Going for a jog, bbl <3

Going for a jog, bbl

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When will you get your rest? ._.

No one gives a fuck about what you think you autistic fucking manchild

Look the fucking user agrees with me

I care about how the world IS.

I'm sure I'd be a lot more functional if I just argued from emotion, and repeated the words and reasoning of others.

whether I'm astoundingly autistic, or a genius, a true statement or an accurate understanding exists independent of who I am. so I intend to develop my accurate understandings with true statements, even if they include grays, gradients, or abstracts. I'm good with those. maybe I am autistic.

trump will only do good for this country.

I don't know why you bothered to include this bit.

No, but you WOULD be a lot more functional if you CONSIDERED and UNDERSTOOD the emotions of yourself and others in a healthy way. Which you evidently are close to incapable of doing.

Another needless bit you could have, and should have, left out.

Pretty soon, just reading a bit.

We should convert solely to nuclear power and only use solar power where it makes sense to

we need immigration reform.

we need tax reform


and universal healtcare

I do consider and understand the emotions of others.

I'm very good at empathy.

I just discard them when I'm debating truth.

Unless the emotions of others are relevant to the answer.

*should only use solar power where it makes sense to

i had it right the first time. damn you xanax

what do you read?

*hugs you thankfully*

Anything worthwhile?

Solely nuclear and solar? Sounds dumb to me.

Actions speak louder than words.

"The truth" isn't slang for "the bit that I want to talk about in a vacuum so that I can be right in every argument by reducing it to the point of absurdity," you do know that, don't you?

Which they obviously have been over and over today, and which you still either refuse to or are incapable of doing. Again, actions speak louder than words.

im sinking into my bed. im no longer hearing voives as i lit an incent and did a chant. thanks for the hug

nuclear power is pretty damn safe in done in the right conditions and costs 1/10th of the price of other power options. solar power works well in places where it gets a lot of sun.

Just rehearsing for the exam, so pretty much boring math.

Not really, see^

Stay Comfy ♥

what kindsa math are you trying to

Engineering mathematics, the ones you don't want to bother yourself with.

I'm all for nuclear and solar, but I don't think they should be the exclusive providers of power. Wind and hydroelectric can be okay in some situations, for example. There's a lot more cool stuff than just nuclear and solar.

Good point.

The truth is whatever the premises determine to be true through reason.
As I said at the beginning, a large part of it is determining relevant information.
This isn't my first rodeo with ideologies or concepts.

It's not that I didn't understand why people like Trump, I know that rather well. It was that when I make a simple logically true statement, and he makes a simple logically untrue statement, that his words are listened to over mine. I even knew the answer to that (which is that they disregard the logic of single statements altogether and focus on the people saying them), but I was framing it rhetorically.

I was saying it was wrong, and a poor habit for anyone who cares about what's right.

You know, those policies are applicable for all countries.

I would say wind power would be cool too, and more research in energy and space stuff.

Every country needs a wall, how else are you going to protect your nation from

I can go on. Want me to go on?
I can go on and on and on.

uh... like numbers math?
or letters math?

or... umm geomitry math?

nuclear power provides 19.5 percent.

it should be much higher

*flys over wall*

Sorry for getting your hopes up.

All of those and sometimes mixed.

Good man, good youtuber. I'm glad he found so much success with patreon, but I really hope he speeds up his production schedule.

walls have statistically proven to work and have been used for hundreds of years ya dingus

It's called algebra, Luka.

do you have alot of it remembered by now?
give yourself 5 minute intermission breaks from reading all that! while you cram.

No,it would be less embarrassing if it were, though.

Really? Maybe you should have opened with that, instead of morphing and shifting your statement as I argued at a brick wall for an hour.

Yes, I agree. The nuclear backlash was and is very unfortunate.

That's okay, I am locked in a perpetual state of disappointment anyhow. No real harm done.

oh... i never knew that all those people doing math with letters, than with actual real numbers, was called algebra.
never taught me that in high school.

If it flies over the wall, it is either food or target practice.

I fucking love him so much, how wonderfully creepy, dark and cool he is. I loved his HUGE vid.

Exactly, so anyone else to argues against Trump's wall is a fucking witch dissenter!

No walls = Easier to consult with sandpeople, demons and shitty neighours.


Were you in special ed?

It's not polite to ask if somebody has fucked a disabled person named Ed, you know.

I could sit here and argue for trump all day, but I don't have to because he will become presdent anyway.

it flys higher, out of target range.

nope. i graduated fine and normally. in my normal Canadian high school.

It's aliens/wizardy and we're fucked.

Well that explains it.

I'm a little worried though.
Someone that tanned shouldn't have access to the Football nuke thing.


do you not notice the flag?

RIP aliens rekt

Damned Ed gets around.

Then you learned algebra.

There is no two ways about this.

Pretty much, although I feel like I should have continued my studies right off the bat.

That's depressing.

nope, i don't remember anything like that. only a graduation exam, and normal math class.


The Canadian flag? I really try not to.

You should hear the way he moans.

He's also pretty loud during sex, too.

Yeah, but in a good way. Like other people being unhappy.

procrastination right? ^ ^;;;

you are that aliens meme guy?

that's too bad i guess.

I'm baffled.

Nah, can't do memes anymore.
Cold turkey because the police caught me overdosing on dank memes and loitering with 15 yr olds.

I'd argue that it's just bad enough.

I first said,

I said in the very last sentence of that third post,

And that's literally it. The answer in the end was literally 'ignorance'.
It sounded like you were arguing for ignorance and reasoning from emotion as somehow an okay thing to base one's judgement on. So I began attacking that, and even confirmed with

It seemed at no point did you think that the reasoning you were describing was wrong, but that it was natural and expected, because so many do it. That somehow the cold, dissecting approach is practically useless. That didn't make sense to me. Choosing your President is like choosing an ideology. It is an opinion that should be broken down and looked at, though you could argue that same analytical approach to a friendship is unnecessary and a little autistic.

It seemed you were complicit with ignorance.

Try not to think about it too much~
it's not like you should stress yourself out over someone else's education right?

people don't whine about bill gates being a drop out and all those other people right?
stuff you don't ever really think about, since it's not you!
and only you care about all the things and around pertaining to yourself and your environment, correct?

Not really sure if that's a good thing either.

Didn't really feel like reading a whole lot after graduation, had 2 choices and went with the easier one.
Now that I think about it, RIP me.

Kanra. lemme tongue yo butthole.

How will you fix it? ;~;

Can't undo what's done.

What do I get out of it?

Meems are a srs drug

You're right, I shouldn't have brought it back up after we already reached an understanding. But you make it very difficult by being so terrible to talk to at all times, no matter who you're dealing with.

50/50, I like those odds.

Did everyone have to take algebra at your high school in order to graduate?

Me tonguing yo butthole?
I dunno, I just wanted to threaten you with a rimjob; because boredom.

A tongue.

In your butt.


Risky business, but sometimes you've got to gamble.

You still haven't made clear whether you agree with dissection as appropriate to understanding;
made clear that arguing from authority, reputation, and emotion is a heuristic to be overcome.

Yes, why?

i'm not gay

you can do something else though? right?
tell me moar! ♥

turnt that normal frank, into a raging franku !

walls can't stop everythign!

Luka says he never took algebra, and I'm like "is this actually a Canadian thing? No way, right?"

Fuck if I know.


HAHA, you crack me up.


Don't fucking lie to me, Luka.

I did.

Sometimes all of the time.

I'm not in the business of answering vague and nebulous questions, sorry.


Luka and I probably did the same BC program.

Homosexuality is a sin.

I can't fix that mistake.
But I'm trying alternate ways, which might not in the end even work, but at least got to give it a try.

That's the way to do it.

You'd be terrible at poker.

I don't even have to see your face and you have a bad poker face.

i won't play your game.

It will work! because i believe that you can make it happen.


I went to three different schools,

in each school I wrote the same two essays,

and got A's on all of them.


That's a bad response even for you. You've outdone yourself. Congratulations.

Thanks for the support, but it's just one of those things which I can't predict.

I went to a shitty highschool. Place was infested with rats, ants and wasps. Kids would spit on the trails of ants to drown them in dry ground and piss off the wasps for a chase.

School is razed now to make way for housing.

yup. teachers all left little notes on how good they were. got better each time, obviously.

Though the sum of what I was driving at.

Sounds disgusting.



take a sip of water
reap that paragraph
think about maths

then take a break and post on an internet forum

rince repeat.

congrats, you passed with flying colors!


Just to make sure, you know what epistemology is, right?

Remember what I said?

The whole "baiting to make yourself feel smarter" thing?

Still doing it.

Ah well, I'm off to take a nap now.
Bye Luka.

It gets worse.
The place was called Broadway Community Highschool. 4 kids carried flick knives. Any kids that been horrible in Broadway, gets kicked off into Cowley, and anyone been horrible in Cowley, gets kicked out into Broadway.

I have a million stories. There are a few students from my school who have died or in jail now. Like, more than usual.

My mate in highschool got stabbed in the park from another pupil because LOL I'M HARD ME. Mate was saved by his school planner we all had to carry. We all carried our school planners from then on, instead of forgetting them.

rest well~

Who is CanDy Cigs anyway?>

Sounds pretty gay.

It isn't bait.

I don't know a thing about this Candy.

They called my answer stupid, when I thought it was very apt.


are you Candy?

It is a mystery.

im sweet like candy,,, but im not them

who are they?



What kind of op is this?

Fuck off bc

Good night.

I know you are

I don't know.


you don't like it?

please don't leave me...

i think it's Fool... only he can write that much cuck in one post

Also I'm off today

Let's get coffee or something

you shouldnt drink coffee

nah, Fool is immature and full of himself.

This person tried to be understood.

After a stressful day of work

you should ignore them, they dont know what theyre talking about, master

you should try armagnac

Why are you scared of hanging out with Grim irl?

Quit being a baby back bitch

what's good?

don't have any weed?

They do, but only that.

i told you before that grim wants to take photos of me and post them in the thread with his phone

hehe nothing~ just a lil tired from my jog, how about you? ^^

master is the most perfect person ever

they really dont know what theyre talking about

just woke up
I feel sick and my eyes hurt

I ran out the other day

I honestly prefer weed over alcohol but since I only buy in eighths I dont have enough for it, I didn't want to buy a dub cause that shit would be gone in a sec

I stopped by a liquor store before work and got this lil babby bottle for 5.99

Good enough

Gotta wait till Fri to buy more weed

Oh so you're like a neckbeard or something?

im sorry to hear that... did you rub them when you woke up?

no i shave

I'm not gonna take pics of you don't want me to lmfao

Who cares if you're a guy

No, but they think they do.

That's all that matters to me.

Good. Don't let sobriety hit you til then.

I'm not sure
should I have?

I bet kanra would have coffee with me

Cuz hes not a BITCH

Yes, you are

I'm not a guy though

Is any of it true?

Absolutely not. Rubbing your eyes as soon as you wake up will irritate them

You're a certified bitch ass nigga

In what she said about why people listen to Trump and not me, yes.

It was a basic premise. A safe premise.

They spouted Kanra stereotypes. It was clear their view of me was misguided.

I will have to remember that next time
Hm so how are you doing?

Gonna have coffee with Donald and kanra

I'm sure he'd be a fascinating person to meet.

just had my breakfast and drinking my coffee now



We making progress fam

fuck me

stop drinking before work you bum

yea caffeine is p great

Suh dude

I've been having at least a cup every morning and my random headaches have disappeared. So yeah it is pretty great.



I even took a picture of the stove clock and the other clock

I woke up, therefore it is morning now.



I am about to go to bed in afew hours
Or at least till I finish this tiny bottle

I work from 8pm to 4:30am and sleep around 9 or 10am till 2 or 3pm

Graveyard shift is suffering

I promise you I'm not.

I didn't really read any of their false propaganda

Yeah man graveyard is never worth. I try not to work at night but I have the next week off and I go to Vegas on Sunday!

what did you eat?

One hard boiled egg and a few apple slices for breakfast

im sick from my run

Grim you better smash


how much did you run?

I may be a lot of things but I am NOT fat



I run 5 miles every morning, I should run more.

Ema-Chan I know. You're cute.


you are pretty
*hugs encouragingly*


5 sounds like more than enough already

-cries in your arms- i hate fat people more than anything in the universe...


Trust it's not. Once get used to it you want more.

I'd rather just use my bike tbh

Wow this stuff making me cringe.

you wont be one~ ♥ *pets*

Bikes are absolutely great for losing weight. If I had one I would be riding that instead of jogging. I have to head to school now.. bye v.v


youre sweet for saying that... -kisses your neck- bye-bye

Say that to my pay rate fam

Oh so you're a trap

Shut up smooth skinned slut

I miss the sun so I'm pretending outside doesn't exist.

stay well

enjoy your day


she's punching ice cubes???

she throwing them at gunmen who stormed her cafe because pew pew

rawr! ♥

how you feeling now?

Just waking up


Too busy asking your health.

i'm slowing down. but imma head out inna few hours and recharge with a yummy energy drink! :3

You're asking the guy who did meth for like a week straight

Dont ask me about health fam

wew recharge the battery

Lmao, idk how you're still alive tbh. Someone must be praying for you life fam.

yup ^w^
like a battery~

wew... think you can tackle the day now?

ezpz promos

gonna keep climbing plat now baby

I have no real choice, gotta carpe diem it!

are you preparing right now?

yep ready for rawr

good times~


is that some kinda kewl gauntlet thingy?

Its appart of Laura's suit.

is that show any good?

Yeah, its a fun watch. Amusing. I would suggest.


oh and btw how has league been for you? or did you buy overwatch a couple days ago?

ive got leeg just havent palyed it yet. Imma do play soon though.

what the hell is this?

The end of your life.


a board

try it out
it will be quite the journey

Will do. Tiem for work nao.
buh bai

What does it look like



posting on

that's it.

we just talk to each other here.


Jerk on the new person.

Go away hotwheels

They're Filipino so they might be into that

Alright i will stop asking questions. Going back to the most powerful race in the world board.




race cars! vroom

He means /pinoy/

Minus one friend opportunity. Tough luck.


You're there for him.

i give up trying to be the nice guy and make friend with people i see





A dubious claim, to be sure.

Time to try and make friends with the people you can't see, I guess. Pretty spooky stuff.

Isn't he supposed to be dead.

oh shit, forreal?

It wasn't that guy

Oh... Or maybe not.

I was a mod on the pinoy tc group a while back

Good times

I got banned after I mold irl and was like IM NOT EVEN A SHITTY PINOY YOU ASIAN NIGGERS, IM GUATEMALAN

yes, or as the doctor says it, losing sanity

the flag though

That statement in itself is quite dubious.

stfu you London fuccboi

Yeah, but you can see that doctor, so I wouldn't put too much stock into the things that he says.

More like boobious.

Just look!
There are tons of them


i dont see them in top 25

rekt :3



Holy fuck

That's not what your boobs said, you boob head.


I think my boobs would have very little to say, you poop head.

I don't think you know the first thing about your boobs.

And the poop is there on purpose, thank you very much.

Goggles butt is actually really smooth

almost cp levels of smooth

N-Not thath Ive seen it or anything

And you're supposed to know all about my non existent boobs?

Why does this board of tripfags exist?

because you're a bitch ass nigga

Well, yeah, I am supposed to. I didn't study the textbook very well though, I'll probably bomb the final exam.

As long as there are people, there will be shitty people.

Why don't you go bomb your mum!

Because I love mommy.

Why don't you go mother your bombs?

I would get too attached to them to set them off.

Just because something is to die, does not mean we should not love and understand it.

Help your bombs lead the life that you would want to lead as a bomb. They need your guidance now more than ever.

Heteros are a myth.


what the fuck lol

I'd want to live a short life and have an impact on the world.

Youve made an impact on my dick
That sorta counts right?

Are you ready to be my little bitch?

Will you get lost, creep.

I don't know, I think Soto has a point. You could set his dick up the bomb.


I am going to ignore that and just say that's a nice image.

Don't yell you little slut

I guess. It's a little lesbiany though. Lesbianish? Lesboriffic?


Dyke-n-roll. Right on.

this will never work, I'm not a sub or switch.


Thankfully Tokai is

He never said you couldn't cuckold him.

Mine was clearly superior.

Just a friendly suggestion. Pic related.

Just mean.


How do I do that??



thats a pic of three boys pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=52535572

Didn't you read what I said? It was a friendly suggestion. Emphasis on the friendliness with which the suggestion was delivered.


a friendly suggestion that you should stop having that poo on your head.

Not even the fantasy picture traps can run anything past you.


You can't cuck me either. I'm the dom here bitch.

:^) it won't happen

Ah well, had my fun.

at least that one wore a cute choker thingy neck

I take it you're a big fan of choked traps?

The only thing prescription here is your great banter.

I thought that was classified


Ill turn tables.

not traps.
only pretty lady's with the cute choker necklace thingy. :)


... and the Vicodin.

As often as you can. Cuck a hold of this opportunity and don't let go.

Ah, you like pretty ladies who are thoroughly choked, gotcha.

That was just a wild guess, but now that you confirmed it it has been noted down.


You can do whatever you want, but you're still the sub.

Excuse me, don't post my waifu. It triggers me.

That's your waifu???

Anything good going on?

One of them.


u little sneaky twister of words you~

I'm nervous

I've been tricked?!

Superb yes


I don't think it's okay to have more than one.

I could go for a game of Twister right about now.

The first step to get over your nerve is to do it anyway because I told you to.

Says who?

Yes, you fell for the elaborate ruse.

'Sup Cherrie?

Everybody except for the hippies, the Mormons, and tribesman, as far as I can tell.


Nothing much, just sitting here lurking while listening to good old 30's radio. What about you?

They're anime characters.

struggling in this league match, had to mute my team too.


You sunk my battleship!

I find your lack of devotion to your waifus very distressing.


I am devoted to all my pretty girls and boy.

Then those are not waifus

Well guide me, I'm dumb!

I will seek vengeance

I'm getting the rope

Listening to old post-metal and drinking some energy drinks.
Kind of just waiting till my friend comes around so we can go to the gym.

Love teammates like that.
Although I never mute anyone just to hear them whine even more.

Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch reference?

Let me guess, you're very devoted to them through panes of glass and hedgerows?

pennsylvania avenue

Sounds like you have a good time then.
What are you listening to?

I am sorry to point out the fact that is in fact impossible.

You seem overly devoted to policing my folder collections.

Refer to above.

It would be an act of the blind leading the blind. I suggest you seek out a mentor on Craigslist and become their understudy.

It's whatever you want it to be. I am all things to all people.

Sounds like a nice place.

(trigger warning)



Nah, I am just shitposting because I am bored


Okay, make sure you get comfortable before I tie you up.

Yugo is pretty cute btw

But you're still getting headshots.

If you'd like the save your progress, enter a name.

dunno about that kaybe, how are you doing?

*pulls the trigger* pew pew

Haven't really been listening to any post-rock/post-metal in a while though.

Nice to meet you, another me.

Got to love those matches that just go on the edge of losing/winning all the time.
Although a streak of clean victories strains less.

Goddamn FPS Doug.

Just identify me by my flag, I think that should be enough

I take it that you're proxying so I don't really think that's viable enough.

This match took everything out of me fam. I'm not going to play anymore for a while. I cannot even begin to describe the toxicity of some people. Literally was on the edge of my seat for the last 30 minutes. What was supposed to end with my defeat at my nexus turned into the greatest comeback ever. TWITCH OP.

I am wondering why I didn't go to sleep hours ago, but it's all sunny now.

Great, now my shirt is soaked.

I bet it is.


Whats craigslist?? sounds like drugz

You're going down

I really like that. Especially the start.

Wew lad.

Fine you want a name?

Same, I couldn't sleep either so I just laid down in my bed playing pokemon. Then I got up a few hours ago and had breakfast. Feels good though.

You'll never win this bby.

Brilliant, I love it.

super soaker!

fedex woke me up

Did you get the butt parcel?

upgrades, yo


It's so pretty in the mornings this time of year. I should probably mow the lawn though.

I just hope it was water.

no, I think my mom got me new sneakers

we'll see tho

Totally better to take a break, since next one could be a defeat considering that stress.
Unless you got like an infinite adrenaline rush.

Does this mean I know everything about you now?

Good try though.

Love how most of it is just melodic at first and then breaks down.
This has to be my favourite from the post-rock genre.

not speaking to you in pm ever again.

nice flag, user


Mine are pretty nice when the sub is barely rising and there are clouds everywhere.

nice, post package when opened.

Only when I feel good do I get that perpetual rush. Right now I'm kinda shaky and don't want to do anything.

goggles pls no

How about you stop being a bitch and come have coffee with me

I like songs that go DOOF DOOF DOOF.

UH OKAY? I'll be over in 30.

wrong person

why are you posting bc's avatar shitter


dinner bbl

I can win everything!
I'm amazing in every way.


Also get in voice so I can talk to myself with one more person

Or perhaps just devoted enough.

I don't think you know very much about yourself, no.

Man, you just can't get submissive guys off your mind, can you?

I should attach goggles name to that post

I think i need to listen some more to this band. I love when you mix that kind of instruments in.

That may be, but there is always someone out there who's better than you. That's me.


Making me a better person?


Better not to then.

No problem Tokes.

True, very true.

A bit different from the others, but nonetheless good stuff from Moscow.

How about not making you a worse person, probably, most of the time? Baby steps.

But before that. I just need to listen to this.

ice cubes in the super soaker tube
for sharp icey water
at high pressures

I like to think that I'm a very good person!

Cool it, Mr. Freeze. Don't want any caped avengers after you.

I like to think a lot of things too.

Goggles are you actually mad at me

Don't worry i'm here now.


imm heading out now to take care of some things.
bye for now.

yay best poster is here~

Thanks Volvo

My man.
Although I'm not really a fan of their Swedish songs.

Bye Luka.

Who is "I"?

did you seriously mix everything in "anime###" folder

... w-what's that supposed to mean?

Buh bye.

Of course not, silly. There are shota and loli folders too.

I'm like the worst poster though.

Some random black guy with huge arms.


You shut your mouth right this instant.

Kaybe i used to think you're not into that kind of stuff


Sometimes I like to think that I can lift 500 pounds off of the ground. It's just a fun way to pass the time.

I'm not into anime, and yet here we are.

you're here just to judge me and make fun of me
and confuse everyone


Hey thats that one game f thrones girl.

I don't think thats an option.

At least its not white girl music anymore.

And I thank God every single day for making my goal so clear.

I guess so, yes.

Same here. But i do like this one. youtube.com/watch?v=ccTwSl-NLLA

Oh, guess you're a mouth breather then?

I like to think that everything affects morale.

It never was!?

I still prefer the English version of that too.

I have a feeling shes probably gonna die soon.

Not that I know of.

You linked me something with justin bieber in it one time

Nevertheless, his voice is still probably one of the best if not the best.

Is that why you spend so much time standing on one leg singing the blues?

That being said, Sweden does have some of the best metal/rock bands.


Yea so?

I don't understand the reference.


Um... alright?


Maybe you just need to reconnect with the one-legged bluesician in you, then.

I haven't actually listened to any of them.
The reason i learned about Sabaton was because of Van Canto when napalm records published an album of free samples.

Can't believe I let myself forget how good this shit is.

Your pictures are getting cuter.


Probably dumb luck, I don't have an eye for gaynime. My fur collection is a solid 7/10 though.



That's pretty odd, would think that you have a local rock/metal radio station there as well that plays mostly Nordic stuff 24/7

/rub rub


Yugo is really really cute though


Yugo? More like uggo.

I know!!!
best husbando

You know what...

Don't you even dare...

for some reason I find that muffled rap music sounds better than the real thing.

Do I really though? 8)



I don't listen to radio that often. But i know we do have a station.