Two Jews making new HBO slavery fantasy

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are the minds behind Confederate, which, as the press release reads, “chronicles the events leading to the Third American Civil War. The series takes place in an alternate timeline, where the southern states have successfully seceded from the Union, giving rise to a nation in which slavery remains legal and has evolved into a modern institution.”

Kikes stirring up racial tensions and anti-white hate by creating a show which imagines that blacks are still slaves.

Could anything be more Jewish?

It will depict 2017 America but with blacks as slaves.

Of course, the mindless sheep just consider them to be white and therefore complain that it is racist for two white men to make such a show.

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They'd be a lot more well behaved and have better Living conditions than they do now honestly

I'm more angered that the people complaining on twitter are referring to the show creators as white.

Who wants to bet they will have coalburning in this?

Gee, I wonder what we should do…

It won't just have coalburning user, I can almost guarantee it'll be a central recurring theme.
These are the kikes behind GoT, it's gonna be pure degeneracy.

came here to say this

Oil drilling too?

The funny thing is, all you have to do to ask why aren't there any white on black rapes anymore?

It's an old meme that all slave owners raped their sheboons. Just to up the black propoganda. It doesn't really make sense since
1) nigger women are ugly as fuck even today with all the makeup and weaves
2) why a nigger when you have money as a plantation owner and brothels are a dime a dozen staffed with white women that don't have ape-face

checkin dat get

this will fizzle like the nazi utopia they tried to make believe was bad

if they show a realistic segregated society, it will be too peaceful, ordered and clean for libshit tastes
if they show cringey tumblr-grade racism, it will become a subject of ridicule and mockery
and we just have to drop very few redpills to get everybody pissed off at (((them))) again

Great, more Hollywood garbage to poison people's minds. Seriously, I've been pounded over the head with "muh slavery" since elementary school. I actually sort of envy you anons living in Hell-A, when DOTR comes, you get to pay these faggots a visit.

This. To undermine the ebil whyte patriarchy they'll depict basically every single white woman fucking niggers, and probably portray the white men as weedy jewish-looking creeps. Ironically whenever kikes want to portray white men as weak, they use jews to represent them (if they can't find the ugliest, swarthiest Anglos around).

Checking these two full house gets, and also came to post this. It's going to be the TV show.

remember, every time the kikes pull some kikey shit like this, you must DOUBLE your redpilling efforts.

The attempted destruction of the white male is one of the most heinous crimes of the jew. Look at white men from 50-60 years ago. Great jawlines, sharp facial features, toned/muscled bodies. Looking at a normie white guy now is fucking depressing. So many of them embody the "lame white man" meme. Not to mention the poisoning/estrogen-ized food/water supply giving everybody beta gay face, and "straight" guys talking like faggots. Looking at old German WWII footage is like looking at God-men compared to the "men" of today. It's heartbreaking because without the jew, we would've been twice the God-men they were.

(nice digits)
Ah, so alongside the coal burning we'll have empowered females working to end the ebil white slavery.

I don't know if they raped them, bit these mulattoes had to come from somewhere. Inread on Holla Forums once that the Jews actually had a mulatto breeding program in order to create prostitutes that they could literally own. I don't know if there is any truth to that.

I don't really see the audience for this show. The aging thots have Amy Schumer, the nogs and spics have their own cultural figures, and it's too blatantly retarded a premise for the redditors.

Then again, (((Jason Blum)))'s Purge and Get Out were similarly retarded and managed to make money, partially due to receiving a ton of positive coverage and media promotion.

Indeed, whites look more and more like jews as time goes on.

Just focus on correcting all the anti-whites with

*Jews you mean Jews

We need to meme the blacks against the jews.

Dr. E. Michael Jones on the Black/Jewish Alliance and Destabilization

Haha so true. Man the good guys lose every war.

Men, get your "Slaver ships in the USA were mostly owned by jews" copypasta, and then blame HBO for not being historically accurate on representing the jewish slavery routes and blaming on whites for slavery. Watch it backfire hilariously, then take the advantage to nail the coffin with comments how GoT became awful when these two clowns started going on without the books. Bam, careers closed.

Don't know how involved kikes were in on it, but there was a common practice in forced inbreeding between Irish and nigger slaves, to make the Irishs' children "worth more".

Calling it now:

Cap this post.

You're not wrong but I think we all guessed that

Reminder: HBO is owned by the same kikes that own CNN. Timewarner… kys OP we dont give a fuck what HBO does or does not do. GOT normalized incest, Deadwood normalized brothels, "Confederate" is going to normalize fucking slave niggers.

If we had won the Civil War slavery would still have been done away with because of agricultural advancements, i.e. motorized tractors. We would've deported the niggers to Liberia, no body wouldn't deport niggers the first moment they got, it was the north that fucked all that up to begin with. This is fucking stupid.

Those were obviously cherrypicked for looking masculine. There's no evidence for any physical degeneration in the modern man compared to the man of the early 1900s other than his fitness level. On the contrary, we're taller.

That was based on a wonderful, Hugo award winning novel.

Jokes on Shlomo as niggers don't have cable xD

Fucking Netflix making lots of money though. More subs than ever announced a few days ago.

These guys couldn't write their way out of a cardboard gas chamber.

The Overton Window is shifted. Though we exchanged hands, the fact one can simply change their favourite TV shows is a win. It won't take long until even the biggest normie will shift through streaming subscriptions and see which one is the best option. Baby steps, I know, but its better than going backwards (movie industry) or freezing itself completely.

Cherrypicked? Go look at any footage from the time. You can see huge crowds of tens of thousands of people. Go through it slowly, frame by frame and look at those people. There's tons of evidence of physical degeneration, even just in our faces.

Basically what says. Those guys were filmed for a reason, they looked like models. Does anyone in look like that? No. Also simple genetics play a part. Teutonic/nordic men tend to have a greater amount of square-jawed, flaxen-haired, long-limbed men. With Anglo and celtic men (roundheads), this phenotype isn't as common. When I see old pictures of American and British white men, they look about the same as they do today.

talk about derailing

Not only that, Jews were many times more likely than Whites to own slaves.

More like they were the ones running the trade. Several accounts has confirmed this, yet it's kept silenced because it would upset the lie and the alliance the kikes has with their slaves, the negroes.

um there's shit tons of evidence for it. We literally use the term nu-male regularly. Pulling out wisdom teeth is becoming common due to the prevalent undersized jaws.
Is there really many weight lifters with weak jaw lines? looking "masculine" means you exercise. Dead lifting / benching you'll feel a minor pull around your chin.

Vikings took slaves too. You know what they called them? Thralls. A thrall.

Now, tell me, how does it feel like when whites enslave whites, they fully assimilate into their own cultures seamessly and even enjoy such a high degree of personal freedom that it could be comparable to be a wage slave of today.

Composite of data I've collected on the Jewish historical slave trade (and modern one)
Child Sex Slavery:



I predict an intriguing flop


Just upgraded this one a bit.

So basically a remake of the CSA mockumentary?

I heard those are heavily co-opted to the point where they mean nothing.

Great so we spread sourced evidence of jewish role in the slave trade in the comment sections of every place this gets talked about.
"I think it's amazing that these jewish producers are facing up to the role that jews played in the slave trade by making a drama about it, btw did you know that nearly all the slave ship owners were jews?
Or that jews have been heavily involved in slavery for well over 2 thousand years?
Or that there was no european or transatlantic slave trade until jews convinced wealthy europeans to go into business with them?"

Jesus fucking Christ. Whites have historically been the people who ended slavery, to suggest that it would still exist in the West in 2017 is some insane kikery.

Aren't those two the directors/writers of Game of Thrones also?

please. a nigger can never work a goddamned day in his life and still somehow for whatever reason be given enough money by uncle sam for iphones & $400 sneakers. every single nigger living in america should fall to their ashy knees and thank the good lord above that some other nigger sold their great grand daddy to some kike merchant.

Thread theme

This really is a dystopian Jewish hellhole with the whole population deceived by Jewish impostors. We have to do something

This woman cannot have an IQ of 130

I hope so user. But it could be the reason they chose this setting is because of a belief they have learned from their mistakes in The Man in the High Castle.


Its important to be aware of current Jewish propaganda.

Jews committing crimes and White people getting blamed is getting really old.

There's going to be at least one niggress portrayed as the crestfallen angel that her white male owner falls in love with. The only question to me at this point is are they going to live happily ever after or will she spurn him in the mid or last season because INDUHPENNENT WOMAN WHO DONT NEED NO WHITE MAN
They will choose between pushing feminism and pushing race mixing, I can almost guarentee it

Anglos, specifically. Britain lead the way with abolition of slavery. The South was due to give it up around the time of the Civil War thanks to industrialization, which is another reason that the war was about states' rights and not slavery individually.

Uh, to be fair, the description of how thralls worked is the exact same as how slaves worked in America. They can and did buy their freedom and there weren't any laws preventing owners from freeing their slaves whenever they wanted.

That's disgusting. I'm assuming the Irish were slaves and it was forced?

lol and the secret is most of the slave owners themselves are Jewish even in the show but they'll never reveal it, right? One thing I'm surprised at is that the local museum still has artifacts from slave auctions and the signs clearly say that they are closed on Jewish holidays and only Jewish holidays.

Do you watch Game of Thrones? The show doesn't show incest in a positive light.

Anyone who likes that shit show deserves to be shot as much as The Big Bang Theory faggots.

Agreed. I am not watching the latest season and doubt I will even read the newer books.


(((Michael Jackson)))

Indentured Servants or similar, same difference. Of course it was forced. Jews are disgusting filth.

Huh? You're delusional. White slaves were often convicts or poor degenerate fucks that had no option but to leave Europe and work for kikes with 0 pay. Look to German Protestants for a better example of Migration fucked by the Jews, not the Irish.

noun, American History.
a person who came to America and was placed under contract to work for another over a period of time, usually seven years, especially during the 17th to 19th centuries. Generally, indentured servants included redemptioners, victims of religious or political persecution, persons kidnapped for the purpose, convicts, and paupers.

You were talking about the Irish. THE IRISH. Not indentured servants in general, but THE IRISH. Some Irish were indeed captured for their unwavering Catholicism, but the overwhelming majority of Irish indentured servants were common criminals who signed contracts.

hasn't the fat fuck been stuck for ages with his last one and gave a shitty outline to HBO to finish

And jews bought them (among many other Europeans). They are white, whether criminals or poor or kidnapped or etc. How are we in disagreement?

You're defending the worst scumfucks that came to the US. At least most niggers weren't common, petty criminals who raped their own women, killed hard working men and children and basically hit a reset button by coming to the US and doing the same shit.

You're right. Niggers didn't kill hard working menin their home countries.

…Hard working men didn't exist there.

Isn't there already a mockumentary on this subject? And God damn am I tired of jews being called White. It's complete and utter bullshit and I hate it.

They are the ultimate chameleons with how well they fool normalfags (and of course with all the camouflage they get from shabbos goyim in shit like mainstream media/news).
They will attempt to blend in with Whites until they are all dead.

from what I recall, he's pretty much given up since the writers took so much creative liberty with the show, so now he's trying to continue one story while the "fans" want another, incredibly watered down version.

the cynical opinion is that he's given up because he wrote himself into a corner and is no longer motivated to finish since the show is spoiling the major points and he's flush with money and fame with nothing more asked of him than to consult HBO on the world he's created (basically getting paid ridiculously to be an idea guy… who wouldnt rather do that?).

the "optimistic" angle is that he's waiting for D&D to finish the show and then he'll finish his books with knowledge of what the audience knows (or think they know) about the ending, which in theory would put him in a stronger position to write entertaining books despite many major events being spoiled.

nice .exe file in that pack

I love that show. It does exactly what you say too, shows how great the USA would be if we were National Socialists.

How can the show be about a "Civil War" when the southern states actually became their own country? That would simply be a build-up to an actual war, like a build-up to WWII with the USA and Germany or for WWI with France and Germany.

So bestiality porn got a bump in funding and top tv spot?

Any way you can snap a pic of that exhibit and post it here? Sounds like great redpilling material for an infographic.

It was about the economy and industrialization. The South wanted to be a backwater "agrarian paradise" that got its manufactured goods where they were cheapest instead of where they were most strategic. The North, not being very good agriculturally, wanted the nation to become an industrial powerhouse, and this came at the expense of Southern agrarianism and free trade.

Evidence-wise, it's likely that the South would have kept slavery for a good long while because it allows farming in a way that not having slavery doesn't. Point of fact, by the outbreak of the Civil War slavery was at its largest and most productive, with a huge amount of growth, IIRC.

Silence goyim. The Jews were the original slaves, muh Egypt n sheeit. The Holocaust

It's caused by poor immune systems

What in the hell are you talking about? Look at your own gosh damn family photos you nigger.
Because of the onslaught of hormones in the water and food that we consume, the average male today has a face that's shaped like a fucking egg.
I suppose these men were cherry picked too?

Literally who cares? It's jewish propaganda and that's all it is

Sexual perversion. Why do people pursue bestiality when its a crime, ruins their reputation if caught,
Just look at that ugly thing DeNiro is screwing. He has money, fame and choice and what did he choose?

Check the cast of the new “Valerian” cast. The male “hero” is an androgyn Metrosexuall, looking like a 14 year old (with a recessive hair line). The comic book shows him as guy with a nut-crackers jaw, more like “action man”.

D&D are such hacks which is why GoT when yo shit after they ran out of books to write the story for them.

cast of the new “Valerian” movie


Both sides were bought. The gambit itself relied on America dividing itself for conquer, and thus began the decadence of America proper.

get in here

These fucking kikes overplayed their hand this time. Halfway through the blue book. Holy shit. Jews are evil bastards and always have been. The fact theyve been able tohide their jewry under the guise of them being white infuriates me more.

There's so much to unpack here I don't know where to begin.

You could just sum everything up with "what is industrialization" and drop the mic from there.

I want form a more cogent point but the whole premise is just so mindless.

They can paint the south as cartoonishly evil, rubbing their hands together and reveling in keeping the negros down. Critics on the left and right will pan it for being sensationalist schlock (as it would be).

If they wanted to go really highbrow they could paint it like this- under neo-slavery the blacks have less rights but a significantly higher quality of life and behave in a much more civilized manner. Meanwhile "free blacks" in the north would be dependent upon welfare and constantly complain about how they're oppressed and how the north needs to free their "brothers and sistas" in the south. Meanwhile you can have Negros in the south who are cognizant of their own shortcomings fighting to keep slavery while other negroes with individualistic motivations seek more freedom in the south.

The whites in the south having mostly moved onto a post industrialization system where much of the labor is done with machines and a handful of negroes watched over by an even smaller amount of whites.

The blacks would be second class citizens in the south but they'd have much longer life spans and no problems with gang violence or similar NIGGER issues since southern whites would keep that shit in check.

That's way too optimistic though. I can easily see literal "slave drivers" whipping negroes out in a field in fucking 2017. Yea, real fucking believable.

They could also have a system in the south where negroes could buy their way out of slavery after earning enough money as a slave. The only negroes left as slaves would basically be those who choose to remain as slaves for the social welfare being a slave brings and those without enough agency to improve their lot. Basically it would kinda like the Indian cast system kinda but not really.

Lots of cool social experiment stories to tell with that kind of narrative. Again, very highbrow and interesting story wise. A good chance the show won't be anything like that.

These two have been able to take far too much glory for Game of Thrones. Writing their own series they'll quickly discover that they're just incapable of writing plot or creating characters as well as Grrrrrr! did for them. Expect to see just as much sex (obviously nigger-dick) and death as in GoT and for these hacks to think that's enough to make it interesting.

slavery doesnt survive in mechanized/industriallzed economies
not to get all commie on everyon, but in the early industrial revolution, bonded labor pails in comparison to hiring people for shit pay and no benefits and shit working conditions and having them pay you back all the money for rent in shitty tenement housing you own and the general store you own also, better yet, pay them half in monopoly money only your businesses accept, if they bitch about conditions, just hire other idiots to shoot them! your bribes to local government really pay off when they implement gun control measures and allow you to ban arms on your worker domicile property

Martin realized after 5 books that his books had no core theme. He was just telling the stories of a bunch of people in this world he created.

The world itself as an idea I find interesting and fun to imagine but his main series became too convoluted and complex.

There is still much in the books that the show has never touched on such as Skagos (which has cannibals and unicorns), the maester with his black candle magic, a richer magic imagining than the shows ever attempt to touch, a far more interesting plot amongst the Greyjoy family, namely Euron and Victarian, and Stannis hasn't/wont kill his daughter.

Much of the liberties taken by D&D are certainly not how things will play out in the books.

Arya being in Braavos in the show was 3 seasons of nothing going nowhere.

Arya in Braavos in the books shows some character arc development.

tl;dr Game of Thrones the TV Show morphed into fan fiction in season 5.

Game of Thrones the book series is the story of a bunch of people that could still be salvaged if a core theme can be created 6 books in.

Are they allowed to show erect cocks on HBO?

I'm not sure about the current censorship status with premium cable channels.

there's just too much still to unpack at this point to finish in 2 books, though. He should consult and edit on his book series the way he consults for HBO and let younger authors do the bulk of the work going forward. He's oddly precious about ASoIaF in a way that doesn't make sense given he sold rights to HBO for spinoffs and he appears to hate writing the main series now. It doesn't sound like a man protecting the books as his legacy so much as it sounds like a guy who doesn't want to be put in the position of revealing the secrets of how he does his plotting and characters, even if its to a "trusted" group of understudies. That's just my own tinfoil though.

I'm on the fence as to whether or not he has a clue as to a coherent cosmology. meta-mythos, or unifying "core theme" or message for the books. Reading the books, sometimes I think he does and sometimes I'm like "nah, this guy is a cynical baby boomer who has nothing to do say other than nothing matters". There's a strong argument for that now and i'll admit it could explain his writer's block since he was never expecting the series to be this popular. He knows the "its fucking nothing" ending would let down so many more people than he was expecting.

I see parallels in Star Wars, Star Trek, and so much of the rest of "fandom" here, too. People are starving for meaning since the Jews have busy purging it all from our culture. Clear opportunity for some creative Holla Forumslacks to fill the void in the coming years, too. I've often wondered if George Lucas couldn't make more out of Star Wars because he was unable to decide that the greater Star Wars Universe meant anything. He couldn't come up with a cogent greater cosmology after wrapping-up the hero's journey in 3 films. Why does that storyworld even exist? What does it ultimately mean? If you can't answer that question, you're at best creating a backdrop for single-serving morality plays and vignettes. At worst, you're creating pornography. Most prevailing opinion is that GRRM is doing the latter.

Given that one of the few good points of the Confederacy was their openness about negro inferiority, if the Confederacy ever did abolish slavery (whenever slavery as a farming method became obsolete, so around the '40s-'70s, if they weren't forced to abandon it politically) they would have no qualms about deporting every single fucking nigger a la Operation Wetback.

Of course, they'd likely be as powerful as Spain or Portugal who also chose to favor their agricultural interests over their manufacturing interests, but hey. Actually, that'd make them a prime target for a fascist-inspired government in the '30s… Hmm.

The North would have significantly fewer niggers too. In fact, they'd probably end up being 100% white.

If I had to do my own rendition of this, the likely changes would be that the US and the Confederacy would be locked into a series of on-going border spats as they both tried to claim the West, with by the 1880s the North being in control of most of it. Owing to the North's far better industrialization, the South would probably come off the worse in most engagements a la Franco-Prussian War or Spanish-American War, but their expansion southwards would be basically unchecked. Owing to a divided America, there will probably be a series of minor wars with Britain trying to take back the colonies. Nothing much is likely to come of it; perhaps a small amount of territory changing hands several times. By the 1890s/1900s the US will still almost certainly have eclipsed Britain as the world's manufacturing power, but will probably not have so great a lead on them and Germany. WWI has a more uncertain outcome; US entry into the war is unlikely to happen owing to the conflicts with Britain and paranoia about the Confederacy. If the Confederacy hasn't been turned into a British dependency by this time (very likely to happen) it will have extremely close ties to Britain but nothing more meaningful strategically than acting as a check on the US in the Americas, creating the same encirclement situation for the US as existed for Germany. Owing to the, by now, clear position of military inferiority the South is in they are unlikely to start any wars with the North, but they'll serve to stop the US getting any ideas. Britain, getting into a worrying state over Germany, might try to woo over the US and alienate the Confederacy, while the US is likely to be isolationist x1000. WWI almost certainly goes on for years more as the Germans make fantastic gains in 1918, perhaps even forcing a French capitulation in 1919 or 1920 and ending a war in a stalemate with the British, most likely because of the emerging Soviet threat that convinces the Germans not to prolong the war. Without Western intervention in the Russian Civil War the Soviets seize total power more quickly and have a stronger position. They will probably launch some sort of attack on the Austro-Hungarians who are nearing collapse, and who probably will collapse under one of the multiple (((communist uprisings))) that are sure to occur. Germany will thus find itself in a panicking state amidst a destroyed Central Europe against the Soviets. The Great Depression will probably be especially severe in France and the Confederacy. Fascist governments will likely take power in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and possibly even the Confederacy and France. There might even be a French civil war with (((leftists))) trying to seize power, though it is not clear who would support the opposition. Germany might send troops to France and Spain? Britain might. It's not clear whether there would be a civil war within the Confederacy and whether US troops would attempt to do anything.

What is clear is that the whole of the 20th century plays out very differently. I'm not even sure what WW2 would be like/whether it would even happen. Would the Soviets be destroyed? What would happen to the Germans? Does the Confederacy undergo a large amount of growth throughout the '40s, '50s, '60s, and '70s to finally become industrialized? Do any superpowers emerge? Does leftist bullshit come into fashion and does it get pushed by any superpowers? What of decolonization? Does the US go retarded and ruin its (this time) pure white ethnostate, perhaps to ideologically oppose the Confederates? What happens to Britain?

You're a bunch of autists, frankly. The point is that there is no point. There's a bit of magic, a bit of politics, a bit of swordplay, a bit of fucking, and doom looming on the horizon, and your favorite character could die at any moment.

That's it. It's like real life, in that you exist because you exist, and exist in order to exist, and then you die. There is no moral to the story, you're just there, and then you're not, and maybe you do some interesting stuff in the meantime.

Live while you have it. Time only goes one way. If you don't know what else to do, sell everything, pack a bag, and hitchhike sailboats around the world.

Perfect time to redpill on slavery, the civil war, and the kikes hand in all of it.

These kikes don't know when to shut up.

give those digits back before you leave, Juden

Interesting conjecture lad I'd watch it. It's a fucking shame that our art/culture can't tell these kinds of stories. I can't even watch a film without getting pissed off with all the subversive themes. They're all so fucking clumsy as well even my normie GF called it out in the new wolverine movie.

The one cool bit about the film is professor X getting dimentia and fucking shit up by having seizures, whatever you do don't spend any fucking shekels on this though

Honestly I enjoyed Logan. As far as modern films go it's really low-down on the degeneracy list. I mean, it helps that the girl is Logan's clon(oid?). Sure I could've done without the niggers, but the film was decent overall.

The movie was shit bro. You're so used to everything being shit, you're willing and able to call shit 'decent overall'.
Its not your fault, but its indicative of how awful your world actually is.

fuck ya, dude. seeing a little girl kickass like that.. it's fucking about time girls got some respect… and to know that we'll be seeing more from her in the future… can't wait… and the new mutants being refugee children.. i went into the film just expecting mindless entertainment… but i have to admit… mind=blown. it's like… so relevant to today's world, you know?

And the part at the end where she leans the cross over and makes an 'x'… i was like… yeeeeeaaahhhh take that, christianity. fucking icing on the cake. All-in-all, a great edgy grimdark gritty film about old tired white dudes getting out of the way and making room for women and brown people from mexico. I rate 11/10.

that film being good is a fucking meme, dude. seriously. are you 16? it's capeshit trying to have an edge.

There must be some pretty fucking amazing movies coming then because judging from the entirety of cinematic history it was decent. Movies overall are a pretty mediocre medium so I don't expect too much of them, but honestly you could choose so much worse out of 2016 than Logan. Even among the X-Men films it's about the least pozzed because there's little to no faggotry allegories.

The feminist connotations were my main gripe with the whole thing rather than anything race-related.

Honestly it's a simple plot about a guy saving his "daughter." There's little to screw up or pozz up there. 90% of the film is whites being chased by other whites. It's not amazing but I could enjoy it for what it is.

Anyway, we'll agree to disagree. I'm just surprised that out of all the fucking garbage that's come out recently Logan is your go-to. I can think of so much worse. Sage for off-topic.

Wrong ID response. Will promptly gas self.


Don't get me wrong it was fairly entertaining. The reason why I pointed it out is that I barely watch any films, I've probably watched about 5 in the last year.

Watched Gattaca and that was very Holla Forums approved

I watch maybe one or two films in cinema a year. As I said, I consider film a very mediocre medium. It can be entertaining, but in terms of deep stories or thought-provoking messages? It's probably on the very lowest end of storytelling mediums.


Granted, filmmaking is pozzed beyond most other mediums, but even on re-watches alone you could do better than 5x what you're consuming now. It's not like there aren't decent films out there. Just get a good list from a trusted source and start.

Yggdrasil's Movie List
This list is like ten years old and i'll probably never get through them all because I don't watch a lot of movies anymore either.

Typical Yiddish Hollywood skit social engineering:

Here is what this theme will allow them to create in this gay little mind controlling skit at the Hebrew Brainwashing Organization.

1) White males be made to look evil, ugly and jealous.

2) They will make a couple of "good" white males that sympathize with and help the slaves. This will be one of the central plot lines.

3) White females will either be depicted as evil or as secretly lusting after the "slaves". They will without a doubt attempt to subvert white female minds into relating to the beautiful white female who is having a love affair with a negro. This will be one of their central plot lines.

4) No instances of dumb, loudmouth negroes will be presented… like the kind we have come to see on a daily basis in reality.

5) Negroes will be consistently attributed to positive achievements and the writers will attempt to make it look like white males are stealing the credit for them.

If you watch this show, they will hit every one of these psychological social engineering points again and again and again in order to achieve their goal of false belief creation.

If you want to change what people consider a typical kike movie, stop it. Can't you see yourselves? I understand that you have limited views of the world due to your living in select wealthy areas of only a few areas of the country but come on, wake up. People are sick of your shit. And if its not you doing it, call your uncle Maury and tell him to knock it off. In the long run, it can't end well.

Its funny how they never seem to bring up their own contributions to racism in history, especially in the arena of entertainment.

Oy vey, those were white people!

No, it wasn't, especially not by those standards. It was dogshit.

That's saying absofuckinglutely nothing - and you've moved the goalposts in just one fucking sentence.
Fucks sake, thats like saying "My life is pretty good, in the grand scheme of things… For it being 1946, my wife being forced at gun point to suck off a Jewish commissar was pretty decent."

Dude, it was literally fucking Boomer Wolverine protects little spic girl against ebul White corporayshuns in the dismal post-White American future while gay British professor X goes insane from too much mental gymnastics.

You have terrible taste, and you should feel bad about it.

LOL Bio of the pubisher of COON COON COON:

Sol Bloom (March 9, 1870 – March 7, 1949) was an American politician from New York who began his career as an entertainment impresario and sheet music publisher in Chicago. He served fourteen terms in the United States House of Representatives from the West Side of Manhattan, from 1923 until his death in 1949.

Bloom was the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee from 1939 to 1947 and again in 1949, during a critical period of American foreign policy. In the run-up to World War II, he took charge of high-priority foreign-policy legislation for the Roosevelt Administration, including authorization for Lend Lease in 1941. He oversaw Congressional approval of the United Nations and of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) which worked to assist millions of displaced people in Europe. He was a member of the American delegation at the creation of the United Nations in San Francisco in 1945, and at the Rio Conference of 1947.

Bloom was especially concerned with the fate of European ws, but was unable to overcome very strong resistance to admitting ws or any refugees before the war. He argued vigorously after the war that the United States needed to take in larger numbers of refugees. He adopted the Ziost position that Palestine should be the refuge for *ish victims of the Holocaust. He urgently lobbied President Harry Truman in 1948 to immediately recognize the Je**sh state of Israel, which Truman did.

Please don't send a hit a squad maury, its just the truth, and you started it once again.

It was a joke, you autist. Probably still worth posting though.

k. I'm not about to stop enjoying things because you say so. The thread's been derailed enough already so you can stop posting about how much you didn't like it.

So basically they were at the forefront of poking fun at niggers, then they get us into WWII, then ever since Europe was crushed make never ending propaganda pieces vilifying us as racists while actively flooding our homelands, while at the same time using our money and resources to secure themselves a racially pure homeland secured by DNA verification and racial purity laws.

I say it once again, can you not see yourselves? Can you not see our position?

Firstly 50 years back they were more selective with who they put in front of a camera and what footage was edited, they are still selective today but in the opposite direction.

Have you seen pictures of military men and workers 50-100 years back. Little muscle compared to the young guys today. Weight training really wasn't a big thing back then.

I lift weights and have since I was 14, I had a latern jaw(albiet asymetrial) when I was 12.

You're looking at a lot of footage of Irish and Italian whites in the urban environment. They don't provide much footage of whites in the rural areas today who are old prussians and cavaliers who tend to naturally have square jaws.

Nigger look at the narrow shoulders of those men, they are hardy wiry farm men not brawny lifters. In America the width of white male shoulders increased by 15% since 1900 as evidenced by the increase in the cut of shirts. What was a large in shoulder cut is now a medium and the most common cut today of shoulder for suits(nigs and spics aren't wearing suits) is XL. Niggers are actually shorter than whites and spics don't even need to be mentioned.

Provide some fucking data points rather than just anecdotal claims.

Except that's not even true, it is commie bullshit. Slavery was in America long before the 1820 factory movements. Slavery was only really useful when there was a cash crop that would quickly spoil of not picked and prepared immediately. In the America's these were cotton and sugar cane, with the slaves being lent out to supliment labor in tobacco production and other agriculture or used for basic labor during the off season. Outside of those applications slavery was never viable.

I know how you feel, I have been beat over the head since elementary school with all of that feminist and antiracist supporting bullshit too. After years of feeling bad for something I didn't do, I am now a big fucking racist. If I had cancer and was dying, all of you would know my name today including every fucking kyke in this country.

Lordy, if that isn't a kid worse off than Anne Frank then I don't know what is.

I think you might be giving the kikes too much credit. Some kikes were in bed with the radical leftist shit which was then abolition and the Roundheads of the NE coast who'd let them back into england. Other kikes were in the shipping and slave trade of the south as well as finance. They weren't conspiring together but as kikes always do they simply ensconced themselves wherever they could and their natural propensities for fucking shit up made everything worse.

This is why every kike must die, they are a disease they can fuck up anything.

You should, because you have awful taste. Being unable to admit that just makes you a faggot with awful taste.

I am pretty sure this won't lead to a lot of good clips we can take out of context.

this asian fag is talking about bad taste while posting anime fuckin kek

Remember to always correct them as the jews don't consider themselves white.

Neither should we

How historically accurate is it? Does it have good sources or is it just afrocentric we wuz tier scholarship? I know Jews were behind the slave trade, but I don't know if a book by the same group that brought us Yakub is a legit source of information.

why do you think I don't watch it, dumbass?

more than that, I've probably watched the television a total of 10 hours or fewer in the last 5 years. why? same reason.


nigger, the Germans didn't come in large numbers to the New World until the German Catholics invaded in 1840, and the Cavaliers were always an elect group, the offspring of ancient manor lords and utterly unlike any of the Scots-Irishniggers they ruled in the South.

most of the "old stock" Americans still in the backwaters are the posterity of Puritans and Quakers in New England, corpulent Scots-Irish in the South and Midwest, blonde Scandis in the Upper Midwest, gullible Mormons in SLC, and a weird Scots-Irish/German blend in the Far West.

and also, only the WASPs are "old stock". the rest are just Scandi bombshells, German foreigners, or Appalachianiggers

This begs the question why is HBO always for free pretty much with any type of cable package or any special the cable company is running?
Why do none of these cable channels ever go off the air no matter how poor their ratings are?
Can someone break down the money for me?
How does HBO make money?
How much advertising money can these cable networks make to keep afloat much less bring new programs to air ?
Are there special tax breaks or what?

He's a pinball wizard, though, so he's got that going for him.