That thread was dead, so let's have a NEW dead thread

That thread was dead, so let's have a NEW dead thread.

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This one will be dead, too.

Yes, that's the joke.

inb4 jokes are supposed to be funny

Hoisted by my own petard

How quaint

Welp, bored. Good night.

Sweet dreams old bean


did you plan this

Some things are too good to be planned



cat has my tongue...

Your face has gone totally red
Do you need some water?

yes please

Do you relate a lot to Tomoko? :c

To the one defecating here. Beware of the curse. If you look down on this curse, may you have an angry Jupiter for an enemy.

a little more than I would like to admit

I love the fukkireata

So yeah who implied you were a cock slave?

Defecator, may everything turn out okay so that you can leave this place

who the heck is Defector?

You got to know when to hold em
know when to fold em
know when to walk away
know when to run

I regard as a stranger anyone who doesn’t invite me to dinner.

Isn't from the commercial?

You know you're an expensive girl and very hard to please. I don't blame people for not taking you out to dinner

no they are wise words from an old Gambler

yeah from that commercial!

my mom said he's a singer or something, I don't really follow music

im just replying to you with things from this from Pompeii.htm
i apologise for any confusion

on the subject however
i do like being taken out for dinner, but i never expect it and will always repay such a favour,
i am not hard to please though, at least do not believe myself to be
most people just aren't good enough for me, and that's not their fault, but i do not lie and make them feel special when they are nou


ehh i see...

how do you repay the favor? do you take them out to the movies or something?

of course you don't


yeah it's really boring


So is football

i take them out myself
or buy them things
or cook them dinners
the only reason i am low on money this month is becuase of an unforseen circumstance, that has now gone away
i usually am pretty well off so i have a lot of money to throw around
i like spoiling people, a lot
i dont really have any qt to spoil right now though because i haven't pursued it, or turned down anyone thats gone after me because they dont fit my extremely high standards of what i look for in a girl
honestly they're not high standards, its mostly entirely personality

yo dawg

Blink 182?


hey scarlet, how are you this fine morning?

Yeah, Tom Delonge

yeah it is but you have to let a team grow on you in order to find it interesting

you should spoil women... make them work for it

okay i'll bite, what do you look for in a girl?


what are you doing today then
any fun plans

Anyone up for a game of chess?

nope~ just school

That's lame
schools let out here yesterday

heh.. that's lucky, i still have a full month of finals and regrents tests to take...once i graduate i'm going to throw away all my textbooks and school work

i love it when you call me big poppa



im good
im watching steins gate with my gf
we're marathoning it
ive seen it before but she really likes it
i also am fixing my glasses too just so i can go outside with them
going to get a new perscrip tomorrow tho

what do i look for in a girl? hm well there's two types of girls i like

i either like bossy, clingy, possessive, yandere, but loving and affectionate types, if im looking for a girl id like to be a sub for. but obviously i wouldn't be spoiling that girl

a girl that i could spoil? hm

well my last girlfriend who was my little that i took care of and spoiled the ever loving fuck out of and still keep in contact with was a neet, she could barely take care of herself, lot of issues. she was a schizo, and was a massive weeb. she was kinda crazy and psychotic and it was p cute, she was 5'1 and was a massive nymphomaniac and so am i. she really liked abuse during sex too, but not outside of it, i was very stern with her, and id lay my foot down if i thought i knew best which i usually did. she called me mommy without me even asking me to.

if i had to boil the type of girl i like down simply since i like a lot of girls its basically "girl with mental problems raised by the internet whos cute lacks a lot of empathy, is mostly logic driven, but very clingy and affectionate, yandere but loving"

now my list to some may seem predatory, and ive been accused of such but i counter that with the fact that i am a 5'3 fucking petitie fucking shotaloli. i just honestly ccnnot relate to emotionally driven stable people, at all. i want someone i can spend all of my time with and devote all of my energy too, that i can spoil and have them actually appreciate it, or if they are the one with power then id like tp shower them with love and such and not be seen as too clingy or yandere

im lucky that i have a gf right now that encourages me to be yandere because i am yandere as fuck if i get attached to someone i just hide it very fucking well, or just dont get attached at all even if i want to

been passively looking for some qt to spoil and stuff for awhile but its not urgent, and i have a gf. so even if i made them my gf they'd still have to be okay with that, which is obviously a lot to ask.

my ideal situation is letting a cute neet weeb girl live with me and just taking care of her and letting her do whatever she wanted b ut just being her like mom i guess as long as she like, loves me and appreciates me i guess? that'd be nice, i fantasise about it a lot

i have a lot of motherly instinct in me

what are you feeling right now?

on the flip side im also a massive sub and love getting taken care of so

im like both extremes so its kinda weird i guess

i had a femdom mommy gf who was the girl who made me realise i liked girls cus she raped me and it was nice and she was yandere as FUCK and i loved every second of it but she was dating a guy too and i was like her :pet" and i screamed at her to leave him and she wouldnt so i left

quite honestly that sounds maddening

anime girls i would marry: holo the wise wolf, haruhi suzumiya, yuno gasai, faye valentine

they're also anime girls i idolise and want to be like, but also want to be subservient to them as well

is that kinda narcissistic?

what part of it?

every single bit of it

how so

the government just took pity on me and reduced what is normally an appointment for an >1 hour meeting to an appointment for a 5 minute phone call with their insistence I don't stress about it


Well first and foremost, being affectionate for someone who has eyes for another or who is loved by another is the worst feeling in the entire world

On top of that it sounds like you are indecisive and torn between two personas
which would be stressing for anybody

Going for a jog, bbl

Would you fuck a succubus knowing full well you won't survive the night?

you really shouldn't go on a jog if you're really tired. bai

spoil me Sara

keep an eye out for storms

Erin this made me think of you

pls mommy

my life is a constant battle between extreme narcissism and extreme self loathing

wanting to be taken care of wanting to care care of

wanting to have no stress and be care free and wanting to have tons of stress and be productive

yeah i have splitting issues, the closer people get to me its one of the first things they mention to me is they thing i have like multiple personalities or something

is the self-declared sociopath with Anti-Social Personality Disorder going to lecture me on the morality of how i treat people?

how amusing

im going to say no
and you're really not going to like the answer
so dont question me more onto that

no i value my life and pussy aint shit

You get enough sleep?

yay, that sounds nice =)


I always use the reference slot for something that makes the transfer exceptionally suspicious


this is me questioning further

guess sociopaths are people too

idk why but it seems like something you would do.

can you believe i wanna move into a house full of em and try to be the outlier

what would the point be
is it like the best pussy ever or something
i wouldnt fuck anyone if i knew id fucking die because of it

and taking care of someone, loving them unconditionally no matter how they treat you, always being for them, being the family they never had, and spoiling the fuck out of them makes me the sociopath?

yeah nah

i dont mommy transgirls anymore


that's discriminatory

do you plan on post-op?

oh you were talking about scoiopaths not trannies
i didnt even bother to look i just assumed ROFL

yes, of course

bebop, you want to dead space?


that changes things
i like pussy~


that doesn't surprise me

You've already been declared one
do you have a poor memory or something
We've brought this up in conversation even here recently
obviously, these positive social traits aren't what determined your diagnosis

oh wait we're both engaged
yeah i cant mommy someone if they're not also my onahole sry

in fact very soon probably

my HRT is on the NHS now, it's all in the same basket

omg that is so like ttyl lmao

we were serious?

but out of all the things
me wanting to literally take care of someone and turn them into a functioning adult and be family for them makes ME a sociopath

the reason i want to do it is becuase people have done so for me

they have cared for me, when i had no family growing up. the only family i have is blood related

it only makes logical sense that i return the favour to some cute girl in need

obviously im being shallow and saying it has to be a cute girl, big fucking whoop.

im xanaxxed up man
im taking EVERYTHING literally

you are cute.

That's a pretty big implication
I'm not agreeing with blood chan

No I feel that is what makes you human
The ability to care for another who can provide what may be a little less than equal attention to what you are seeking

That's quite human

Holy Grail is still h y p e
Paradise is h y p e
thanks Pandora my dreams will be full of sin tonight

hell ya nigga thats why shes a succubus
what about just fucking over people? I'd do both out of order but I gotta watch them fall

baka af

i gotta sleep soon since i have family coming over today

dont worry, nothing will happen



some other day. soon hopefully

yeah so i think
wanting to care for someone
like i was cared for and loved and still and unconditionally
i want to take care of someone who deserves it but ya im being shallow i want them to be cute
i want to be there for someone, to be their family, yeah sure id like to be able to fuck them too
big whoop my man

im not really a sociopath so much as i only have very specific empathy for very specific people that remind me of myself, so its like, narcissistic empathy. when i do care about someone, i care too much and have too much empathy. also my gf is not a sociopath. she is an aspie and has fuck tons of empathy, but again, only to people she cares about.

p normal i think isnt it?


i guess i'll be spending the night with less pointy limbs horror and more kitties

wow sounds like me :^)
i still dont know much about em, should change that

mhmm. its cute how you worry

ahhh i forgot to send you pics of mine the other day when it was storming a lot. they both were scared and hiding by my feet, both refused to be held and would attack me if i even tried to pet them but would use my feet as a pillow.

For me that is a whoop
How uncharacteristic of aspd
It makes questions in my mind and leads to possibilities I never factored in

storming..? who were they?


what the fuck

I have over a thousand pounds

the weather! my cats!
i cant tell if my typing doesnt make too much sense right now, i can barely keep my eyes open.

ppl love u


I'm hesitant to do anything with this

I have a feeling it is an enormous mistake and they will be looking to fix it

Lose some weight, fatty



fuck, this is awkward

the reference suggests it's disability benefit

but why

it's very slightly over ten times my regular benefit, and about a week and a half early

I am so confused 😓


They probably found out about animus
figured you'd REALLY gone bonkers

ahh the cats.. usually when it's storming my cats are sleeping, but maybe if there were a lot of thunder they'd sleep but worried that something might attack them.

good job making sure they're comfortable!

the next episode into the real slim shady
dude hello younger me is so happy right now

sleep or nah

you know how much i love that it actually pays to be rich/ lmao

my tribal sharing recently went up by a dollar so obvs theres just more money to pass around ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i tried to lay them down on my bed but insisted on sleeping on the floor.. ;-;
cats so silly

you'll meet her irl
she doesnt talk much online

what are you implying?

I'm sleep so you should too

I have no idea

obviously I can't ask them cause if it was a mistake then they will notice and take it back

I moved it to another account so it can't be charged back, but idk, it's weird img me out

what if I start spending it then learn that for whatever reason I got payed for the rest of the year today and I have to live on that for half a year

Just observing and commenting
It's really quiet this hour and It's fascinating how unique everybody is

thats like an episode of seinfeld gone wrong

as a poor mental defective on government benefits, this is surreal, I actually have no idea what to do except cocaine

yea.. cats are weird.. maybe because they are originally solitary hunters but then domesticated with other cats, iunno, one thing for sure they're cute.

sounds good.

okey nini nezi

one of my cats used to be starved all the time before we got her too so all she knows is dry food ;_;
every now and then i try to give her some meat and she always sniffs it and just walks away(my other cat usually smells it from far away, runs over and eats it all)
i love em though. gonna sleep, nini manaka.

when is that btw
other roomie moves out the 23rd

oh, right
i love you

love you too.


well back to void for me

have a good one

oh look i memed because i KNEW pandora would have these two back to back
i can't feel my eyes. ,, music is love \ music is life

Bard attracts sociopaths

maybe we should get rid of the Bard

nice get, love
you should get some sleep

OVER 9000!!!

nice geto again

Erin, don't spend it unless you can verify you have full rights to it.

idk how stingy gment is there but if gment pays you too much in the US they can and WILL take it back



I sure hope I'm not one tbh

You're not Name


do you not use skype anymore?



thread is bwakas
i am fbi

No Erio froze it by adding me to too many groups
Aand then it just became a hassle
I only use steam and fb now

what the heck are you doing here

I do
and you have me added

I'd destroy those two

thanks, sci ^^

you have a nice get too ^^


hehe thankies ^^

You have to see a therapist and they will administer the Hare Psychopathy checklist after a year of treatment, I scored a 36/40 on mine... I thought I had a good disguise...


that's alot of work
I don't know about all that now

hello ^^


install steering on the back wheels for maximum drift

Not going to therapy is the first sign of ASPD

You might be a sociopath

good morning, love ~

I have very bad anxiety you know

That can lead to ASPD if you don't treat it soon. The anxiety will weigh you down until you mentally break

It's been with me since before I was in this comunity it is just life and maybe minor depression
I think I am relativeley sane in the membrane

how many miles does your Honda Pilot have?
I think you told me you drove one of those

hwo is your day going?

I completely forgot
I'll check the next time I drive it

its not a lot tho

This "new" car has 220k

It get worse when you're an adult, you start caring about yourself and the world around you a lot more. Then you see no way out and you're 30 years old still living with your mom. Then you make a choice of either killing yourself or becoming a sociopath

pretty good! i didn't get sick from my run, how are you?

hopefully the engine fails before the brakes do

That's a long time
hopefully I can find me a roomie before then
I would sure hope it doesnt take me ten years that's outrageous....

I hardly got any sleep

Actually I think depression leads to BPD which is worse than ASPD

Anxiety can lead to ASPD because you just don't want to care anymore

awh why? you have to stop drinking so much soda

Oh the brakes are fine, the previous owner told me he changed the brakes recently and I checked them to be sure and they're pretty new


my brother was bipolar
I feel for him

oil and suspension also good?

how about engine?

if I was gonna buy such a heavily traveled car I'd get a complete pre-purchase inspection

Those people have it pretty hard... They just lash out at people and push everyone away... it's not their fault

I mostly only drink water and milk

Not many people really understand
It's pretty terrible
i guess any mental disease is really

Suspension seems fine, I changed the oil when I first got it cause it was kinda low.

I'm pretty much giving it a bit of TLC before I drive it around everywhere

Been sitting in my driveway for a while now, gonna get it smog'd on Fri then registered then install my system on it

you didn't answer my question T_T

you're absolutely right

do you only have anxiety?


remember safety is your number one priority

I'm cramming for an exam I have in 3 hours lol
kill me

I am perfectly sane, thank you very much

I have no idea
I slept for 3 hours and couldn't fall back asleep

I got what you need playa

Going to school, bbl

S-see ya~ >//


what exam?

digital logic and state machine design

only 3 chapters
they seem ez enough

damn that sounds kinda hard

difficulty is subjective


why are you so gay


Kinda wish grim could come visit so I could teach him the ways of Guatemalan Cuisine

Pepián, Tamales de chipilín or lorocco, Güicoyitos rellenos, Hilachas, Chirmol, Kak'ik, Yuca con chicharrón, Frijoles volteados, etc

Shits so good


Sounds delish

I'm going to long island over the weekend tho






idk it's not really pulling my sadbone

Dick nipples

its not supposed to

"pepper" flakes

That's not even remotely clever.


neither is yours

It is Thursday my dude
no need to pull sadbones

Mine was more of a way of life.

its highnoon my dudes


at least wait until the hour is up so you can say it's highnoon somewhere

Its highnoon somewhere in the world.


it's when you get high at noon


i got what you need

kinda glad ive been sober/clean this whole year

that shits gonna change at ax tho ayyyyyyyy



get some regular from one of your mexican reletives

The Goth Life is pretty brutal.


Summertime sadness.

I'll fucking highnoon you

The day long rain and overcastness added to the lovely feeling of projecting/promoting morbidness in others.

scoots wears nair polish?


You wanna duel boi

Not all the time. But someone I support at work asked me if they could do it. Just thought "eh, why not. if it'll make you happy".

I will win because my gun is bigger

idunno what to say


I feel like that's an usual theme with Lana.

Bard whats today?

D-do you like it?


semi considering taking it up.

on the odd occasion.

thats why she is my girl

It is thursday my man

I am too shocked to have an opinion of it atm




Have you even played Splatoon?



Just finished playing a while ago, and still playing every week with friends from Holla Forums


Is it overly fabulous?

off the charts


I larv it!

This image hits home

Vote Shillary2016

pls no politik



C-calm down kyouko...





exam time wooooooo

Ayyyyyy baby

How do I live

if living is without you





Just saw the most recent GoT ep

Shit was so intense

Fuck yeah it was. Next one is even more hype.


atleast it wasnt a good character



Every when does it come out?

damn son

still not as good as Re;Zero tho

I liked Hodor tho ;~;

what a faggot

Sometime soon I think.




and look for this post >>142012214

those are obvs tears of joy lmao
so I kinda just found out about this
I think the manga is good

It was a nice little series

I liked it

You might get called a pedophile for liking this series tho

I was judging it from the replies to it lmao. IDK


I want a cute anime girl to sit on my face and rub my dick with her feets !!!
Yay anime !!!!!!


Definitely best girl.

>Midoriya shonen... I'm sorry



I was not ready for this morning.

pls response

2.5D is absolutely fucking retarded



sidescrollers with 3D graphics
what is even the point?
they look fucking terrible


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