Fighting Games: There are other fightan on Steam now

Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena will be released TODAY on Steam:

Psycho Soldier trailer coming latter today.
Story Mode confirmed to be Arcade Mode but with CGI cutscenes and it'll have special endings for certain combinations of the team besides the 18 regular ones.
Demo is out on the PSstore. It has 7 characters (Kyo, Iori, Shun'ei, Nelson, Sylvie and King of Dinosaurs). Only the final release will be compatible with PS3 sticks.

Definitive Edition to be released on September 20th.
Former Sony exec Adam Boyes joins Iron Galaxy.

Dizzy's already out (for FREE) and Diorama mode coming sometime later this fall.

Juri was released but EU region cannot buy it in the PSstore (only with FM) until august.

Garou getting ported to PS4 and PS Vita.
SNK and Sony are having a pool to gather interest on what game/franchise they should port next:

Download and register for Fightcade here:
Get the full rompack over here:!EoJjwSLB!Tukuk9bZAa7YXXxKNVHorw
website with mods:

Steam group:


For most fightan in general:
For fundamentals in ST (still applies to other games):
Maj's footsie guide:
The Beginner's Incomplete guide to KOF:

Other urls found in this thread: GUD - Fighting Game Lingo (Episode 1).mp4 GUD - Normals, Specials and Stun (Episode 2).mp4


Template for mains


Is it just me or does the audio on Juri's m dp sound fucked in english?

With or without the text in the background?

I'm 99% sure the artist for Blade Arcus has done porn including a stereoscopic piece of porn

Without. My autism gets triggered by text being interrupted because of the buttons

What a clusterfuck that series is at this point. At least the chinese buyout of SNK has yielded results.

Tony Taka has been the artist for the Shining series for some time now, so yes, he's done porn. Lots of it.

I was pretty interested in blade arcus, even though it looked fucking shit and the shining hearts I played was mediocre. Xiao mei best; rouna, melty, and misty are pretty cute. Crack when.

God damn the terrible art in this game is comedy gold.

You would pick the most transparent thing and make a complaint about it. If this were the 90s no one would give a shit. You could complain about the game barely having that many stages or how the animations could be much better. Maybe talk about how many characters can take more than 60% of your health with 1 combo and more if they throw in a super assist. That could interest or push people away though the game isn't exactly combo heavy. Matches are usually less than 15 seconds due to how much damage everyone can dish out. Almost making it a touch of death game depending on how much meter someone has. However you won't be doing a 15 input combo just to do big damage.

I ve seen that art somewhere else..mmm maybe i think Marvel 2 or Capcom vs snk 2

is that tony taka art from the OP pic?

SNK does what Capcan't.

the generic music is an even worse offender. its bland as fuck. theres almost nothing catchy or interesting in there, everything sounds like you've heard it before already.

its even more sad when you compare it to the KI soundtrack.

tucan titgirl is cute

I was actually listening to Juri's sfv theme just before. Completely zoned out and forgot I had put it on.

Why were all the fun fighting games made per-millenium

fuck that noise, give back old Survival and M.O.M modes with daredevils and shit, not that unholy mutation


Not even Aiai can make SFV Juri look fun.



I miss those so much, and that Chipp has to be mad as fuck at himself.

What does Juri's summer-wear look like?

Why to 90% of Juri's alt colors look like they we done by someone color blind.
Also FSE looks so fucking unimpressive. Can't even combo off overhead with it.

Get the purple back into JURI

Nigga are you really gonna take a fight stick around with a big booty bitch on it

Akuma/Gouki in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution Metsu!

Thanks doc

now's your chance to make your own colors

New to kof, practicing 13 for when 14 comes out. easy to find high level matches of kyo and shen, but I can't find any of terry. anybody know of a very good terry player in kof13?

Haha I love it. I get so much salt from the beach balls

Seeing as she's so different, I doubt we'll see the same Juri players be good in SFV

Did they make Kings tits bigger?

No, her clothes and that camera angle really bring them out

It is a little tedious, I only played M.O.M on Sign, and I remember that to be better.

Some neato Juri shenanigans. Her fireball can lead to some pretty dirty set-ups after a knockdown

Don't even bother with Terry in XIII if you want to practice for XIV. He's not good in XIII but his burn knucles are all safe on block in XIV. For Terry, you should practice in 98.

I kinda want to get back into KoF13, at least casually, I miss Duo Lon

so this is the power of next gen…


I would.
I would put a big booty bitch on my plane if I had one.

Looks like shit either way tbh

SFV had loads of problems but it has great music tracks, what are you talking about?

Kensou's going to be my main once again.

So Chin teaches the kids that the power of alcohol can give them 100% damage?

Also Kensou's Climax looks dope

CMV sort of related

world needs more QT bartenders/owners

Can't wait to bring back my King, Mature and Vice team

Tell me, what is the BEST fighting game on Fightcade
I wanna try some new things

Kill yourself fam.



Marvel 2. It's done by Bengus. He's actually a very talented artist, as surprising as that may sound.

Don't think I could use anything but default costume with default color. Kinda makes the whole "well done character model" thing moot.
At the risk of starting that shit again, they could have easily implemented a cleavage option as a alternate palette or even as a accessory choice like in DOA.

Illuminati scientists gave her a malfunctioning FGE just for shits and giggles.

Muito bom. A bit distracting though, kinda tricky to follow the C part of the CMV. Incidentally, would be fantastic if that song made it to XIV.


Fucking DRM!

So good. I should play more Sol. A friend of mine gets triggered hard because he hates everything Sol stands for.

I miss that series. If I could record shit, I'd try to bring it back with all the new fighting games that are here.

I expect metric tons of gay bullshit in KoFXIV. It's gonna be great.

I want to play a King/Hein/Luong team for maximum fancy.

I come here asking for advice.
I was thinking of buying Street Fighter IV. How's the matchmaking?

Keep in mind the last time I played a fighting game was when I played a fighting game was when I played Soul Calibur on easy mode when I was 10. I'm also using a keyboard.

I'd like to get into this genre casually and I thought Street Fighter would be the safest bet because it's pretty well known, which means that there are probably a lot of new players as well as veterans.
At the same time, I decided to go against Street Fighter V not only because its costs twice the price of IV, but also because I remember watching EVO 2015 Street Fighter IV and enjoying it a lot, while I didn't enjoy EVO 2016 Street Fighter V nearly as much because the only characters everybody played were Nash and Chun-li, and I can't imagine the balance being that good if that's the case.

Just get Fightcade

i think it sounds completely forgettable. theres no clever use of sounds or instruments, the arrangements, while not particularly bad, are just mediocre all over and while they tried to use different styles of music, they didnt incorporate them in any memorable way. nor do they excel at any of the styles they used. juris theme tells me they have no clue about techno, for example. its the game soundtrack equivalent to elevator music for me - its just there.

it also lacks distinctness, for lack of a better word. you dont have to compress everything to a boring flat line and dont have to forcibly keep different balances throughout everything either, but sfv ost just seems to lack any of that.

it just bores me. especially compared to Ki, where not only the music, but the overall sounddesign is so well crafted.

Well USF4 has like what? 40 characters? Compared to SF5's 18 or so
I think SF5 is easier to learn since it's more offense focused and many new players have problems on the defense side of things. If you get SF5 stick to casual matches in the rookie league for a while

If only. The elevator music is the best thing in the whole OST.

Polite sage.

3rdStrike, KOF98, KOF2002, Garou, SamShoVsp, Breakers, Karnov's Revenge?

Well, I also find SFV to be pretty boring. But if you're learning, I sugest you to get Fightcade like said. But USFIV might be fun with friends at the same low level because at higher levels, the 1-frame links and defensive tech becomes pretty apparent.
I'm more of a KOF guy so I would sugest KOF98 to start but there's SuperTurbo or even 3rdStrike because you don't really need to bother with parries, karacancels and other things until you get better at the game.

Lord Urien doesn't seem like the prankster type. beside Kolin/Helen said S.I.N. built it for her


So is Athena just Bison but as a high school girl?

How? She's a projectile zoner with butt mixups and doesn't have a single charge move.

psycho power

Athena got the better deal then
If they put her in street fighter I'd main her in a flash. People would start seeing red after the 30th TELEPOORTO~!

If we're the entertain that idea then it's the other way around since Athena's been around longer. (Psycho Soldier - 1986 / SFII - 1991).

As much as I say she annoys the hell out of me I would too. I might even have fun with SF again.

Spam dat PSHYCO BALL~!

Disappoint that Kensou doesn't eat steamed buns again. Still looks great and probably be on my team.

Dragon Team Ryo/Kensou/Mui Mui master race

Bison/Athena team in CVS3 when?

Can't you already make it in 2?
Sengoku Basara's Hideyoshi and KoFXIV's Antonov would likely be my CvS3 dream team.

Meanwhile, Capcom forgot there's already a sneaky cunt that shoots purple clouds in SFV.

Aren't they not even purple anymore?

Yeah, just saw that too. What the fuck Capcom? The characters whole motif is based around spiders and her nickname doesn't involve spiders? I swear, they have literal primates writing this shit.

Yup. All her stuff's white now. I think there's already a mod that changes it back to purple.

I thought Juri's motif was cross continental bike riding.

Polite sage.

I chuckled

I can't get Juri pink FX mod to work.

This is shit.

It's street fighter V, what did you expect?


If you beat Athena as Bison in Match of the Millennium, she'll tell him that Psycho Power's not for evil.

Is there any games besides Soul Calibur (not 5 it was shit!) that allow you to customise/create your own character with their own fighting style?

Always found this the coolest thing to do in games..


Great news for those who are looking forward to Tekken 7. More characters to come your way and single player will be improved, tremendously!

Street Fighter V only has one good stage and it's that Chinese level.

Haha! That's awesome!! It looks so old though


How do into tekken? My buddy and I played Tekken tag 2 for the first time at the arcade the other day and it was pretty fun but I didn't really know what I was doing

What the actual fuck is wrong with Boxer's face holy fuck

He's a nigger

Bengus always drew him as the niggerest nigger who ever nigged


with his in-game attitude it's probably the most accurate depiction.

I miss when Capcom could be racist I mean they're still kind of racist but not enough. I guess what I'm saying is Laura should have a penis since she is from Brazil.

It's black and white because of the early FSE and the taiji.

yeah i noticed he appeared to be better in 98. when checking the tier lists for the popular ones he's a C in 98 while everything else is a D or lower

What are some games where Terry is considered a viable character worth practicing besides KoF 98?

on that note, who's a really good 98 terry player?

So what's Blade Arcus like? Is it worth getting?


happy birthday you big faggot

Happy B-day, user.

Polite sage.

Man, Balrogs uppercut is pretty shit.


happy birthday you spamming annoying character choice fuck

Don't really know but they're at least trying to sell the game:

I said '98 because he's viable and in XIV they based him on that version of the character.

As for "being a good character" I don't know. The relevant KOFs are '98(UMFE), 2002(UM), XIII and arguably XI. The other ones have many problems like plagued with easy infinites and glitches. Or like 2001 where everyone is broken.
Maybe '95? I don't really know. But at low~mid level play Terry and many characters are good to play in XIII. Most of the high tier characters are good because of their HDmode damage they can make like Shen or that plus their movement and ways of opening the opponent like Mr.Karate, Kim and EX Iori.

XiaoHai is good with everyone. Look at some of the most proeminent players like Dakou and Mr.KOF. Since '98 is basically Daimon/Iori/Chizuru with Mai being a counter to the top tier they like to change characters every now and then.
98UMFE is a much more balanced version but I don't have any idea of the tiers because of the "groove" system and the Krauser nerfs (he was broken in 98UM).

Happy Birthday user. I hope you like his new Climax

I uploaded the wrong webm.
Have some 98UMTerry

'95 is an underappreciated game. Problem is that it's completely irrelevant to modern KoF gameplay.

Everyone should try 2000 at least once, that game has an unlimited supply of hilarious shit that can happen. Until you end up in a Clark loop. Then it stops being fun.

post sticks.

is it really based of 98 terry? hes got his power charge and everything?

Pretty much:
Power Dunk is his Climax now though.

All these years later and my hands still are unable to keep up with what I want them to do. I guess I'm destined to play easy execution characters/games.

was there ever a fighting game that wasn't necessarily bad by design but because all of the benchmark and cool characters were bad it didn't sell well?

Well, Raging Storm is now a rambu motion. Thank the Garou devs in charge of XIV.
Also there are rumours about the chinese version giving Luong and Angel new clothes and static boobs. They're back to the old american MVS days.

never been a fan of rising tackle even if its good. i'd rather have a better power charge or crack shoot.
what why? he has nothing conflicting with it. it should be a qcf.

damn this new terry is a sight for sore eyes. I really don't like his new look though. wish they'd add his garou outfit.
and on that topic I'm really displeased with a lot of the redesings, a couple of em are good, some of em are pretty bad, especially kyo. he looks like he underwent sorafication

i just released even the pros are using rush mode. it needs to stop. I really don't want that shit in this game

They added his classic costume as an option, right? Maybe we'll see the return of the Garou design. I'm not too peeved about his new design. It's a little busy with all the text on his clothes now, but it's not a deal breaker.

It's weird but I'm a little sad that Terry's VA got better at Engurisu.

kinda funny too since Alice is almost passable English

Looks pretty awesome, mate. Did you make it yourself? Nice stick placement.

Pic related is mine. Sanwa parts in a venom unit.

still need to find my mains for cvs2
still need to find someone who likes playing good and old fightans

Terry, Kyo, end

I can never decide on my third I go back and forth on a couple fillers

You could just pick 2, then. Unless you really want to play a full team for some reason.

Any suggested Karin players to watch? Jwong obviously but I was hoping for someone more aggressive I could learn from.

just look up "karin grand finals/winner finals/loser finals" and any of those results will probably be useful


It's not that it's shit, it's that Ken and Ryu can tatsu meme out of any aa that isn't Flash kick

What is that slide after the target combo?

does anyone know what the term OS means in fighting games? I keep hearing them say it on excellent adventures but it's never explained, I don't see it in google. I'm pretty sure Mr. Mike Ross said something like:

is it like opposite side meaning when he jumped over he held down the throw buttons to grab/throw when he landed easier?

It stands for "option select."

oh okay, I saw a video about that with ST T. Hawk. like if ryu went to uppercut in the corner t hawk's jab would come out but if he blocked the command grab would come out, or something like that.

thank you user.

At first I thought the game's art was just rushed due to Capcom's fuckery. Now that it's been released and the new art just as bad? What the fuck, Bengus?

Is there something in this game that isn't rushed or amateur as fuck?

To be fair your memearrows are things that apply to many, many games.

Why do the girls seem so extremely hot even when the art is flawed?

LTGs gf is a babe though.

Dieminion and Nuckledu don't play Guile
Sako plays Chun and thinks Ibuki is low tier

Who else?

I'd probably have Juri, Vice and Mature for team bully.

Also for the love of christ rush mode needs to be toggle-able and those you should have manual access to the normals used in rush combos

this is true

I can't wait to hear them sandals clackin one more time.

are you an autists at fightans ?

It's even sadder this time around

I don't know how you guys are doing all these rush combos. I can still properly apply cl.A pressure without triggering the autocombo. Just stop mashing. But I would like some of the rush combo moves as command normals or something.

Also pros always does infinities when they can. They do what they can to win the match.

I liked Terry's new old look. But I would be happy if he had a Garou or classic costume as DLC. Same for many characters.
But I liked Robert, Iori, Kensou and Athena. I didn't like Kensou and Athena in XII/XIII. Kensou was too serious and Athena was a fat moeblob.

Speaking of OSs Mai has one

Reminds me of this one.
Also, I've been wanting to get a new pad for fightan I can't use a stick to save my life, been wanting one where the D-Pad's a whole circle. Is the fat XBOX pad any good? Or should I go for custom ones?

the sanwa JLF is wrong

seimitsu master race

(continues using hayabusa with a heavier spring)

Hey, why not. I'll post it again.

Feels bad man

I edited that out of the mains template for a good reason.

At the EVO panel, SNK reps stated that there were no DLC costume plans beyond Classic Kyo and Nightmare Geese but they're receptive to fan feedback so it's a matter of pestering them. Preferably for Goddess Athena, '99 Maxima and '96 V&M. :^)

Meanwhile, Juri cleavage mod is now "polished".


Great, maybe now I can actually get the fucking thing to work. but probably not, knowing the shitfest that is SFV

purple pls

Holy shit that combo at 0:24 is sexy as fuck. Juri really is the most fun character in SFV.

SFV is so disappointing…. back to sf4

I bet you could drastically improve the combo game in V if you gave all the characters more juggle shit

Post more OC fight sticks.

I had a lot of fun making the art work of mine, even though its kind of sub par, and I'd like to make something with either pic related, or another May themed one. The problem being there isn't that much great May artwork out there.

Oh shit you reminded me that I actually have a seimitsu stick, and yeah with a heavier spring. What gates are everyone using? I am currently trying octogon for a charge character

What's the story here?

Happy belated birthday, user.

Charity event that I do every year for non profit children hospitals

You make a stick for them, or let them use yours? Good job, user.

The netcode wouldn't be so bad if it didn't fuck up every other time I win.

I can see that, giving Ryu his EX donkey kick wall bounce back would've been fucking great.

Truly doing Gods work, user. And the stick is quite nice.

Pretty much, plan on making another one to raffle off this year if I manage to find some time to build one, if not next year.

It works pretty good, but the joystick is starting to loosen a bit so I need to find a way to tighten it again, may try a different spring, or just pick of a new joystick all together

I would prefer to make Ryu's hurricane kick good again. It's been nerfed since SF2:Champion edition. Why not make it combo and the last kick knockdown? Make the EX version wallbounce?
See the 4th Strike mod for remembering that Ryu can kick.

The only thing remotely good about SFV is gameplay but even that's not the best. Rushdown only sucks for zoners like me..

That's why I didn't like SF3 despite being impressed with its tech specs.

RIP SF4 Ryu; light DP into EX Hadouken/Super/Ultra1 air juggle.

>user defends his shit waifu.jpg

Necalli's gonna c-c-crush that pu-pu-pussy.
Or not. That dumbass couldn't do anything right.

How much $$ does the SFV cast on hair care products?

Also, regarding viable characters in KoF 98, does anyone have any advice for using Takuma or Rugal in 98?

3D Mugen is finally out after its greenlight so long ago, holy fuck.

I can finally make Virtua Fighter 6

wasn't this already out on playism-games?
If so why is it important that it's out on steam now?

Because it now has a chance of reaching a bigger audience and we can have more dumb shit.

square gate is only gate

KOF XIV sure does have a lot of chinks on the roster.

They do this every time they get a bail out, remember when they shat out Korean characters like no tomorrow?

Mian is cutest chink.

they are owned by china now.
also how come everyone says china instead of the Actual company who bought them out so we actually know what the fuck this company does?


I liked the draft with the fart cloud better.

It already looks like a claw groping her ass, adding fart clouds would make it even more ridiculous.

More than T7's WE WUZ NEENJUHZ that's for sure. You can almost feel how vile that shit smells just from the trailer.

I want to protect her privacy

Weren't they bought buy a battery chicken company or some shit? maybe they wanted to put terry bogard on an egg carton.

no, I'm not going to go out of my way to shit up the thread, though it does bug me personally.

Yeah, I get that. I feel like SFV has focused too much on purely offensive play and, while I prefer to play that way, I can see it being a pain in the dick for those players that want to zone and play keep-away. The only character I feel can do that well is Rashid, and even he's not great at it.

Takuma's best move is his ranbu super, it's invincible and eats everything including jump-ins so put him second or third. You can make your fireballs unblockable if you do his running grab before they hit. He's a bit stiff overall but is generally a good character, just play conservatively and you should be fine.

Rugal is hot garbage in OG '98. The only thing he has going for him is comboing into a super from a low for good damage (but most characters can do that anyway). 98UM Rugal is way better, he has a good sweep and you can throw Kaiser Wave around like nobody's business. You still want to learn to hitconfirm 2B -> 2A -> 6B -> super.

what book is that second pic from?

**former gf
she left him after the 'muh bbc' meltdown

So what KoF XIV team is getting a trailer next?

wasn't she in the background of that stream shaking her had and laughing whenever spouted that?

Supposedly, Ikari and K' Teams are next.

I've been throwing up for the last six hours. How was the BTV thing?

How'd you manage that? pic unrelated.

Either food poisoning or I finally inherited my mom's allergies.

Taunts are fun

fucking nice. Wish I had a fight stick with a big booty bitch on it

I wish I had a fight stick

If you're in NA just camp the Amazon warehouse listings, I got a 360 Hori RAP for $25 shipped.

If you aren't in NA, Hitboxes can be relatively cheap to build.

For that cheap eh? I always though they were fuck-that-shit expensive. Thanks though user. I'll have to pick one up for when KOFXIV rolls around.

how would I go about putting a custom design/panel on it?

god i miss kof's old art style

characters that would do nothing but improve kof14's sales: Rock Howard, rugal, shen woo, blue mary, shermie, Haohmaru, adelheid
characters that could be taken out and it wouldn't hurt sales: hein, sylvie (people who play her probably didn't buy the game), Meitenkun, Shun'ei, muimui (maybe, hard to tell if anybody likes her), nelson

don't give me lore bullshit that only really mattered for kof95 to 98

The official ones are expensive but you can build one with a salvaged PCB and twelve knockoff buttons into an old tool case or something for like $30 if you know someone with tools. I don't know much about it but there's a shitload of guides.

Depends what case you use, you can probably just screw a plexi onto the top and put your art behind it.

Hey fuck off, I want to play both Meitenkun AND Shun'ei.

Sylvie looks like she sucks in a competitive sense, but I don't think she's a bad addition. If she's fun to play, she's worth having on the cast. It's kind of like how people played Dan in USF4 when they're feeling saucy. I imagine people breaking out this cute little ball of freakish bullshit when they want to mess around. If she's interesting enough to play as and against, keep her.

As an example, I wouldn't have enjoyed UNIEL nearly as much as I did if Akatsuki wasn't in it. He is shit. Shit. But the idea of playing as Japanese Electric Naziman parrying full screen normals and punching lolis hard enough to bring them halfway to death is fun. He's the character who drew me in, which is ironic because I wasn't a fan of a lot of the original cast at first. If that one character wasn't in the game, I might not have bought it and would have missed out on a great time.

But don't get me wrong, I am firmly in the WHEN'S ROCK camp. More is better.

What a stuck up nostalgia faggot.
I'd like to see Adelheid come back though. Especially after being blueballed in XIII.
Rock to, of course.

Oh yeah and from the list of characters user said Shen fucking Woo. Thats one character I am surprised didnt make it with all the chinese characters running around and the mandarin voice option being a thing.

If i had to guess its because he looks like an american bar brawler.
they'd rather have a master roshi and j-pop incarnates

Some KOFXII artbook containing dropped characters and designs

Ok Max we get it. You like Rock ok?
While I really like Blue Mary, 50 characters at release screams "Are you not entertained?"
And fuck you, Sylvie is my favorite character from the demo along with King of Dinosaurs. But at least Sylvie seems decent. MuiMui already proved to be a viable character at the hands of Romance. Removing Hein would hurt the sales (dem fujoshi bait). Shun'ei is the new poster boy advetised all over ChinaJoy and has Rock's super move.

Ikari, Another World, K' and Women Fighters.
After learning that Chin can do 100% or at least nasty damage while drunk. I'm still interested in those trailers.

Love it, surprised because I found the game's animations pretty boring

I know Athena and Love Heart turn their backs on their enemies when they walk back. Kula's walk back is a cute little shimmy. Terry is still constantly adjusting his cap after everything. Meitenkun quickly slips his pillow under his head when he gets KO'd. And then there's Ramon, that motherfucker. There are a lot of little things happening. It's definitely not Dizzy tier, but there's stuff.

ArcSys went all out with Dizzy, they did a real good job with her.

ArkSys's attention to detail is on another level. You'd never see these models from this angle if not for mods\datamining, and the first two are background characters to boot.


but we already know everything about them…

I play Team IKARI the same way Koji K.O.G. playe uSF4 T.Hawk

I don't think china owns snk… at least i don't think so. theres no sign of tencent or any of the other biggies in china owning them.

wait nevermind 37Games owns them and their chinese.

post it

Learn how to escape throws, move in and out through dashing, and everything about your character including frame data and juggles .

Don't get your hopes up. It might be like Tekken 6, which was awful (forced Story Mode, Shitty Arcade Mode, a piss awful netcode because Namco still can't make a decent netcode). I hope you like more Gary Stu faggotry in your Single Player Mode.

I'm worried about the additional new characters being console only in terms of balance/meta. P. Jack was more or less the only console exclusive who saw any tourney action because all of the other extras sucked. Harada did nothing with them to make them viable or even useful in Tag 2 tourneys.

I hate the fgc and Tekken community.

Forgot that Ancient Ogre saw a little action too.

Oh yea, most Tag 2 tourneys in Asia used the arcade version, making the extra characters even more pointless to learn.


I love how dickishly koji plays t hawk

Daigo confirmed Down Under

Fuck you buddy, She's gonna be on my main team

God, it was a great set from Jonio. And Maruhan is really fun to watch.

;_; GUD - Fighting Game Lingo (Episode 1).mp4

Why is Maximilian dood popular?


idk cause he looks and talks like an extra from mall rats fo'real. He's not funny is he? He's not particularly skilled or a great competitor either. Yet he seems to almost own content creation for SF from a monetization standpoint.

this. he can make or break a game for some reason. I partly blame him for yatagarasu

Damn you for showing me this.

Whats a good place to order a fightstick from?
Ive been in need of one and I'm not really sure where the good ones are

Play Asia usually has the best prices outside the manufacturers website

What did he say about Yata?

Best character. If only his parry wasn't fucking tied to the grd. I suppose that would be too overpowering in UNIEL though. Also made me play his game, and fuck that's my favorite version of SF2, basically. It's really fun.

If anything, we should have Whip back, faggot.

Even if I'm not a fan of most of those newcomers (Hein is awesome though), taking them out for sword Ryu, Douche, Douche Jr. and [muffled Dreamland playing in the distance] is hardly an improvement.
No mention of Yamazaki. Pfft!

Well, I took it anyway so 7/10. Kudos.

Don't think I saw a single Sylvie at the EVO tournament, not even in casuals.
I'm still struggling to figure what's her archetype/game plan. Her normals all have terrible range but all her specials seem made to punish whiffs and poke at mid-range.
I get the feeling she'll be a great character in the story. There's some Manchurian Candidate shit going on with her.

I'm always bitching about their kikery but, yes, credit where credit is due. There's a lot of love put into her.

He's the PewDiePie of the FGC.

I don't know single person who wants Adelheid and Rugal. I didn't even know they had fans (no trolling).

I'd like to see Jyazu and more Kizuna/Savage Reign characters again like Rosa, Hayato, and King Lion./Leo.

Magnet for Blade Arcus

more characters from Kizuna, World Heroes, Ninja Masters, Ninja Commando.

A character from wind Jammers would be cool but SNK didn't develop the game

Adel has his share of fans and when he's so prominent in XIII's story plus a b&w victory screen artwork (thus hinting that he was considered as a playable character) so I can see his fans feeling a little betrayed.

As for KE/SR, I'd just like to see Rosa added. She looks "plain" enough to fit right in. Heck! SNK could put her with the Ikari gang and most wouldn't bat an eyelid.

Apparently tekken 7 is getting censored I hear? Does anyone know about it?

The second fight at the tournament had a Sylvie. She lost but it was against Juicebox who was actually good for a change with his waifu team.
Casuals had plenty of Sylvies, Alices, Mians and even King of Dinosaurs. But the at tournamente people used characters that are most familiar with like Kim, Iori, Kyo and Kula.

She's from the Evil Team. Doing something against the traditions is pretty evil.
Recently, the daughters(and sons) of the Chinese Opera dancers were taught from their fathers because less there were people learning/cared about the tradition and became more of a family thing than a male-only affair

Don't know(or care) about Tekken but Soul Calibur V has a pretty good netcode. And had the first game with decent lobbies that I saw in my life.

Probably in China. This week had a big China event with many censored versions of games there like KOFXIV with girls covered and Gears of War without blood or mutilation.

It is true suffering to play the character that you like and you just can't do anything day after day.


Rosa's a perfect fit for the Ikari, Women's, or even a new team.

Probably in countries like China. Soul Calibur was censored a few years ago because China/Korea hated samurai. They replaced Mitsu with some blonde guy named Arthur.

It's sad knowing a mediocre fighter had such a decent netcode.

Quit playing Capcom fighters, faggot.

Some jackasses tried giving Harada shit over bikinis but I don't think anything came of it because Harada doesn't give a fuck.
That fuckin' OST should be censored though. :^)

Guess I missed the Sylvies then. Mians were hilarious; people using her just wanted to fuck around with double dive kicks. One didn't even want to fight; cheeky cunt just wanted to stay airborne as long as possible.
And I was rooting for Juicebox. His Hein was legit.

Put in Ryo, Rose, and Bow staff Kim as a team. They would be acceptable since Ryo has been in a king of fighters and there are already hundreds of Kim variations put into king of fighters.

Tekken Tag 1 was the last one with a good OST

Drop Ryo for Hayato, Gordon, or Eagle, and you have a solid team.

Tekken 7's ost is abysmal. I don;t know what Harada was thinking to add shitty Dubstep.

It's a product of its time. If you look at all the tekken soundtracks barring 1 they all reflect the popular dance music of the moment.

Tag 1 remains my favorite but of course I love 2000s electronica

God fucking damn it. I'm starting to think plating Sylvie would be fun.

That would make sense if you knew what 4-6's osts were based on (5 and 6 were all over the place). GUD - Normals, Specials and Stun (Episode 2).mp4

Oh god he made more

There was one screencap of Angel possibly being redesigned/censored in koFXIV . But since it was only one still screencap of it it's hard to confirm.

5, 6 and DR have some tunes I really enjoy. As pointed out, they really are all over the place and I think that gives it some charm like how in 6 you got that goofy yodel song and the deliciously eerie final boss theme.
And from 7, I do like Kazumi's themes. I guess being done by someone actually competent (Rio Hamamoto of Soulcalibur fame) helped.

Harada not giving a fuck comes at a price.

Her win pose is her orgasm face at the expense of your opponent. Think about it. Imagine a team of Athena/Mian/Sylvie with which you spam PSYCHO BALL~!, float in air for half the match, and then spend all your meter with some sort of gay rainbow lightning bolt.

At least, that's my plan.

In [st], Akatsuki's parries no longer cost him GRD if he succeeds. So you get to go full on Blitzkampf and parry full supers with him. They also gave him a vorpal trait: while in vorpal, damage after a parry is slightly better than rock bottom, and his fireballs have faster recovery. Unfortunately they undid making his 2A a low, it was too strong.

got you covered fam

What the fuck I just want to install boobs.

"It's just like one of my Japanese comics!"

Pardon if I'm sounding like a patronizing cunt but did you check the modder's troubleshooting page?

Speaking of mods, bikini Chun is available:

That feel when playing XIII for a bit and then watching XIV footage


>Thinking lewd things of totally not Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. She is a pure maiden, user.

Holy shit every time I think maybe this time it won't be so bad it feeds me more stupid shit. This game never ceases to amaze me.

Fuck. I apparently can't fromat a damn post to save my life today. Guess I should go back to 9gag.


I paid for it, I deserve this pain, but it still hurts.

There's at least four porn parodies of her. You should look up Catherine Harajuku and Rika Shimazaki.

What's everyone's planned KoFXIV teams? I think I want to go with Sylvie, King of Dinosaurs and Luong.

My normal Kyo, Polnareff, and X character depending on game in the case of XIV I'm leaning towards Mai or Andy

I got a few teams;
Mian/Billy/Love Heart

As I mentioned before ( ), it's a matter of pestering them. Ryo already has a palette reminiscent of his Buriki One look.
For SNK, it would be very easy to slap a Tengu mask on Ryo and charge $2 for it so how else should his appearance change? Maybe alter the voice and effects as with Nightmare Geese?

Dozens of characters I want to mess around with but I'm hoping my main team will be Luong, Mature (or Vice) and Hein.

Not sure. Wanna keep Vice and King, but I wanna try Mian, Kukri, and Luong

Oh Lord, I forgot I'll probably want Antonov on my main team.

It's not the same without the unkempt facial hair and his deeper voice

Like they said, let SNK know you want that as DLC. The more asking for it, the merrier.

Hein, Iori, and either Luong, Alice, Ramon, Angel, Zarina, or K'.

I already told them awhile back, I'm just saying the palette swap isn't the same.

Regardless, why haven't we all worked together so Miss X Iori DLC actually happens? I'm pretty sure it would be easy to get other people on board with something that ridiculous.

10/10, would main.


So they're going to nerf Akuma before Tekken 7 releases right?

I never noticed that, I just did the save as original file name thing way back when 8ch still did that

Even if I'm not a Iori player, I'm all for Miss X, especially if they could get the VA to record new lines. That would probably make it pricier though; it's not just like putting a filter in Geese's voice.
Shitstorm would be glorious to say the least.

Sylvie, Maxima and possibly Meitenkun or Tung.

Either Angel/Zarina/Ramon or Gang-il/Ramon/Vice.

Antonov, Mian, Kukri. Maybe King od Dinosaurs if he isn't shit.

All this when it comes on pc of course. If it doesn't then fuck this game.


Shit this post is meant for

My habit of posting three separate posts in a row continues.

Anyone else seen this?
Long and rambling but kinda interesting.

Heh, remember when everyone said Akuma was going to be ass

Mian is my kind of evil eve then. Haha.

He did input delay in kof14

He has good ideas and CAPCOM did forget how to do fightans after 3rd strike. Then he made SkullGirls a team-tag game. *eye roll*
MikeZ has good ideas but crap execution of said ideas…

Where do you guys buy your fightsticks? I tried Amazon, but the Qanba q1 I was interested in won't ship internationally.

Which fighters ride bikes?

I got mine off amiami


If you were 2D, I'd marry you, man.

Still waiting on those PS3 lobbies, Mike. If it's not too much of a bother…

Ryo Sakazaki, Hwoarang, Juri, Akira (Rival Schools). Sure there's others but nothing else springs to mind.

Fat Faggot Bob was all kinds of bullshit in both versions of 6, but they never nerfed him when the console version came out.

To answer your question: No. The only way he'll get a nerf is if he makes Japanese and Koreans stop playing Tekken 7, and people realize how shitty the game is.

we wuz ninjas

what game is pic from?

Rock Howard

read the post hes replying to.
also that's fan art and not in game

looking up KE/SR rosa doesn't help, results are a bunch of black people

Seriously though, why is SNK so bad at 3d graphics? I mean they've improved and I love a lot of the backgrounds but still.

The cutscenes for the story mode look cool, why not make the entire game like that? Are they horrible at optimization?


Kizuna Encounter / Savage Reign

Just remembered Bass from DOA is also a biker.

how is that guy supposed to be japanese. he looks western as fuck

His mom was American

You could ask that for every Japanese character.

I think it's that his Mom is American while Takuma is japanese. I could be wrong on that because Southtown takes place in america.

he liked it because of azure and how its really reminiscent of 3rd strike. but it had a horrible launch so he said the game will die in a couple days, while if he told his million viewers that buy whatever he plays that the game is amazing and you should populate it. I'm sure he was pretty mad about how long it took to come out also, he never outright said it but he brought up how long it took and seemed really annoyed about it.

it's funny cause it's the half japanese that japs are obssessed with. all their character designs look like "Halfu's"

There are still people that setup lobbies. At the time of this post there is one dude who has a lobby setup.

I doubt any amount of ecelebs would revive Yata since every fighting game player is going to keep on playing street fighter or [insert game of the month].

If you look it up there is a Yatagarasu Discord group where you can set up games.

Juri technically rides a trike in SFV



got embarrassed by this fang earlier in ranked. probably only the second one I've seen.

dude is like an octopus from far away but a rabid racoon up close.

any tips for the ryu matchup? I'm watching xian versus xiaohai right now.