette you should shoot your neighbors dogs


Fight me irl

I should but I'm never going to get a license to carry because I have two arrests

A lot of African Americans here have pit bulls as pets and don't know how to take care of them

Lol I didn't know you wanted to die

Cum at me


One for trespassing and the other for having a gravity knife.

come on baby let mommy hold you~

-sits on your lap- okay..


Thhat's fucking harsh dude
I'm a criminal as well


your dog isnt being attacked.

I'm not a criminal... I just like having fun..

that's a cute picture..

my anus?

My dogs get attacked all the time. I started walking my dogs when I was 7 and was attacked by a pit bull... I barely got my dogs to safety. Now I carry a big knife whenever I go walk them

Hello strangers

Manaka why dont we flirt like we used to anymore?


Because I decided to keep my distance to posters

Posted it for you
Since you can probably relate

bring back 2013 Manaka

Almost forgot about this folder

For that i would need forget-me-shot that can erase my memory of 2 years


I can't... I don't get it...

a 9mm works too

I was thinking of shot as in extra hard, adulterated liquor.

But that might work too

Post slow sex with youmu

I don't HAVE that doujin saved!

Oh so youre the type who will do anything you want after you buy them a couple of drinks?
Those are always the best

The always swallow it all too, it's great

that sounds scarey ;~;

filthy secondary

and you call yourself a fan of 2hu

I want to drink now.

I don't save a lot of pornography!

No..no.. I heard it can erase painful memories

Maybe i can be 2013 Manaka if i drank that.

But well, who knows what i would do when Im not 100% conscious. I know I do silly things whenever Im super sleepy and tired

killing them is rewarding though

Yeah, last time you were drunk you were a demigod and wanted my semen

You caught me off guard that day

I save everything


join me :3


A demigod with extra ordinary self healing body which keep me virgin even after multiple penetration

It was fun

I have nothing to drink. It's not gonna happen today.

Fuck I have a hard on now


can I see?

its rewarding because you saved your dog's life, wouldn't you agree?

Go talk to your grandma.

we're never gonna drink together

its better off that way tbh

You can't see
Blindfolds are more fun tbh

go buy a handle of vodka and take 2 shots in a row to catch up to me

I can't, liquor stores close early on saturdays.



bad friend


But it closed already! It closes at 3 PM.

Don't talk to me while you're masturbating.

show me show me ^.^

I finished, repay your injustice with youmus

Isnt there a like 24 hr shop or something there?

fuck off blood chan
Or tell desu for me that I said hi

I've told you before that is not how it works! Only designated stores are allowed to sell alcohol, regular stores aren't allowed to stock anything more potent than 3.5%.

How do you become an alcoholic in sweden

It closes at 8 on monday-friday.
You have to plan ahead.

Oh that's so dumb

Over here most places sell alcohol/liqour and youre allowed to buy it until like 2am then you can't until 6am

niggas must have gallons of shit

Oh that's not bad

It's closed on sundays though. And saturdays it closes at 3 PM.

I was coming home from the library at 10:30am the other day and went to the gas station to get gas and an apple then i wanted to buy beer but the cashier looked at me funny and said they don't sell till 11

At least they open at 10 here. The days that they do open that is.

i dunno

Get the jarring feeling that desu should off themselves.

But why would you need to buy alcohol at 10am

I always buy beer a while after I get off work at the food4less right by my pad

Its like 6:10am and Im buying a 24 pack of Hangar 24

she always gives me this look when I say its for later on today

She knows

shoooow meee!

Yes you do~

ill be finishing work at 10:30pm and by my work I will be buying some booze... atleast at that time its sorta reasonable.
I also had a 3 hour nap after my LAST shit earlier... a weird ass dream was had.


Head start on the day




Raise your hand if you're gay

*raises half a hand*

Lator gators, gotta earn money
I will return with stronk beer!

ITT: Sad alcoholics with internet addictions




pls b nice elmers

ok bye

no wait


pastebin 8k pls?




yey, a working computer

now lenko just needs a working sense of self-respect

Lol sorry erin I'm out of town

it's okay, i got it, it wasn't a problem with the script, ty

hi erin grim

hi lenko


put your phone away. really enjoy stalking people

nigga can just not seem to unplug

I just had lunch, I am free for now

look at my name

it's how I am right now

feels good

you can't put your damn phone down. doesn't sound like free to me

I'll put you down

we get it. the trap you know let you roleplay put it in her butt

such a darn shame I can't read responses that are filtered

my internet was slow the other night and part of me thought you were ddos'ing me

such a pathetic pos

I don't do that shit anymore

What have you been up to today?


I can just sense the anger from that guy even though he's filtered

woke up with a headache. been rocking out to grimes videos

Lol did you drink last night? Grimes is cool. I've been in work training. Networking and meeting my new underlings

lenko won't be laughing when he moves out of mom's house

please be careful with your boners. that sticks with children their whole lives. just look at lenko

I won't have kids sitting on my lap at all

Unless I get bumrushed, 4 80lb kids flying at you can knock you over pretty fast if you don't see them coming

I feel like taking a siesta in the sun on the grass, but those rabbits are gonna come after me mane

my brother actually just started a business where he like teaches kids computer hardware and shit. i think he's crazy


Good luck to him

yeah i guess that's kinda a new thing. there are a lot of classes to teach kids to code and shit but not actually build computers



Imo it's pretty basic. But you can teach them a lot of concepts through it. Electrical.

They're too fast..

yeah i donno. it's on top of his real job. i don't know how he does it


you're too slow


I'd like to see you catch a rabbit barehanded

By putting your mind to it


lenko probably has hella rabbits to catch in his mom's backyard, take out his aggression from having to do the dishes by killing cute bunnies


I can't even contain myself grim, you have no idea right now.




I don't understand why "it had to be done"

lulz maybe. dunno


Everyone seems to regret it other than that one guy.






Pink shirts aren't gay right

I'll BC your AC

Pink shirts are cute


then I did good


8/10 on the gay scale.




It's like one step below wearing a skirt in public so still screaming at the top of your lungs how much you like boys.

that seems unrealistic

If you're a confident, masculine male they're not gay.



He's barely even the third one, let alone the either two.

Yeah, I still think it's fine for him to wear though. Honestly it'll probably be the man purse that gives him away.

Inside voices please.

I'd guess it's the still wet semen in his hair.




Taking into consideration the quantities, it might be more correct to refer to it as the hairs in his head semen.

Also, will they ever make more Ape Escape games?
I got the first one with my PS1.

Shh, Tokai.
Closet door is right there.

Would this be a "you are what you eat" type thing?

You're in luck! They made a second one over a decade ago. Other than that, I think the intellectual property will stay in the handheld market. I think some of the handheld titles have done well though, I would bet they release at least one more sometime.

No, I don't think so. He would have to be a stack of stinky trash if that were the case.

I dont wanna go in the closet


Other way around.

Im not in the closet

If there haven't already been, I would think they'd have digital downloads of the originals, maybe remastered or something like that.

Maybe you should be.

wut why?

Looking for better clothes to wear

jk your clothes are cute

So that people will look you in the eye, and not at your limp wrists.


oh thanks

why would they look at my wrists

I'm so bored entertain me

They're so flipitty flopitty, it's hard to look away.

But I always cover them up mostly..


People can see through that fishnet shirt, you know...

I-I don't have a fishnet shirt

I'm glad that's not a thing anyone wears in reality, just shitty movies/shows.

Actually, I knew someone who did. It had some see-through black latex between the links, but I think it still counts.

Sorry, sorry blouse.

..okay yes


What the fuck?

Sorry but yes

He was a fairly queer black guy. Super in shape though.

what if its light pink


Oh, light pink, why didn't you say so? I'd call you gay if you DIDN'T wear light pink.


If it hits 95 you're better off just killing yourself.

oh my god, you got to see the sun today?!

Im wearing light yellow now

Safe :3

Light yellow is a nice color. I think it's my mom's favorite.


Yay ^^

yeah, like the sun hugs me

I have no addictions!

You're addicted to being sober.


The worst addiction of all, really.


the wine im drinking is based of lilith the demon, see you in hell


I mean I guess you could argue I'm addicted to being a bit mean...

Show me your ankles.

I wanna kiss your tummy


The healthiest, though.


Right on your bellybutton

How do Desu and Tokai manage to get faggier every time I come back to this shithole?


Ugh, where the fuck is Erin when you need her?

you could track their downgrade over time if you were here more

tokai has gradually become more of a crossdressing arabic sissy while desu keeps cheating on subtle, degenerating over time

well i wish i was in the land of cotton ~♫

ohayou ~♫

Owned :v

TIL you can spray blood around if you do a burnout in a pool of blood


If their slip into degeneracy is so rapid that a regular can see it day-to-day there is a really serious problem.

Hey, beautiful~

If I took a tab of not-acid now what time would I start noticing it?

about half 10

Niceness never pays off does it

oh wow

Awesome, cool!

So uh... how's life?


oki thanks, how bout you?

You wish you were a nigger?

Teetering between kind of good and completely shit.

teeter to the good side for me

It's uploading as we speak. :3

u r a sweetie c:

hi mina
why the ? flag
are you nation-questioning?
what are ur preferred denomnyms?

i am a southern belle

hi erin

Can I be a winegum? They're really good.

heya sara, how you?

omg yes you can, they so are


Oh. So, like a porcelain doll?

kinda sleep deprived
i stayed up all night talking about quantum physics with my gf up until like 9am
dunno if i wanna go back to sleep, not really


I like the red ones and black ones and green ones. So good.

There was a guy on /x/ called Hans. Or Hanz. He was kind of weird.

Spooky. What's that like?


I am so fucking bored!


Oh shit my waifu Amy is posting rn

you suck at life if you ever manage to feel bored

disgusting post-modern hedonistic lifestyle

boredom is a virtue

fuck you

no, bad scarlet

bordeom is bad

I'm sucking pretty hard right now then.

literal retard

sorry i will reply when the printer updater is no longer locked in front

i kinda wanna fuck amy too bruh
how do we work this out?

Was that supposed to help? It uh... it didn't.

Oh shit, no way, my stalker Soto is posting!

I like to think that life sucks at me, what with making it impossible to be happy and all.

boredom is a natural human emotion

i do my best thinkin on the bus, thats why i dont drive u see?

people these days dont think, they're never bored

complacency culture

nnn if you are thinking about stuff you are not really bored you are just being an edgelord now

Boredom is your brain's was of making you seek out increased stimulation. People who are never bored are kind of obviously simpletons. Or always high. Neru is almost certainly the former.

well concluded actually
can verify neru is mentally retarded

Simple minds are amused by simple things, after all.

and give it a small lick

boredom is what amy just said, it makes you seek out stimulation whether that be jerking off or thinking about complex things

im not being an edgelord at all

if you're never bored, and simply are under constant stimulation 24/7, you might as well not be human

it reminds me of that picture of that obese guy sitting in his chair with like the auto blowjob machine and a big straw going to his mouth with pop and he's playing wow and has like 3 monitors


spitroast is the obvs solution

Sup bae
Hows life

Driving is so much more fun
especially when you do things youre not supposed to when driving that can get you in trouble with the law

Its so exciting
gets me so turned on

My choices are boredom and panic. Whew lad!


if by being an edgelord you just mean the fact that im being aggro for no reason you're right i am

no hard feelings ^_~

Way to go.

please kill me

They've started leaving me alone at work so I can just get on with things so that's cool. Life's been pretty stable.

How're things with you?

Personally, I blame my psychiatrist.

i'm mdma/coke hangover stimulation.
Yakuza like to party hard

wheres scoots, I wanna drink more and watch bbc

so you can taste the honey


RIP Don Vito


hey loco

I see.

you know this already though, it's your favorite category on all those porn sites you go to

i cant be the only one. all of my fondest memories are bittersweet melancholies

am i weird?

"im not being an edgelord at all"

Do what's best for you.

Me and my friends would always cruise down to Riverside while smoking a blunt inside my Celica bumping some selective vaporwave tracks

I had 2 12's, a 1500 watt amp and 1500 watt crossover in that nigger so it would bump

This one is nice

Thats good to hear
Last I saw you were in a depressive slump

Well I got a DUI, then bought a new car, moved back in with grandparents
Things are going pretty well

I'm not attracted to blacks.


I'm going to drink a beer for the first time ever

I'm very scared, I hope I don't get addicted

Please wish me luck


you're fucking dumb and you don't know what that word means if you think liking to feel MELANCHOLIC (this isnt a synonym for sadness and there's a much deeper meaning to the word and the feeling)

fucking retard

mm of course
just enjoying the silence sometimes at night and looking around
everything is so peaceful

I'm happy for you, you keep trying all these new things in your life and getting out more. Probably going to be one of the more successful people in threads in a year or two.


fuck outta here

i'm going to be a hermit when i grow up


Well I mean since he diagnosed me I can't blame God/the Jews/Loco any more. It's just shit. He ruined everything.

This sounds like the opposite of "pretty well" to me, dude...


Ty I didn't know what the word meant

I am a retard for sure

i'd give you a shell to live in

Hail lord Satan!

I love you, Satan! Please take my soul when I die!


What the fuck


it tastes like shit
it wont get you drunk because the taste will be awful
you wont like it
and you probably wont want to drink for a long time after
good lucky my friend

i want this to happen
holy fucking christ

obviously if you think enjoying the feeling of melancholy is "edgy" you're a fucking retard



mhmm quiet time is nice

lololol good luck trying to be Luka in NY

I can arrange this

when are you getting one? are you afraid about putting something that big in yourself?


this thread sucks




I think this is the crux of the dispute right here

Im scared of online ordering cause everyones always super curious bout packages, so when i find a shop and dont spaz maybe

insha'allah kaffur

well it is notjust about melancholy most of the stuff you say seems like you arejust saying it to be edgy


perhaps my manner of tone is what leads you to believe that?

that's just why you order some other things along with it. get the "discreet" packaging and nobody will know! ;3



expect 1/10 packages to be randomly searched

Did you like the thing?


Get a girlfriend

Use her dildoes

that might work I guess

I think he fancies you.

Now you're sounding like me. Sounds like the type of thing I would expect to be done but most likely isn't, I've already been disappointed dozens of times before with this type of thing./

I don't know how many layers of irony you've gone down into but clearly it's too far.



let me know when you find the one, love

I got caught up in something last night and didn't get a chance to watch it. Thanks for reminding me. Gonna watch it right now.

See, now that's a nice photo!

Ooooh, so THAT'S why he keeps threatening to rape me. :P

Also, hi Yam. ♥

my dream last night that i remember was doing something that landed me in prison. when i got there i had a package waiting, when i opened it a bomb went off then i woke up

ugh this beer is nasty


Ironic ironic ironic ironic ironic ironic shitposting is still shitposting, etc.

i should be a fortune teller


im drinking a busweiser

Hi Tsuchi

Don't rush to it, I just thought that's what you were prompting me for. Guess it was the BBC instead.


Is it really a thread if you're gonna like it, though?

Honestly the DUI was a bad thing but it also shaped me up
I was getting way out of hand and you don't really learn your lesson until you get fucked over

Yeah its a pretty hefty fine but Ive sorta become more responsible now
Also I missed my grandparents
They're so cool now

RIP my Celica tho ;~;7

I'm dissapointed in the fact I dont have the balls to try and fuck the hot ass japs that the yakuza men bring to raves, but I dance with them all night.

i believe it could better be described as ironic post-irony

now its meta ironic post-irony because you're talking about it

lets drive

Why is there always nothing to do?


there's always SOMETHING to do, you just choose not to do them


just shows your true colors is all

But those things I could do are boring so why bother investing in them?

What...is even going on there?

Thanks! I'll bug you about it when I get done. (Waiting for it to be extracted right now.)
(The film, not a bbc..)

Who says I'm gonna like it?!

ass licking and biting.

whew im never drinking again



BBCs in .zips isn't a pleasant mental image.

I am usually pretty popular at raves for reasons. I try to keep my nose out of trouble, and I know fucking those 11/10 petite jap cuties will land katana down my throat. I also witnessed a shotgun murder last night