Holla Forums here

Holla Forums here

What's your honest to goodness opinion on the likelihood of all of this ending in a massive glorious uprising before January?

I'm not buying any of it and Trump was just a useful idiot for us to raise race consciousness anyway.

As a sign of good will, enjoy a pic of spicy castizas. Bunda bunda!

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peterdanpsychology.ro/ro/pagina/25/files/docs/black iq gains.pdf

Race is a spook.







Roberts, Dorothy (2011). Fatal Invention. London, New York: The New Press.

Lee et al. 2008:

Harrison, Guy (2010). Race and Reality. Amherst: Prometheus Books. "Race is a poor empirical description of the patterns of difference that we encounter within our species. The billions of humans alive today simply do not fit into neat and tidy biological boxes called races. Science has proven this conclusively. The concept of race (…) is not scientific and goes against what is known about our ever-changing and complex biological diversity."

While you're here can i have your honest opinon about this?


How will the Holla Forumsyp recover?

Nah you'd need depression 2 election boogaloo for normal people to go out and start committing radical acts like that.
Expect a lot of civil disobedience and liberal counterculture though

Like I said I considered him a useful idiot to raise awareness about deeply triggering and problematic attitudes. I considered him one of 🍀🍀🍀them🍀🍀🍀 from the get go.

As for race not supposedly not existing…well let's just say my arbitrary definitions are more real to me that your arbitrary definitions of race.

Thus, rejecting evidence that debunks race realism and continuing to proceed in the circle jerk of WE WUZ ARYANS N SHIT, and WE ARE THE MASTER RACE, despite being tricked by DA JOOS for the millionth time.

i recently realized, that racist, nationalist …and everyone displaying tribalist behaviors were always at the bottom of society and were for the most part utter failures.

i'v never met any successful or intelligent person do it, they all seem to take their distances and not associate with any group because they consider them inferior to them.

my theory is that those underachievers seek some form of pride by association.
they know they suck so they found a way to bump their ego by leaching off others

Before January? No way

It probably won't happen without some sort of catatrosphy that affects the common American dramatically.

So pretty much the alt right and BLM in a nutshell.

No shit.

every identitarian movement


Low. Trump is just another porky who will prioritize business interests. Race consciousness, whether it is coming from the idpol left or the alt-right, merely distract from class consciousness. Trump is already filling his transition team with big-name lobbyists, and defense, biotech, and private prison stock movements indicate that business interests believe Trump will be quite willing to work with them. Trump's protectionist policies might bring jobs back for a few years until companies automate them away. The rich will do better than ever but at least you put those SJWs in their place!



You are wrong, they talk about nationalism but they are in denial about the status in society rather than some fake self-esteem.it Is more about hope than superiority

No tho

i disagree, they're aware about their social status.
they know they can't bump it up so they try to lower other's.

No. We just don't want to live with, near, or breed with non whites. Especially blacks.

something pol and liberals can agree on

Trump really did steal all of Bernie's rhetoric, didn't he?

yes but miscegenation is healthy, why take such an unscientific view?

Finally a Holla Forumsyp admits what millions of others already knew. No shit Trump will do fuck all for workers, he was just supported by aut-rightists because they all frothed at the mouth and creamed their pants over MUH WALL MUH ERMIGRANTS MUH deeply triggering and problematic PC CULTURE idpol.

Cheers m8, I'll save you a beer when we get to see it all burn down.


oh shit that fucking word filter LOL

are you implying Trump women because of his political skills or policies ?

If individuals want to leave the reservation to irrelevant shit that's ultimately up to them. We are merely entitled to a nature reserve of our own.

Also, out breeding depression is a thing, as are organ transplant incompatibilities among mixed race children.

Trump is a victory for Feminism confirmed!

They believe that he is just a jumping platform to what they actually want in the U.S. Ironically enough Holla Forums agrees with us in the sense that capitalism is shit.

No they don't. Their dreamland is just capitalism by another name. Yours too tbh, nys

You will co opt literally fucking anything won't you

I like how Nazis shamelessly copy things from other ideologies

Then they have the nerve to come over and tell us that our memes are just reskins of theirs.

The means of racial preservation will be reclaimed.



You're saying it like this happened today.

auto correct, i meant won

remember there are currently more brown babies than white babies

you're literally done.

racism is like a religion it isn't about facts, its all about muh feels.
just like for any religious moron you won't convince them

We shall see. Once capitalism collapses a Nazi masturbation fantasy will follow. White people will not go the way of the native American.

Seems one's going on in front of our very eyes.


based wordfilters

Except a """pure ethno state""" will result in unhealthier populations and disgusting offspring. It's healthier to irrelevant shit.


The university of Edinbrugh found that greater genetic diversity is linked to increased height. It is also associated with better cognitive skills, as well as higher levels of education.

However, genetic diversity had no effect on factors such as high blood pressure or cholesterol levels, which affect a person's chances of developing heart disease, diabetes and other complex conditions.

The findings suggest that over time, evolution is favouring people with increased stature and sharper thinking skills but does not impact on their propensity for developing a serious illness.

Dr Jim Wilson, of the University of Edinburgh's Usher Institute, said: 'This study highlights the power of large-scale genetic analyses to uncover fundamental information about our evolutionary history.'


Studies done in Iceland explicitly tackling this problem contradict your study. You only 10k for a viable breeding population. And believe me there are a lot more than 10k racially conscious white people. A lot more.

The means of racial preservation shall be reclaimed.

Then why have the ideology you fucking idiots

thanks, made me kek

Nobody here is going to stop you from having kids with other "white" people, you dirty anglo scum.

So you did not see that, in the many years that you have lived, but just now, for some reason you feel like you realized this. Just now. Good job. Maybe the next big thing to you will notice is the invention of electricity.
So now you have a theory? Care to tell us what it is? Pride by anything is not a "theory", mate. And, as you said yourself: "I recently realized" So you had the time to think about it? Or did you just "recently realize" your theory? That's just sad man, sad.

FTFY bitch.

Stop using white supremicists in America as a reference point for every other nationalist, its a bit more nuanced than Hitler's views.

user i genuinely don't give a flying fuck if you and yor fellow morons want to fuck your sisters.
more power to you.

the problem is, you want to kill people who don't give a damn about your stupid shit.


Dude nobody cares. If you want to have your little ethnostate away from everyone else, great, I'll help you pack.

If you want to have that AND kill others off then it's a no from me.

Its like talking to a ducking creationist.

"Well it just FEELS like its true."

I fucking love the word filters here.

Nice "coming out of the closet" story, mate.

Then why are Mexicans so short?

Checkmate commies

So despite this study being made in 2015, you're going to reject it. As well as the fact that race doesn't exist as you stormfags percieve it.



The point is you're going to suffer extremely, to the point of it becoming misreable and bucking the beliefs you had based upon resources you lost.

Let's be real, Trump is going to provide over a loss of jobs and a bickering and battling government, with threat of medicare and benefits on the line for retirees.

You'll basically have no choice but to change your mind.

Then I guess they're not so genetically diverse then, are they?

fucking winning quotes, comrade

aint no recovering from that shit

what is the original word?

Lol I guess biology isn't real because it doesn't align with your ideology.

I'll stop you right there… have you ever heard of Jews?

How does it feel to be so blinded by your ideology that you completely disregard science and data?



You are posting another species of Hominid.

Why is this?


Imagine being so far up your own ass that you don't even read your own citations.


r.ace war

unrelated, I just like the webm

They're just theorizing about alternative reasons that blacks are so dumb, data doesn't lie though.

>Holla Forums ACTUALLY, UNIRONICALLY BELIEVES that Trump was ever at any point going to bring racialism back to the US and instigate civil war on ethnic lines

He's already removed the Muslim ban policy from his platform on his site.

You got duped, spergo.

Thing is that blacks aren't really "so dumb". A low relative score does not mean you are automatically borderline retarded, and black American Autism Level has actually risen to about 90 points, probably higher now, which correlates nicely with consistently increasing rates of high school and college graduation.

On top of this is the Flynn effect, which is at least partially real gains in intelligence, which in turn means that they are smarter than whites were a century ago.

All in all, the statistical differences don't mean much more than you want them to.

But we don't

fucking this

the best thing about a trump victory is the destruction of both the dems and the reps. now we can have actual ideological opposition in america. when trump fucks shit up, right wing libertarianism will be popular again, when the rednecks realize ron paul was right after all.


The way people are carrying on both online and in real life, you'd think the Negros were due back in the fields by sundown and every other nonwhite and nonstraight were going to be rounded up in camps.

It's absolutely surreal. People are in the grip of a Spectacular frenzy.


This is exatly what we claim.

2: muh raycism

3: I don't really get this one, if anything it's an argument against irrelevant shiting.




This is a paper published by the biggest figures in intelligence research in the Western world, including a man that has openly defended the right of hereditarian viewpoints to be expressed.

This is why we have worldfilters.

yeah, no

quality thread

Not really, what they are claiming is that how human intelligence works is more complicated altogether. "Biological" and "environmental" can often be a false dichotomy. More specifically, hard racial explanations are almost certainly unprovable.
Also, you want to use this as an excuse for apartheid, which is stupid even by its own reasoning.

"Muh" is not an argument.

Then don't fuck blacks. It's not your business for others.


and read



Have another link: unz.com/article/closing-the-black-white-iq-gap-debate-part-i/

Zionism=Natanal Socialism.

Jews are Nazis





Reclaiming an ethnostate for the white race would have to mean that races were purposefully and intentionally formed for certain characteristics in ethnostates or similar before, which never happened.

It's likely, if by "massive glorious uprising" you mean a bunch of scattered, disorganized riots that won't amount to anything.

Now this is moving the goalposts

Not hwite m8

As opposed to your wonderful sources

I've been looking for that image for months now, thanks user

We claim it's a combination of genetic and enviromental facts. Nice strawmaning.

Nor is that quote.

What would happen if our natural predisposition wasn't boycotted by "academics" and the media.

Those are some great tits.

You are alone in this claim, I am afraid.

Prove it wrong.

What the fuck do you mean boycotted? Breeding is a personal decision. That's not how it works.

Also, I'd like to add that this data is quite old and that it's now considered likely that racial Autism Level averages will level out in the future based on statistical trends.

peterdanpsychology.ro/ro/pagina/25/files/docs/black iq gains.pdf



nice word filter, it's nice to know you are so butt blasted you have to resort to this kind of passive aggression.

Eh, it's a start

So, are you, a commie/ whatever-anarchist, telling me, a fascist, what my ideology is?

It only theorizes that the results might have been biased because institutionalized rascism because he is apparently black. There is no concrete refutation of the data.

There is a thing called propaganda,lad. And you fell for it.

You really have no ideia about our doctrine, do you? At least i take the chore of reading through Marx's works sometimes.
Holla Forums is not stormfront or whatever other WN amerilard bullshit that claims that enviroment has no direct impact on the development of X cognitive ability.


common you can do better than that


Honest analysis:
It won't
Here is why

1. They will riot in their own locations, liberal voting urban areas.

2. They don't know the difference between a low and high shelf lower receiver. A 7.62x39 and 7.62x54 and etc. They are basically useless.

3. They are anti-police/military. Now you might be saying "dude.. they are ebil" but they are the actual warfighters. How many of these idiots know what a boomerang and flir cam are?

4. Do they know how to sustain themselves with food and water, winter and guerrilla warefare? No.

They are absolutely the worst cannon fodder ever possibly concieved. They are not even on par with polish, kebabs, and etc. They are so easily able to oppress that they shouldn't even be considered a resistance movement. They are for the lack of better words: N*ggers.

why are cuc/k/s such attention whores again?

Because being an attention whore gives me attention.

Disprove what I posted. You have a small advantage tonight. I am currently buzzed and plan to get even more buzzed.

I agree with what you posted, but you're an attention-seeking faggot.

That I am nigga, that I am. A legit analysis isn't about taking political sides, it's about telling it like it is.