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1st 4 its cold

start a fire

It's hot.

in my heart

The fire rises!

It's like 68 degrees here

soto fucked his sister?

She'd be too fat for him

Nice girl tho, fun to drink with

Guys. What can a man do to have love in this world ?

waddup with these snaggleteeth

a man must learn to love himself before he can love others



Be rich.

This song is gonna be stuck in my head all day thanks to Erio's subject linr

I just had some chinee curried beef
shit was good


I'm so fucked.



I havent had chinese in so long
special chow mein
om nom nom

just go to a brothel and request girlfriend-play.

still not sure what to do when it's too hot




Chat with hot MILFS looking for sex in your area

Im a hot MILF in yo area

I still don't know what a tulpa is, nor am I sure if I want to know.

Scoots wants to be all up in your "area"

If you know what I mean

You really don't wanna know

Wut ?

That's sound incredibly sad. Then again, sometimes I feel like one day I might end up in a brothel and just pay someone to have a long hug-session. I can help but feel that something isn't right when it is easier to get a hug as a service rather than a natural display of affection.

How can I find such mystical creatures ?

That's decent I guess. :3

I guess since you said "start a fire" you mean like outside away from heating/air conditioning and stuff?

I guess get naked and fan yourself.

I'm getting more of an urge to kill things. My instincts are definitely propelling me towards what we talked about recently.

It's a sad, sad day

Once again, late evening, broken english. Maybe I should sleep more.

So, what is it supposed to be ?

She'll get your IP from the Steam server and post it...

What I've gathered about it so far is that it seems to be popular amongst bronies, so probably don't want to hear.

I'll UP your area

A tulpa is your life.

Ah look they have some archived

yeah. in like a survival situation. stripping down could be good but only so good before it gets bad. i was thinking more of finding some shade and maybe digging and laying in dirt/mud(but this would really fuck you up later if you're dumb)

come over already then!

I'm not clicking on this. Someone tell me what it is first.

It's fine, loco wouldn't link to malicious stuff anyway

A tulpa is like an imaginary friend.... only so much more psychotic and crazy. It is created through lucid dreaming and crazy

Does it get very hot there?

Once I finish these summer classes, I'll graduate and then be able to.

It's ponyfags talking about inducing hallucinations on themselves so they can have imaginary Pinkie Pie headmates.

And StevAn is there too

I've got this feeling where I wanna do literally everything but am frustrated because I can't choose. It feels insane

So, instantly shittier?

stebe is a god

Okay, done.

Yeah, looks like it. Except it feels way too crazy. I mean, I am crazy, but I would never allow myself to worsen my craziness with that sort of stuff. It would be like giving up on my hope of behaving one day like a neurotypical individual. So even though it looks really interesting and an interesting substitute to my solitude, that's a big nope.

Or fucking Pinkie Pie. Seems more accurate.


sometimes. oh sweet.

assign numbers and roll dice
flip a coin
find the one that is best for you and stick to it

Kamuu is a my tulpa... except I developed a personality disorder and they became a whole real "person". I think its the blackouts and the intricate proxy use.

Need help? :3

I totally do wanna get out of her. How crowded is it there? My misanthropy increases slightly every time I drive.

Yeah of course. I remember this one guy who kept making Pinkie Pies then killing them off when the relationship got too intense or some such bullshit. He ended up blacking out at points when Pinkie Pie took over his body.

Like I wouldn't believe this shit but I've been here in these threads for years so at this point it seems very fucking possible.


I kind of wish SteveAn and Murder had an autistic "no I'm better" argument of made-up qualifications.

Jesus Christ.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

there are a lot better choices than murder there

When in doubt, just laugh.

Murder vs. Yan is quite entertaining to see who's the edgiest ^^

Gambling is no good.


I remember him and aeries arguing for hours, if not days.

You mean Kamuu is a different "account" ? And the "Kamuu" in my steam friends is one of your personnalities ?
Well, great, I didn't need to sleep tonight anyway;

I really, really don't want to imagine a human body possessed by Pinkie Pie. It would be some Tex Avery shit, except more lame and messy.

Yeah, we had one of those fights like a day or two ago.

Technically, kammuu isnt even "me".... well... they are a substrand of my psyche but HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

What things are you trying to decide between?

Well shit. I broke it.

I dont blame them though, we did look pretty much related

Her snaggletooth was cute tho

Kinda matched mine

When in doubt let everything burn to the ground and laugh maniacally.

I can believe this.

well the town i live in has like 24k people
you know how i always say there's like no black people here? last year there was 104 of them living here. there's more asians here

idk though i do wanna move to portland which i imagine is going to be crowded as fuck

its not gambling! do the last

What's with the hedgehog hair?


From reading to gaming to running to drinking to watching to just whatever.

iunno whats best


I honestly dont know what I was thinking

If I wouldve known letting my hair grown out made me look more chink then I woulda done it sooner

Kinda wonder if Test has a big dick


Little guys be having some big fucking dicks

Should I take pills and kill kamuu?

Can you try not thinking about dicks for once ?

Meh. If it's the only way.

I remember being like 7 and having something similar where it was just blonde spiky shit that looks awful in retrospect but that was the fucking 90s so I have an excuse.

What Adachi said.

He does

Apparently you live near big open spaces, at least.

Maybe you should just run for a while; should help you calm down and have less of a hungry desire to do everything at once. ^^

It isn't that big.

i must


you couldn't think of your own response?

You saw? Can you show me?

How do you know?

But it's midnight.
It's not safe with north africans, Poles and ghosts outside.

I never really changed my hair since I was kind of a kid so I had spiky hair for a really long time
I never really felt the need to change my hair until I started drinking and would get too lazy to cut it/spike it

It only looks huge because of his tiny little hands.

Well, yes then I guess. Just make sure to not overdo it and seek advice. No automedication.

Dicks are not everything in life.

It seemed unnecessary.

Must you?

I got some green apple boba tea

ofc it isn't right
but you need to have some sort of good feeling within yourself before you can propagate it, no?

The 90s fashion were terrible and you should've gotten the hell out of there sooner.
Hell, I even had my goddamn left ear pierced because it was a trendy thing to do then.

time for ni nis

ni ni



You said you were considering that as an idea, though. :3

No kind of exercise you can do at home?

But dicks help create life

Atheist: 0

Christianity: Over 9000

You've changed. You used to be cool.

gib options

mhmm plenty

Later, Scoots.


I like Test's hands...


Usually, when I love someone, it's enough to make me happy. I know I should learn to become happy by myself, but solitude always gets the best out of me.

Technically women could reproduce without the help of men. So no.

Need to sleep. Goodnight all.

They're just fucking hands.

What are you trying to pull?


Does this count as CP to Manaka?

Evening everyone~

The strongest people thrive in solitude.
I used to have that trait as a child, but it goes against our human nature. I grew out of it.


probably your dick

I was kind of a mess in Middle school
Well I still am a mess, but more so with fashion

I eventually started looking into it, mainly into formal yet kinda casual stuff. Like Express and shit like that

I eventually got the hang of it

My head's not right.

I think the only like activity I do is music and masturbating.

a) everything
b) nothing

v& and b&

I thought you didn't want to talk to me anymore

So now you think I'm a women again...

Nothing, I just like you..

Every time I say hi to you you ignore me


We meet again, Edelweiss.

For a decent looking trap you're pretty fucking useless, you know that?

That is nowhere near hairy enough to be me.

Hard to get very far from roads and stuff here.

You know what's better than masturbating and doing cardio?

Masturbating WHILE doing cardio. Seriously.

I have no memory of actually wearing them but three different school pictures in second and third grade I was wearing goddamn Hawaiian shirts.
I think none of us have a decent sense of fashion that early.

I'm not mad at you anymore
for now


that forlorn dog toy

I don't think we should talk anymore, to be honest

Whose hand is that anyways?
You have the joints of someone with arthritis.


fuckin clammy as hell

Wtf only superman can do that.

He'll come back for it.

Mine may look it, but yours actually are.

Doesn't look like him.

I hate you


I had one of those button up short sleeve shirts with flames on it
Man I was so fucking cool

What is that nigga wearing?

is this a beluga or a orca?
i cant tell because of the camera's brightness

I just call that person Edelweiss, because of the name Erica.

idk bro

how long until ax

I guess it wouldn't work while just running. I have an elliptical.


Really? I'm sorry about that, I tend to float about when it comes to conversations.

Edelweiss? Never heard of him, I'm Erica

Oh yeah..

damn this thread is boring

bull fucking shit

i forgive you

We've talked multiple times, but that was about half a year ago and more before that.

Ah, I had something for you but my internet is ass at the moment. What ever shall I do

I bet thats Nezi

like 2 months

I havent prepared at all tbh

Kinda scared


lame. if you want that kind of thing you'll enjoy it out here

do something about it

its not nezi


Tokai doesn't even respond when I insult him


You'd still need one hand left and like you need all limbs for that one right?

Can you think outside the box?

wow tokai



then do it

bebo get on league

Paying off this car and DUI too

I'll start slowly saving up or just ask my fam to help me out and let me skip out on helpin em with the rent for a month so I can save up for AX

whichever guarantees you'll make it


Still using that same old interwebs?

I've been enjoying going outside in my backyard at night a lot; it's a major feeling of space and infinity. But I know it would feel even better if I didn't feel human life all around.

Not really; just one hand for support. You don't HAVE to use the handles that go back and forth; there's another pair to just hold on to.
Yep, stills tuck with dial up after all these years.
Who knew they still had it.

Oh then it works, that's so much testosterone though.

Good old times, also you linked that to me earlier.

radioooooooooooo graffiti

youre never on steam you know


does all the light there fuck up the sky for you? it's real nice being out in the middle of nowhere at night, looking up and seeing all of the stars

eh, I must have forgot..

Im def going tho

Been going for like 6 years in a row
Can't break the tradition

Oh hey fam, you missed it
I blew a 0.14% BAC
I got along with the cops though, really cool people

That's not true, I've been on steam a lot lately.
Way more than before.



Undertale is fucking autistic but I gotta admit these are creative af


Exactly, so I miss things alot, also you see femaculd around?

That's rare, hey you have that Asian trap photo?

they could use some work

ily badfox

I guess that's why it feels so good.


It does; I can see some stars but it would be great to see a lot more.



Also that one too.


Which one?

I like my stuff minimalistic


It's like Alucard but it's not it's Femcard

fucking lol

that undyne man

w a t

the one dressed as shimkaze from kancolle.

oh. i just haven't noticed then

oh do you like hiking or mountain climbing?

It's Alucard in their younger years.
I believe you mean Spoilers, the Canadian fellow.

I remember bad things from the last time.

Manly as heck ^ ^

Euro time zone maybe

captain morgan tho lmao

He kinda got cheekier tbh
his face was slimmer a while back

What's the thing that looks like a red buttplug in the floor?
Now, I'm 1000% sure I didn't give you this.

*just hug*

its a dog toy nigga

Why does he look more manish?
The other photo he looked like 9/10 chick man.

Still gonna assume it's a buttplug tbh.


Yes, yes Test is.

You're correct.

Well when he does his make up he looks decent
We were drinking and did some molly at 2hucon and he didnt end up doing his makeup due to 2busy partying

Hiking yeah; never tried mountain climbing, though.

It would be even better if you were there so I could shoot it out right on your face.

Was the molly his "fee" for you?

could be

ooo youre in for some fun then


C'mon. You know you smashed that.

I guess the lord taught me second chances.

Oh gee thanks, now I'm in that mood..

Ah well it's not like I talk much there anyway.


we will later

Even cucking Manny out of the trap.

AY, Soundholic!
Its been a loong time since I heard them.
Anyways, food time
See you later SD.


Mountain climbing doesn't seem necessary for survival, but I guess it's something good to try.

Maybe what you should do is masturbate, then. ^^

it's just really fun

This is nice.

First one never heard, 2nd heard because you told me to check out Mohican Sandbag, which was actually pretty good.
3rd one was posted in a groove thread in Holla Forums, not bad though.
Have a good one Fox.

About what?

Way ahead of you



Erio is the only good poster here....

Jesus Christ, what is wrong with you?

Glad someone got it


Then again I kinda did cuck manny with that reverse trap
But tbh she triggers me so much
Shes like a total autistic tumblr bitch who gets so fucking mad when they dont refer him to they or him when its actually a girl

Going from your conversation with Erio I'd say you'd enjoy being e-groped.

I'd definitely try it. I'm just mainly interested in killing things.

Be sure to eat your cum.

It's like a shitty telenovela.

you're the only good poster here


In the right context.

Spitters are quitters.

Get one of those middle ages chastity belts to prevent women from being raped to stop yourself.

I don't wanna be stopped.

You may need psychiatric help.

Serious psychiatric help.


of course

I'm no good at emoting anyway. Enjoy your cum.

I aint givin in to the jew

I'm not great with the theory of everything.



Yeah, psychiatry and pharmaceuticals are all just Jewish mind control agents, Tom Cruise.


see test

mobas r fun

you'll see


I'll fite you, don't talk shit about dad senpai





ive only watched dbz and watamote

Wrong Trump


It takes a bit more than winning to be fun. I like playing with people my skill level.

Because I own them.


You don't own MOBAS.

This one ffs


mobas suck.


Play a real game like Overwatch.



It's true


It's just another moba, ASSHOLE

And you're probably never going to play IT either.

Yes, but it has better fap bait.

So that would be like paying for fapping which is also stupid.

They really do

-queues for another game of League-



I don't usually play MOBAS or online games.


who are you?

Quit playing mobas with Desu simply so he lets you blow him.

Okay wow Test does have a pretty big dick, holy shit

He doesn't play League, nice try though ^^


I'm that one Erica you know


My ego is not so easily inflated that I'm going to let you lie for me.

I would never, EVER, show you my dick.

I have it Trest.

Did you have a bad day today?


Not really. It was particularly decent. Why?

Also, Ethy has a picture of Test's dick.


is it true test

Feel like you're being especially bm today


notice how he said he would never ever show BC his dick

maybe buttfox is right


What sort of homosexual man wouldn't want to pound this beefcake?
I cannot say this without dying laughing.


who is this goddess?

Well, can I say "probably not anymore"?

Must we bring up years-old topics again?


Yeah, bm :c



What does that even mean?

That photo is really cringey.

that's who she is now



black mamba


Subtle wants to see your black mamba

Ahh you spoilsport user

have you seen the cinematic?

thats what ethy identifies as afaik

Too much workout.

she is perfection

Obligatory redundancy for emphasis,


Yeah, his whole team dies and Darius is the only one kicking the shit out of people till Ahri finally grows a pair and ULTS. Seent it.

No, I will not be a jiggaboo for whatever gross nigger/cuck fetish you and Desu have.



bm is bad manners or bad mannered.

not with those twintails tho

D'aww. You're like twinsies.


Wear matching orange jumpsuits.

Oh, I can shout "shadow clone jutsu" and he'll jump from around the corner. It will be so clever. xd

yeah I do actually

they would make a killing making full length cinematics.

I was making a joke about prison.


I really like the story in Burning Tides, so their writing isn't bad either.


I should get arrested for the sake of this joke. I bet one nigga would laugh his ass off and I'd get inducted into some kind of gang.

I love you



long hair is best worn down or in a ponytail
or like the ava that bc posts
Twintails are fucking shit

luka doesn't identify as a girl

hi guys im feeling good
how are you all doing
except i have hives all over my body
they dont itch or hurt though
should i be concerned?

Luka is just a fat dude pretending to be a girl.
That's different from "fat dude pretending to be a girl but posting pics of themselves like orcas in a skirt".



are you allergic to anything?

You don't even know what that means, so why are you greentexting it?

don't be the male version of nezi

i havent taken any drug besides xanax in two days
it started like 2 days ago i guess
it hasnt really gotten worse or better
im almost 100% im allergic to the detergent because i was getting better and then i put on a clean shirt and now im breaking out again

Probably allergic to being in a good mood. It would put a lot of things into context.

are you sure they arent just sea urchins or mussels?

Are you calling Nezi a girl?

Nothing, I'm just greentexting you and keeping in tradition of the chins.
Alternatively, I'm bored.


time to use hypoallergenic stuff



Why do they always call themselves one then? Is that not identifying as something?

did you read everything we've said so far?

y-yeah we bought dollar store detergent >w<
i usually do buy hypoallergenic
i probably have to rewash all my clothes dont i

because they live irl like a guy and identify as a guy there too
if you're a girl online only then you don't have the privilege of being called one
at least not by me anyway

I generally only will read one post and comment on it.
I cannot be bothered to read a whole conversation just to make comments on it.

I'll take Things To Not Buy At A Dollar Store for 400.

what? how?
have they shown how they live? have you seen/met them in person to know this as fact?
stalking somebody on the internet only goes so far.

thought so. carry on.

Enjoy whiteknighting Luka, I guess.

so pretty

You mean literally anything at a dollar store?

i did not make the decision
not my fault sir

I've talked with his


go wash your clothes

its just to make grim mad


No, dollar store candy is an American dietary staple.

By wearing the clothes you are complicit in the crime.

Sucking some dude's dick for rent sure is alpha.


Dollar stores just sell garbage.
It's a literal garbage store.


i just asked family for help because i have family that loves and cares about me :3

kaffur baed takrar li la illah muhammadur rasallah allahu ackbar

if i take a shower will the hives go away ;o;
also id have to buy new detergent too right??

There's a market for garbage, and I am a faithful consumer.

I was more talking about your entire living arrangement being "sucking someone's dick so he supports me".

You disgust me.

if you move into a new place a dollar store is good just to get the necceseities and then you can upgrade to better quality later

for most big bulk things i prefer to either buy from Taobao or Aliexpress as long as i see good customer reviews and have tested a non-bulk order beforehand to make sure its not shit

very good for a lot of items, but some is just SHIT

i live with a girl
i fuck her
so i guess you could say
i fuck a girl so she supports me
yeah that sounds right
pretty good arrangement, you jelly?

I've actually thought about it, though. But then I realized I don't give enough shits

they wont go away instantly but yeah you need new detergent

Because it's possible to be envious of blights.

then why say that? i'm being serious here and you're just making shit up


Nothing and nobody will keep me away from my Nik-L-Nips.

tf are u even talkin about lmfao
dont talk to me loser 😂

well i guess it will give me motivation to like sort stuff
i need to put away winter clothes they're taking up too much space
grrr oh well

The only dollar store candy I remember is something my grandmother would call "nigger toes".

If you're into being heavily and frequently degraded, then yeah, that sounds dandy.

Is that like an MGTOW of color?


i dont get degraded
im the top..
what makes u think its femdom?

abloo bloo bloo muh muh muh
thats all i can hear my friend

Luka will say whatever it takes for people to believe he is a girl. I dunno if it's a slight case of schizophrenia or what, but he does live like a dude irl. If you want solid proof, just steam me

I need motivation to study and do my projects

what projects do u have to do
i could help
im p bored

You, too

They were like filled chocolate mounds.

no help
too prideful for that

Enjoy being denied welfare.

I think it's mutual degradation, but that's okay. It doesn't really matter anyway.

Mounds are just chocolate and coconut, it was chocolate filled... chocolate? I would eat it.

tfw all my troops are outdated

No no.
They were mound shaped chocolate with like a sugar creme filling.
They were called "nigger toes" colloquially but I cannot find their real name. Or what they're even called otherwise.

i only offered cus i wanted to spend time with you

i just got my approval call today actually ~

tsuchi have you not seen mayaka's pictures

the thousand yard stare is obvious


I'm not

you're not going to give me a counter offer?

i need to send u the art of the deal by president donald j trump..

I'm sure you didn't yet will still try to "brag" about being a drain on society.
Baffling. I guess the one good thing about a Trump presidency is he'd force your entire class of people off welfare.

no because I have to study lol

kill me
thats my counter offer
Used to be called "Nigger's Kiss" here around the 1920s per their original German name, and actually up till 2001.

wait those were scarlet?
wtf i thought i was watching in the heart of the sea
this is a ripoff

wahh wahh aboo booo laa goo go go gaga wahhh muh taxes wahhh

how about


Trump in transgendered people using bathrooms/locker rooms of their choice:

To wit: “Well it’s not fine and I have to tell you that I would, generally speaking, leave it to the states to decide. You know, Obama’s getting into a very tricky territory. And the amazing thing is, so many people are talking about this now,” Trump said. “And we have to protect everybody, even if it’s one person. But this is such a tiny part of our population. Now with that being said, protect everybody. But I would really leave it up to the states.”

what a way with words
he pandered to both sides

nigga she weighs like 110 or something

Oh, those look nice. Remind me of those mass produced cookie/marshmallow/chocolate pinwheel things, but in the shape of those creme filled cherry inside chocolates.

did he call me fat
i have him filtered lol
its ok i know im skinny now desu~

she's 4'5 180

Nah. These had creme fillings to them. Like a cordial cherry without the cherry.

severely maim me then

Speaking of niggers.
There's a species of bird called informally a nigger grouse. Go fig.

That's what you think

why do you hate her so much again?

/pats your tummyfat

Only thing I can find is a licorice and Brazil nuts.

Hard candy to find.

This is mesmerizing

Speaking of undesirables, someone ban buttfox.

just do ur fucking work noob
ive been cleaning all day
and now im gonna do a lot of laundry
i made the bedroom look really pretty and cleaned up a bit
u can do it too!

if i had money rn id probably make a nice dinner for everyone but i wont for a few day :c

i havent cooked for everyone in a few weeks it makes me sad, i really like making meals for everyone in the house but its hard to find something that everyone agrees on

Never had one of those to be honest.

Some of those had foam-like creme filling.

Also a whiskey named The Famous Grouse.
Which is pretty good.

Kill the blacks!

clean my room

wait actually dont
I have this strange fear of people sniffing my clothes


maybe they want to be recognized as one. open your eyes.
yes i want solid proof, more than shit from 4years ago on facebook.

Like these?

I know it too

i dont hate scarlet

i have the primal urge of the irish fishermen in my blood telling me to harpoon him

unfortunately i can only harpoon him with my words

Spirits aren't my forte.
I've taken a liking to beer for some reason. Though, hops beer is like choking down a drain clog.

They were like bell shaped mounds with a simple sugar liquid creme. Ben Franklin's was the store she always bought them at when she went back home to the small town.

grim thats not as good as this
ive been listening to it on repeat all day :X

i would clean ur room
thats what i am basically at this house is maido desu
ive just been bedridden for a month cus weak immune system ;_; i think it FINALLY has cleared up i feel energy back and my throat doesnt hurt anymore
cleaning is really nice and fun to me


This has been noted.



answer my question

steam me then

it's more of a self conscious thing than fear

ive been listening to weebtunes all day goml

I made a song.

Kind of but it was liquid creme.
There was a whole brand of them. Even I could find them at a few local places that were homemade "old fashioned candy" type deals but their name eludes me.

this sounds like something i would like if ur sound levels werent plateauing

do you have a higher quality version?

mongoltunes > weebtunes

I didn't ask for this ear rape

I haven't been drinking in a good while to be honest.
But if I did, it would probably be beer just for the sake of not getting absolutely shitfaced.
Although I feel like I'd probably end up buying vodka again.

You know what's up, wanna go break some Chinese walls?

That has been noted down, you'll never know if somebody did or didn't do it though.
Back up from the mic.

whenever i see a picture of him my eyes burn with animalistic predator fury as my left hand raises into the air and i imagine myself plowing my harpoon (not sexual) into the legendary white whale

ive already started building a canoe in my backyard so that i can pursue him


Get cheasy cheapo Russian vodka.

No. It's stylistically designed to be that way.

Darn, I can only find the poofy creme kind. Nothing with that cadburry type filling.

throatsinging 2extreme for me

if I saw someone do it I would be frozen in terror
even if it was my S.O

I legitimately feel sorry for her back.

i better go start cutting some more trees

Keep finding like four different candies with nigger in the title, but can't find a chocolate one.

On the plus side you can carry her boobs on your head.

They were actually really good.
The chocolate was usually a dark, semi sweet and the cream was made of sugar but not just diabetes tasting.
They were pretty good. One of those old people things that didn't taste like shit, unlike circus peanuts.

I will feel bad for my neck then.

5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him

5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him

5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him
5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him
5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him
5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him

5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him
5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him
5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him
5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him
5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him
5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him
5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him
5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him
5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him
5:41 PM - Grim Echoes: because I e-stalk him

Ah well.

i want to live in a yurt on the greater eurasian steppe with my strong mongol husband and ride around with him horseback and see the great mountains in the distance

tengri turan


i hate that stylistic choice in music
some people like it i dont tho


Wait, Brunberg Kisses?

It's all I can do to keep myself from ordering old timey candy over the internet all day. I would hurt a lot of people who I respect very much for an unlimited supply of Chick-o-Sticks.

Nah. Someone already said those. It wasn't marshmallow centers.
You'd occasionally find flavored creme centers but they were generally terrible.

There's a saltwater taffy booth at the State Fair every year that's made on like a century's old taffy machine.
I always buy a bag.

Those can make you go blind, better just get Czar's premium vodka.


I just want to break some walls and get yelled at by a guy with a heavy accent "GODDAMN MONGORIANS!"


They have a variety of different flavored centers as well.

But ah well. Can't find it.

My neighbor gave us some homemade caramels this Christmas, If only I hadn't had to share with my family.

I believe Cracker barrel sells some.
Though, I'm not sure of the taste.

probably forget to filter out the methanol.

i frequently listen to turkic/mongolian music and just day dream about living on the greater eurasian steppe living a nomadic pastoral life at the height of altaic prosperity during the reign of ghengis khan

i think id prefer to live in the krygzistan region, it looks the most beautiful, but mongolia itself is so nice looking too.

i hope to visit all of the central eurasian countries, tuva, and mongolia someday


i love altaic culture
i can not explain it

Probably, those street kiosks that sell vodka in Moscow are a risky business, you never know what you get.

I just have the thing for you.

I can't judge.
I used to be very interested in the Mongolians and I tried making a Mongolian horn bow with my father. though it was bit labor intensive.

Is Russia really that bad?

the tune to this
its ripped from something
i know it from something
i know it from an actual folk song
this is like a modern rendition
i like this
maybe a bit too 'modern' the original version isnt metal so much as just using the dombra and such
god the dombra is so beautiful
this is my playlist

i fletched a bow once
it wasnt that good
but it worked
it was cus i liked runescape

Moscow is still okay tier, unless you're going into the nightlife.
But those kiosks are a real deal.

I just found it once when very drunk, not bad though.

this piece is truly beautiful
tatar music has more european influence, more so that they use european instruments but play altaic music
its so good to the ears, i wish i had a higher quality recording

Ahhhhh I wanna die for allah

also the way the main person plays the violin is really fucking cool
i learned how to play the violin and ive never seen someone work a violin like that
the technique and the sound produced is EXCELLENT
none of these people have professional training either

if someone from the CIA reads that it was just a joke I'm white and nonreligious

Never looked into that, not really that big on folk music.

T - The OST

significant other

wear headphones for this

Ah, never heard that abbreviation.
I think Tokes posted that once, great nonetheless.


asalaam alaykum kaffer baed takrar li la illah muhammadur rasallah allahu ackbar

i fuckin love folk music
ballads are my favourite type of music by far

Mashallah sister

u didnt follow the instructions


I don't read sanskrit


Wallah bros.

I decided to look at the folk music of my people, yeah nah.

tbh we really just need to wipe out sandniggers.
They're all backwards ass motherfuckers.

Arabs* ftfy

Glass them all or build a wall?

All sandniggers. Kikes too. Even Turkey.

A little nuclear glassing would do them good.

Not only did depp's mother just die but his wife just filed for divorce

poor guy

repeat after me kaffur: li la illah muhammadur rasallah

give me a vocaroo

i thought you just said you liked mongolian folk? :---DD

sure, jews arabs and the turks

What if we have another Japan on our hands and they become an economic power in 50 years?

He probably kept trying to bring Tim Burton into the bedroom tbh