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♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Hits Me Like a Rock Edition

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Not very confident about bitdefender. I've spent a lot of time reading about what are the best antiviruses, and Avast was always pretty good aparently. And I'd rather have an antimalware blocking too much than one not blocking enough.

You can't be worse than me at League.

The prisoner doe.

That's pretty odd, I've gone through tens of saves in ~300 hours usually killing almost everything for exp and gear.

Loving you is easy
Feel so in love in every way

Avast is fucking cancer

I'm glad I saw Iron Maiden live while I was still able to appreciate that kind of music

What year did you see them?
What set were they playing??
I've always wanted to see them what was the show like?
Did they have a robot eddie?


The Maiden England tour, 2012. Alice Cooper was the opener


The show was great but the stage they played at was smaller than usual so they had to scale down their stage show. It was still awesome. Dunno what robot Eddie is


That was performance then protection.

This is protection alone.

Who would you say the best artist you have seen live in your life is?


i don't use antivirus

I see. Is Bitdefender free though ?

I saw Rush for my 14th birthday, that was pretty intense.


nice titties

Living dangerously.




I saw "Weird A;" Yankovic three times though

that sounds fucking amazing
I am so envious
I have only had a chance to see one show

It was Slash and his band for like 5 songs then Ozzy osbourne played some movie that went on for like 10 minutes ppaarodying a bunch of films and then he jumped up and down in one spot for like 2 hours singing out of key


that sounds like the best fucking thing on earth man
Whered you see him at?
He comes to Iowa occasionaly I am going to try to catch him at the casino if he showss up again


That sounds like a great show actually. Was Slash's set just instrumental guitar? I'd definitely see that. I saw Joe Satriani live.

I'm seeing Brian Wilson too in September for the last Pet Sounds tour, looking forward to that.

Guilty pleasure but yeah, it's a great show every time. He always stops in Rochester Hills every tour. Last time they gave us front row seats.

I want to drag my dad to see Louis CK


Mmh. I'll still look around. I'm getting mixed reviews from several sources.

greetings al'iikhwat fi aljaysh

absolutely~! but I need a stronger computer to run it...

what do you mean? :c

uuuuggghhhhhh i see red on the indicator and i go hunting for it...
I love killing

like where?

kinda wanna slam to the jam

I mean that I'm not very good. I just got out of Bronze IV, Bronze III now, which really still sucks a lot. And I take it way too personally, mainly because when I see the time I spend on this game, I think that if there is one thing I should be good at, it's LoL.

French reviews mostly. I'd give them some credit, having different versions depending on the client's language doesn't seem completely impossible to me.

trip report:

so i took the kratom

it feels kinda like something inbetween Codeine and Hydrocodon in terms of effect

due to the lack of Tylenol it seems a lot less 'dirty'

i feel very calm, happy. and much more talkative but in a non-manic way. is this what normal people feel like when they say they're talkative? i only know mania. this is pretty nice

i can talk a lot easier, and ive been using my actual voice which is a lot soft and more feminine, and i care a lot less about coming off as tough and masculine in real life in the way i talk and act

so far so good, its very nice. its been 2 hours so far i think.

i feel so calm and zen.

would recommend

im not hungover


Pretty cool review.

r8 8/8

All of this looks very strange without context.

neeerd :)

were you blasting young thug at 2am? lol

You play euw?

kratom is like a pseudo-opiate

thanks :3

do you like my name?

Do you like my dick?

Sh-shut up. It's not like I wanted it okay ? It's just that videogames are the only thing not tearing my soul apart because of the crushing realisation of my uselesness.


Aaaaand I'm still lost.


Emma Watson the dirty slut.

post it

league is so nerdy though... im not really a gamer so i dont know what youre talking about

i wish i had a cock.

Meal report:

I had some cheesy risotto.

It tastes like something in between jambalaya and scalloped potatoes.

Due to the lack of meat it seems a lot less "dirty".

I feel very contented, sated. And much more full but not in an uncomfortable way. Is this what normal people feel like when they're full? I only know hunger. This is pretty nice.

I can sit alone in my room riding the high from my risotto, and I used my favorite fork which has these weird floral patterns on it, and I don't care if that's not very masculine.

So far so good, it's very nice. I finished two hours ago I think.

I feel so calm and zen.

Would recommend.

What fantastic music, I love internet

Lol no. I reserve that for bae

in ur ass


And mouth.

Is it supposed to be like D&D Asmodeus or just generic xd devil name?

who is bae?

I don't find LoL that nerdy. It's just one game among many.

I thought you had one. I'll never get these genders sorted.




Slap and shove.

Certainly not you.

all games are nerdy. i dont know why guys spend so much time playing it

im not a guy

then who?


im female



Knowing that is above yo paygrade.


wanna rub pussies some time?

we've known each other for 7 years...

I couldn't possibly reveal such information. Do I look like the kinda guy who kisses and tells?


Shush. I'm not born asexually. Your argument is invalid.

Wut, you're a girl ? Those genders dammit...
Well, let's just say that us guys need control, because our brains are ruled by logic and the need to make sense of everything. Since our modern world is pretty much offering us no control on our very own lives, videogames are substitutes, isolated worlds where we can act as we wish.

You're lesbian ? If I must add sexual orientations to my list of important animu characteristics I'll never suceed.


no... you dont look like a soto


It means no thank you.

w e w

invest in britain

I don't even remember


Oh come on ! It takes you no effort at all !

That was a far stretch. I'm kinda proud of it.

you were right about the girls in this anime

why wont you tell me? we're blood

lol i read it all, i just like to troll ppl
what are girls ruled by?

what you up to?


homework, i cant wait to graduate

Fuck you.
I clicked this based on the filename, thinking it was Stephen King's It.

gr8 shit yo

I need to vomit.

be the adulting

If I knew I wouldn't be in this state of loneliness.

i want to stay 17 forever....

youre not good with girls?


Haven't you already been 17 for like 3 years? You can do it.


Eating ass.
Its for supper.

come on you know i was 13 when i started here

you know, i'm 21 now
don't take advantage of me when i am drinking, okay?

Not at all. See, If I had to say one thing that "rules" girls, it's confidence from a potential partner. I likely have Asperger, so let's say that having confidence and/or displaying it is almost impossible for me. Doesn't help.

Yeah kratom is a new favorite

This shit is fucking good.

oh when did you turn 21? ^^

messed up way of thinking.. girls dont bite... unless... youre into that sorta thing :p

dont do drugs kids

2days ago

smoke weed erryday


and you didnt tell me because?

i did a pot brownie and i regret it

I was out of state..


what did you do for your birthday?

I've been psychologicall scarred. Worse than biting. I truly wish it was that easy.

youre talking to me right now and i have no intentions of harming you in any way


This woman should be the new queen of Holla Forums




Damnit. Beat me to it.

Lol sure mate

That's very nice of you. Online interactions are way easier though. Plus, online, telling the difference between a guy and a girl is not that easy, so it's not the same.

shes too old now

You can't proclaim a queen in anarchy


Tossed salad.


A spiritual leader.

group linking because IM JOEY SALADS


this girl


Part of me wants to warn him.
Part of me wants to see him succumb to the ruse.
This is bad

Isn't that middle-east?

like an anti-pope?



Half bad, technically.

I ain't clickin that shit nigga

Why not?

What the fuck are you even saying

Shit. Now everyone will know.

come on dont be a cuck what would you do if you were at a nightclub and a man bigger than you slapped my ass... would you defend me?

i just did

i told you dont grouplink me, right?

dont worry you have to click on the bloody stuff to actually watch it. this video is safe

Scoots, sitrep on drinks asap.

But it's unlike me.

Yes. Its for comical effect.

Like 4 cans down... 2 shots down... and a bottle of cider down... CHOO CHOOO

Keep the good fight going on lad.


To be half bad or not half bad?

why do you like pissing me off?

Does this count as grouplinking?

Schisms are not very great though.



Wor lad, I am ganna just keep gannin till a collapse like.

Because being a grown up means being pissed off 24/7
get used to it.


I'm just letting shit play out at this point.


all my brothers are grown up and they're very happy all the time (mostly because I do all the house chores)

A common goal ties people.

A'ight, have good one at it.

I've started talking to you half an hour ago. I'd first have to sort out if you're into that sort of things or not.



Sorry for that then, but now I know.

I've never seen such a redneck fetish.

In history there are many failures for such common goals.

They're happy because they are LIARS.

damn straight motherfucker.

Does that mean she has two cornholes?

i wouldnt like a guy i dont know slapping my butt...

i wouldnt do that do you :p

no way my brothers arent me


...Do what?

also im adopted so i know we arent alike

SD. How dare you ?

So, knowing that you don't like it, I'd probably, I don't know, give a mean condescending look, and if he begins being agressive or if he reciprocates, I'd go for something more "physical".

You suck their dicks?

The entertainment at the Buns includes Karaoke, weekly Cornhole tournaments, live bands, table vs. table trivia, tableside balloon twisting and magic, etc.

Between the Buns is the place you want to go when you want to get out to someplace that will make you feel welcome. When you just want to have a good time, Between the Buns is the place to be.


to you*

I wouldn't do that to you.



Implies you would like that a guy you do know to slap your butt.

But if it's tied by religion, that doesn't really fade unless you go all heaven's gate or Jonestown.

Because I'm omnipotent.

Yes, but do what to me?

This webpage is physically painful.


LOL. Gettin' drunk and playin' cornhole at between tha buns. What could be better? (or something).

Oh. Okay. Don't worry, I'm sure one day your penis will get hard again.

why dont you have confidence when talking to girls? if i girl has her headphones on or pretending to talk on her phone she doesnt want to be bothered. other than that you can talk to her

i wish...


i wouldnt mind, no

Then why did the Ottomans reach Europe, why did the Arabs not unify? They forgot the common goal.


I won't group link you

I'm going to hit you

Test I was wondering what you do for fun when you're not here not having fun.



Adachipls, omnipotent =/= impotent

That is true, but I guess they're trying to fix it with ISIS and all.

I don't know. I have this misconception about people, assuming no one wants to ever be bothered. It's pretty rare that I wish happy birthdays to people for example, because even that goes into the "bothering" category for me.

Shhhh, don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

guys slap each other on the butt all the time. im not going to file for sexual harassment even if i dont know them... i'll probably curse at them but that's it ;p

they dont see me in that way and they're much older than me
you know all this already

did you have a nice sleep, love? ♥

Ooh, like that.

Duly noted.

humans are very social beings so you have nothing to worry about

Uh, sometimes I read books? Mostly just watch movies or if my friends manage to drag me out of the house it really becomes up to them what happens at that point.

I very, very occasionally play video games.


What kind of movies do you like?

Fortunately for us, that pathetic attempt will fail.

Childish pointless fantasy nonsense.

God dammit Adachi, someday I'm going to hit you in the head with a dictionary and hope that helps.

Probably, or it will go full IRA mode and keep on haunting.

now tell me why you let your sister cut your hair

you should tell me something about yourself now o.o

trust me i've given them a few hints... they called me weird and laughed it off

I don't know, really. I'm so used to being treated like some creep that I worry each time I have to say a single word. It's like I'm constantly calculating what I should say, at the point that I forgot who I really am, rather conforming to situations rather than being myself.

I also love watching divergent

Find some other cutie then.

Ask, then.

Like the Never-Ending Story, Labyrinth, Legend, Willow, The Princess Bride, and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice?

You know man, this is the sort of attitude that can actually turn you into a creep. Don't worry so much what people want you to say and do, you're clearly hurting yourself, and to be honest it probably doesn't avail you as much as you'd like.

She's a hairdresser. And she needed me for the exam, because the requirements for a model are oddly specific.
Also, she's good and it's free.

just greet them and ask them how're they're doing... cuck
and go from there
You don't need creepy pickup lines

its hard to find any cute guys here...
and besides i like older men

how old are you?

I have yet to see Dawn of Justice.

From what I hear I'm not missing much other than one big shitty joke of a movie.

Otherwise yes.

Oh they will, they got enough foreign support and a giant backdoor. hell backdoors even.
They already started in Libya.


is she willing to always give you free haircuts?


seems you are one of a few looking for a daddy it would seem

how tall are you? hurry i have to go make dinner!


You heard right.

I was thinking about re-watching something like Willow or Legend or maybe digging for something new.

i already have a daddy and i love him very much

i personally want a guy who's in his 30's

Kind of reminds me of RAF, crazy West-Germans.


It's very likely. But trust me, middle-school has been hell for me, and I think it has anihilated a lot of my individuality. It's hard to display something you don't clearly have, or you don't know how it looks like. I don't know if that makes sense but....

If at least who I am was likable, maybe I wouldn't hesitate that much, but I highly doubt a hardcore gamer with confidence issues is someone you want to approach.

Still a bit hard.
Oh. And if we're talking physical. I'd say my appearance is my only quality.
And are you really hitting on your brothers ?

ehh.. too tall... hmm

do you play any sports?

You've probably seen The Dark Crystal, right?

If not, it's in the same vein, but I never really liked it personally. It's really slow and the ending is just kind of deus ex machina.

yeah, couldnt escape bed for a bit ^ ^;

Used to.



Special deal.

heh those were real crazies.
iunno though, we're gonna have decades more of terrorist warfare.
I used to think we were running out of wars to fight.

6'2 is too tall? Then what's the upper limit?

That's what you get for killing her you cuck

oh if youre good looking then you have nothing to worry about really... now if you're looking for a long term gf then you better have money, car and your own place to live
And yes

-wraps my arms around you and squeezes- did you have any good dreams~?


i think i had an interesting one? but it wasn't 'good' i guess ._.

If you met someone like you, not you exactly but somebody you really understood, would you be able to befriend that person or would you just "not want to approach" them?

awh what did you play?

kek lewd how much is a normal haircut and how much is tip?

i kinda like guys to be closer to my height so 5'8" and smaller is perfect for me

Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, mostly.

im waiting for my brother to come home

awh dont you remember? i would love to hear about it

What do you mean?
How tall are you?

ehh... no football?

I like pretty much anything with muppets
Skeksis were neat, but the movie is like a slug.
Kind of neat to look at but very slow and doesn't quite make sense.

what ready meal is it

i would too!
but they just vanish from memory...

how much is a haircut from herrrr
and i'm 5'3"

I'm not sure. I have this aura you see. This aura screaming to the world "AWKWARD NON-CONFIDENT NERD". No amount of handsomeness can compensate that.

That's just slightly creepy. But well, I don't judge.

I actually see weekly a person who might - just might be like me: non-confident and into nerdy stuff. But talking to each other is really really hard because of that. I can't tell if she don't talk to me more often because she is awkward, or because she dislikes me. The fact that I can't tell the difference makes avoid conversation, because I'm afraid to bug her too much.

When I was in Middle school.

I haven't actually released it yet.
I know you love it too much.

How much does she charge her costumers for a haircut, I mean.

i want fortune's sister to cut my hair

Ooh, like that.
I dunno, to be honest. She's currently an intern for like 20 weeks, and then she can start on her own.

Why tho

There's always enough time for some war, sad but true.


so's i can seduce her with my words while she's touching me

I will need a metric conversion, because it seems too small when I try to convert it myself. I get someting like 1,34 meters.

Okay, my english was reaaally broken there. Sorry.

What if tokai and forty's sister did a lingerie contest...
Who would win?

Consider a different form of contact other than being washed, groomed, and cleaned up after.

Well, obviously it takes more to connect with people than just both being awkward. You have to have similar interests. I know you like League, and at the very least that's something you can bond over with people. Sports are a great way to make friends, but I'm sure you don't want to get into that more than you already are.

You don't need to be friends with everyone. That's not being awkward, it's normal. Just find things you like and people you can bond with over it.

what's so bad about a girl cleaning up after the fact

Shoot for the stars.

My sis.

I like to start cooking the second he comes home because i dont want it to get cold :p

i want to know what a luka dream is like. i bet it's really warm and friendly ♥

poor guy... you should interact with more girls.. go to a clothing store and ask a girl what dress would look better for your mother and then get her number... cuck

oooh what position did you play and why did you quit?

you better not kill her... she's innocent...

is she going to work from home?

It is a sad realization.
Especially when coming from that everyone can change the world upbringing.

scissors are hot though.

Even our interests are the same with that person I mentionned (know it from her faceboko). It's just that I don't know how to bring it into a conversation. Feels like I'd need some kind of pretext for that.


160.02 cm

Nothing if she's your mother and you're literally five years old.

I'm mad at myself for knowing where that girl you posted is from.

good call

5'3" is very small.

I like fiction that really tries to build a world, and Dark Crystal's world was pretty creative, but yeah as a movie it fell a little flat.


Guard. Didn't like wearing a helmet all the time.

Nah. She wants her own... what's the English word. Salon?
But she's not just graduating from a 3-year hairdressing education. She did beutycare before this too.


lol ban STFU

Its fun! ♥



Did you see Stardust?
Had a really nice Princess Bride feel to it but with more fantasy.

That's far beyond what I'm capable of right now. Like, way out of my league.

Thanks, seems more accurate.

If 5'3" = 160cm, I'd say it's a decent size for a girl.

My mouth is fucked.


Are you trying to make BC more enticing to Adachi?
Don't go down this rabbit hole.


BC ?

I should go to bed soon by the way.

whats that emotion?


But whatever, we gotta resist because else they win anyway. Wars of attrition are such a bummer though.



Come on man, why you lurking the facebooks of people that you don't know? That can't be healthy


Go ahead. Good night.

'Twas a good love story.

You're being lewd here on purpose.

Gotta go, be back later

Not being lewd. Need surgery

No wait

It was a better witch story and skeeving princes story, but yeah.

She gave me her facebook because I asked her for study practice. Was the bravest thing I could do and now I'm kinda stuck

And I don't see the connection with Blood-chan.

Okay time to stare dinner. Good bye all ♥

im going to put pieces of my hair in his food

lol i used ot bully girls like that in school

ahh fun that's where all the action is.. and yeah i heard those helmets can scar your forehead. thanks for opening up to me

That's less fun.
What happened?

Yush, me too.

*bleeds externally*


No wait





I have no pain at all because there is no nerve there, but I have a giant infection in my mouth that could have been really really bad if I didn't catch it. Need surgery where they drill into my gum and replace the missing bone