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get cozy

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do not concern yourself over my life

watch it all

capping all these is and making this compilation image is probably more autistic



mozart was overrated
debate me

sure luka :)

sooo far away! >_<

what are you collecting.

paranoia is dangerous for everyone around the paranoid person
leave the paranoid person alone until they feel cripplingly lonely enough to open up i suppose?

there are many smarter, but thank you
you just throw enough compliments at me to make me feel a little warm, so who knows, we'll see what i can do if i ever manage to gain power

still, that's a terribly, terribly high standard
also if you were prince you'd be into funk and have lots and lots of sex

how do you cure it?

Yeah I Don't think I have a grammy winner's talent tbh

sounds like bard to me


Bard.... did you watch ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

your lie in april yet????????????



haven't any anime in forever :[ been pretty caught up on the irl

Visual sex

that's it
either you tell me what it means or i'm googling it right now

cured? mental stuff is weird like that, there aren't many cures for things except muh therapy, drugs, and the occasional brain shock if you constantly want to kill yourself

follow your passion, at least on the side
there's a middle between starving artist and someone who hates their job and themselves but is fed?

this board is a varied bunch- some have no sex, some have a little, and then there's the fabled portland copulating crew

i dont mean to if it comes off as cheesy or whatever
im just terrible at not saying whats on my mind
like when im smoking i have literally 0 filter 99% of the time
its crazy but i think i kinda like it

I'm concerned over Manaka's life, though.

cummie tummies


please please please for me... watch your lie in april........ it is on netflix i believe.

it is in my top 5 and makes me cry and also has tons of good classical music

oh hell yeah
I play music for hours every day
When I hang out at my friends I play the piano and at home my guitar
a few years on drum and bass
Right now my friend and I have mutual interest in an orchestral insturment like cello or viola or something

what abou you do you play

That's for manaka to decide.

anyone remember what 'please excuse my dear aunt sally' was actually for?

yeah I agree
what a fucking atrocious word
It's almost as bad as 'tendies'

no netflix lolol
But It is the next one i will watch hands down


yeah mate its his decision
if he wants to funnel money into luka's league skin account let him
itd be karma for cucking our boy ban anyway wouldnt it?


ty... only took like a month or two of me tlling u to >.>

how do you make it so all that bad stuff doesn't happen!

You're a parasite

order of operations or something




manaka this manaka that

i'm here, hello??

no bully

we will never forget the banlamo

you will pay for your crimes

Manaka is popular~ ♥

I willllll
It oes have content I am pretty interested in
I loive an emotionally tugging piece and what better wayu to get to the heart than a piano?

But haha
still I have so many things to do
I still have to make my chordbook for my friend and I stuill have to Transpose alot of guitar knowledge to page so I can learn some more Piano

Working and balancing out guild wars with Civ and Tf2

Plus I spend almost every day at my best friends place lol

What are you up to these days nigga
just fucking traps or do you get out much?
Seattle probably has hella shit to doo huh

no no, it's fine
i prefer honesty, no matter how brutal or impolite it is
though there are certain times when ass kissing and/or false shit is preferred

still though, best to be honest, there's just a lot of ways you can put the truth

eh, i get rreally scatterbrained and i end up doing a lot of nothing/computertime when it comes to hobbies besides vidya

though i looked into pirating some music making software and making gay electronic shit
i'm also sure my brother has an old guitar lying around somewhere

you be nice, though that's easier said than done
sometimes bad shit is just unavoidable- you carry on the chips on your shoulder and burdens and other gay fatalistic shit and just move on

nice post kanra

im in oregon, and I work 40+ hours a week and the ndeal with the mental load of three trannies


one says cummies is a submissive woman who enjoys the orgasm of her dominant sex partner

and the other one refers to a rag that is used to collect ejaculated semen

i see it like there is an angry mob coming to nail me on a cross

You must be really strong to carry all that! *hugs*

what can you do?

oh dont get me wrong bae
its not like im innately a good person
im kind of a scumbag who doesnt really care about anyone other than myself
i just like positive interaction between people that i like so i kinda just do it you know
girls are the best thing ever

if any of that makes any sense im too far gone for this shit lmao

he has a paypal account !!!!

I feel the need to defend myself here
I've received a few things for free from some posters here before
But I never asked for them
and I did my best to get those posters back

Have u ever seen me actually textwall?
Were you around back when I first started?
I used to be just as bad as Haiku bro
Yall should be thankful
I used to

Do that double spacing shit lol

You remember whhen this was popular? :P

Just add like two lines between your lines lol

So it looks like you are saying more than

You really are:P

I would enjoy hearing what you have to produce
I loev love love production


those two are the same thing right


you would google cummies you pervert

I hate Roman Reigns so much
I'm glad the Usos got the shit beat out of them by Bullet Club

just smile and wave

WELL if we see it as a whole and ignore all the humanities, they both are something to ejaculate on..

Me too I hope he dies
Also Brock Lesner

it's the price to pay for lots of trap sex, i suppose
also haven't you crossdressed you gay ass mofo

not strong, just given to the same responsibilities anyone else is

the variety comes with how we deal with such things i.e. through paranoia

the last bit does make a lot of sense, people like to say girls are too far gone but they give off the comfiest vibes of just caring

evolutionary shit i tell you

now i have to go read and make music and be motivated and not entangled in my own muh tortured soul shit

damn you

be strong!
imma go cook now.

i saw new english word people keep using, and i just had to know what it mean..

you can do it!

have fun

it's not even a real word i just think it's funny
cummies and boyhole

what is so gay about crossdressing if you look good doing it?


you guise stahp this I read calculate probabilities as ejaculate probabilities Ithink is tim to go sleep now nana

Lesnar is still employed by the WWE?
He never fights anyone
I loved the Asylum match tho
All those thumbtacks in Chris Jericho looked pretty fucking hardcore

eh, i guess it just depends on the purpose of such crossdressing

a lot of times women's clothing is worn for male attention, thus, crossdressing is usually gay

we all can

look at me, then point and laugh at how much a faggot I am.

nana *hufs*

i will~

what a faggot

you look cute...

you guys have male and female pronouns, then there's "penis" which is obviously male.

until someone said "her penis"

this confuses me a lot, there is no way to translate this while keeping the context.

not before i get my 1000th huf

welp time to down more tequila.......

haha what a faggot you are
you told me to do it tbh

I want to kiss nezi tbh

Wow its been awhile since I took a fieldtrip here. How's everyone doing?

who the fuck is erica




get out


i wanna kiss you too

"her penis"
there are people who are considered female now even though they still have a penis
the english language is fucked up anyway

That one you know.

Why the fuck do teens even like GIR anymore?
They weren't even fucking old enough to remember watching Invader Zim gdi

I would do very gay things with you nezi....

I know im great but a leader I am not.



memes and faggotry

I like Gir

Oh no
Does that mean teens will come here too?

i like that pic
its cute

Welcome back! ^ ^

You will always be the leader to me
What brings you around tonight Hartmann? :]

You're not a teenager anymore Bard


don't you post in erp?

All these fucking faggot ass bitch ass niggas are making vids about 4chan on youtube so they might find a way

ahh.. but how would that work?
how do i decide someone's gender if not based on gender specific features..

were you also playing in "the game"?

Yo subtle, you here?

Which kid is worse?

anna i have no idea
i'm not well informed on any of this stuff
I just call people whatever they ask me to
they decide their gender for themselves i guess?

That's how I got here when I was 16
it's gonna happen yan

Thank you, it's nice to see such warm welcomes

Well who am I to say no? But anyway im just finding something to do.

I visit both ERP and HG yes.

If you mean the game I just mentioned than yes.

Yes but you were cute and mature and had good taste and didn't do lewd things with people you met on the internet within one day of meeting them.


All of those kids need to off themselves

I knew I recognized that from somewhere

well then i'm pretty sure i've killed you with explosive, and i saw it explode, even the bell said you died!

you know.. i dont really know how it works too.. I dont know the process that decide what my gender is in my ID card.

make yourself comfy~

I'm always glad to see you here
I hope your night goes well old timer

Hey cutie
what's up? :)

what happened?

hi bard

well government ID here in the US is based on your biological sex unless you've had gender reassignment surgery
at least I think so

You're too old.

I don't think anybody needs to die, they just need to be severely tortured and psychologically reconditioned.

To what?

Silly Alice, nobody ever dies in the game though.

Well I just wanted to check in first of all to see if I remember qnyone from before. Its late for the best coast so..

it's only 9:30 pm right now though ;~;

does that surgery includes swapping -that- with -it-
or vice versa

if yes, "her dick" should still be impossible

still.. the guilt remains



Its 12:30 for beast east, I'll talk to you all later though, it was nice to see you again~

Uh, some stuff I guess. I don't know, I'm not your life historian.


I blame the drunkies


-pets behind the ears-
What did the drunkies do?

where do you live again~?

aaaaaaa i dont knooow
you'll have to ask erin about this sometime she is very well versed in all this stuff

I am alright A little hungry tonight
I've got me one of thsoe cosmic brownies
Just enjoying some music and postering :7
What are you doing tonight? :3

I am only 20 :[

I hope you have sweett dreams
Also I thought you were Canadian


even 9/11

you lying shit

I thought that was George W. Bush or the Teletubbies or Muslims or Grim.

eating croutons and posting and watching youtube

Grim was the mastermind obvs



i dont want get nagged and overwhelmed with complex explanation ahaha

i'll go get lunch, i guess
see you!

oh and we mostly only play dota on weekends

or weekdays if we're feeling it
but that's rare


when is your bday?

just plain croutons ??

if I ever come visit I'll come see you and bebop ^^

Share croutons

I need to take this test.

Get a fucking job instead.

I think it was this


We've got a little sass tonight


We will be liing in the same house soon~ so you can visit us at the same time :^)

garlic and cheese

they're mine!

I'm not gonna tell you my birthday
That's private personal information.

Go for hitler.

I just want like, three.

We'll see what my personality says.

I don't lie on these things, pointless to do so.

Then you should get hitler.

*munch munch munch*

You think I'm a Hitler kinda guy?

We'll see.

ur lame
I bet ur like 25

You invade poland and stuff so yeah.

He was literally fired from sweeping a fucking video store.
His entire existence is just being a drain off of people.

I have income that comes from neither the government nor any entity.
I don't have a job; I manage a database and some other minor tech related shit for someone's business for a few hundred bucks a week. And I sell a few things to a few middle age white women for way more money than it should be worth but people will pay. I make far more money than getting some dead end minimum wage job and it requires me to expend almost no time whatsoever.

With my DICK.

y-you're cute
do something some time ; )

I dunno if he was fired, but his brother was actually the manager of that store.

found tsuchi



-reaches for some-

Yeah but mostly I'm lame because I live in North Carolina.

top kek

Get a fucking job

Poland got pretty fucked up.

I voted no.
I am not actually employed. Technically it's illegal since I'm neither an employee for one thing and pay no income tax on it and the other is just flat out illegal.

Are you a cute girl?


*swats your hand away*

tsuchi deals meth
it's confirmed

Post results already.

i dont actually care
it was a joke

This q

Don't rush me.

-slowly reaches again-
you better share

I don't know about you but I'd rather be a benefits sponge than deal meth to my mom's friends and sponge off them like Tsuchi probably does.



when I wear girl clothes I am...

I think I took this test before, and got Stalin before also.

I already put them away

I don't do either


I didn't even get one
I will punish you so hard for this
My revenge will be swift and brutal like Twitter Trump.

Yeah but hypothetically which would you rather do?

holy sht Grim
you have sucha Cold cold heart

What kind are they?

I don't know what to say about this.


I'd rather get high and watch anime all day like I always do

oh god

It's a novelty test
I feel like it's inaccurate because it only matches negative traits

so much to do so much to see

Mainly shirts
when I was younger I wore them more
V necks and those ones that hang off your shoulder :3

uh huh
whatever you say


sounds fun ^^

can I sleep over?


bernie cucks bern in hell please....

I think it's creepy that you post pictures of your dad in a place like this. Even if he is photogenic.

Man that sounds Dank
let me come over

I'm like 50% negative traits though.

Are V necks girly?

strong genetics meng

What If I never would have said it was my dad?
is it weird for me to post this image?
I get where you are coming from
But Idk
Its really funny to me
Like a meme almost

We all have our inner demons.

I'm headed off. Gnight.

Depends on how faggy they are.
If they're the kind with super short sleeves and wide v collars, then yes.

They both hate Hillary though
Can't they come together over that?

Oh yeah
Very girly
why do you wear them :3

I don't have any weed right now



fucking english


I have
what you need boy

I got you fam
This is that fucking SCIENCE weed


Normal strong guy things.

I don't wear beta male sleeves though.

I ONLY wear tanks bro

why are left wingers so fucking violent and dumb?

They spew nonsensical "facts" and claim the to be true while claiming muh race cards

Bruh that protestor got suckerpunched by the Trump Cowboy in my hometown lmao I don't want to hear it.

I exclusiveley wear V necks and button up long sleeves
mostly flannel

you are dat cali boi

I bet you wear shorts too
fuck that's so hot

That is a generalization :[
Not all leftists are like that

because one drunken idiot punched a guy that was acting up at a trump rally during his speech the whole lot is bad?

me on the left

I have been to trump rallies and the only protesters I have seen are fucking idiots

Are shorts not common in your town?

That's because only the idiotic leftists would go out to protest
I'm just sitting here in my basement man
I literally dont give a single fuck who anybody votes for

My best friend wears them all the time
but Idk
I don't like people loooking at my legs
I like jeans :3

Who can it be knocking atmy door?
Go away
don't come round here no more
can't you see that it's late at night?

Dude wasn't drunk lmao why you lying
Get off this ironic meme political support

when I say left wingers I mean extremist protester left wingers.

All extremists are bad people
both left and right
every arguement you can make against the left extreme can be applied to the right or any other extremist of any affiliation
I feel like you are really biased becasue of your own political standing

tfw never wear shorts because birthmark on knee

lmao Trump getting a fucking slushie down at the cornerstore 7/11

May I see? :3

How is that even deserving to be covered?

hold the door


It's totally not, I'm just weird

Right wing extremists dont get violent though...
how many libera cucktards have you seen cause a ruckus?

Like Trump is the Manchurian Canidate planted by sHillary to fucking roll through the GOP
This is how badly she wants to be president
She's gonna pull some W shit if she loses the election too and just roll into the White House anyways.

Why do you support hillary clinton and dont say you support bernie because if you do your vote won't count....

Those rednecks with guns that got shot down after they took over a goverment facility a few months ago weren't Right Wing Extremists?

Didn't a black church get shot up by a right wing extremist?

Didn't some southern militia annex American land, which ended in a shoot-out?

Or are those inconvenient to your narrative?

How can you say that Right wing extremists don't get violent while maintaining that left wing extrimists are all violent?

I feel like you have only heard more stories of left wing violence because you get your information from a biased source that favors the left

The Right extremes are just as violent as the left or any other extremist affiliation

okie dokie




Do you shave your legs?



idk this feeling
what about when you go swimming



implying I don't want someone here to make me spaghetti

I was gonna go on about showing evidence of anything but im gona stop myself because I have started drinking and dont want you to take advantage of my missquoting

I don't. If I absolutely have to do some kind of activity where I might get wet I just leave a shirt on


scarlet help me

Here are some facts from The New York Times

"Last year, for example, a man who identified with the sovereign citizen movement — which claims not to recognize the authority of federal or local government — attacked a courthouse in Forsyth County, Ga., firing an assault rifle at police officers and trying to cover his approach with tear gas and smoke grenades. The suspect was killed by the police, who returned fire. In Nevada, anti-government militants reportedly walked up to and shot two police officers at a restaurant, then placed a “Don’t tread on me” flag on their bodies. An anti-government extremist in Pennsylvania was arrested on suspicion of shooting two state troopers, killing one of them, before leading authorities on a 48-day manhunt. A right-wing militant in Texas declared a “revolution” and was arrested on suspicion of attempting to rob an armored car in order to buy weapons and explosives and attack law enforcement. These individuals on the fringes of right-wing politics increasingly worry law enforcement officials."

Sounds like right wing extremism to me

i feel like that would just end up bringing more attention to yourself
but if it's what makes you more comfortable that is alrigth
I don't really go shirtless in public much either

Sometimes I show some midriff and chestage i guess
It gets pretty hot sometimes and I always wear an army jacket cause I need the pockets

how do you dress?

Don't stare at me llike that.....


i said hello

the fuck are you doing bard

I can look at whatever I want.

ass pussy

I dunno what am I doing


im pussy?

LOL you people suck
look at the facts for what they are
this is why you don't think there's violence on the Right

you narrow your perspective
don't read things that don't agree with you

Me? I do that all the time. I feel I'm more educated on the matter, so I look down on that predictable knee-jerk reaction to even the words 'New York Times'. Pathetic.

also this argument makes me feel brain dead


you're making me feel so embarrassed...


like casually? I always wear black jeans and a t-shirt

wtf are you saying

I just feel that it's unfair to say that all left wing extremists are Violent and then say that there aren't any extreme right wingers

I feel like there is just as much violence on either side of the extreme and the side that a person picks to favor is the one that they associate most with

I supported Ted Cruz because if he had become president he would have put all of you faggots to death.
Also because he is the Zodiac Killer.

oh i know
the far right and far left are closer together than the center
anyone on the entire spectrum can be fucked up

y tho

I never said they all were!

-nibbles a spiced pear-

when they do anal in hentai sometimes they call their ass hole an "ass pussy"
or if they're doing oral it's a mouth pussy




the greentext at the top was pointing out just how Right Wing these murderers were
1) you suck for that reaction
2) you acted predictably to NYT
3) you don't read things that don't agree with you

The problem is that Right Wingers don't educate themselves past things that agree with them.

They will defend Alex Jones, Fox News, and against reason and logic.

0.0 -wanders over to you, his pear clutched between his hands with tiny bites taken out of it-

i read things that dont agree with me all the time
i just dont read your text walls
dont like em

fam I don't even want to hear it from a country where you get paid to attend college.

I dont wacth the news
I don't even have cable TV

I kind of would have like Cruz as president simply so it would give gays, blacks, and Mexicans something to actually bitch about instead of "white people aren't paying enough 'reparations' in the form of all niggers being on welfare" and gays bitching that they're discriminated upon by for literally no reason than they ran out of things to bitch about.

I think I severley misunderstood this entire argument

For every negative point you have on the right there is an equally negative point to bring about for the left
All in all it just leads to shitflinging on both sides that won't accomplish anything because both sides are too assheaded to come to a compromise and get past their own political biases


the problem is generalizing
on both sides

cruz wouldnt even have been a bad president even if he was an establishment plant

we would of went back to the 50s and had an actually racist and prejudice country

it woulda been great

I'm a dirty slut for my master who gets off on exhibitionism

I like you enough to booify them

Nobody watches TV or the news. Internet educating habits need to be learned.

Believe it or not, you're espousing Fox News/Alex Jones level shit.

They take cues from their viewers, and their messages are dispersed across Holla ForumsYoutube/Breibart.


I love you

You like me then?
add me on steam or something so we can talk in private and be cute with each other

I DONT advocate violent protesting of any kind and am clearly stating that LEFT WINGED EXTREISTS ARE MORE VILENT THEN RIGHT WINGED.

case closed

-looks up at you and take little nibbles from his pear- o.o

Tbh if it had to be a republican nominee I wish It would have been Jed

i can recognize high posting any day bard
how far in are you my dude

I don't understand how you can jump to this conclusion

I'm high everyday
how high it depends
I havent had a chance to burn since I got my vape on at 3 p.m
i dont even feel high

i liked rand paul and gary johnson

It would've just been another stagnant term like Bush's for the most part where it's not disastrous but generally bad in pretty much every quantifiable metric.

>>>Holla Forums

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im merely baiting for ngry cucks.

I have been sorta successful thusfar.

The guys that have armed uprisings are clearly the more peaceful of the two.

No, you can't blame the Right for the Left, or the Left for the Right.

More than anyone, I am familiar with the idiocy on both sides.
How feminists and SJWs inoculate themselves against contradictory ideas, too.

I have noticed how both sides approach situations, though.
The dichotomy is described like a horse shoe.

The far-left and the far-right end up looking the same

damn bard